Newbies Start Here

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Welcome to our growing community of  members from around the world!

This is fast becoming a home of many intelligent minds sharing ideas, thoughts, and information with each other.

We are so glad to have you with us!

Tips for New Members:

  1. Click on the tab “Member Content” highlighted in blue below. Consider this your home page. Choose “Main Content.” This is where every single “member post” released appears in reverse chronological order (most recent on top). You can also view the site by category by simply scrolling down the sections under the Member Content tab. Again, we want to emphasize that to view everything chronologically, you simply can click on “Main Content.” 

2. Also check out the “Our Shows” tab. Here you can view by shows, since there are a lot. SO if you are looking for part 2 of all of the Richard Dolan shows, this is one way you can find it.

3. Occasionally we post free content, which will not always appear in the member content section. So you can see those posts either under the “Free Content” tab, or you can also easily check the “Recent Posts” on the far right hand column.

4. We have a Forum! The forum is a great place to hang out with like-minded people in this community. There are moderators there to help you if you are not familiar with how forums work. You can start by just hunting around for topics that interest you and throw in a comment or simply like someone’s post if you wish. It is an area for our community to talk about these topics in a place not open to the public. 

5. Where are my comments? You have posted a comment and it is being held in moderation for days sometimes. Why is this? 

This is happening so that Richard can read them himself, no other reason. The other option would be to auto post them. In this case there are so many coming in on a daily basis that it would be unlikely for Richard to even see half of them per day. He chooses to hold them in moderation until he can personally read and approve them, and respond if he has time. It is never a case of being edited, it is merely a case of him trying to give each person’s words attention. And sometimes on top of all of his other research, shows and responsibilities, it can take up to a week, but it gets done.

7. We have support people on this site to help you! 

There are 2 main areas of We have the main website, and we have the forum which is a secondary home built for our very unique community of open minds.

On the main website we now have 4 wonderful RDM Hosts (Richard Dolan Members Host) named Kirsten Blackburn from New York City, Mark H from Australia, as well as Jay & Sherri also from NYC. They are all long time members and are here to support and help answer your questions about how things work, where to find things, how to get to members-only liveshows, and take suggestions etc. Kirsten also helps us organize member meetups in person at conferences we are going to. So if you are heading to one of our conferences be sure to let her know so we get a chance to meet you. You can contact them through the “Contact us” tab and choose “Question for RD Member Host” or click here .


On the forum we also have 2 amazing Moderators named Pleiades and Perseus who are there to help and support and make sure that everyone has a good experience while reading interesting information posted by other members and jotting down their thoughts. Sometimes members want to continue the conversation after Richard’s posts and this is the place they do it. If you haven’t already, you can check it out here



This is a new page and we will be adding more information very soon. Also, please email us if you have any issues that we can address.