Newbies Start Here – HELP GUIDE

Welcome to our growing community of  members from around the world!

This is an up-to-date page that will be continually updated as needed. 

This is fast becoming a home of many intelligent minds sharing ideas, thoughts, and information with each other.

We are so glad to have you with us!


This video gives a great website orientation. The technical material starts at the 1:50 mark. Each member receives it when signing up, but we have included it here as well for your easy reference. It was newly recorded on Oct 7, 2022.


1. FINDING CONTENT. Look for the “Member Content” tab on the main menu. Choose “ALL Content.” This is where every single “member post” released appears in reverse chronological order (most recent on top). This includes all member content as well as free content. You can also view the site by other categories by scrolling down the sections under the Member Content tab (Answer Forum, Articles, Lectures, etc.) Again, we want to emphasize that if you would like an easy way to view everything chronologically,  simply click “ALL Content.” 


2. RECENT POSTS. Also, you will find that the “Recent Posts” widget on the right hand column of every page provides a chronological snapshot / history of Richard’s last 10 or so entries as well (free and members content combined).

3. TOPICS. We have a useful Topics selection on the Main Menu. This is helpful for researching various common topics discussed here. Everything from “Aliens” to “UFO sightings” to “UFO Secrecy” to “Global Revolution” to “Remote Viewing” and much more. There are more themes than the ones listed in that menu, but it’s a great start and does cover a great deal of territory.

4. OUR SHOWS. Check out the “Our Shows” tab to see some of what we do, though definitely not all. Here you can view by shows, since there are a lot. SO if you are looking for part 2 of all of the Richard Dolan shows, this is one way you can find it. We also have complete archives of Richard’s Fireside Chat Podcast, all versions of “Off the Cuff” podcasts with Richard and Tracey, and even all archived “Intelligent Disclosure” shows with Richard and Tracey.  There are countless of viewing and listening hours in these programs.

5. COMMENTS. This is an easy way for you to interact with Richard and the community here if you would like to do so. One is by submitting  comments to Richard’s individual posts. He reads and approves (and occasionally moderates) every comment that is submitted. He never misses one, so you can be sure he will read what you have to say prior to approving it. And he does frequently respond to Member comments, so it’s a good way to exchange ideas and research with him. As an aside, sometimes you will notice that it takes a day or two for your comment to be approved. This is because there is only one person responsible for approving comments, and that is Richard. He won’t let anyone else do this because he wants to read all of them. However, it sometimes takes some time for him to get to them so please understand this is why. 

6. MEMBERS FORUM. The forum is a great place to hang out with like-minded people in this community. There are moderators there to help you if you are not familiar with how forums work. You can start by just hunting around for topics that interest you and throw in a comment or simply like someone’s post if you wish. It is an area for our community to talk about these topics in a place not open to the public. The forum is for you. Richard and Tracey don’t contribute to it so don’t get mad if you don’t see us there. We do read many of the posts and reports that are generated because frankly it’s a fantastic research tool. We love it and think you will too. Click here to check out the Members Forum.

7. CONTACT US. This feature allows you to reach us for the purposes of private communication, as well as to report any technical issues you are having with the site. As far as communicating with Richard or Tracey, select the Contact Us (Members) tab as shown below. Although we receive emails from around the world, we always try to give priority to members of this site. We do our best to stay up to date and also will often draw from these emails for the Answer Forum and our research. It is not possible for us to respond to everyone but we will always do our best. 

8. CONTACT US: TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Look at the above image to see where Tech Support is listed in the Contact Us menu. This is where you go with any technical problems you may be having. Some of the most typical issues are (a) how to update payment information, (b) Changing your user name, and (c) Problems logging into the site (forgot user name or password, etc.). For the record, if you DO lose your password, you can still access this menu — this way you can reach out to our webmaster and she will fix your problem. 

9. EDITING YOUR PROFILE. Speaking of changing your User Name, you really shouldn’t have to ask for tech support for this. It’s very easy to do. Please become familiar with the My Stuff tab on the Main Menu. If you want to update how your user name displays: Go to: My Stuff > Edit Profile > “Display name publicly as” Then make your choice from the drop down menu. You can do other things there such as add or change your Profile picture (if you want one). 

10. CHANGING YOUR MEMBERSHIP LEVEL. If you want to Change your membership level. Go to: My Stuff > Manage Subscription >  You will see Change Plan on the right side of the page. See the graphic below. 

When you select Change Plan, a pop-up menu will appear that looks like this:

You will notice that if you decide to change your plan, the algorithm will automatically pro-rate your payment. That means you will NOT get charged for a new monthly fee when you upgrade or downgrade. 

11. UPDATE your PAYMENT INFO. Again, this is in My Stuff > Manage Subscription

12. PAUSE OR CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP. It is all in your hands. Go to: My Stuff > Manage Subscription > Pause Membership/Cancel Membership (see below)


These items are the basics and should help to ensure that you have a positive experience on our site. Please know that Richard and Tracey work hard to make this site as interesting and easy to use as we can. We have a small but dedicated team helping us. Please enjoy everything we have to offer!

The RD Team