Interview Transcript: Dr. Li-Meng Yan on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

By | September 17, 2020

This story is at a point where it’s impossible to ignore. Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a Chinese virologist who worked at the university of Hong Kong’s World Health Organization (WHO) reference lab, which is the top coronavirus lab in the world. On December 31, 2019, she was asked by her supervisor to investigate a new “SARS-like” virus in Wuhan. 

She and her team did investigate. They studied Covid-19’s genetic make-up and came to a conclusion that anyone would realize was politically explosive: the virus was not natural, but was created in a lab. All this happened during the very early stages of the virus’s outbreak. 

Not surprisingly, these findings were suppressed. She was told, apparently by her WHO supervisor, and apparently under pressure from the Chinese government, only to report cases linked to the Wuhan market and to promote the theory that the virus jumped from animal to human.

She was also told, she says, that she would “be disappeared” if she spoke out. As a result, she defected to the United States and is now in hiding.

Just a few days ago, she published a 26-page scientific paper. After tweeting about it, Twitter immediately suspended her account indefinitely for no stated reason, although I think we can guess. Her account had been active for just two days and already had reached 60K followers. She had made a total of three tweets. 

Here is the paper. In it, she and her co-authors state that the coronavirus could have been “conveniently created” within a lab setting over a period of just six months and they add that “SARS-CoV-2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring, zoonotic virus.”

Right after her Twitter suspension on September 16, she appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Honestly, who else in mainstream media would even have touched this story? I can’t think of anyone.

Her interview is here, and is well worth watching. It’s nearly at two million views already. 

Meanwhile, after her interview, Facebook and Instagram took additional measures against her. On Facebook, her interview with Carlson quickly blasted past one million views within hours. But Facebook, while not banning her account, has given the video its Nanny Warning: “False Information. This post repeats information about COVID-19 that independent fact-checkers say is false.” Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has done the same. 

Because fake news, of course. I wonder whether or not the video has made an enemy of the infamous algorithm also, but I will guess the answer is yes. 

The U.S. tech media now works so seamlessly together that you have to assume there is a higher office coordinating their activities, and in this case you would be forgiven if you suspected that higher office to be the Communist Party of the Chinese government.

Her interview with Tucker Carlson is fascinating but at times is a bit tough to follow. I searched online for a transcript but could not find any. So I decided to give it my best attempt. It’s not perfect. There are a few statements that were hard for me to understand. I am sure someone can fill in the blanks I have left. 

Carlson: “Li-Meng Yan is the virologist who says she has evidence about where this pandemic actually came from. We’re happy to have her on tonight. Doctor, thanks so much for coming on. I know that you’ve published some of your research, you’re planning on publishing more soon. Give us for a non-scientific audience, a summary of why you believe this virus came from a lab in Wuhan.”

Yan: “Okay, briefly, from my first report, I can present solid scientific evidence to our audience that this virus, Covid-19 SARS covid-2 virus, actually is not from nature. It is a manmade virus, created in the lab. Based on the China military’s [unclear] and the very unique bat coronavirus, which cannot affect people, but after the modifications becomes the very harmful virus, as now. So I have evidence to show why they can do it, what they have done, how did they do it.” 

Carlson: “So what you’re saying is much more sinister even than we’ve suggested on this show, than Tom cotton, than almost anyone has suggested. You’re saying that the Chinese government manufactured this virus, if I’m hearing you correctly. That’s what you’re saying?”

Yan: “Yes, exactly. Based on the virus genome, it’s basically like our fingerprint. So you can see the very unusual characters in their genome which clearly, based on the other evidence they left during the modification, we can see finally this is exactly the one [that] come from their own special bat coronavirus and it then targets humans.”

Carlson: “What you’re alleging is shocking, more even than I anticipated when we invited you on. So I just want to ask the most obvious question, which is, this genome presumably is in the possession of many researchers around the world. Why is nobody saying this, if it’s true?”

Yan: “Yeah, why there is nobody won’t see it, it’s because of the big suppression come from the Chinese communist party government and also their friends in [the] scientific world. So basically, this is very clearly that this virus is like Frankenstein, so [created to do things like basically a cow has [unclear] a rabbit [unclear] and also has monkey’s hands. So they can never get it from the nature. And there were evidence left in the genome. But the scientific world also kept silent work together with the Chinese Communist Party. They don’t want the people to know this truth. Also that’s why I get suspended, I get suppression, I am the target that the Chinese Communist Party wants [to] be disappeared.”

Carlson:You’re a brave person. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you’re not an anti-Chinese racist. So it’s not clear why Twitter would shut you down or you’re being ignored by the rest of the U.S. media. Let me ask you a couple of questions. Why would the Chinese government intentionally create a virus like this?”

Yan: Okay if you want to know the exact motive, the exact idea. I think that people have to come to ask them, ask Communist Party why did they do it. Because they are the ones [to] do it. We cannot always understand their evil thinking. You have to come to ask them. But what we see already proves that they have done that. It’s harmed everyone in the world, leads to the historic pandemic, involves everyone. 

Carlson: How do you believe this virus made its way from the lab in Wuhan outside to the rest of the world?

Yan: Okay first, as I said, I have this kind of solid scientific evidence and also my next report will come out soon to make you fully understand [unclear]. The other thing is, I worked in the WHO reference lab, which is the top coronavirus lab in the world in the university of Hong Kong. And the thing is I got deeply into such investigation in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak. I had my intelligence because I also got my own unique network in China, involved the hospitals, institutes and also government. Also I worked with the top coronavirologists in the world. So together with my experience, I can tell you, this is created in the lab. This is from the template owned by China[s] military. And also it is spread to the world to make such damage.”

Carlson:To make such statements, do you believe the Chinese government released this intentionally, on purpose. Did they do this?”

Yan:Yes, of  course it’s intentionally. And even though there is more evidence, you can already see what they have tried to cover up from the early beginning. As i reviewed in different media before, and also what else they have done, like making the fabricated virus, to throw out the natural origin theory, censorship, everything that, evidence points to the virus’s lab origin, and also clearly trying to make people like me [who] talk about the truth get disappeared.”

Carlson:It’s hard to be shocked in a moment like this but you’ve succeeded in shocking me. Unfortunately, this is not the forum for the details of your research, I don’t have the grounding necessary to ask you the right questions. This is when you wish for a functioning media because what you just said completely changes everything we think we know about the pandemic that’s wrecking our country. So I really hope sincerely that you will be doing many interviews in American media and explaining this in much greater detail.” 

By the way, most of the establishment media seems to support Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in all this, and many articles use highly suggestive language against Carlson and Yan. Huffpo, which, okay yes of course you would expect this from them, but even so, you can see they make no pretense about their position. 

Scientists who have studied the virus’ genetics have overwhelmingly concluded that it originated in wildlife and was not engineered in a lab. Twitter did not take action against Carlson’s post, but it did suspend Yan’s account. Facebook and Instagram hid the content behind a “false information” label. Viewers were advised that the video “repeats information about COVID-19 that independent fact-checkers say is false.” The segment can still be viewed after clicking past the warning.

In response, Carlson went on a lengthy tirade Wednesday night about how he had been “censored” by Facebook. He dedicated more than 15 minutes of his program to defending Yan’s claims and bashing the social media giant for supposedly bringing an end to free speech.

No loss of objectivity here: “overwhelmingly concluded,” “lengthy tirade,” “bashing,” “supposedly bringing an end to free speech.” Of course, that’s HuffPo and we expect that. But the rest of the media empire is essentially the same. The Independent has a headline not about the claim itself but about how Carlson “exploded” over Facebook’s “fact-check.” It added that Yan’s paper hadn’t been peer reviewed, with the clear implication that it isn’t scientific. And so it goes. 

Maybe Yan’s claims are true, maybe they are not. But the fact that her work on this hasn’t been peer reviewed isn’t her fault. Carlson had some choice words on Facebook’s Nanny Warning. While calling Facebook’s action censorship is a bit strong, it has clearly taken action against the interview, once again acting as a publisher rather than as a platform. There needs to be consistency in how the law deals with these social media giants. You are either a publisher or a platform, but if you are one, you don’t get the protection of being the other. 

Twitter’s action is more egregious and clearly constitutes censorship. I am not seeing any of the major media (other than Carlson) condemning this. 

Arguably, Yan’s claims are just that: claims. However, she has published one scientific study and promises more to come. As a recognized expert in her field, and as someone who studied the virus from its earliest stages, who has deep background in the Chinese medical and scientific community, and who is making very specific claims, she deserves a hearing, not a closed door. 


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  1. Robert Arthur

    Great work here RD, we expect nothing and deserve nothing more from you or the MSM. Sadly, the latter is failing miserably. Keep up the great work!

  2. ThankYou

    Earlier this year I saw and read an article about two University of Wisconsin – Madison professors working in virology. One was an American and the other was Japanese. I have been looking and looking for that article and can no longer find it. Basically, in about 2009? the two men were suspended from that University for breaking protocols by underreporting a deadly virus they had created. If I recall correctly, only one of them was much later reinstated at UWM and may still be working there today. The article was very specific that this was connected to SARS – covid19. If I can someday remember where I saw that article, or locate that article, I will post that information right here.

    The Japanese man’s name might be Yoshihiro Kawaoka, PhD. This link may be related to that original virology article that I read earlier in 2020. At the bottom of this article are more interesting links as well.

  3. wildbill65401

    I watched that interview on Tucker when it happened. How is it that Tucker seems to be the only true journalist left in the MSM? Yes, I am including the rest of the Fox News people. Tucker will routinely call politicians of both parties to task. I don’t see the other hosts doing that. I have scaled back my Fox News viewing to just his program. I am switching over to One America News Network (OANN) for a while to see what they report. To me, they feel more like Fox News from 20 years ago.

    Wild Bill

  4. Jim

    Great job Richard. WHAT a thorough presentation. You bring up great points.

    Here is my question to this virologist, will these vaccines trials create a viable vaccine? I read the studies, a sars vaccine has NEVER been created that is effective or long lasting. Why is this seldom mentioned? What are the repercussions for us now in this 2020 pandemic that is a SARS virus?

    In my humble opinion the powers that be are going for a thinning of the herd on a global scale.
    The Russian vaccine , RT notwithstanding, Richard, is based on cold viruses not on covid (sars) strains. Their impact on covid will be minimal at best. And, as the Oxford trials are showing, we don’t even know the long or short term effects of administer8ng these vaccines.

    We are in for a tough Fall and Winter. Jim

    Sorry to bring up such depressing thoughts.

  5. mcwest50

    One more example of biased censorship, this is not only egregious but should be illegal, this is
    the left exposing their political bias and covering for China. An investigation of these practices
    by You Tube will show blatant actions to stop opinions contrary to their ongoing business dealings
    with China. This will expand as censorship stops the views that are not in line with theirs as we
    get closer to the election. This is a public forum and if we don’t have congressional intervention
    these actions will continue and embolden them. It signals the slow destruction of our democracy
    It goes without saying, if your views or strong enough then they will hold up to dissenting opinions

    1. OgronWaitress

      How are you shoe-horning an attack ‘the left’ into your diatribe? Is that your go-to bogeyman to be deployed in all circs?

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Hi there. I try to stay as balanced as I can. I have been a left-of-center analyst for my entire adult life, until the last four years or so, when everything we collectively throw in as “identity politics” started to make my brain bleed. I realized that the left took some kind of upgrade that I must have missed. So yes, I mourn what has happened to them. And I am definitely not a fan of the riots that have spread throughout the country, including my town of Rochester, NY, that are exclusively led by leftwing radicals. I also saw first hand what happened to the once-beautiful intellectual environment of American universities, which I now consider an intellectual cesspool. So yes, I am done with that aspect of the Left. Having said that, I support many of the goals that liberals have promoted, and will continue to do so.

        1. OgronWaitress

          Thanks for that, Richard. I take issue with some of it but I respect that you base your opinions on research and fact-checking, although, as I say, my own conclusions diverge from yours. I will always find common cause with those of good heart on whatever side of the political chasm.
          But I digress from my point which is that I still didn’t get an answer from the OP about why ‘the left’ (please define who they are in this instance) are implicated in the suppression of the truth about Covid?

          1. Richard Dolan Post author

            You will have to forgive me. Is this something that I specifically said? That the political left is implicated in suppressing the truth about covid-19? The furthest I would go is to say that reactions to the pandemic definitely have fallen down political lines, something we all know. That in itself is interesting and it’s not something I necessarily could have predicted beforehand. And on a personal level I fully support reopening society. That seems to be a”conservative” position although for the life of me I can’t see why that is inherently conservative or right wing. On the face of it, I don’t see why it can’t be considered liberal or progressive. Back to the idea of suppression, I’m not sure I recall saying that the political left has suppressed data on covid. If I have, then I would definitely like to see the specifics of what I said! 🙂

            1. OgronWaitress

              Sorry, Richard, I’ve not made myself clear. This was not a critique of you or your position , I was actually irritated by mcwest50’s remark that “this is not only egregious but should be illegal, this is the left exposing their political bias and covering for China”. If he/she is implying that ‘the left’ (which comprises who?) is suppressing ‘the truth’, I’d like to see evidence. Why would progressives ‘cover for China’ according to that line of thinking?

            2. Richard Dolan Post author

              Oh no problem. I think the U.S. population has a complicate attitude toward China. I do think there CAN be a tendency for those on “the left” to “cover” for China when they believe racism might be an issue — despite the fun fact that Chinese are notoriously more racist as a society than any part of the U.S. but that’s another topic for another time. (in fact, I would hazard to say that most parts of the world are more racist than the U.S. but again, another time). What we did see of course was how President Trump was called racist when he banned travel from China in the early days of Covid. I think sometimes there is a reflexive position that Trump’s opponents take — just because he says one thing, they say another. Hydroxychloroquine is another example. In this case, because Trump is in a geopolitical struggle against China, there is a segment of the population that (I think) instinctively fights against that. As you rightly infer, there should be no inherent reason why the “left” should like China. Of course, the neoliberal news media DOES love China. We could come up with countless examples of that.

  6. jjsedona

    I must say it was easier to understand her than any speech by Biden.
    Of course we’ve known this for months.

  7. PressToDigitate

    In my prior comments on the plandemic over the course of the year, I included links to several other papers by different Virologists who had independently arrived at the same findings through their own analysis of the COVID-19 genome. I’ll go try to track them down to add here as well, but this article is a good summary, published back in June:
    and then various virologists began coming out of the woodwork:
    in July:
    from separate research groups:

    The video I linked a couple hours ago, in a comment to your Anthrax False Flag post, is also relevant here:

    As are the writings of former USAMRIID Colonel Dr. Lawrence Sellin, an Army infectious disease researcher:
    Dr. Leonard Horowitz’ classic “EMERGING VIRUSES: AIDS & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional?” also bears reposting at this juncture:

    But I got distracted from that when THIS video strangely popped up on my Recommended feed on YouTube. I have not been a subscriber to the SETI Institute’s YouTube Channel. This video purports to have been uploaded in April of last year, but somebody considers it particularly relevant Now. I find it suspicious for the *SETI Institute* to be involved with Antarctic Expeditions generally, as their Charter is to Search for ET *Intelligence* – not Biota – but this just seems especially eerie at the moment (particularly given LMH reporting on Antarctica). What is Seth Sleestak really up to in this?

    Richard, we’re just all being “gaslighted” across the board, and I’m just not conspiracy-minded *enough* to believe that each of these boxes of crazy has its own ‘separate’ conspiracy, operating in a vacuum, unrelated to anything else. That’s too many different cults to belong to – or believe in; call me a “Holistic Conspiracist” then. But, “They ain’t from around here…”

    1. SunPower

      PTD – You say this SETI/Antarctica video “appeared” in your feed? I also don’t know why I posted about NATO “war games” in the Arctic to Richard earlier talk (Lessons from Anthrax False Flag). Although I’m interested in the ET-Antarctica connection, I don’t necessarily follow the latest NATO war games location. Something is going on in the snowy areas of the world and we need to keep a close eye.

      1. PressToDigitate

        I saw your post. Good catch.
        Yes, we’re getting “snowed” by our Leaders – on all of this.
        Something is Afoot….and I’ll wager that foot doesn’t have five toes on it.

    2. SunPower

      PTD – You say this SETI/Antarctica video “appeared” in your feed? I also don’t know why I thought of posting about NATO “war games” in the Arctic to Richard’s earlier talk. Although I’m interested in the ET-Antarctica connection I don’t necessarily follow the latest NATO war games location. Something is going on in the snowy areas of the world and we need to keep a close eye.

  8. mcwest50

    I want to make a correction, in my post I called out YouTube, when You Tube as of this afternoon
    had Tuckers interview with Dr. Li – Meng still up, how much longer I don’t know? it’s Facebook and
    Instagram that you called out, and I believe that but I don’t use those sites. RD keep up the fight
    brother or soon comrade, it the left gets it’s wish and we have to conform to the new speech police

  9. itsmeRitaC

    I wonder when Tucker will bring up Julian Assange, as he is such a free speech advocate . And i must admit, i am saying this with my tongue in my cheek. I hope we don’t nuke China, though and I am not tongue in cheek about that.

    What did she say that the motivation was for intentionally releasing the virus? I didn’t ‘get’ that part. Unless it was like those CIA experiments with germ warfare in the NY subways, and such. To track it. i am hoping that it isn’t going to be coming soon ……………”China and ETs create virus to test on humans”.

    Actually, i don’t even have the heart to do a search to see the hits i might get. I truly would feel too dispirited. I still can’t get used to hearing the “Communist Chinese……………..” I am hereby predicting that the term “Red China” will be back in vogue by the end of this year! 🙂


      1. itsmeRitaC

        He had Glen Greenwald on for like three minutes and Glen told him that Trump could pardon Assange and Snowden. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can’t guess. Will he or won’t he? I know he has done lots of pardons. I will make a wager, if i am allowed, right here on this very site! 😉

        If Trump pardons Julian Assange and Snowden before november, i will come here and express my deepest respect for him and tell the many Trump supporters right here that me, rita, owes them a big time apology. Personally, i do think an IQ test should be a minimum presidential requirement because the ability to formulate a sentence is important in executive positions, but heck, what do i know! 🙂
        Peace, rita

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Got to say, I would really have liked to see Trump pardon both of them. And it looks doubtful at this point, which is too bad. Oh well, it’s not like HRC would have done so, but even so, one might have thought Trump could have done it. But then again, this is the guy who hired Bolton and Pompeo, so … so much for draining the swamp.

      2. itsmeRitaC

        Back again, Richard. I read through your post. I find it interesting that she got safely to the US. Snowden had a much harder time getting OUT of the US than she did getting out of China. It appears by what i read here. Does she have no pass port now? I wonder why the US ‘deep state’ opened its arms to her?

        I also see that the US involvement in all of this viral creation is not in evidence, at least in what i just looked over, but maybe i missed something? Motive? We can’t ‘know’ evidently. Why do those darn Muslims hate us? We don’t know. Must be that they are just plain ‘evil doers’. Now the evil doers have moved their axis. Anyway, i have pasted an excerpt below.

        “Carlson: “You’re a brave person. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you’re not an anti-Chinese racist. So it’s not clear why Twitter would shut you down or you’re being ignored by the rest of the U.S. media. Let me ask you a couple of questions. Why would the Chinese government intentionally create a virus like this?”

        Yan: Okay if you want to know the exact motive, the exact idea. I think that people have to come to ask them, ask Communist Party why did they do it. Because they are the ones [to] do it. We cannot always understand their evil thinking.”

        Somewhere i posted that ‘Red China’ would be back in vogue. I thought the evil commies became a meme from the old days, but here we go again. I think the larger picture is lost here i am sorry to say. The’ yellow menace’ is alive and well! Well, i always said i am not a patriot. I am not even religious nor do i watch the super bowl. Ever. Maybe i don’t belong here. That is something i have been considering for the past year. I am actually rather dismayed about that to be honest.

        take care, rita

        1. PressToDigitate

          Please elaborate; exactly when did the Chinese Communists ever stop being evil??
          Not many Uihgurs, Tibetans, Hong Kongers, Chinese Christians, Taiwanese, or Falun Gong have gotten that memo yet…


    I believe that SARS-CoV-2 is an engineered virus. But did it come from the Wuhan lab? Did parts or all of it come from people like Yoshihiro Kawaoka at University of Wisconsin– Madison and Ralph Baric at University of North Carolina? That it is engineered and the kind of people who do that doesn’t seem in doubt, to me. However, where it came from is a separate question. If the virus was released intentionally or unintentionally from Wuhan, it could not have happened without the previous work of Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Ron Fouchier, Ralph Baric and other truly mad scientists who manufacture these superpathogens. And they pass them around like trading cards!

    If some horrible ChiCom Party member or group of them decided to release this virus, they could have chosen a much worse one to unleash. SARS-CoV-2 is a lightweight compared to Kawaoka’s weaponized bird flu or his enhanced 1918 flu.

    I’ve been concerned about Kawaoka’s work for some years now as he has not one but two labs in Madison, where I live. These labs are all around the country and all around the world. Their physical and bio- security is questionable. A leak at any of them could destroy civilization as we know it, ala “Captain Trips” in Stephen King’s novel, THE STAND.

    There is an international biological weapons treaty, but the fig-leaf of research has only scantily clad weapons research by many countries, ESPECIALLY the USA, which leads the pack.

    1. PressToDigitate

      There are many viruses that would create more immediate mass casualties. But that’s obviously not the aim of the perpetrators. This virus is a very precise Eugenic Bomb, which genetically targets, at a molecular level, the very old, those with serious long term – expensive – preexisting conditions, certain specific ethnic minorities, and those predisposed to dementia. It does this while sparing the very young – which natural respiratory pathogens afflicting the very old *DO NOT DO*, and imparts Infertility as its principal effect among its victims – including the “Asymptomatic”. Its actually a remarkable piece of work. Some Virologists have said it is unlike anything Humans have ever encountered; even those who led the propaganda crusade within ‘Science’ on behalf of the “Bat Soup” cover story, contend that it was not built in any of the usual ways, that Human Virologists construct recombinant Virus genomes, using any of the normal techniques and components.

      Dr. Zhengli-Shi did a visiting post-doc at UNC/Chapel Hill with Baric, and they coauthored the 2015 NATURE paper proclaiming, in detail, they had created an infectious live virus which we know now to be the COVID-19 prototype. But, even before publication, that work at UNC was suspended by HHS for being what one reviewer called “Incalculably Dangerous”. So, Zhengli-Shi took the work, the technology, the Base Pair sequence (in data, if not in actual RNA samples as well) back to WIV, where it was extended, enhanced and improved – i.e. further *WEAPONIZED*. There’s plenty of blame to go around internationally, to UNC and other American universities, to HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA and DARPA, and to the Rockefeller, Gates and Soros Foundations, and to tech ventures that Gates and Soros funded. But the major work was done at China’s government biolab, WIV, mostly on their nickel, and under their direction and authority. Yes, there are many things which contributed to this. Had Zhengli-Shi’s parents raised her to be an Airline Pilot or Mechanical Engineer or Sous Chef instead, it might not have happened, either. But the blame lies with the CCP/PLA who ran that lab that built this ‘Frankengerm’ – AND with whoever stole it from them and disseminated it worldwide.


        Quote ==>

        This virus is a very precise Eugenic Bomb, which genetically targets, at a molecular level, the very old, those with serious long term – expensive – preexisting conditions,

        <== End Quote

        May I ask — Wouldn't that be pretty much true of all influenzas and serious respiratory infections that affect humans? They all tend to kill the old and immune-compromised, leaving the young and strong.

        1. PressToDigitate

          No, that is not true. Natural respiratory coronaviruses afflict – and kill – the very young and very old in tandem. That this virus has taken almost *no one* under 10 worldwide who was not suffering from severe comorbidities its glaring evidence that it has been tampered with. The total number of otherwise healthy children on the planet that have died from COVID-19 isn’t enough to fill a 3rd Grade Classroom; they’ve each been major new when they died because it has been so rare.

      2. Greg

        Hello PTD,
        Before reading your comments above, I had believed that the virus was intended to be a “conventional”. mass-casualty bio-weapon, but it escaped from the Wuhan facility accidentally (it does have a lousy track record for safety) and the ChiComs tried their best to make lemonade from the premature release, hoping it was sufficiently potent to at least cause a major disruption. This was essentially the view of noted analyst J. R. Nyquist, who pointed out that, since the late 90s, the ChiComs thought bio-weapons were the best way to attack the U.S. (Nukes would irradiate the coveted agricultural land, and a massive invasion would result in too many casualities and damaged infrastructure.)
        But when you add in the AHO factor and your more detailed description of the virus’ effects, the analysis gets taken to a whole new level. Question: what human genetically-based traits either 1) facilitate the creation of AHOs, or 2) facilitate taking direction from the AHOs? Selecting for those traits would seem to be the next filtering that could take place.

        1. PressToDigitate

          That is one of the most important questions. We need to have a research group in Ufology (i.e. outside of government and vulnerable academic institutions) dedicated to identifying those genetic changes made to turn a Human zygote into an Alien Hybrid foetus, during the ET’s processing of the Abductee germplasm in their In-Vitro Fertilization process. There are actually a few geneticists active within Ufology that we know of; Dr. Horace Drew (“Red Collie”) the most notable among them. If we – on the ‘outside’ – had a DNA test that was a “Hybrid Detector”, the world would be a much safer place going forward than it is right now.

      3. itsmeRitaC

        i confess to have not listened to this. Or maybe i did. How does one know about infertility in asymptomatic people? I have no idea how this could be proven right now. Are young women stopped getting their menses in large numbers since March? In what countries? U.S. states? Or. Are young men sterile? Who is being tested in the asymptomatic male population, for sterility?

    2. ThankYou

      We posted here on the same day, facts about Yoshihiro’s controversial work. I used this link

      If you read my early post here about UW Madison (UWM) I was trying to locate an article I had read in early 2020 about Yoshihiro and another UWM man, an American, who were relieved of duties at UWM in the early 2000’s. Again, when I locate that article I will post it here. I did click on all of your links and read each article, but this other professor of virology at UWM was never mentioned. I recall from the earlier article, that both were suspended for their unauthorized work but apparently Yoshihiro was reinstated.

      Have you any details of this other UWM prof?

  11. Jeanne36

    Strange that the YT-video is not banned.
    What to believe nowadays?

    DrJ A Mikovits is a PhD medical scientist and wrote a book ‘Plague of Corruption’. I can recommend her TL on twitter: @DrJudyAMikovits
    An attempt has been made to silence her. See

    Is Dr. Li-Meng Yan a pawn in a political game?

    1. PressToDigitate

      But that video WAS banned! Go look on Richard’s post about the “Japanese UFO Situation”, the one before last, I think. I linked that Carlson interview, and the video was deleted.

      There is no conflict between what Dr. Li-Meng Yan and Dr. Judy Mikovits are telling us. Its not a question of believing one or the other. The palpable existence of Psychopathic Leaders, Malevolent Intent and Corruption in the Chinese government *IN NO WAY* denies or excuses its existence within our OWN government – and vice versa. We don’t have to choose which one is to blame or responsible. THEY BOTH ARE. The problem is that the Deep State is GLOBAL, and those orchestrating it – who I believe can only be Alien Hybrid Operatives, because mere Humans are incapable of pulling all this off – are the real problem, that must be dealt with.

      1. Jeanne36

        Thanks for your comment.
        I know there is no conflict between the two women. That is why I was surprised at Tucker’s surprise, after all Dr. J. Mikovits told us this much earlier.

    2. ramblinbill

      Richard, I know this is off topic, but would you please comment on all the shootings & violence going on in Rochester?

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Sure. I can do this in a formal post, but I will say for now that it’s really upsetting to Tracey and me. The other night there was a shooting of 16 people, including two dead. This wasn’t a BLM protest, but just a mass shooting for which no suspect has been apprehended. It was also VERY close to the neighborhood where Daniel Prude died and where the protests/riots have been occurring. In our immediate neighborhood, which is probably 80-90 percent African American, it’s been pretty quiet, except for the two times that the neighborhood Walgreen was looted and had its windows smashed. That was right on my corner, two houses away from me. Other than that, it’s been quiet here. Of course, we had the encounter a week or more ago when the people at a downtown restaurant were terrorized by the “protestors.” I suppose the effect of all of this has been to alienate many of us from the BLM/Antifa crowd, mainly because we all see that they are dangerous people who make our neighborhood less safe. It doesn’t help that we have terrible, utterly terrible political leadership in this city. Sorry, but a joke of a Mayor. So all in all, it’s a situation in which people are looking to move, and frankly it’s prompted Tracey and me to think about leaving. The city doesn’t feel safe. And in fact it isn’t. Crime is way up and I just don’t see the fundamentals changing any time soon.

        1. Carolyn3

          Reading your comments here is part of why we are glad we do have a mobile/home at the moment. Having a travel trailer allows us a place that we own outright that nobody can take from us. We can also move to someplace at any point, and move into a house or apt if needed.

          There is an influx of RV buying going on now due to covid, Due to this influx there is an issue with too many RV’s and not enough space. I will say there are new RV campgrounds opening everyday so we will how that works out. So if someone has land and wants to start a business well that seems to be a good one.

          We like that we can move to a safe neighborhood and just settle down when we are ready. Our plan was just to travel to see where we may want to live for long term. We like coastal NC but we are exhausted with the hurricanes. We have perks as in low crime here and it’s beautiful. Our coastline is called the Crystal Coast for good reason. We are a resort area and people travel here by the flocks in the summer. Due to this the covid numbers have increased here. People from NY and northern states flooded us this summer. Before the vacationers came we had only 3 cases in our county hospital and only 400 cases and only 2 deaths. After our summer rush we have 6 deaths. As of today here is our stats for our county. It’s still pretty safe covid wise,
          This is updated Monday through Friday.

          Carteret County COVID-19

          Quick Reference Chart

          Total Known COVID-19 Cases 699
          Total Recovered COVID-19 Cases 659
          Active COVID-19 Cases 34
          COVID-19 Deaths** 6
          Inconclusive Tests 5
          Negative Tests 7445
          Pending Tests 185
          Total Tested 8,334

          Total # of COVID patients hospitalized at Carteret Health Care: 2

          **Deaths are reported inside parentheses on the map. Carteret County announced a COVID-19 associated death of a non-Carteret County resident on Monday, March 30. This death will be counted in the person’s county of residence, not Carteret County.

          Data is updated by 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

          I couldn’t post the map on here.

          There were no protests near us , but we had them in the state. So why move? Well hurricane (Florence) wiped out our last house and took 6 months to get back in it. We’ve lived through hurricanes over 30 years here in NC and we are tired. So maybe we can find a place that we love that is hurricane free, and hopefully wildfire free (which part of my family is dealing with in Calif) and tornado free. I think you have to pick your natural disaster area and learn to deal with it. Hurricanes we can run from early. Tornados, earthquakes, wildfires not so much, I know I don’t want to be in a city. I don’t mind being near a town as my husband still needs things due to his transplant care. So far it’s doable. We get to see the country and meet great people. RV people are great and always there to help you if needed.

          How long we want to do this we will just see how things go. Everything is just so up in the air and there is no guarantees on anything in life, and we know this first hand. Why not live life on your terms ( not all on our terms as covid does change a bit of that) but we can enjoy the journey as much as we can while doing this.

  12. Andromeda107

    She is very luck she made it to the US, more than likely she would be either in jail or dead by now for speaking out. For the Chines government to purposely release this virus in the population,I am wondering is it a form of population control? we know China has been big on population control in the past,with the 1 child law. Richard I remembered you talking about covid-19 possibly affecting male fertility. Or maybe they were trying to perfect genetic bio-weapon to target a certain group of people, maybe this was a trail run, which is pretty scary if that is the case,which I hope it isn’t case. But I am glad she is speaking out about this.

  13. whatif

    Thanks for speaking out about this, Richard. I have to believe most of the voting population sees right through this and associates it with Left politics, because that’s precisely what it is. Trump’s second term will be interesting.

  14. gregjacobi

    Is there someone out there who could come up with the statistical probability that a once-in-a-generation (once-in-a-lifetime?) coronavirus happens naturally in the same mid-sized city where possibly the most coronavirus-focused lab on planet Earth happens to be situated? What are, literally, the odds of this?

    Perhaps it would be like coming up with the statistical probability that a steel framed building would collapse from fire for the first time in human history, and then it would happen two more times in the span of several hours within blocks of each other. Wouldn’t the probability calculate out to be so infinitesimally small as to be, for all intents and purposes… zero?


      Viruses are not like explosives. They are much more easily transported and deployed. I don’t think Wuhan qualifies as Coronavirus Central when mad scientists all over the planet and especially here in the USA have been playing with the stuff, big-time, for years. The DIA put money specifically into migratory bat coronavirus studies to see if they could use it as a weapon against the Chinese via migrating bats.

      It looks like some people were psychic, predicting this sort of outbreak mere weeks before it happened, Kind of like they knew it was going to happen.

      Also, it appears to me that Yan is being used by wealthy Chinese right wing expatriates, the IC, and right wing media as a political foil against China.

      Check this out,

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Thanks for the link to her wiki bio. It is important to understand the critiques being levied against her. But it’s equally important in my opinion at least to recognize that many so called fact checkers themselves are deeply biased. The main thing, I would think, is to let other scientists debate this. She has critics, we know. But do we doubt there are some strong medical and scientific supporters as well? They should be hashing this out like genuine scientists.

        1. whatif

          > let other scientists debate this.

          Please. Stop bowing down to “scientists.” “Science” is whatever the globalist elites say it is. “Science” is corrupt to its academic core. Stop feeding it.

          The Wuhan Lab is exactly the epicenter of corona virology research. The likelihood that the initial outbreak of Covid-19 would be located literally meters away from that lab and NOT be attributed to that lab is near ZERO. THAT my friend is real science.

          Also, you replied to a comment that suggests a **Wiki page** on Dr. Li-Meng in some way resembles the truth and should be take seriously. It is difficult to imagine a more biased, more censored source of information than wikipedia. Come on, Richard.

          1. Richard Dolan Post author

            hahaha. Okay, yes, you make good points. I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt, and really just trying to find a potential strategy to get her claims into a genuine public forum. But yes, I agree with you about Wikipedia, and also of course about the corruption of global science and academia in general.

        2. Carolyn3

          I found several articles of interest.

          Nobel Laureate Calls COVID-19 Manmade

          COVID-19 Derives From a Failed HIV Vaccine, Says Montagnier
          In a separate appearance on the French podcast Pourquoi Docteur, also April 17 Montagnier said the coronavirus had escaped in an “industrial accident” while Chinese scientists at the Wuhan city laboratory were trying to develop a vaccine against HIV.10 “In order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can only be done in a laboratory,” said Montagnier.11

          Montagnier also said he believes that the pandemic will naturally extinguish itself because of its synthetic origins:12

          “Nature does not accept any molecular tinkering, it will eliminate these unnatural changes and even if nothing is done, things will get better, but unfortunately after many deaths.”

          The Case Is Building That COVID-19 Had a Lab Origin
          By Jonathan Latham, PhD and Allison Wilson, PhD

          Dr Mercola posted this as well

          The Smoking Gun Proving SARS-CoV-2 Is an Engineered Virus

          Bioweapons Expert Speaks Out About Novel Coronavirus

          Norwegian virologist claims coronavirus is ‘chimera’ made in Chinese lab
          British-Norwegian study alleges COVID-19 has ‘inserted sections’


            1. Carolyn3

              I found his paper fascinating. I did find the PDF but can’t seem to get it loaded here,

              What do you think of this?

              Patent #WO2020060606, which is described as a “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data,” senses body activity of the user.
              “Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user(1) may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server(2). A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device(3) of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system(4), and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.”(5)

              And as stated in the article ,


              Maybe this is what covid is about? Getting all of our data in once place and keeping the population controlled at all times?


          To merely admit that this is an engineered virus is the kiss of death right now, professionally, because that shows the risks of all the many labs that hold big collections of natural pathogens and engineered super-pathogens. So-called “public” media in the USA will not touch this with a 10 meter pole because of their University affiliations. The commercial media won’t touch the topic of risk from these labs because they are in bed with their biggest advertiser, PHARMA. The story breaks out occasionally, but it is quickly dropped.

          FOX is covering this ONLY from the “attack China” angle. FOX is completely IGNORING the risk from these dangerous laboratories here in the USA and around the world.

            1. itsmeRitaC

              I am sorry to be the ‘bad seed’ here once again, but intention counts very, very much. I can give many examples in recent history.

          1. Carolyn3

            I agree with all of that. I’m just posting different views. I also know that the good Dr could be being used as a tool against China and not be aware of this, I also understand that these Doctors and scientists who say it’s a man-made virus could be using this against China as well. Whether is man-made or natural BIG pharma is going to benefit as a vaccine will be created. I don’t think this is a natural virus at all.

          2. itsmeRitaC

            Thank you once again, AG. I am going to start looking for your posts when i get around to scrolling down. It will keep me from getting depressed when i come here.

      2. itsmeRitaC

        Once again, thank you for being clear thinking and ‘aware’, AG. But i have to confess that personally, i find Tucker to be a ‘load’. To quote an old pal of mine.

      3. PressToDigitate

        You are assuming there is any different between Bad Actors in the CCP/PLA/WIV in China, and Bad Actors in the CIA/DARPA/NIH here at home; you frame it in terms of a dichotomy that doesn’t exist. Some Fifth Column has penetrated *BOTH* ‘National Security States’ – Ours AND China’s – and done this thing to Humanity. There’s no getting around this fact. The hard evidence is that it was created by Zhengli-Shi at WIV – and nowhere else – and that UNC, NIH & DARPA contributed – directly and knowingly. The thought about Dr. Meng “being used by wealthy Chinese right wing expatriates, the IC, and right wing media as a political foil against China” is non-sequitur – because the political optics, whatever they are, *don’t change the data* that she – and other virologists around the world independently – have presented.


          *** The thought about Dr. Meng “being used by wealthy Chinese right wing expatriates, the IC, and right wing media as a political foil against China” is non-sequitur – because the political optics, whatever they are, *don’t change the data* that she – and other virologists around the world independently – have presented. ***

          I think it is very relevant. The “political optiics” as you put it are like the green glasses everyone had to have locked on their heads in the Emerald City of OZ. If the media is able to direct this into a “hate China” mode, the risks of the other 500+ labs in the USA and an unknown number elsewhere will be completely ignored, no matter who presents the virology data. They will continue to present these labs as “defensive” and “here to help us with vaccines” when that is a lie.

  15. Carolyn3

    I’m glad you got this posted. I’ve been following her since she had defected to the US and has been in hiding. She has been trying her best to get this information out since this began. Just like norm for our media they are bad-mouthing anything she puts out. I’ve been off all social media for a year now due to this type of censorship. I’m glad the interview was out there if even for a very limited time. Hopefully someone has it recorded and can keep posting it places for others to see. I wonder how long it will take before YouTube removes it? She did this same interview 2 months ago and they are still on YouTube. It may be the same interview.

  16. Redspan

    The biases in Silicon Valley are being transferred into the algorithms that are replacing the humans who currently moderate content.

    The Google search result algorithms are already returning results that seem to be engineered toward what they they think the searcher should see and not what you might otherwise expect to see.

  17. Jim

    Hi. I know that my preceding post might seem to be more fitting with your post on the Russian vaccine but I also wanted to point out that we are in the midst of a global propaganda war as well. We don’t know anymore what news source is reliable and more importantly what stories aren’t being covered. It is not unimaginable that what Tucker Carlson is saying is true regarding censorship by social media. Marshall McCluan said the medium is the message. By that I think he meant simply we are told what they want us to know and not told what they don’want us to know.
    That these platforms are going to such lengths to block this virologist is not sadly, surprising, but the degree they are is worrisome. Regards Richard. Jim Crowell

  18. PressToDigitate

    “Second defector’s knowledge of Chinese bioweapons reaches U.S.” – Washington Times
    [A senior Trump administration official in May disclosed that China is working in secret on biological weapons, including arms capable of targeting specific ethnic groups with pathogens.
    “We are looking at potential biological experiments on ethnic minorities,” the official said.
    Chinese military publications since 2017 have described biology as a new domain of warfare, and one report warned that a future war could involve “ethnic genetic attacks.”]


      The USA is the world leader. These labs are in MANY places, and they are just the official ones. The tech really isn’t that expensive. USA has been working on viruses aimed at specific populations since at least 1969 according to congressional budget documents. That’s 51 years, minimum. That’s half a century we know about.

      When someone begins to point the finger at YOU, it’s a tried and true tactic to accuse someone else.

  19. Terri

    I listen to you two every chance I get. I know you both are true and from the heart. It is so weird that everything you say, I am right on board with your thoughts. Thinking maybe Being born the same time and reading and searching is a clue. Maybe we will never know. I try to plug y’all in my ears when I go to sleep at night. Your soothing voices help me…… the bad thing is that y’all are soooo soothing…. I have to replay and hear you again the next day! ❤️ Love you both 😘


    There was never any doubt in my mind about this. Nobody ever says, “I want to be a synic when I grow up.”
    What we need to examine is what do we do now. We need to figure out a plan of action for times like these when we know the truth, we see the cover up and we have proof; what can we do?
    It is just like 9/11 all over again. What good is the truth if there is nothing we can do about it? I dont even care as much about punishing the perpetrators as I do about having the truth be acknowledged as official. It seems that only when something is acknowledged does it finally becomes truth.
    I am so tired of knowing the truth; yet having it treated like a fantasy while some crazy, impossible fantasy is being held up as the truth.
    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. “Jet fuel doesn’t turn steel buildings into baby powder and viruses dont infect people based on their political ideology.”
    There is something rotten in Denmark dammit and the ‘information powers that be’ keep feeding us unbelievable BS while people like this young lady are risking their lives to bring the world the truth.
    The problem is that she is in hiding and CNN is still on the air. Maybe that’s where we can start. I just dont have a clue how. I am more from the “Rant and Rave” school. We need someone who is good at effecting change.


      Quote ==>

      while people like this young lady are risking their lives to bring the world the truth.

      <== End quote

      The truth remains to be seen, and this young lady's story needs to be carefully scrutinized and the genomic information carefully compared with the work of earlier bio-weapons developers such as Kawaoka, Fourchier and Baric, to name only three. Merely proving an unnatural origin does not say anything at all about who the creator was or how it came to be at the origination point.

  21. Terri

    Moderators seem to be pushing me to the back, so I don’t post often. I am pro Dolans, so don’t know why? I guess I’ll hang in the background and stay silent. I am a supporter though, so it is strange …. hmmmm

    1. Jay King

      I’m a moderator- If you’re talking about why your previous comment didn’t post immediately, it’s because Richard reads all the comments and approves them himself, so they sometimes spend a day in limbo until Richard (who is a very busy guy) can get around to it. I can guarantee you we have no agenda to “push anybody to the back”, because the moderators of this site don’t even touch comments to Richard’s posts.

      1. Terri

        Thanks Jay. I live in “the sticks” so it’s hard for me to get a signal sometimes. May be the problem. ☹️

  22. DrD

    Hello Richard
    Thank you very much for the link to the article. Clearly, Dr. Yan is highly educated and well connected and while she makes claims that are very difficult to interpret because of their technical nature that does not necessarily mean they are true or false. Ands there’s the rub. Like your sense of a break away civilization with respect to UFO derived technology this is now true in almost any field. There is such a separation between what we as lay people understand and what cutting edge research can imagine that what is possible may seem like science fiction to us but realizable fact to them. I believe this lies at the root of every false flag event. We cannot even imagine how they did it . But they did it . Further, this separation makes our attempts at conceiving and articulating what we see vulnerable to counter arguments from those who have the knowledge. I feel as though we are falling farther and farther behind. They can already do what we cannot conceive and then explain it to us in a way we cannot argue because we are trapped by the parameters of our limited knowledge. Any ideas how we break through this?

  23. jennymemon

    Interesting Richard, I do like how Tucker goes where others dare not go, but on this occasion I am not buying any of this. I have seen this lady on some daytime tv chat programmes here in UK, I have no idea what to make of her accounts, except to say, that what I know of the CCP, if they want you gone, you’re gone! It is entirely possible she is a plant, counter intel, double agent, or indeed telling the truth. I dont believe this came from the Wuhan lab, far too obvious. She says that the CCP deliberately released this, I dont believe they would release anything they could not control. Remember the TV footage a few months back from Wuhan, there were civilians running away from the army and dropping like stones in the streets, viruses dont work like that, even man made ones! This whole thing smells bad. I can only use my own 5 senses to get to the truth of this, and so far, I know NOBODY who has died or even been ill with this ‘virus’. I dont believe there is any novel covid19, it has NEVER to this day been purified, isolated and shown to exist. The tests being used to find cases was never designed to be used to diagnose viruses (so says the chap who designed the test!). I do believe there is a global effort/agenda lead by the WHO, CDC along with Bill Gates and assorted lackies (which includes most of the MSM) to panic/ scaremonger/ terrorise the population enough to comply to almost anything including the toxic vaccine waiting in the wings. The New World Order is oven ready and about to be consumed by every trusting and terrified human on the planet. People die every day of many things, especially the elderly, they have lied and manipulated the figures to terrify people, and lets not get started on all of the ’empty’ hospitals confirmed by whistleblowers, why would you need to exaggerate/ fabricate ANYTHING if there was a real deadly pandemic? I am sure there will not be anyone with flu this winter, no, only covid!
    I know I will be a lonely voice now in the comments, but thats ok, we still have SOME freedom of speech, for now.
    I would like to add this, the Nazis gassed millions of Jews to death in ‘showers’. Only after the fact could people comprehend that such atrocities could be planned and executed. I do not trust the governments, I do not trust Bill Gates or the WHO or the CDC or the vast majority of the MSM, they are all puppets of the cabal. All we have left are the people we love, a few like minded souls and our own instincts/intuition. It is now time for humanity to finally get off its knees. I believe this whole situation is the final push to bring in the new world order, with a one world government, I do not know if it can be stopped at this point, but I have no intentions of going quietly. Sending love to you and Tracy XX.

  24. Carolyn3

    Potential or problem?

    Drug That Could Treat And Prevent COVID-19 Licensed By New UPMC-Backed Company For Worldwide Development. Ab8 COVID-19 Drug Breakthrough: Tiny Antibody Component Completely Neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 Virus

    FOX News also ran with it.

  25. Leslie Schwartz

    Thanks for posting this Richard. If you know who Dave Emory is, he has been detailing the scenario and motives behind the creation of this virus for several months. And I do not think its clear yet if this was a Chinese or US or combined effort to create the virus, but the Wuhan lab has connections to both US and Chinese covert military organizations. Its also not clear yet if the release was deliberate or accidental, but these viral experiments have been on going for decades, they are part of the biological warfare efforts of a number of countries. Given the connections the social media giants have to the CIA no surprise the truth about these efforts are being suppressed. It will be interesting to learn what ever else Dr. Li-Meng Yan can tell us.

  26. TomTort

    Thank you for posting the interview on the virus. I appreciate your interest and feed back on this issue.
    Unfortunately, there are so many options and political distractions on the covid19. It takes good, sincere, research and alot of patience in sorting out the legitimate facts before anyone can come to a conclusion on how this virus came about. I honestly think the average person will never know what the facts are, simply due to the complexity of the politics involved.
    I do not care about the politics, but I do care how this thing “popped up.” The world governments must all collectively, unite to find a way to eliminate this virus while coming up with research as to the cause of it.
    Sadly, there is so much nonsense attached to the subject, I fear most of us will never know the truth. If Covid19 is a creation, it will be classified and the public will be left in the dark, indefinitely. If it is from nature, I doubt the public will ever get any legitimate facts due to some political nonsense by “big Pharma” and so many others who merely seek huge profit.
    My conclusion is there is something wrong with the whole situation and I am honestly not smart enough to figure any of this out. I can only be assured by the medical people I know who have stated that they fear this covid19 is artificial, scratching their head with their uncertainty as to how or why.
    Politically speaking, this nation must be considered weak and in chaos without vocus. We as a country having no direction will become a second rate nation very shortly.

  27. TomTort

    The more comments I read on covid 19 the more I am convinced the public will get “shafted” as usual. The CIA played games with the term “conspiracy theory” and is still successful in having a rather high percentage of people not knowing much or caring about 911. However, there are a few people I have contacted are beginning to think this covid19 has the making of some nonsense. Yet, I am still amazed the common attitude on the virus is, ” I don’t know what to think.”


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