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The System Controls Us: The AI Revolution

Hi everyone, This piece is in response to a request by one of the members of this site, Elizabeth Wright, who recently wrote the following comment: Hi Richard, could you do a talk on the latest developments of AI/Chat GPT and its existential threat to humanity? So thanks for the question Elizabeth. I’ve written a… Read More »

Disclosure Expectation Fatigue – Yes, It’s a Thing

Hi Everyone,  Big thanks to the member of this site who suggested I discuss this theme, and my apologies for not having that person’s name in front of me! However, it’s a great theme and I am glad to discuss it.  This is Disclosure Fatigue, or Disclosure Expectation Fatigue. We all instinctively understand what this… Read More »

[RDM] How many UFOs are there REALLY? | Answer Forum

Hi Everyone, I have a 30 minute video as part of our Answer Forum. This is in response to a question I received from our member Active Guardian concerning my recent discussion of a kind of “Drake equation” to calculate the true amount of UFO activity in our world. I’ve discussed this a few times… Read More »

Answering Questions on Disclosure and Deception

Hi everyone,  In my email today was something from someone I’ve known for quite a few years and have a lot of respect for. This is a person who was formerly a moderator for Bill Ryan’s Avalon website. This person is extremely smart and has many relevant things to say about the subject of UFOs… Read More »

[RDM] Rendlesham: Richard & Tracey Discuss [Answer Forum]

Recently, member Lauren asked this question: Richard can you please do a Dolan Deep dive into Rendlesham Forest? That has never really been done on this site or your YouTube channel .. its a magical case with a number of military personnel straight out saying they saw Alien “entities”.. The Commander of the base (Gordon… Read More »

Who Owns UFO Technology?

Hi Everyone,  Tracey and I sat down not long ago to respond to another interesting question sent by one of the members of this site. Since we aren’t sure if this person gave explicit permission to use his name, we thought it prudent not to use it. But it’s a great question: My question is… Read More »

[RDM] The Spectacular Yukon UFO (Answer Forum)

Another interesting question from one of our members: Hi Richard, it may be a more appropriate question for the next AMA but I wondered if you might discuss the incredible Fox Lake sighting of 1996 in the Yukon province. You wrote about this one in 21st Century Mind. I think I briefly mentioned this case… Read More »

[RDM] Aliens and Natural Resources – Answer Forum

Hi everyone. There has been so much UFO news going on in the last week, and I intend to catch up fully with everyone on this all in tomorrow’s Fireside Chat podcast with you. Most likely also following up in next Tuesday’s Youtube show. But for now I really wanted to handle a fascinating question… Read More »

[RDM] Project Blue Book GLOSSARY Season 2

Project Blue Book – Season 2 History Channel   (Above: Behind the Scenes: Richard shooting for “Declassified” Project Blue Book Season 2) Greetings everyone, At the suggestion of one of our members, Jose, here is a glossary for Project Blue Book. The purpose was to create a follow along playlist per episode to easily match… Read More »

[RDM] Project Blue Book GLOSSARY Season 1

Project Blue Book – Season 1 History Channel Greetings everyone, At the suggestion of one of our members, Jose, here is a glossary for Project Blue Book. The purpose was to create a follow along playlist per episode to easily match up Richard’s miniseries to the TV Series.  Thanks for the suggestion Jose! Project Blue… Read More »

[RDM] LIVE 3 1/2 HOUR AMA: Thursday March. 19th @ 6pm EST

NOTE: THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO WATCH THIS LIVESTREAM. You can watch it right here in this tab and it will play perfectly. But if you want to watch the live chat that occurred during it, then you will need to watch this at the unlisted Youtube link. That’s easy to do. Just click the… Read More »

[RDM] Tracey’s Take . . . On Meditation

Here is a synopsis of what I cover in this off the cuff audio. This was recorded Jan 23rd 2020.   Do you try to meditate but it’s just a no go? Or you do it but you have to force yourself to?  This is an off the cuff ramble I did after reading Jenny… Read More »

[RDM] Future Remote Viewing & Free Will – Answer Forum

This was an interesting question for an upcoming AMA that we get every so often so we thought it would be a good Answer Forum entry.  Here’s the question (not sure if the user wanted his name in there so I took it out): Hola Dolans! My question(I’ve tried to keep it brief but no… Read More »