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Richard on C2C Tonight

Hi Everyone,  I will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory this evening. Fortunately for me,  I get the first two hours, which is 10-midnight PDT, or 1-3 am EDT.  I checked the Coast website and don’t see how one can easily listen to the show from there. But in case I missed… Read More »

Checking in … Have been Sick!

Hi Everyone,  My apologies for not being around this week following my last Youtube show. I have been feverish and sick for the past few days. I am still feeling drained of energy, which is not good timing since we are planning to fly to California next week!  I’ve been a little better today but… Read More »

More Cracks in the Wall: Chris Mellon confirms Davis-Wilson

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas Eve to all!  Just wanted to spread some other good news. Chris Mellon just gave his own confirmation to the authenticity of the Davis-Wilson notes. This was posted in an article from earlier today, which you can read here.  It’s interesting that the confirmation comes in passing. I was curious… Read More »