Forgotten UFO Recovery: Intelligent Disclosure with Richard & Tracey LIVE June 30th, 8pm EST

By | June 30, 2020

Join Richard & Tracey LIVE tonight for “Forgotten UFO Recovery” on Intelligent Disclosure at 8:00pm Eastern Time / 5:00pm Pacific time. 

Richard and Tracey discuss what may be America’s original UFO crash retrieval case: that which occurred outside of Cape Girardeau, MO, in April 1941. The world was a very different place, and the U.S. national security establishment was not even in its infancy. The event was unknown until the 1990s, when one highly credible witness, Charlotte Mann, came forward with the story of her grandfather, Reverend William Huffman. This is a truly fascinating story, and although corroboration has been limited to a few other individuals, many serious researchers think it really happened.

Here is the link to the show:

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  2. intranuclear

    Will there be a link to this event?
    Is this something I have to create a membership on YouTube (already a member here)?

  3. Sharon McGraham

    Hi Kirsten. It’s 9:28 your time. I tried to get in late, but,I still don’t really get how to get into these shows. Can you please help.

    1. Kirsten RDMHost Post author

      Hello Shara – I am so sorry I didn’t see this until today! 🙁

      I just posted the link to that video on YouTube (above) usually the link is there much earlier (that was my bad!).

      BTW, this particular livestream ended by 9:15pm EST, but the recording will stay public on Richard’s YouTube channel. (meaning, the viewer does not need to be a member of this site, or of his YouTube channel to view it.)

      I hope that helps!


  4. John Kafer

    Hi Richard,

    I am so glad that you addressed this UFO case. I think it is an important one and needs to be given proper consideration. I read through (albeit, in a painstaking manner) the Smith book which I have to say had a lot of good information but was poorly written and edited for that matter. That said, I think it is a great case and an important one for many reasons, including how early it took place and the manner in which it was dealt with by FDR, Truman, and the like. So thank you for taking the time to address this case and I hope to hear more about it in the future.


  5. TomTort

    I appreciate your thoughts on sticking to your guns while allowing others room to challenge what one says. Mr. Dolan, you express that concept exceptionally well.
    It is refreshing to hear your concern that an individual’s work is given credit with safe guards to ensure it.
    Finally, your enthusiastic accounts of past cases exemplifies your appreciation for past history.
    I look forward to your next disclosure session. You andTracy work exceptionally well together.

  6. Roscoe

    Good clip on the Cape G ufo…RE PHOTO, well you kind of left it hanging after you mentioned Walter Fisk (the photographer) died in 2012, in that that was the end of the story… surprising because you are the UFO investigator-seems to me its a golden opportunity to pursue that line of inquiry with his family, as in Walter Fisk’s photo archives left with his family? in some relative’s attic,? maybe forgotten but still there!!! What say you?

  7. Dirk Adams

    To quote Tennessee Ernie Ford “Another day older and deeper in debt”.
    We’re deeper in your debt with your continued observations on this reality!

  8. PressToDigitate

    The most important effect of the Cape Girardeau crash was that it informed the nation’s senior scientific leadership, such as Vannevar Bush and John Von Neumann, that They Exist. While (even if belatedly invoked) the military *had* a response plan by the time Roswell came along, there obviously was none for Cape Girardeau. The very first Electron Microscope in North America (a 1931 German development) had just been built in 1938 – in Toronto. It wouldn’t have been until after the *right* piece of crash debris had been examined uner an EM, that the Alien presence would have begun to affect our trajectory, by revealing the microcircuitry of semiconductor logic. There is reason to believe that this was done and understood at some point during the war, as that, alone, would account for Vannevar Bush’s famous [pre-Roswell] 1945 treatise, “As We May Think”, presaging the computer revolution that would begin in earnest 15 years later with the first [man-made] Silicon Integrated Circuit.

    I believe that the detailed, intricate histories of ‘Computers’ and of ‘Air/Missile Defense’ in North America are the keys to understanding the impact of and response to the ETUFO presence, over the 25 years from 1945 to 1970. The existence of Alien microelectronics, known to Bush by 1945, prior to Roswell, is pivotal to our ability to comprehend how Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower – and their national security establishment – were reacting to that ETUFO presence.

    On the Majestic Documents: Those assailing the authenticity of the documents aren’t just without a ‘Who?’, they are without a [far more important] ‘Why?’. To claim that putting forth the details of MJ-12 being formed as it was, and with its composition, was a disinformation operation or hoax, they must be forced to account for what *other* reality this is supposed to be covering up or distracting from. What *exactly* do they claim is the *real* story, if all the Majestic documents were bogus? It wouldn’t change the ET reality of Roswell, the Abduction of the Hills, or much of anything in between. If an interagency, interdisciplinary special commission like Majestic wasn’t consecrated for the purpose of dealing with the ETUFO problem, then precisely who was tasked to deal with it – since someone DID?

    Richard, I’m telling you, those in Ufology whose mission seems to be to snipe at and discredit every piece of evidence, from within our ranks – That *IS* their ‘Mission’, assigned them from Outside of this field. THAT is the disinfo psy-op. All indications are that the super-secret, ultra-secure Majestic organization itself was infiltrated, compromised and coopted some years ago. How much *easier* would our rag-tag collection of misfits, on the outside looking in, be, to do likewise?

    1. Richard Dolan

      These are excellent points and insights, all of them. Regarding the Majestic Docs, I asked this very question back in 2002, when I finally forced myself to print, bind, and read each page in chronological order. It was an incredible experience because it’s just a massive amount of writing — nearly two inches thick. There is a consistency in there, but also an incredibly rich variety of scientific disciplines that are in there, historical context that is spot on, and a level of detail that seems to me at least to be astonishing. I wrote to one of the Bigelow Crew back then and said, if this is a hoax, it’s not by some guy in his basement, but by a formidable team of Ph.D. experts in a range of disciplines — as well as experts in document form and creation, etc etc. And for what purpose? to deceive guys like me? Why even bother? No one was paying attention to UFO researchers, not then and hardly any more today. To fool the Russians? Perhaps to throw them into a scientific dead end that is encapsulated within the documents? If so, you can’t fool them by making up a wild story that they know to be false. It has to be believable. Therefore, I concluded, even as disinformation, that is, EVEN IF they are a hoax, they remain strong evidence in favor of UFO/ET. But after all that, they are not likely to be hoax documents. There is a tremendous amount to pull out of each one that gives fruitful insights and DOES have historical confirmation and corroboration of many obscure details contained therein.

      Your last paragraph about psyops within ufology …. I have personally believed this for a long time. Proving it without being sued for slander and the like, that’s a different story. So we go a long with the fiction that everyone is doing this in good faith when it does seem to me that it’s far from the case. There are genuine mischief makers in this field and yes they do it for that reason.

      1. PressToDigitate

        I think its both clear and logical that FAR more effort from AFOSI, or Majestic, or whomever, goes into trying to “debunk” [from within our ranks] legitimate documents, sightings, whistleblowers, etc. that have ‘gotten loose’ than has ever been spent on “creating false documents as disinformation”. There’s no ascertainable benefit in the latter, and the risks to the Coverup are far greater, as well as the expense and uncertainty. Its pretty easy to have a few Tech Sergeants sitting in cubicles in Tysons Corner, Chantilly or Fall Church, in high rise office buildings around the DC Beltway, pounding away as ‘Keyboard Warriors’, dumping on the Wilson Docs or the Majestic Docs, or whatever, in a few dozen top UFO forums and online groups. That’s how the Disinfo thing really works. This is where “Flat Earth” and “Moon Landing Hoax” memes come from.

        There could easily be a dozen emerging ‘personalities’ in Ufology (and perhaps a half dozen older ones as well) who are, in essence, fictional people, contrived for the purpose of disrupting knowledge integration across this field. It doesn’t take much. When a new take on some of our obsession comes along, many of us ‘Fringe Groupies’ are like Raccoons with a piece of tinfoil: easily distracted by and preoccupied with it. Someone like Vallee says “Interdimensionals”, and suddenly the Aliens disappear in a puff of bloviation, and now we’re being visited by ‘Phantasms’, instead. GMAB.

        Every mystical yarn that Vallee or Redfern or whomever spins off of some poor experiencer’s psychedelic perceptions of an encounter is one nominal Alien Abduction where their psychotronics worked as intended, obfuscating an otherwise anodyne ET interaction with the local apex fauna. If we set aside every ‘unique’, fanciful description of the encounter, and just analyze those that are clear, focused, coherent, and consistent with numerous others, we get that subset of Abductees on whom the Alien psychotronics were not effective, who recall accurate perceptions during the experience, from inside the Alien craft. THOSE accounts are remarkably consistent, and all tell us the same story: The Abductions are why the ETs are here, and are done to provide germplasm, which is used to produce Hybrid Containers, of which some percentage are passably Human. With their presence being goal directed in that manner, shed of all the “woo”, it adds up to one thing: Colonization. Quite naturally, they would go to great lengths to obscure this fact from those few of us aware and interested enough to even go looking at the question to begin with.

  9. Scott Santa

    What the hell is it with UFO witnesses and losing photographic evidence? Jeeeeezus that drives me mad!! UGH!! Still, a great story and I’m with you on this, that is was and is a real event.

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