Our Shows

Richard now creates many programs each week, two of which are usually with Tracey. There is a richly varied, and detailed amount of content in these programs, some of which are freely available to the public, others of which are Members Only. Click links below to watch and listen.

The Richard Dolan Show

Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. Occasional weeks off.  < Click the image to view all listings >

Airing every week since 2012. For many years it served mainly as a personal podcast featuring Richard’s research and philosophy. Today it is interview-focused, with fascinating guests discussing the things that matter in this world. In two parts: Part One is available to all, listen to Part Two by becoming a Member.

Fireside Chat Podcast – Every Sunday for Members

Sunday evening Eastern Time. < Click the image to view all listings >

Richard’s weekly Members-Only video podcast (usually one hour long) in which he recaps the important events of the week and talks about anything else on his mind, often spontaneously.

The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard and Tracey – For Members

Any time. < Click the image to view all listings >

Richard and Tracey’s latest podcast, a longform series of discussions on pretty much anything. Lots of talk about alien encounters, UFO reports, and some of the more esoteric sides of consciousness and telepathy. For members only. Click the image for a list of episodes. 

The Off the Cuff Podcast CLIPS – Public

Shorter clips from our Off the Cuff Podcast that we publish on Youtube. Click the image for a list of clips. 

Original “Off the Cuff” aka Richard’s Rants. unedited. For Members

Our original Off the Cuff recordings, sometimes done in our kitchen or backyard, where Richard and Tracey talk about anything, anywhere, any time, however they like to do it. Ultimate behind-the-scenes discussions. Members only.

Intelligent Disclosure Archives

Tuesday 8 p.m. Eastern Time. < Click the image to view the full playlist >

[Because we are focusing on research projects, we are taking some time off from Intelligent Disclosure. Most likely we will bring it back at some point so no worries!].

Richard and Tracey’s popular weekly livestream program airing on Youtube every week. For roughly 90 minutes, we discuss UFOs, science, future tech, remote viewing, and all kinds of anomalous fascination. We also answer live questions from the chatroom. All episodes available on our Youtube Channel.