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By | September 15, 2020

Hi Everyone, 

I just want to give you all a heads up that I won’t have a new program for my Youtube channel tonight, as I normally do. I’ll definitely be posting something fresh for next week, and intend to continue on a more-or-less regular posting schedule for that — every Tuesday. 

But in truth it’s kind of tough for me to keep up the schedule for a fresh Youtube program every week. Sometimes I just need more time to prepare for it, and I’d rather not do one when I don’t feel fully ready. 

The thing about preparing content here on this site is that I don’t usually feel that constraint, hence the casual “off the cuff” recordings. That’s just something I don’t want to do for the rest of the world. But for the people here, for some reason I feel completely comfortable being on-the-spot and present, even though it’s casual. So expect those to continue. 

Wishing everyone a great day. 

I expect to post something tomorrow on the information about Covid-19 being artificially created. There is a lot of information about this out there, already, and much of it has been posted in comments and on the forum. I want to follow up on it, as well. 


20 thoughts on “No Youtube Show for Tonight

  1. Craig Champion

    Agreed – while the more formal presentations may have more of a structure that serves to systematically outline points or historical references that build upon one-another I have to say that I actually do enjoy the shorter but perhaps more frequent “off-the-cuffs.”

      1. PressToDigitate

        It was a great one! We loved it. I’d almost venture to say that its more enjoyable and enlightening to see you interviewed by others, as opposed to you interviewing someone else. After all, you’re invariably “the smartest guy in the room” on ETUFO matters.

        I *would* love to see a conversation between you and Tom Fitton, though – about “Deep State Corruption & the Secret Government” even if it takes the form of you interviewing him for The Richard Dolan Show on KGRA (do it on cam).

  2. cjazz

    I am extremely interested in what you have to say on Covid-19 Richard! One of the main reasons I became a subscriber is because I truly value your thoughts on not just UFOs, but on your assessment regarding the overall geo-political situation of our time (and all that that entails – which is a lot). I cannot wait to hear what you have to say. I too, have a very strong sense that this whole things reeks of a false flag – a power grab. Thanks for all you do! I’ve been following your work for years and you have made such an impact on me. You and Tracey are a blessing!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for this comment, truly. Yes, I have more on my mind on any given day than UFOs. The thing is, while I continue to be fascinated by UFOs and always will, I have never felt like a straight-up UFO researcher; my interests are to varied and I just can’t ignore them. So I try to integrate all of it into the best Big Picture I can create. That’s really all I try to do.

  3. Pyroxide_Martini

    Personally, I’d be happy if you shifted a live show to once every 2-3 weeks. Like you said, it gives you time and there is less pressure to present and/or find a weekly topic.

    I also really enjoy the “off the cuff” podcast format as it’s largely unscripted thoughts on topics and I’ve always enjoyed chatting about a topic and interjecting with various thoughts and ideas so for me, I quite like the style. You could put the “off the cuff” topics on iTunes podcast (ones that are a month older) as well to gain access to a wider audience.

    An interesting topic I’d love to hear about (if you ever have time) is the prevalence of poltergeist type activity that surrounds the abduction phenomena – both before and after. I have my own theories on this but in short, I suspect the exotic technologies engaged have a ripple effect across dimensional spectrum and you end up with a “bleed through” of other activity. I’ve experienced this a week leading up to what became an abduction and then recently again as well on the night of other activity. Electronics seem to be effected – weirdly – i.e. tv’s changing channels, turning on/off, volume going up/down, smoke alarms triggering for no reason, electronic devices/toys switching on by themselves etc.

    I’ve also wondered whether the seemingly slow buildup is like a dial in? i.e. it takes time to establish a solid connection (or at least we experience it as time passing, it may be instantaneous on the other end) – so maybe like a field slowly building that allows a stable wormhole to eventually develop?

    Who knows – Anyway – all the best – Would love one day to just sit and chat and kick around the UFO football with you guys over a glass of red or beer 😀

  4. MetaStrange

    Enjoying your content and as always finding it informative. Similar to what I said some weeks back (or was it months? Every day feels like Sunday) You could produce less frequent perhaps longer based content (interviews, shows on particular historical events, deep dives into contemporary topics) maybe once every 2 weeks or month, which you’ve had a chance to put more time into, and then shorter 5-30 min vids/audio only (off the cuff, news updates etc) once or a few times per week.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Well, the whole wet market thing never sounded plausible to me, intuitively speaking. There is a lot that has been published on the Center for Global Research site. I will be interested in your thoughts on this. My personal sensing was not that it was an intentional release from the lab. And i had read about it being from the U.S. as well. A group effort.

    I just hope that it isn’t part of a takeover from the Andromeda Galaxy. But i know i can look that up and find ‘evidence’ somewhere in cyberspace. 🙂

  6. Ed Coffman

    I want to share this Frontline documentary on AI:

    I realize that my input here is “off topic,” but since this documentary was so emotional for me I just had to submit it.

    Maybe, Richard, you could do an “Off the Cuff” on this documentary. It’s just a thought.

    And if you have time, and want to spend the money, here’s a book that deals with some of the history that has led us to where we are now:

    1. itsmeRitaC

      A freind sent me something from a questionable looking website about this topic. It claimed thousands in the ‘city’ of New Jersey (not jersey city mind you, but the state as a city). And i am pretty darnclose to NJ where i live. Perhaps this is not from that same site i saw. It seemed like a joke site to me. A friend who lives in New Brunswick, NJ sent me the link from that site the other day with a ‘ :-)’.

        1. itsmeRitaC

          i will go back and check the site she sent me, Richard. I wish it would be jersey city. 🙂 I just read your latest post about burn out. I sure would be if i were running this site. I usually skip the comment thread, but to post a comment i need to scroll down and i confess i have been guilty of getting miffed sometimes. I hope my posts aren’t a problem for you. I really do mean that. I am always trying to make my points in a non inflammatory way.

          I am very interested in your take on US color revolution. Personally, if i may say this much, i think Trump proves what i have long thought…………That the presidency is a bit like the royal head of england. It is a figurehead position.

          I will say that the ‘deal of the century’ offends me deeply. I am speaking Kushner’s M.E. arms dealings passing as a peace deal. And i am speaking as an open peace and justice activist and a Jew. Is this too political? I honestly don’t know. Let me know please if i shouldn’t say this stuff here.

          When i first connected with you way back in like 2012, it was because i related to your geopolitical perspective and the fact that you were also so into UFO history, etc. I hadn’t found that before. It seemed that most Americans who were speaking and writing on the subject were more along a military or what would have been called ‘right wing’ world view. It seems even more so now to someone like me. And it really matters. The future of our engagement with the unknown so to speak is absolutely premised upon mindset, as i keep saying here and to be honest, i have come to feel like a lone voice.

          Anyway, i will check out that site and get back to you here.
          Your truly, rita

  7. Lauren2844

    I actually LOVE the Dolan talks: Politics.. life… thoughts.. beliefs… the UFO thing is cool but rarely is their anything new to talk about… Richard I believe this site is FAMILY.. and WE YOUR Family have your and Tracey’s back!!
    Also I for one don’t mind the Audio uploads.. i get the feeling you may think people here want video but for me at least I just love when you put your thoughts to audio uploads.. even somethings I don’t agree with… hearing your reasoning sometimes changes my mind on the Subjects… Especially the ones I knew little about.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    From Joe Rogan via one of my brothers……………………………..He is big fan of JR. Me, not as much. No doubt this has been covered somewhere here already. From a few days ago. i have a feeling many in ufo circles will think the scientist guest is a naive snow flake.

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