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The System Controls Us: The AI Revolution

Hi everyone, This piece is in response to a request by one of the members of this site, Elizabeth Wright, who recently wrote the following comment: Hi Richard, could you do a talk on the latest developments of AI/Chat GPT and its existential threat to humanity? So thanks for the question Elizabeth. I’ve written a… Read More »

From Nature to AI and Aliens

Hi Everyone, In some ways this talk follows on from what I was discussing yesterday in my talk “Regime Change and UFO Disclosure.” Not fully, but a little bit.  The main idea is a recognition that the human species for all of its time until very recently has lived under the “rule of nature.” By… Read More »

Building a Fourth Stage of Humanity Index – ARTICLE

Hi Everyone, Almost two years ago I developed an idea for a Fourth Stage of Humanity Index. I have wanted to follow up on it and would like to share my ideas with you here. I am very interested in your feedback and critiques. Since 2020, I’ve argued that the human race is moving into… Read More »

[RDM] The Global Revolution: Why the Rush?

Hi everyone, Okay, this is an “everything” talk. I surprised myself by how much I wanted to say, and this talk is nearly 90 minutes long so it’s quite full.  Essentially, I am talking here about “The Revolution,” which is really beyond Covid, beyond the lockdowns, beyond the vaccine controversies. I am currently reading a… Read More »

[RDM] The Clash of Worldviews

Hi everyone, After introducing you to my new cat, Yeats, I jump into a theme that has fascinated me for some time, and which definitely affects our subject of UFOs and especially the alien presence. This is the clash of worldviews, essentially the age-old understanding of humanity as subject to a mass of limitations and… Read More »

Transhumanism’s Forgotten Apostle: Gerald Feinberg

Greetings everyone. I have something a little different for you, which in fact I’ve been working on for the past few days. I do know there’s been a lot of UFO news yet again, so give me until tomorrow to comment on that. Meanwhile, please enjoy this podcast/article. I think it’s relevant to the themes… Read More »

[RDM] My 20 Year Journey in Ufology Continued!

(44) RD Fireside Chat – My Twenty Year Journey in Ufology – Continued – YouTube I am back with Part Two of my 20 Year Journey in Ufology. Boy, there is just so much to talk about, and honestly I barely scratched the surface. On top of that, I truly rambled around a bit with… Read More »

[Members] Defeating the Narcissists in Ufology. The Big Picture.

The video livestream of this article is above, which aired on Saturday, August 31, 2019 for my weekly show, The Big Picture. Article is below.    Defeating the Narcissists in Ufology One of my favorite expressions in life is “stick to the main line.” From what I learned many years ago, it was something said… Read More »

[Members] RDS Pt. 2 – Letting It All Hang Out with Jimmy Church

Without a doubt, I have an easy time talking with Jimmy Church. It’s always been that way. This time Jimmy was my guest, rather than the reverse, and we had a free conversation on several major themes. First, a finalizing of the whole Youtube censorship conversation from Part One. Then I asked Jimmy his opinion… Read More »

[Members] Reflections on Stan, The State of Ufology. Weekly Wrap, May 19, 2019

I reflected all week on the passing of Stanton Friedman, and I suppose it really comes down to how I see myself within ufology in the coming years. Much of what I said in this video was truly on the fly, but all of it is sincere and from the heart. I’ve decided that I… Read More »

[Members] The State of Ufology and The New Age

With the death of Stanton Friedman the other day, I’ve been thinking about what’s going on with ufology. Who is contributing to this field? It’s hard to say exactly where ufology is these days, in part because there are many quiet contributors. Many more than in earlier years because it’s simply so much easier to… Read More »

[Members] Why Fantasy-Based Claims Always Crash & Burn (text)

[This was my livestream “The Big Picture” from Saturday, May 11, 2019, in article form for Members of this site. RD.] I’ve been studying UFOs for over 25 years. It’s been fascinating, usually rewarding, and sometimes frustrating. It’s a challenging subject. You’re dealing with something that is genuinely mysterious. Some UFO reports are really baffling… Read More »

[Members] Burning Down the House? Thoughts from Richard.

Last week was a busy one for me. Lots of drama exploding in the UFO community, and I found myself involved in a fair amount of it. My statements in particular regarding the Corey Goode SSP trademark fiasco was the biggest thing, but there was more. Recently I made a statement to the researcher (and… Read More »

[Members] Transhumanism and UFOs: Reality and Illusion. Full Lecture.

I gave this lecture at the Rochester UFO Meetup group on October 10, 2018. It was only the second time I delivered this lecture; the first time had been the previous month in Branson, Missouri for the Legends Conference. There are a number of ideas yet to work out in this presentation, but I was… Read More »

[Members] Off the Cuff: Richard’s Gaia Rant

Tracey recorded this after I started off on the Wilcock-Gaia controversy over breakfast. After five minutes, she made me start over so she could record it. Yes, I had a few things on my mind. Fundamentally, I find this controversy to be utterly distasteful and little more than a gossip column. Calling an organization Luciferian harkens… Read More »

[Members] UFOs, the New Age, and CITD 2018 [w/pics and video]

Tracey and I just returned from the Contact in the Desert conference, which has been held for the last six years. At least I think it’s six years! They tell me that I have been a featured speaker every year of the conference, which rather surprised me considering that I have often felt a bit… Read More »