Fireside Chat AND Answer Forum scheduled for Monday

By | September 20, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I just want to make everyone aware (once again) that I won’t have a Fireside Chat for you this evening, but I do have I planned for tomorrow, along with an Answer Forum entry. 

For the past couple of weeks, I have sometimes struggled with what seems to be a mild case of burn out. It’s not serious, and nothing that won’t pass. But I think it’s only fair to explain my occasional lapses of the normal schedule to you. I still have UFOs on the brain, as well as a few thoughts about the geopolitical and national U.S. scene. All those will continue to be discussed. 

The U.S. national scene of course is one that I am very interested in discussing, but honestly am fearful of going into in the context of this site, mainly because the last thing I want to do is to appear partisan. And in todays ultra-polarized environment, it’s almost impossible not to. ANY opinion, any judgement, will always be pounced upon by someone looking for something to disagree with, and the last thing I want to do on this site is alienate those who may think differently than I do about such important things. 

So, moving forward, I will continue to do my best on this volatile matter by being non-judgmental about individuals or even political positions. In your comments, I would ask you to do the same. Having said that, I am pretty convinced that my earlier statement from a few months ago about a color revolution model being played out in the U.S. was and remains correct. This is not to defend Trump, who has policies that I disagree with, but he also clearly is not the dictator that people in 2016 were predicting he would be.

But the main outcome I am seeing right now is a dangerous delegitimation of the U.S. electoral process. We are now virtually assured that no matter who is declared the winner of the election, there is a likelihood that other side will not accept the outcome. That’s a bad place for us to be in. The question is, how bad will the current spate of riots get? right now the U.S. has had nearly 700 officially declared riots across the country since the George Floyd killing. 

Anyway, I will come back to this particular situation, because frankly there is no way to ignore it. I am just asking all of you, especially those of you who might disagree with some of the things I have to say, to express those disagreements in as civil a manner as you can. That also means with each other, since as we all know, things can get crazy these days. 

Okay, that’s it for now, but I will be back tomorrow with two entries. 

Have a good evening everyone, and stay safe and sane. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Fireside Chat AND Answer Forum scheduled for Monday

  1. Schuyler

    I commend you on your political stance and agree 100%. I have the same policy on my Facebook–no tolerance for politics and if you insist, I stop following you. I’m not interested in what anyone thinks of Trump or Biden. Extremists of any stripe are poison. I’m here for the UFOs–never seen one, but I can only hope.

  2. whatif

    Your geopolitical perspective as we enter the drop zone of this volatile election would be more than welcome, Richard, whatever your political stripe. Your outlook is probably more important to your subscribers than you might think.

    Chill out for a while. Don’t look at this stuff. Come back fresh.

    1. Ava

      You know way more than I do (I’m sure that’s also true for the average American) on politics – I look forward to hearing your honest assessments and opinion .. Thank You!

  3. Gaspar74

    I think we’re maybe all feeling a bit burned out in some way or another. Look forward to hearing from you on anything that may
    Enter your mind.

  4. J-Rod

    If people don’t like what you say Richard, it’s their problem. Your site, your rules, your research, your opinions. I haven’t agreed with everything you have posted here but, I’m interested in the phenomenon and it’s extended topics, even if they are not ufo related. It makes for interesting listening/viewing and one can take quite a bit away for digesting. I often reference your comments to people and to my surprise, some listen with genuine intrigue while others top up my glass. If you feel the need, take a few months off and recharge. The rest of us can look to the stars at night and we can report to you when you return.

  5. PressToDigitate

    Richard, I am sure that you are familiar with the story of the WWII Codebreakers of Bletchley Park (chronicled in the films “Enigma”, 2001 and “Imitation Game”, 2014, among others). They arguably were more responsible for defeating the Third Reich than any other military squad or project team of the second World War. Like the atomic pioneers of the Manhattan Project, squirreled away at Los Alamos, who defeated the Japanese Empire, and, shortly thereafter, Von Braun’s missileers, ensconced at White Sands, whose work ultimately defeated the Soviet Union, both of whom endured spartan deprivations in isolated, un-air-conditioned New Mexican Hell-holes, the Codebreakers withstood personal hardships because their mission was essential to the future of Mankind.

    Both Ufology and Conspiracy suggest that *our* expedited decipherment of the ETUFO “enigma” is *at least* as vital to the entirety of Human Continuity as their efforts were to resolving those three [apparently] “less consequential” Earthly kerfuffles. Sorting out the operational plans of submarines in the North Atlantic, as the Bletchley team succeeded in doing, is reputed to have shortened the War. Sorting out the operational plans of the ETUFO presence is arguably necessary to avert the equivalent of ‘an Extinction Level Event’. There are no ‘Centers of Excellence’ at our greatest universities immersed in this study; no real Think Tanks advising our corporate, political and military leaders on the subject, no focused Institutions where expertise in exopolitics is concentrated and cultivated. Perhaps the most ghastly thought of all is, “WHAT IF the surface appearance presented to us (that ‘Our Government Agencies, Military Commands and Political Leaders Are Clueless’ on ETUFO matters) were, in fact, ACCURATE?”

    I have often belabored the point that You are the most knowledgeable, mature and rational researcher and scholar in Ufology today, and that such wisdom and role in the field uniquely qualify you to lead in establishing a Movement, of new organizations that are better suited to conducting Ufology *today* than the legacy infrastructure from the past. There must be an Institute; a real one, well-resourced, not something that just lives in a file drawer, and it must pursue a far more aggressive approach, one based on “Exposure” rather than “Disclosure” – and do so with a great sense of urgency. There must also be an entity suited to serve as a focal point for *efforts in consideration of countermeasures* to possible “Worst Case Scenarios”, with a networking component also encompassing *Assured Information Security* in anticipation of greatly expanded Censorship, Surveillance and Propaganda in the immediate future. Finally, a new framework for “grassroots” participation (in good, old-fashioned “Visceral Reality”) in the evolving recognition of the ETUFO Presence is called for; not merely a remote, distant Membership like ‘MUFON’, but a forum for many voices, across the political, social and cultural spectra, to contribute meaningfully to how society at-large understands and interprets Their presence. Leaving this to default to a veritable “carnival” of Tom DeLonge, Steven Greer, Michael Salla, Corey Goode, Wilcock, Basiago, Lambremont-Webre – etc. (and you know how bad it can get) is not something that I think you’ll stand on the sidelines and let happen. At least, I pray it isn’t.

    Not everyone will be on-board with a pragmatic, visceral, “Kick Down the Door” approach, nor with a “Take No Prisoners Ufology” for the 2020s, generally. And That’s Okay, Too. But you seem to have expressed sentiments, as I have, that the traditional, legacy methods of Truthseeking in this field have likely run their course and reached a Dead End – *whether or not* we get a big new dollop of “Official Narrative” on it, ‘from the government’, sometime next April. BE THE ONE who builds and steers the “Bletchley Park of Ufology” which accurately contextualizes what is happening for political, social and cultural leaders, and the lay general public. I suspect that what you’re feeling isn’t actually “burnout” but “despair”; not an exhaustion with dealing with the issues, but an incomplete vision of what you’re to DO about them, next. Its not the presence of Alien “Beings” that we should be worried about, its our ignorance of Alien “Doings” that ought to concern us. – and the fact that *nobody* outside of government (and, evidently, precious few of competence *within* government) are sighted in on this problem.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

  6. Christina


    I can imagine it’s uncomfortable feeling that way, even it’s nothing major. But hey, I totally understand, and you’re generally working a certain part of your body off! You must need a bit of quietness from time to time.
    You’re covering some heavy topics, and I certainly get your thoughts about keeping the discussion here at a decent level for everyone, no matter our personal opinions. I’m still grateful for this site and how it’s run. I still feel completely safe… And inspired… And challenged… The good way 🙂

    I hope Monday will be kind to you and Tracey, take care and stay both safe and sane – I like that one…! 😉


  7. David LoVecchio

    It’s okay to take a break and recharge that battery, man! Between researching, producing the shows, answering questions on the site and just living life – especially during COVID – a certain amount of burnout is probably inevitable.

    I’ve personally found that dealing with this subject REQUIRES me to take breaks every now and then due to the mental/emotional toll involved at times. After all, it’s not JUST ufos; it’s also quite a bit of darker stuff that can twist how I see everything around me if I don’t make a persistent effort to counteract it. There are beautiful, wonderful people and things all around me that I am so grateful for and I never want to lose sight of that. So if you need to hit the pause button that’s okay. At the end of the day we’re only human 😉


  8. D.A.

    Richard, since you have such a diverse, in-depth, understanding, and interesting insight into various geopolitical topics of conversation, have you ever entertained the thought of perhaps splitting up your site into two or three distinct separate areas of interest, or even creating separate sites, in which your followers can engage in discourse on each subject separately? I sometimes read a forum on a sports site that is dedicated to a particular team, which had to ban any kind of geopolitical discussions whatsoever (as well as obvious trolls) from the site due to the toxicity of the polemics it engendered, which took away from the primary topics of interest about the team. Individuals who do not comply, or abuse common civility, are simply banned from the site.

    People registered on this site all have a similar, passionate, interest in ufology, despite having vastly different view points and opinions about it, which generate a lot of interesting and impassioned conversations, whether one agrees with them or not. This site also creates a common bond among its contributors, its non-contributing readers, and you, which I know you are very much more aware of. For reasons that need not be enumerated, lightening-rod topics like ufology, politics, nationalism, and religion do not generate such bonds unless all those engaged are of the same, or similar, opinion on each topic; and unfortunately, the overlaps in the venn diagram can be smaller than one realizes. These are all great topics of conversation in-and-of themselves, but if allowed to mix with, or creep into, other areas of interest, they can easily spiral out of control, alienating people who might otherwise have common bonds in one particular area of interest, creating a lot of vitriol, and the emotional fatigue that goes along with it.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      It’s an interesting thought which I have considered also. I’m a little nervous about opening up a fully political part to the site. I’ll need to think about that but I do thank you for the suggestion.

      1. PressToDigitate


        In the [delightful] musical film and play, “1776”, John Adams has the line:

        “This is a Revolution, dammit! We’re going to have to ‘offend’ SOMEbody!”

        If you are not the ‘John Adams’ of the Truth Revolution, then *We Don’t Have One*.

  9. W C

    It saddens me greatly to see hesitation from such a great analytical and independent thinker. I do get it, though. You’re not the only one with hesitations to speak about, well, anything anymore. Crazy times we live in.

    I encourage anyone looking at the breakdown of discourse with concern to check this group out:

  10. Salsafreak

    It’s ok to like Trump ya know. More than 50% of the entire population does. That’s a LOT of people on your side.

  11. PressToDigitate

    Whatever you do, don’t stop providing political interpretation of events. Today’s news (like every day, now), brings us a ‘Fresh, New Hell’ that the MSM thought it had laid to rest as “thoroughly debunked” – the Microchip Agenda: Having first hit “respectable” media back in March, this seems to finally be getting some traction.

    If you drill down into this issue, of the Chip and mRNA – AND examine the links I posted “FYI” regarding Heritable Germline Engineering under your “Follow Up w/ Richard & Tracey on 9/11” post, you should notice that it will rapidly become possible for TPTB (“Them”) to mutate our species on a wholesale basis by the end of this decade, even without seeming to invoke any Alien technologies or motives to do so. Whatever can now be done laboriously, in the Dead of Night, aboard Their spacecraft, at what ever rate of ‘processing’ Their personnel and equipment will allow for logistically, will soon be practical for Them to accomplish here, on the ground, pretty much out in the open, “in front of God & Everybody” – and no one [among the Local Apex Fauna] will be the wiser. Its a shame there is no “Consumer Reports” to render independent evaluations on potential Alien interventions here…perhaps “Consumed Reports” would be more like it.

  12. Johnnyfasthands

    I have absolutely no problem with changes to scheduling. It is astonishing that so much informed commentary across the piste of topics needing the Dolan treatment actually gets done so well and by that I mean I have to go over and over the content it being so rich, deep and qualitative I mustn’t miss its layers and meanings. Gustav Flaubert was never so prolific or capable, in my opinion, of course!
    So, relax Richard, here’s one subscriber in the UK keen you should take your rest and equally keen to read and listen to more from the Rochester Cave 🤓

  13. TomTort

    It never bothered me what political party one is drawn to as long as the reasoning is logical and clear. We are entitled to our beliefs. We can’t always speak to the choir when stating an option. It is imperative alternative thought is vocalized, simply because someone else may have a legitimate, differing opinion making equal sense.
    I have never voted consistently for one party because the world is always changing and our “legitimate” politics has to be flexible as long as the party we favor is sincere and not talking with a “forked tongue.” I have said to my friends, “Before you make a decision have your facts backed by evidence and be sure they can’t be disputed.” We have to be sure on our position and don’t back down. That being the case, I know can sleep better.

  14. Mags

    Hi Richard,

    Burn out in these times is probably more common than we all think. We just can not hold ourselves to the same expectations. I’ve gone through multiple waves since March. I wish you the best !

  15. Stephen

    Richard and Tracy: as always thank you so much. Downtime is very important: please take what you need. Downtime – and disconnecting from all of the madness – is extremely important for creative work and creative thinking. I cannot speak for any of the other members; as for me: I prefer quality over quantity. 🙂 Your last couple of fire side chats by the way have been absolutely stellar. Keep up the good work.

    You took some time off before the big seminar earlier this year: it was worth it. It was a great event.

  16. Doctor3j

    The political milieu, in my humble opinion, is not simply political as in the past. Its all philosophical. Radical change is a wave, hyped up mostly by the MSM, higher ed, Hollywood,etc.. Acquiesced to by the liberal party. This constitutional republic may indeed perish from the face of the earth. RBG a well known liberal activist was approved. with only 3 or 6 nays. Now Dems put up 100 million dollars just to defeat Graham’s senate bid. It’s now my way or the highway.

    I see it all as a legacy of the cold war. The education system was totally infiltrated years ago to brainwash the population. Its another Bolshevik take over. Can’t overestimate the ignorance of the population. In the end the citizens will get the gov they deserve.

    Let’s be honest, no way Russians or Chinese etc would ever want Trump. That is axiomatic. They owned the other party just like the aliens infiltrated humanity. Those countries could not do any more harm to us than the these Boleshevicks have already done.

    Black program budgets will all be gone along with the defense budget. To stop this funding may be the ultimate goal of the movement.

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