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OTC 17: Holiday Greetings, Thoughts on Meditation, & What About Abductions?

Hi Everyone, Just in time for Christmas, Tracey and I recorded Off the Cuff Podcast #17 … FINALLY!  This is another 90 minute conversation that mainly went into three directions. First we talked about the holiday season in general and how so many of us experience loneliness and feeling cut-off, and how perhaps we can… Read More »

Who Are The Hooded Beings? Interview with Tracey

Hi Everyone,  Tracey recently did a really interesting interview with our friend Robert Fleischer, who is Germany’s leading UFO researcher and journalist. This is a beautifully done interview and more importantly it’s her most detailed account and discussion of the hooded being phenomenon. Included in this are segments of Robert’s interviews with journalist George Knapp… Read More »

All About Alien Encounters | OTC 16 with Richard & Tracey

Hi Everyone, Tracey and I are back with a new Off the Cuff Podcast. This is number 16 in our podcast series, and it’s a somewhat structured, somewhat free-flowing conversation on alien encounters and abductions. Tracey and I each have been diving into this of late, often looking into certain accounts together, and we’ve been… Read More »

Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, & Remote Viewing | Interview with Tracey

  Hi Everyone,  Tracey recently did an interview with MUFON’s show, What’s Up, hosted by Katie Cook, Katie Paige, and Chris Deperno. With the kind permission of KGRAdb, which hosts the show, we are able to post it on our YouTube channel. I took the liberty of taking out the thirty minutes that preceded Tracey’s… Read More »

[RDM] OTC #15: Masonry, Secrecy, Spirituality, and Power

Hi Everyone, This is Off the Cuff Podcast #15, which is 90 minutes long. We’ve called this “Masons, Secrecy, Spirituality, and Power.” It’s a long title but we cover a lot of ground here. It started when Tracey saw a documentary some time ago about the Freemasons titled “33 and Beyond,” which is a very… Read More »

AM I SAFE OR NOT SAFE? OTC Clip. Reaction podcast to Ariel Phenomenon

Hi Everyone, This is a new OTC clip, taken from #13 in our series which we published here a few weeks ago. This is a 14 minute clip about our reaction to watching the new UFO documentary, Ariel Phenomenon, produced by Randall Nickerson.  For those of you who listened to the whole broadcast at the… Read More »

[RDM] The Narrative Must be Maintained

Hi Everyone, This talk is basically in three sections. The first part discusses the work Tracey and I have been doing relating to the website upgrading project. This is going very well, and I discuss some of the details in this chat. One thing we didn’t mention is that during this process we are occasionally… Read More »

OTC#14: Sovereignty of the Mind in the Digital Age

Hi Everyone, Tracey and I are back with our next Off the Cuff Podcast. We had a very free-flow of topics but definitely focused on current and future advances in machine tech, AI, brain-computer-interfaces, and especially how we can maintain as much mental or psychic independence in our current era. Along the way, I ended… Read More »

[RDM] Global Update and More

  Hi Everyone, I’ve got a few things to discuss in this week’s chat. First is a brief overview of what I will be discussing in two weeks for the event that we are about to announce, either tonight or most likely tomorrow. This will be for Saturday, June 25 titled “Global Update 2022: UFOs,… Read More »

Philip K. Dick & Alternate Realities | The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey | CLIP

Oops! I forgot to post this yesterday when we uploaded it. This is a 35 minute clip from a much-longer Off the Cuff Podcast (#9) Tracey and I did a few months ago. It’s also slightly cleaned up and edited for easier listening. Here we talk about Philip K. Dick and the idea of living in… Read More »

OTC 13: Ariel Phenomenon – Reaction Podcast

Hi Everyone, After a Covid induced hiatus, Tracey and I are back with another Off the Cuff Podcast, this one being a reaction podcast to the newly released film, Ariel Phenomenon, created and produced by Randall Nickerson.  This film is all about the famous 1994 Ruwa, Zimbabwe schoolyard encounter with apparent alien beings. The name… Read More »


Hi Everyone, I thought I ought to update you all on our health situation. What a crazy week it’s been. Tracey was sick first. That was about a week ago. We tested her for Covid and that came out negative. Tracey already did have Covid a year ago, and it was not fun for her,… Read More »

OTC CLIP | A Secret Plan to Create Psychic Transhumans? | The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey

Tracey and I decided we want to offer clips of our various OTC Podcasts to the public via Youtube. This is the first one we are offering, from OTC #10, titled “Brain, Mind, & Woo.”  This is an 18 minute clip that we both love and gets into some fascinating questions dealing with human psi… Read More »

Sick Day!

Hi Everyone, I thought I’d let you all know that since my last Youtube program on Tuesday, I’ve been a bit sick, to say the least. Nothing serious, but right now I have no voice. Unless you want to count something that sounds like a baritone frog. Actually, I was working the beginnings of the… Read More »