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Current UAP News | RD Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi Everyone, I am back with a rundown of some of the most interesting UAP-related news pieces that came along in the last week. Some very interesting stories for sure, including some definite MSM pushback on the claims of David Grusch — which I think was quite expected and predicted. But there is a recent… Read More »


[REMINDER THAT THIS VIDEO WILL ONLY BECOME AVAILABLE AT 8 PM EDT THIS EVENING] Hi Everyone,  I decided to move my interview with Paul Hynek to next week in order to treat with the topic at hand, which of course is the Congressional UAP Hearing set for tomorrow, July 26. Let’s face it, there isn’t… Read More »

Upcoming UAP Hearings (and some Angry Congressmen)

Hi Everyone, Last week’s Fireside Chat Podcast featured some news discussion, and while I wanted to wait for the weekend to do that again, it seemed to me that there is too much news happening in our field these days to wait, so I did a 30 minute treatment of the main news items relevant… Read More »

SPECIAL LECTURE | What’s Still Missing in the UAP Conversation

Hi Everyone,  Here is the first “re-do” of my three lecture/presentations given this year at Contact in the Desert. As I explained in the beginning of this video, I am contractually obligated NOT to present the recorded version of that lecture, which is only something that the conference itself can do. That’s just how they… Read More »

Humanity at a Crossroads | The Richard Dolan Show

  [NOTE: THIS VIDEO WILL NOT BECOME AVAILABLE UNTIL 8 PM EDT. THIS IS DUE TO YOUTUBE’S POLICY REGARDING SCHEDULED VIDEOS.] Hi Everyone,  I will release my recent interview with Steven Bassett later this week. Right now I want this video to go out, since I think it is of more immediate value. In this… Read More »

As the Drama Continues … | RD Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi Everyone, We are back home and back into our groove. Wow what a week it has been. I keep monitoring the reaction to the David Grusch story among the media, which is part of what I discuss in this podcast. I definitely notice that the highest level mainstream media establishment is still not really… Read More »

UFO Bombshell & Live Reaction w/ Richard Dolan, Danny Sheehan, Linda Moulton Howe

Hi Everyone,  I tried hard to publish this while traveling but the travel gods said No! That I must wait until we got home. So here we are. This is a fresh take and series of clips from our reaction at CITD. I recorded the intro and outtro at the Charlotte NC Airport.  Much to… Read More »

Breaking News On Crash Retrieval Testimony/Claims

Hi Everyone, I am still here with Tracey at Contact in the Desert and am about to give my final presentation of the long weekend. This morning I read and studied the latest article from Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal. This was not published in the New York Time but instead in the Debrief.  The… Read More »

LIVE AT 8 PM EDT – Erasing UFO History for the New Narrative | The Richard Dolan Show w/Ron James

[NOTE: Just a reminder that this Youtube video will NOT be available until 8 pm (Eastern Time) this evening. As I mentioned previously, this is simply how Youtube does things when you schedule a video for a certain time, which I have done here.] This is the second film maker I have interviewed in the… Read More »

The World at a Turning Point | RD Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi Everyone, This is one of the longer FCP I’ve done in a long time, over 90 minutes. I had more to say than I realized.  First, a reminder that Tracey and I will be at Contact in the Desert in two weeks. We want to know if any of you will be there to… Read More »

Discussing Aliens and UFOs with Chat GPT-4

Hi Everyone, Once again I engaged in an extended conversation with Chat GPT-4 about something of interest. This time it’s all about UFOs and aliens. Like my previous conversation with it (regarding the current global revolution), it is easy to notice the very strong “guard rails” on the algorithm when trying to get it to… Read More »

Leonard Stringfield’s Amazing Journey: Part 3, Doctor X and the Alien Body

Hi Everyone,  I am back with another episode in the Leonard Stringfield series. This one covers a single case of Stringfield’s, one he designated as A-7.  I initially prepared cases A-6, A-7, and A-8 for this presentation, but A-7 is substantial enough that it really needed its own space. I will come back for the… Read More »

Three Times Nearly OUTED | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi Everyone, I think this will finalize my week-plus long discussion of Jacques Vallee’s latest volume of Forbidden Science. I do think this is the best presentation yet, which brings in analysis of segments of the Davis-Wilson notes as well as the infamous “alien autopsy email thread.” And lots of discussion of Zodiac.  I recorded… Read More »

Threats to UFO Secrecy | RD Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi Everyone,  I recorded this in my upstairs office. Sometimes we have to choose comfort and convenience over formality! Plus there’s a cameo appearance of our cat, Yeats F. Dolan. 🙂 I don’t want to bludgeon the subject of Jacques Vallee’s Forbidden Science V5 to death, but I discuss some of the implications of the… Read More »