Happy Birthday (July 1st ) to Richard!

By | July 1, 2020

My Dearest Husband, 

…the most wonderful, hilarious, brilliant, and handsome man I know,

and an honorary hoser in Canada ( Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian members! )

Happy Birthday my love!!!!!

From your wife and your extended family here at Richard Dolan Members, we would like to wish you a wonderful new birthday year!

For the Canadians click here.

(Richard will sing the Canadian anthem to you for Canada Day today 🙂

I choose you everyday.


Your Wife, Tracey

(For those who don’t know, Richard has always had a love for all things Canadian, and it just so turned out that his wife happened to be from Canada. )



49 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (July 1st ) to Richard!

  1. Carolyn3

    Ahh you guys are killing me, my poor heart. i popped a few tears again just reading this.
    We hope you have a great birthday Richard, and to many many years around the sun.

  2. jennymemon

    Many Happy Returns Richard, hope you have a great day (welcome to the lockdown Birthday club) XX.

  3. Ed Claytor

    Happy Birthday Richard. No jokes about first hand reporting of Roswell. Enjoy the good life
    Ed Claytor

  4. manomega

    Happy Birthday Richard! Hope the best for you and your family! Live long and prosper ! 🖖😉

  5. Don.B


    Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday!
    It’s an honor to be a member of the Richard Dolan members site. 🙂

    Take care,

    Don and Amy

  6. Bobby Kahler

    have a gazillion more! Thanks for all you do for Us Richard! have some fun Today and enjoy just… Being! love to you and your family! Mmmmmwwwwaaahhh!

  7. StuartEvanDavis

    Thank you for being born, Richard. Earth is better because you incarnated. Cosmic hugs,

  8. Pyroxide_Martini

    Happy Birthday Richard!

    You inspire me everyday to keep trying to learn more about the mysteries of the Universe, question the status quo and try to rationally find my own answers to experiences, whatever they may be.

    Enjoy the day and make sure you have some bacon with maple syrup! can’t get more Canadian then that!

    1. controlrod

      Hey Press,

      How did you link the video. I wanted to add a picture to my comment but it did not work?

    2. jennymemon

      That was hilarious/disturbing! But very appropriate. Not so sure i want to meet them now!

  9. David Coleman

    Spun around one more time, and still clinging to the mud! All the very best to you, Tracey and your lucky loved ones.

  10. David LoVecchio

    Happy belated birthday, hoser!

    I got a great case of the feels from this post. You guys are too cute 😀

  11. MancDaz

    Happy Birthday Richard, hope it was a great day fellow cancerian – was mine too Saturday just gone.

  12. Christina

    Belated happy birthday Richard, I hope you had a wonderful day 😊 All the best to you, Tracey and your loved ones.


  13. david

    Happy belated Birthday Richard, I hope you had a great day i’m sure you did 🙂 You bring some light and hope in these difficult times we live in, thanks to you both x

  14. controlrod

    Happy Happy Richard! I have relatives in my line that lived and are buried in Canada, does that make me part Canadian? Thanks for all the great information.
    Rod Cambridge

  15. Dennislogan.927

    May the light of love forever lighten your way. Happy birthday, live well and drink fully, never surrender.
    D Logan

  16. GrannyChanie

    A very late Happy Birthday to you, Richard! I hope it was as great a day for you as possible in this situation. May you have many more!

  17. iten-kun

    Happy belated Birthday Rich! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week and have a terrific and productive year ahead!


  18. Lazy Mystic

    Happy belated, fellow Cancerian!
    (June 30th here, born on first full moon of Summah ’69).
    As a deferred birthday present, i would like to give you guys a personalized tour of Martha’s Vineyard during the First Annual M.V. UFO Conference. Next summer? (post-Covid, natch)

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