Roswell: Why It Matters Today

By | January 25, 2020

This is my Saturday livestream, which was on Roswell and why it matters. This is the first segment of what will be two parts on Roswell, and also the first in my mini-series of livestream presentations of the true history behind the stories of the TV series Project Blue Book, which of course fictionalizes UFO cases, leaving some truth in there with some things that aren’t true. My goal is not to critique the show itself, but simply to take those cases and discuss the historical reality and importance of each of them. 


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  1. Dennislogan.927

    Hello Richard,
    I like the blk blazer, now take your suites and have the collar removed and you are starting your new look.
    Maybe when they recover the craft they were freaked out. Oh my God what is this and how dangerous is it. They must have realized that the tech was too dangerous to reveal and it makes sence. What would Russia do with this tech? A tech we didn’t understand at the time. So it makes sense the government would seem to hide the tech. Imagine what careless people would do with it. Maybe the tech is so dangerous that until we fully understand it and know how to safeguard it against misuse. So I don’t blame them, I can only hope that it is a benefit to mankind that will some day improve our lives. But now in this time frame I think we could handle the truth that we are not alone. I don’t believe the world will go crazier than it is right now.
    By the way I met Stanton in 1973, we talked for 3 hours while he was waiting to see if he could by a new Plymouth sadan. He couldn’t buy at that time but we went in depth about ufos. This was before he broke the Roswell incident. But he was fully on-board about ufos. I remember him fondly and the time we spent taking. He said I have him a lot to think about. I have had a few experiences as recent as 6 months ago, one that changed me, changed my brain as strange as that sounds. I’ve told no one about it as I have no one to tell.
    Dennis Logan

  2. jennymemon

    Absolutely loved this article Richard, it was punchy and concise, bravo!
    I will never tire of Roswell, the naysayers are always trying to get everyone to ‘move on’ and talk about recent stuff. They really miss the point that it was indeed a pivotal point in the whole structure of secrecy and collective denial that has plagued truth seekers ever since. I believe it really could have been Roswell to be the proverbial Pandora’s box to end them all! They buried it good, real good, but there are enough people out there who could not and would not leave it buried, bless them for it! Most of all the thing that people must understand is that history has many lessons to teach us, if we bother to study it. Look how it repeats itself, humanity has a way of making the same mistakes, maybe now is the time for us to grow up?
    On another note Richard, I am struggling with the notion of a breakaway civilisation. I just don’t see what they would get out of whizzing around in this super fast tec if they could not flog it to the public and make money, or if it is to scare your enemies, that can only happen if they are aware you have it! I don’t know, maybe I am just being to Naive about it but I just don’t buy it. I think this phenomena is alien craft either interstellar or from other dimensions, to me it just seems more likely as an explanation.
    It is much more fun searching for the truth with you guys than on my own, and for that I thank you xx

  3. Scott Santa

    For sure ROSWELL was the bursting of the dam – the toothpaste OUT of the tube eh? As muddled as it could get – the core story is undeniably true … and I don’t mean weather balloons or crash test dummies. Looking forward to part 2 Richard – Thank you.

  4. PressToDigitate

    Richard, this is probably some of your best work, ever. I just shared this video from YouTube on my LinkedIN feed, with the following Post:

    We’ve seen how Deep State corruption can lead the CIA to conspire with MI-5/6 to ‘sting’ Papadopoulos with Mifsud and Downer, to contrive a “Russian Collusion” Hoax to take out a President they can’t control – exactly as they conspired to take out UK PM Harold Wilson in the 1970s with a “Soviet Collusion” Hoax. We’ve seen how the MSM (the “Mockingbird State Media”) can manufacture Fake News (about Trump & Ukraine), while suppressing huge, empirically true, real stories (about Biden corruption in Ukraine). So its not really very surprising that the Deep State, the CIA, and their captive Mass Media have lied to us in the past. The current flood of demonstrably Fake News from CNN, MSNBC/NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS should make us question the mainstream “Official Narrative” we’ve heard in the past – about 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and, yes, Roswell, Area51 and the ETUFO presence. Here, historian Richard Dolan puts this into perspective. To get a handle on what the Deep State really has done on this issue, I recommend his landmark books “UFOs & The National Security State” Volumes I & II, available through

  5. geoffbraun

    Richard, your comments about the nature of truth are essential in our increasingly me-centric society. Truth is objective. It is our ascertainment of truth that is subjective because we never have complete knowledge nor a dead-center perspective. Keep pushing for complete knowledge and an accurate perspective! Thanks for all you do.

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