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NASA’s Study

Hi Everyone,  I have a short breakdown of the NASA press conference and report, both of which are linked here: Press Conference: NASA UAP Report (downloadable as PDF) : There was lots on methodology, transparency, data collection, and science. That’s all good. We want good data. But I noticed in the report as… Read More »

Appearance on News Nation

Hi Everyone,  I did an appearance on News Nation this evening, appearing along with Nick Pope to discuss the UAP Hearing for July 26. We discussed several elements to what the Hearing might bring and overall I thought it was a positive segment. There’s never enough time to say all you want to say on… Read More »

Lots of News for UFO/UAP

Hi Everyone,  I’ll have more to say on all this soon, I am sure. But just so no one misses out, there’s been a lot of news coverage of our favorite subject lately.  Most dramatic in my view is this piece on Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN). The headline reads: Congressman has grim take after access… Read More »