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Three Times Nearly OUTED | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi Everyone, I think this will finalize my week-plus long discussion of Jacques Vallee’s latest volume of Forbidden Science. I do think this is the best presentation yet, which brings in analysis of segments of the Davis-Wilson notes as well as the infamous “alien autopsy email thread.” And lots of discussion of Zodiac.  I recorded… Read More »

Threats to UFO Secrecy | RD Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi Everyone,  I recorded this in my upstairs office. Sometimes we have to choose comfort and convenience over formality! Plus there’s a cameo appearance of our cat, Yeats F. Dolan. 🙂 I don’t want to bludgeon the subject of Jacques Vallee’s Forbidden Science V5 to death, but I discuss some of the implications of the… Read More »

Lecture: “Delving into the Secrecy,” a discussion of Vallee’s FS V5

Hi Everyone,  Last Sunday I did a Fireside Chat podcast that featured my initial thoughts on Jacques Vallee’s latest publication, Forbidden Science Volume 5. When I did that, I have just finished reading it the night before and was totally unable to get all of my notes across in a reasonable amount of time. There… Read More »

Vallee’s “Forbidden Science” Vol. 5

Hi Everyone, this is a somewhat long Fireside Chat podcast, and it does not fully cover the new release by Jacques Vallee, Forbidden Science Volume 5. I finished reading it last night and highlighted and took many notes. It is fascinating and I would say required reading for those interested in understanding many of the… Read More »

Leonard Stringfield’s Amazing Journey. Part 2: Cases A3-A5

Hi Everyone, I have a new installment of my series on the great UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield. This covers the next three cases he published in his “Investigation Status Reports,” which he listed as cases A3, A4, and A5. Once again, these are very interesting. What I like knowing about them is not only what… Read More »

Leonard Stringfield’s Amazing Journey, Part 1: The First Witnesses

Hi Everyone, After my recent discussion of the very interesting 1958 statement by Brazilian researcher Dr. Olavo Fontes, I did a bit of followup by looking at the work of another legendary figure of UFO research: Leonard Stringfield. Of course, many of you are familiar with Stringfield, and you probably know I am very interested… Read More »

UFO Crash Retrieval Claim from 1958 | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi Everyone, Okay, I decided to clean up and expand my Fireside Chat podcast from two days ago. This is the same theme with some of the same information but a better description of the Ubatuba event as well as an extended description of the crazy but dramatic UFO encounter at Brazil’s Fort Itaipu on… Read More »

UFO Crash Retrieval Claims from 1958 | RD Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi Everyone, As I mention at the beginning of this video podcast, I wanted to have this presentation for you yesterday, but the fact is that it just took me a little too long. By the time I was done preparing it, it was quite late so I decided to bite the bullet and just… Read More »

More Cracks in the Wall: Chris Mellon confirms Davis-Wilson

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas Eve to all!  Just wanted to spread some other good news. Chris Mellon just gave his own confirmation to the authenticity of the Davis-Wilson notes. This was posted in an article from earlier today, which you can read here.  It’s interesting that the confirmation comes in passing. I was curious… Read More »

RD Panel Discussion with Grant, Melinda, and James Iandoli

Hi Everyone, Earlier today I was a panelist for a discussion organized by James Iandoli of the Youtube Channel Engaging the Phenomenon. This also included Grant Cameron and Melinda Leslie. I have to say it was an interesting two hours. We started off by discussing the recently released document “Loose Threads,” which I covered in… Read More »

The Secret Effort to Investigate Aliens | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi Everyone, I’ll be airing a pre-recorded interview I did a few days ago with an anonymous researcher who is the co-author of a very interesting and (I think) important piece of research. It’s available for download here and is titled “Loose Threads.” The report analyzes a number of recently leaked documents (Davis-Wilson, Oke Shannon Notes,… Read More »

On F2B Tonight

Hi Everyone, I will be a guest on Fade2Black tonight with Jimmy Church. No surprise but we will primarily be discussing the Davis-Wilson notes, something he’s been interested in all week as well.  As always, he begins as 7 p.m. (PT) and 10 p.m. (ET) and I will come on after the first 30 minutes.… Read More »

What’s (Still) Missing in the UAP Conversation?

Hi Everyone, I have another (mini) lecture here for you with a series of slides to make it easier to follow along. Also, I’ll just mention that I (finally) upgraded my Streamyard connection so I can regularly stream in 1080p, which is long overdue. I had been doing this in 720p for way too long. … Read More »

More Confirmation of the Davis-Wilson Notes

  Really nice interview of Garry Nolan by Ross Coulthart. I think we can say that the public support for the authenticity of these notes makes the matter far beyond dispute. Not that we hadn’t already reached that point (at least in my opinion), but the number of people who have said “yes, it’s clearly… Read More »

[RDM] Revisiting the Davis-Wilson Notes

Hi Everyone, I returned to a theme that remains very important in modern ufology: the notes written by Dr. Eric Davis in 2003 following his meeting with former Admiral Thomas Wilson. Most of you know this has been not only important to the UFO field but to me personally. I had been thinking this morning… Read More »

UFOs Did Not Start in 2004 | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi Everyone, I will be on tonight on my Youtube channel for a new program. I’ll be discussing not only the dangers of leaving out the critical history of the UFO subject, especially 20th century history, which more and more is the rule in public discussions, but will be bringing some of that important history… Read More »

Historical UFO Photograph Revealed

Hi Everyone, First of all, I want to thank Mark H for bringing these two stories to my attention. Thank you, Mark!  Most of this podcast is about a very interesting historical UFO photograph has just been revealed. This is from an event that occurred in the small Scottish town of Calvine on August 4,… Read More »

Important Interview: Garry Nolan on Tucker Carlson

  Hi Everyone, Many thanks to Jay at Project Unity for getting hold of this and posting. (Note: you may want to watch this quickly before Fox tries to have it pulled for infringement).  This is a very engaging and eye-opening interview with Dr. Garry Nolan of Stanford University. Many of you know that Dr.… Read More »

[RDM] Where Are UFOs Made?

Hi Everyone, This week’s Fireside chat is in two parts. The first part, which is shorter, is about an interesting Russian man I recently met via Tracey (who had some tailoring done on her clothing). She came home and said, “you have to meet this man.” I did and we had a fantastic conversation, partly… Read More »

[RDM] Past, Present, Future: Reintegrating Ufology

Hi Everyone, I hope those of you who enjoy Halloween had a good one. Here in Rochester, at least in my neighborhood, it was quiet as usual. I have a few thoughts to say about that in the intro of this talk. Mainly, however, this is about how I believe the current conversation about Ufology,… Read More »