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Guest Appearance | The Higher Side Chats

Hi Everyone, Thanks to the gracious permission of Greg Carlwood, host of The Higher Side Chat Podcast, I’m able to make available the full two-hour-plus interview I did with him about a week ago. The first hour is fully available to the public (link for that below), but Greg continued to record additional interview for… Read More »

Why Earlier Congressional UAP Hearings Never Happened

The article below can’t hope to be complete, but it’s a start. Rather than asking why the recent hearing DID happen, I thought I would look over the past failures to obtain Congressional UFO Hearings and try to gain some perspective on why they did not happen. Although at the end of this piece I… Read More »

Elon Musk, Open AI, Guardrails … and Aliens | Coffee Talk

Hi Everyone,  Tracey and I recorded this the other day. She had been looking into some recent moves by Elon Musk in the realm of artificial intelligence and we chatted about it over coffee for about 15 minutes. According to what she read, he is looking into creating an AI program with fewer guardrails in… Read More »

Who is Managing the ET Situation? | Answer Forum

Hi Everyone, Tracey and I reviewed some recent questions and this one struck me as something I wanted to dive into right away. Thanks to member Tom McKibbin for the question.  I have an extended audio response to this but also throw down a bunch of notes below. They roughly correspond to what I had… Read More »

OTC 20: AI & the Future of Humanity

Hi Everyone, Okay, SO much is happening in our field and I am staying busy trying to keep up, study, and report back on it all. Yesterday I interviewed longtime UFO activist (and friend of mine) Steve Bassett, and although I originally intended for that to go up Tuesday night (as well as an extended… Read More »

Discussing Aliens and UFOs with Chat GPT-4

Hi Everyone, Once again I engaged in an extended conversation with Chat GPT-4 about something of interest. This time it’s all about UFOs and aliens. Like my previous conversation with it (regarding the current global revolution), it is easy to notice the very strong “guard rails” on the algorithm when trying to get it to… Read More »

OTC 18: Daily Routines and Staying Upbeat

Hi Everyone, It took us a while, but Tracey and I recorded another Off the Cuff Podcast, which is posted here. This isn’t really about UFOs or anything paranormal. Instead, Tracey ended up asking me many questions about how I organize my day and how does such a black-pilled guy like myself stay upbeat? 🙂… Read More »

Richard & Tracey Answering Some Questions

Hi Everyone,  Tracey and I did an Off the Cuff Podcast yesterday, which I will be posting later this evening (possibly tomorrow early), but we also recorded this thirty-minute piece just to answer a couple of admin-type questions.  Most of this is about the event she and I will be appearing at in June, which… Read More »

The System Controls Us: The AI Revolution

Hi everyone, This piece is in response to a request by one of the members of this site, Elizabeth Wright, who recently wrote the following comment: Hi Richard, could you do a talk on the latest developments of AI/Chat GPT and its existential threat to humanity? So thanks for the question Elizabeth. I’ve written a… Read More »

Leonard Stringfield’s Amazing Journey. Part 2: Cases A3-A5

Hi Everyone, I have a new installment of my series on the great UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield. This covers the next three cases he published in his “Investigation Status Reports,” which he listed as cases A3, A4, and A5. Once again, these are very interesting. What I like knowing about them is not only what… Read More »

Leonard Stringfield’s Amazing Journey, Part 1: The First Witnesses

Hi Everyone, After my recent discussion of the very interesting 1958 statement by Brazilian researcher Dr. Olavo Fontes, I did a bit of followup by looking at the work of another legendary figure of UFO research: Leonard Stringfield. Of course, many of you are familiar with Stringfield, and you probably know I am very interested… Read More »

Hawaii Portal, Mind Control, and Other Stories | Witness Accounts

Hi Everyone, I was planning to share one witness account from my personal archives but ended up sharing a few stories. They just seemed to roll into each other. The original story concerns Hawaii in 1973, told to me by a person I met in 1997 while preparing her professional resume. She learned that I… Read More »

OTC 17: Holiday Greetings, Thoughts on Meditation, & What About Abductions?

Hi Everyone, Just in time for Christmas, Tracey and I recorded Off the Cuff Podcast #17 … FINALLY!  This is another 90 minute conversation that mainly went into three directions. First we talked about the holiday season in general and how so many of us experience loneliness and feeling cut-off, and how perhaps we can… Read More »

Ohio Multiple Abduction in 1981

Hi Everyone, I’ve continued going through the many personal accounts provided to me by people over the years. This is one that has always stuck with me and in fact one I’ve discussed from time to time in interviews. Even so, I’ve never written about it (to my recollection, anyway) and it is definitely of… Read More »

Black Triangle in 1966

Hi Everyone,  I have another direct account of an event written to me by a witness. This is quite interesting and once again I have adapted his writing for this post, changing it to the third person and removing identifying information. Fascinating account and very credible in my opinion.  — Black Triangle Sighting in 1966… Read More »

All About Alien Encounters | OTC 16 with Richard & Tracey

Hi Everyone, Tracey and I are back with a new Off the Cuff Podcast. This is number 16 in our podcast series, and it’s a somewhat structured, somewhat free-flowing conversation on alien encounters and abductions. Tracey and I each have been diving into this of late, often looking into certain accounts together, and we’ve been… Read More »