Welcome to the RD Members gallery page.

Here we will be featuring special contributions from a variety of places, partly for general interest, partly for fun. Over the years, many people have created noteworthy art and depictions centered around the UFO/experiencer theme, and we finally have our spot. Keep your eye on this section, as we hope to keep it growing. Fingers crossed. 😉

Some of you may recognize this artwork from our past newsletters. Some of you may ALSO recognize the name of this artist: Perry Bamonte. That’s right, your eyes are not failing you. Our first featured artwork is from none other than Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Perry Bamonte of the band “The Cure.” Perry is a longtime member and friend of this site and we have been wanting a place to showcase his art.

5 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Paul & Mieke

    What a great artist! All of it, the style, the way the content is presented, the truth revealed. Thank you so much for starting this gallery, Richard and Tracy. Pictures tell so much more than words! They penetrate into the core of our being! Thank you Perry!


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