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Aliens, UFO Behavior, and speculations | RD lecture at the Rochester UFO Meetup

Hi Everyone, I gave a long lecture a few nights ago for the Rochester UFO Meetup Group, which is led by my friend Cookie Stringfellow and of which I’m a founding member (from 2008!). Our group has been going strong for 15 years. What a great group of people, a number of whom are members… Read More »

AI Volition and the ET Presence | Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi Everyone,  This is an hour-long talk that explores some longstanding themes that I just can’t seem to leave alone. I really feel that we here at this website follow a unique path within the field of ufology. A big emphasis definitely is on looking at some big picture questions, including “why are aliens here… Read More »

As We Become a New Species | RD Fireside Chat Podcast

  Hi Everyone, This Fireside Chat is a bit about our ancient past, our alien visitors, and our transhumanist future. I know that many of you realize I’ve become very interested in recent years with our prehistory and evolutionary past. But one of the main drivers of this interest is the UFO subject itself. Trying… Read More »

From Nature to AI and Aliens

Hi Everyone, In some ways this talk follows on from what I was discussing yesterday in my talk “Regime Change and UFO Disclosure.” Not fully, but a little bit.  The main idea is a recognition that the human species for all of its time until very recently has lived under the “rule of nature.” By… Read More »

Building a Fourth Stage of Humanity Index – ARTICLE

Hi Everyone, Almost two years ago I developed an idea for a Fourth Stage of Humanity Index. I have wanted to follow up on it and would like to share my ideas with you here. I am very interested in your feedback and critiques. Since 2020, I’ve argued that the human race is moving into… Read More »

[RDM] The Idea of Progress — and Aliens

Hi everyone, Sorry I’ve been out for the last few days. I think I am battling with a bit of fatigue and perhaps a bug of some sort. Nothing serious. Overall I feel good, just dealing with feeling a bit tired.  Anyway, as strange as this seems, a good portion of what I discuss here… Read More »

[RDM] On the Precipice? | Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi everyone, I’ve been preparing what’s turning out to be a very long lecture/presentation to be packed into a two-hour setting, and it’s kind of been an adventure. I discuss quite a bit of that here in this video podcast. It’s my current “global update” and view of the UFO situation. I give a slice… Read More »

OTC#14: Sovereignty of the Mind in the Digital Age

Hi Everyone, Tracey and I are back with our next Off the Cuff Podcast. We had a very free-flow of topics but definitely focused on current and future advances in machine tech, AI, brain-computer-interfaces, and especially how we can maintain as much mental or psychic independence in our current era. Along the way, I ended… Read More »

Are Aliens Totalitarian? | The Richard Dolan Show

PREMIERS AT 8 P.M. EDT Hi Everyone, This YouTube video has similar themes to what I discussed in my most recent Fireside Chat Podcast, but has been substantially re-written and with different emphases in a number of places. The description of the talk is below: Our world has seen an upsurge in discussion about UAP… Read More »

We Are Becoming Alien | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi Everyone, I will have a fresh program tonight on my YouTube Channel. Lots of fresh graphics and hopefully a good look as well as interesting content. Please let me know what you think!  As always, we go live at 8 p.m. EDT. Hope to see you there!  Richard 

RD Interview on The Rundown with Kristan Harris

Hi Everyone, I will be doing a live interview with Kristan Harris who hosts a program called The Rundown. I met Kristan during one of my rare public appearances in 2021, at Pine Bush, New York. Kristan is extremely well plugged-in to the events going on in this world and we had several private conversations.… Read More »

Global Revolution, the Decline of Freedom, and the Threat to UFO Research

Hi Everyone, This is a combined article and podcast — the audio is directly taken from the text below, so you can read or listen as you prefer.  Richard    The Global Revolution, the Decline of Freedom, and the Threat to UFO Research Richard Dolan For some time I’ve discussed the dangers posed by the… Read More »

The Globalist Revolution, UFOs, and Transhumanism | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi everyone,  I will be going live at 8 p.m. on my Youtube Channel for this program. I’ve put some work into it and I hope you can “tune in,” as it were. As always, 8 p.m. Eastern time and this link will be live about a half hour before I start.  [update: it’s live… Read More »

[RDM] The Global Revolution: Why the Rush?

Hi everyone, Okay, this is an “everything” talk. I surprised myself by how much I wanted to say, and this talk is nearly 90 minutes long so it’s quite full.  Essentially, I am talking here about “The Revolution,” which is really beyond Covid, beyond the lockdowns, beyond the vaccine controversies. I am currently reading a… Read More »

[RMD] Alien Diversity and CRISPR?

Hi Everyone, I have enjoyed this process lately of doing “big picture” thinking about our favorite subject of UFOs. I’m not saying I’m the best at it, probably far from it. But I do like trying to puzzle through certain questions that I generally don’t hear coming from other UFO researchers. Frankly, many of you… Read More »

[RDM] Off The Cuff Podcast with Tracey: Transhumanism & ET

Hi Everyone, I’m really happy to upload this week’s Fireside Chat Podcast. Although it’s audio-only (no video), I recorded this earlier this morning with Tracey. It’s a little more than an hour-long conversation, attempting to recap and expand on a conversation we had the night before after watching a SciFi Movie starring Keanu Reeves (Replicas).… Read More »

Interview with Mysterious Universe

Hi Everyone, Two days ago I had a fantastic conversation/interview with Benjamin Grundy of Mysterious Universe. For those of you who may not know, Ben has been hosting this podcast for many years. He’s one of the best.  Plus, he’s in Australia. So, while discussing UFOs and the new documentary I am appearing in, The… Read More »

[RDM] Who Runs Our World? Ask Klaus Schwab!

Hi Everyone, A change of pace. Yes, something …. political! Okay, before you go nuclear on me, just hear me out and consider what I am saying here. I am not here to be politically partisan, nor am I here to bitch about the lockdowns (although as you probably know I am not a fan,… Read More »