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Newsletter (reboot) #6

Hi Everyone, We just sent our our last newsletter yesterday. This is (Reboot) issue #6. This covers the last two months, basically (Aug. 17-Oct 11). We know that you have full access to everything in there but even so, sometimes it’s nice to review everything over the last period of time because there’s a good… Read More »

[RDM] Our Subterranean World

Hi Everyone,  Basic topics I discuss here: A bit more on the current website pricing change, in which I go over some of the background behind our decision to change the standard membership to $8.99/month, but also emphasizing that one can STILL continue with a $6.99/month membership after all. However, after November 15 that membership… Read More »

Newsletter #5

Hi everyone, Our August newsletter is out and although you received a notification in your email inbox, we have a link to the latest newsletter … This includes the last six weeks: all of July and the first half of August. Lots in there!  Richard and Tracey

Richard on Fade2Black, July 20, 2022

  [RD Note: I posted the audio of this interview, which Jimmy was nice enough to give me. This was a crazy interview that combined some wacky personal stories with analysis (some of it dark) of the current situation. As always, Jimmy and I enjoyed our conversation and I truly hope you do as well.]… Read More »

Latest Newsletter

Hi Everyone, The latest newsletter is out, covering everything we did in June 2022. Once again, it was a busy month, with quite a few video presentations on USOs (a series that is still continuing), and a buildup of posts relating to the special event I did on June 25, which was the “Global Update… Read More »

Quick Note from Richard

Hi Everyone, For the past week, Tracey and I have been going through a great deal of back-end material of this website. My part currently involves going through every single previous post on this site and properly categorizing it. Right now I am back in October 2019 — more than halfway through. It’s a bit… Read More »

[RDM] The Narrative Must be Maintained

Hi Everyone, This talk is basically in three sections. The first part discusses the work Tracey and I have been doing relating to the website upgrading project. This is going very well, and I discuss some of the details in this chat. One thing we didn’t mention is that during this process we are occasionally… Read More »

From Richard: A Heartfelt Thanks

Hi Everyone, I am going live for my special online conference/event in about 90 minutes but wanted to take a moment to give my thanks and appreciation to all of you here on this website.  We’ve been running this site for four years now and I’m constantly amazed at the community we have here. I’m… Read More »

[RDM] Global Update and More

  Hi Everyone, I’ve got a few things to discuss in this week’s chat. First is a brief overview of what I will be discussing in two weeks for the event that we are about to announce, either tonight or most likely tomorrow. This will be for Saturday, June 25 titled “Global Update 2022: UFOs,… Read More »

[RDM] Davis-Wilson Confirmation?

Hi Everyone, This is a short Fireside Chat Podcast (30 min) but I’ve got some interesting information in here nevertheless. Main order of business is that John Alexander appears to have given a reasonable confirmation of the authenticity of the Davis-Wilson notes. Here is a link to one Twitter feed discussing that. Thanks to all… Read More »