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Why Are They Here? | New Video Series

Hi Everyone! I’ve mentioned a few times that I have been wanting to explore new forms of video creation, and this is my first attempt. I am keeping this to MEMBERS ONLY, at least until I make my system more efficient. Then I hope to start making some videos like this one for the general… Read More »

OTC 17: Holiday Greetings, Thoughts on Meditation, & What About Abductions?

Hi Everyone, Just in time for Christmas, Tracey and I recorded Off the Cuff Podcast #17 … FINALLY!  This is another 90 minute conversation that mainly went into three directions. First we talked about the holiday season in general and how so many of us experience loneliness and feeling cut-off, and how perhaps we can… Read More »

Ohio Multiple Abduction in 1981

Hi Everyone, I’ve continued going through the many personal accounts provided to me by people over the years. This is one that has always stuck with me and in fact one I’ve discussed from time to time in interviews. Even so, I’ve never written about it (to my recollection, anyway) and it is definitely of… Read More »

[RDM] Our Subterranean World

Hi Everyone,  Basic topics I discuss here: A bit more on the current website pricing change, in which I go over some of the background behind our decision to change the standard membership to $8.99/month, but also emphasizing that one can STILL continue with a $6.99/month membership after all. However, after November 15 that membership… Read More »

[RDM] Coming to Grips with UFO Behavior

Hi Everyone, This turned out to be a surprise lecture, complete with finished slides and visuals, very much something I can see myself giving in a public setting somewhere. This is called Coming to Grips with UFO Behavior. Not alien behavior, but UFO behavior.  After all, when most people see a UFO, the experience is often… Read More »

Making Sense of Abductions

Hi Everyone, This is a podcast mainly about alien abduction and encounters with a few specific examples but mostly about how we approach the subject in general. How do we deal with claims and evidence? From a strictly academic/scientific “show me the evidence/proof” point of view, or from a “I’ll believe everything” point of view,… Read More »

OTC Podcast #5: Alien Mind Control

  Hi Everyone, I am happy to have another Fireside Chat Podcast that doubles as an Off the Cuff with Tracey. I think you will find this VERY interesting. In the first place, Tracey and I discuss a new abduction case. Or should we say, a bizarre alien encounter case that clearly involves a form… Read More »

OTC Podcast #4: Abduction and Trauma

Hi Everyone, I’m back with another Fireside Chat Podcast with Tracey. Once again, it’s only audio, but I am sure at some point we will do a video one. In any case, this is an extended discussion (about 80 minutes) on some of the mutual research we both have been doing regarding alien abduction phenomena,… Read More »

[RMD] The Watchers – A Breakdown

Hi everyone, I’ve got a fairly lengthy presentation here on the third installment of Ray Fowler’s classic work on the Andreasson Affair. This is his book, The Watchers. What a fascinating book. I have a fairly detailed breakdown of that book here, once again making use of Betty Andreasson Luca’s amazing illustrations.  About half of… Read More »

Intruders Revisited. Interview with Debra Kauble | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi Everyone, This should be really interesting. Debra Jordan Kauble was the main subject (Kathy Davis) of Budd Hopkins’ classic book, Intruders, published back in 1987. I met Deb about ten years ago and recently hung out with her last summer while shooting The Observers, and she is just wonderful. Fascinating story and a fascinating… Read More »

[RDM] The Andreasson Affair: Phase II

Hi Everyone, I am really happy to continue doing a breakdown of the extraordinary saga of Betty Andreasson Luca, as recorded by eminent ufologist Ray Fowler. I was originally thinking I might be able to cover the entire rest of the story in this one presentation, but I realized that the second book really needed… Read More »

[RDM] Past, Present, Future: Reintegrating Ufology

Hi Everyone, I hope those of you who enjoy Halloween had a good one. Here in Rochester, at least in my neighborhood, it was quiet as usual. I have a few thoughts to say about that in the intro of this talk. Mainly, however, this is about how I believe the current conversation about Ufology,… Read More »

[RDM] UFOs for the 21st Century: MEMBERS LECTURE

Hi Everyone, I’ve got something different for you for this week’s Fireside Chat Podcast: a full-blown lecture. This is LONG, about two and a half hours, so make sure you bring ample refreshments and a comfortable chair. I thought it would be a good idea once in a while to get back to basics every… Read More »

[RDM] Fresh Thoughts on an Old Abduction

I have spent a decent portion of the last week reviewing and editing my interview with Peter Robbins, concerning the truly extraordinary abduction experience of his sister Helen in 1961—something which affected Peter very deeply also, since he was paralyzed by the same beings that took his sister. While reviewing the interview, I did some… Read More »

[RDM] Implications of the Alien Presence and … Stay Free

Hi everyone, First of all, I finally figured out how to embed the videos in these posts again. Somehow, Youtube started doing something differently recently that made it difficult for me to do this here, but I think I figured it out so in the future we should be go to go.  I really believe… Read More »

Important New Abduction Case from 1961 | Special Richard Dolan Show w/Peter Robbins

Important New Abduction Case from 1961 | Members Only RD Show with Peter Robbins – YouTube Hi everyone, In place of a Global Update this week, I have just returned from a visit from my close friend and fellow UFO researcher Peter Robbins after interviewing him for something that I consider to be of genuine… Read More »

[RDM] Latest Research on Contact & Abduction. Richard Dolan Show with Kathleen Marden.

This is the exclusive members-only segment of my interview with Kathleen Marden. This is all about her recent book, Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You’ve Been Abducted (MUFON). Kathleen conducted a great amount of original research for this and I clearly became fascinated by her information, as you will have no problem discerning.  There… Read More »

[Members] Abductions and More. Weekly Wrap, May 12, 2019

Since Tracey and I had just finished a two-plus-hour AMA, I kept this a little shorter, but it’s still 38 minutes of update of the week. Probably the most interesting thing in here is my reply to member Isaac on whether or not I am guilty by association when I attend conferences with less-than-reputable speakers.… Read More »