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New Tech, New Research, Water Speculations | RD FCP

Hi Everyone,  Wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day. I have a quick update on the status of my USO book project — happily getting into some statistical details regarding the many sightings. I will definitely keep you posted on the progress of all that.  This week’s main theme concerns some of the new tech that… Read More »

Philip K. Dick | Richard Dolan Show w/Anthony Peake PART 2

Hi Everyone,  My apologies for not posting this a bit earlier. But this is the second part of my very interesting conversation with Anthony Peake, who happens to be not just a fascinating person, but (among other subjects) is an expert on Philip K. Dick. Dick might just be the most prominent sci-fi writer ever… Read More »

Grusch, AARO, and other News | RD FCP 5/5/2024

Hi Everyone, The main subject I have for you today is probably the David Grusch-AARO controversy, if that is the proper word to describe this. John Greenewald of the Black Vault has been prominent in highlighting this. On the Black Vault website, the case is presented that the AARO office made repeated and documented efforts… Read More »

ETH v IDH (and more) | Fireside Chat Podcast

Hi Everyone,  Better late than never! Glad to be here. Tracey and I just hosted a really engaging weekend virtual conference , The Consciousness Connection, based entirely around her primary interest, and wow it really went well. A number of member of this site were there and we were really happy to see you. In… Read More »

A Very Interesting Donald Menzel Chronology

Hi Everyone, Earlier this week I posted an interview with Dr. Beatriz Villaroel regarding her research into some very unusual astronomical plates from the early 1950s. Do check it out if you missed it.  During that discussion, I added quite a bit of information regarding Dr. Donald Menzel, who of course ran the Harvard Observatory… Read More »

Mystery Objects and the Donald Menzel Conspiracy | Richard Dolan Show w/Dr. Beatriz Villaroelle

Hi Everyone, This show will be airing tonight at 8 pm EDT (just over an hour from now as I post this). Rather than write something completely new, let me quote myself from the Youtube description of this episode: This conversation is more of a collaboration than a formal interview. Appearing on the Richard Dolan… Read More »

My Appearance with Jeffrey Mishlove

Hi Everyone, Last month I had a wonderful time talking with famed psychologist and brilliant researcher, Jeffery Mishlove. In retrospect, I feel this was a long time coming. I just loved him.  We had lots to talk about, and he was extremely gracious in just cutting me loose and letting me run. We spent a… Read More »

News Avalanche! (and Interdimensional UFOs?)

Hi Everyone, Lots of news! For the past few days I’ve been immersed in my own research, correspondence, book writing, and more. Suddenly I turn around, check the news and it feels like I was hit by a Mack truck. Okay, not quite that bad, but still …. lots to discuss.  I have links below… Read More »

Live Lecture #3: Getting Inside the Cover-Up

Hi Everyone, Dang, sorry I didn’t have this ready when I did it this morning. My only excuse is that this is running me slightly ragged! I barely had time to get to my desk to do this lecture this morning, much less promote it here, but I am sorry I didn’t get it in… Read More »

Interview with Project Unity

Hi Everyone,  This was an interview I recorded late last week with Jay Anderson of Project Unity. Jay as always was a great interviewer and very graciously allowed me to roam. We got into topical issues, then went a bit more philosophical and it all was good. I hope you enjoy this! Richard 

Triaging Tasks, AI Creativity, Growing Brainlets

Hi Everyone, Got something a little different here. Tracey and I were (literally) sitting around outside having some coffee when we decided, hey, let’s record this!  This is about twenty minutes long. The first half is roughly about ways of “triaging” your tasks when you are in a state of overwhelm with just too many… Read More »

Richard Talks to GPT-4 about Aliens | The Richard Dolan Show

[NOTE: After I posted this, I received comments from many members that the video was inexplicably private. That is because when a video is scheduled for Youtube release, it automatically becomes private until it is public. Sorry if that confused anyone, but the video will be live at 8 pm Eastern time).  Hi Everyone,  I… Read More »

The Man Who Owns SKINWALKER | Richard Dolan Show w/Brandon Fugal

Hi Everyone, About a week ago I recorded a very engaging interview with Brandon Fugal, owner of the notorious Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. This will air on my YouTube Channel at 8 pm Eastern Time this evening. I have to say that Brandon was very interesting, candid, and a very good person to interview. I… Read More »

Leonard Stringfield’s Amazing Journey: Part 3, Doctor X and the Alien Body

Hi Everyone,  I am back with another episode in the Leonard Stringfield series. This one covers a single case of Stringfield’s, one he designated as A-7.  I initially prepared cases A-6, A-7, and A-8 for this presentation, but A-7 is substantial enough that it really needed its own space. I will come back for the… Read More »