Interview tonight with Jimmy Church, Thurs July 2nd, 2020 – 10:00pm EST / 7:00pm PST Fade2Black Radio

By | July 2, 2020

We apologize for the short notice, but Richard will be doing an interview with Jimmy Church tonight on Fade2Black radio.

Jimmy’s show Fade2Black starts at 10pm EST / 7pm PST but Richard’s interview will start at 30 minutes in @ 10:30pm EST / 7:30pm PST

There are several ways to listen LIVE:

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Kirsten B
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19 thoughts on “Interview tonight with Jimmy Church, Thurs July 2nd, 2020 – 10:00pm EST / 7:00pm PST Fade2Black Radio

  1. PressToDigitate

    Ask Jimmy whatever happened with ONSTELLAR, the Social Network for Alternative Thought that he helped launch a couple years ago. Its needed now more than ever, but he and other original backers seemed to have abandoned it right after its ICO Bitcoin offering. Did they just take the money and run? We’ve never heard an explanation from him as to what happened…

  2. PressToDigitate

    Great Show! I am very impressed that you went public with raising the Infiltration issue.
    Its THE most important aspect of ETUFO presence for us to come to terms with.
    None of the ‘phantasmagorical’ issues surrounding the subject affect the future of our corporeal life here on Earth.
    But their presence – not in our skies, but on the ground, among us – certainly DOES.
    Unless the “Containers” are being produced and occupied as some kind of “Tourism Venture”, they are here in order to accomplish something, collectively, in an organized fashion.
    If the Hubrids produced are being occupied by Alien Souls, brought in a nonphysical quantum state, the obvious question is, “How many more of their people have they got with them in such ‘stasis’, awaiting a physical, biological “Reincarnation”, here, on Earth? Do they have Ten Million Colonists to “Disembark”? A Hundred Million? A Billion?
    Its evidently enough to have agents spending six, seven, eight, ten decades here, guiding the the course of human events to produce the world they want for their Colonists to inhabit.
    So, we need to focus on what *else* they need to perfect the circumstances for that disembarkation.
    A world which is either under global hegemony by their Human “collaborators”; i.e. NWO/OWG, *OR*, Failing That, is in political disarray and incapable of presenting any cohesive opposition if/when discovered?
    An electronic integration of all Human consciousness into a single collective Hive Mind; i.e. A “Drone Yoke” for mass population control?
    An indigenous Human population in decline to more managable levels? (i.e. 500,000,000?)
    Universal Surveillance and Censorship, the public narrative managed by Propaganda, with all probable dissidents identified, isolated, and targeted for elimination?
    To imagine what such a covert/discreet Alien Invasion might look like……just look around at what we’re seeing occurring, Right Now.
    By the time any “Announcement” is made of their presence, it will be too late for Humanity to deal with the situation.
    As of YET, it *may* not be, if we choose to start dealing with it.

    You talked tonight about TPTB having gone to such lengths at “Dumbing-Down” & “Toxifying” the population to make them/us helpless to confront the ETUFO reality. You’ve got to realize that the only way this makes sense is if “TPTB” on this issue – the NSS – are, ultimately, The Aliens, Themselves.

    1. Richard Dolan

      Thanks, I am glad you listened and enjoyed. And regarding your last point about the Aliens being ultimately in control … I will say this. It’s not just a valid hypothesis. It is not contradicted by any facts I can think of. Yes, it can be true. I’m not yet willing to say that I know this is true, but it’s a genuine and valid possibility. Plus, it makes sense. Now the job is to find out a way to make the case. And, as I kind of hinted to Jimmy, then what? How do we as a society deal with that, assuming it to be true?

      1. PressToDigitate

        I caught that hint. The case must be made through the massive replication of Dr. Roger Leir’s findings. Its the only approach that will work. On the surface, it lets us “Kick Down the Door” on the whole ETUFO issue, without waiting for or depending on any government for anything. Its like having an unlimited pile of verifiable “Crash Debris” available On Demand; all we need to do is arrange the surgical extractions and laboratory analysis. But, those next 100 or more Implants will do a lot more than prove “They’re Here”. From effective technical analysis, in far greater depth than Dr. Leir was able to engage, the data those Implants provide will suggest *Countermeasures* across a broader range of Alien activity. Let’s discuss this in more detail through a secure channel.

      2. Ed Coffman

        If certain Aliens are in a “working” relationship with the Global Elites, what is the “mode of communication” that they’re using with each other? Is telepathy the only viable answer? Or, are “those among us”, who look like us, capable of speaking any human language?

        Furthermore, do we need to consider all the incidences of “hieroglyphic” type writing found in/on recovered Alien craft? Is this a way for ET’s to communicate with Homo Sapiens? And who, if anyone, has come up with a cipher for this language?

        By the way, are we absolutely sure if these “hieroglyphics” are from ET’s in the first place?

        1. PressToDigitate

          Ed, I’d really like to understand what you’re saying here. Are you implying that an Alien Consciousness implanted into hybrid “wetware” wouldn’t be capable of speaking in English (or other languages)? Or are you wondering about the technical communications links between Majestic/NSA/Government and the ETUFO main presence, which is probably a Lunar Base? As I’ve commented previously, it appears that the original direct contact was made by Microwave, in early EME (“Earth-Moon-Earth”) Microwave research in the immediate post-WWII period, led by Dr. Donald Menzel – the public UFO Debunker & private MJ-12 Member. This would seem to be how Ike’s 1954 & 1955 “summits” were arranged and negotiated. The Naval Research Lab ran an operational EME program that we know ran from the mid-1950s until the early 1970s.

          Why would ETs have put their symbolic writing inside their craft expecting us to see it?

      3. mcwest50

        I listened last night, then Church asked if there’s an alien agenda, well yes,
        they have been here for a long time and one has to ask why haven’t the grays
        created a Hybrid before in past centuries? Have they? What would be the
        reason now? It really concerns me that they’ve been busy extracting DNA.
        From Barney and Betty to Travis there have been numerous abductions so
        if the abductions has slowed or stopped one can surmise they’ve got what
        they need. I would appear their trying to improve the human species and rid
        it of it’s compunction to anger and harm, jealousy? lust? Or something else?
        I fear we has a treaty so they could harvest and have bases, we get tech and
        115. Maybe the Militarized Complex(Deep State, Cabal, MJ12)or what we call
        them, they may have a fear of reprisal, or did most involved are dead. So this
        shouldn’t keep them from revealing the Data, lets hope it happens. I do believe
        we have hybrids among us, you did say this is a possibility. Have a great weekend

        1. PressToDigitate

          There doesn’t appear to be any indication that abductions have slowed or stopped. There are on the order of 7,500 Abductions documented by researchers since the Hill case, within the Anglosphere alone; we have no reason to believe the incidence of Abduction is any greater in the English-speaking world than it is in Europe or Asia. Since that number is only those who A) Remembered, and B) Came Forward, the actual number of returned Abductees could easily be 100 times as many, and certainly several times THAT, worldwide.

          If the Aliens were merely tinkering with our genepool to “upgrade” US, “trying to improve the human species and rid it of it’s compunction to anger and harm, jealousy and lust”, they would not be extracting sperm/ova and gestating Hybrids. They would simply release a perfectly contagious virus – with no disease symptoms – that edited the DNA of every infected Human to make the ‘upgrade’, and we would never even know it had happened. The Hybrids aren’t about improving us, but about “resleeving” Them – into biology compatible with our natural and built environment.

          1. jhop1408

  …shit…this resonates incredibly with me! I actually had a physical reaction to your post. I struggle with this topic and frequently “leave” to clear my head. When I (inevitably) return, I find this gem of a discussion. I am so goddamn grateful for finding this today! Thank you, and everyone who continues to ask the “impossible” questions!

        2. PressToDigitate

          As to why there doesn’t appear to be a large scale Abuduction/Hybrid activity before WWII (although some standouts, from DaVinci to Tesla might well be):

          I believe that its as simple that as they don’t intend for their ‘people’ to live in a ‘Horse & Buggy’ world, under conditions too primitive (not to mention, unsanitary) for their liking. I believe that even the cohort we’ve seen disembark thus far, measured in hundreds of thousands to the low millions since WWII, is but an “Advance Guard”; the agents and minions setting the stage for the disembarkation of a much larger contingent of ‘civilian’ Colonists. THEY will want/need/expect a world of 5G, neurotechnological interconnectedness (as they seem to have had “back home”) – the very world we’ve been pushed toward since Feinberg articulated the ‘Hive Mind’ as a goal in 1969. They might prefer less pollution, so, now, suddenly after 70 years, nuclear technology is finally becoming acceptable, entrepreneurial, and moving beyond the artificially frozen state its been suppressed into for so long. 100 people in Musk’s “Starship” for nine (9) months to Mars? Nuts. But 100 people in it shuttling back and forth to the Moon in three days, ‘piece of cake’.

          Why Now? Because the world they want to inhabit has almost been arranged for them – and, later this decade, soon will be.

    1. PressToDigitate

      But, where is this “Great Silence”? The “Fermi Paradox” doesn’t exist. One estimate is that 3,000,000 people a year worldwide see UFOs – some portion of which are Alien craft in our skies – even if they don’t get around to calling up NUFORC or MUFON to “report” them. The whole “Where are they?” meme seems to be a contrived psy-op ploy to exclude reality from the conversation about the ETUFO presence. Given the mountain of case files accumulated within Ufology, its plainly Absurd.

      Its a lot like the canard of that “Khardashev Scale” for ‘measuring’ a civilization. No advanced race is going to build a Dyson Sphere to capture all the energy of their Star, when Zero Point energy is available throughout the cosmos in unlimited quantity, and can be tapped with small and convenient devices. The fact that practical interstellar craft exist with relatively short (no pun intended) travel times, tells us that ZPE is the norm for advanced power applications, and that “extracting the energy from an entire star or galaxy” is complete bullshit.

      To gain the upper hand in the conversation about the reality of the ETUFO presence, against the paid deniers, we first have to stop falling prey to their rhetorical and intellectual traps, carefully constructed by CIA psychologists just for the purpose. For decades, the “Light Barrier” was the lynchpin of their argument, until Alcubierre laid waste to it. Its time we did the same with Fermi and Khardashev.

      1. MarkH

        “No advanced race is going to build a Dyson Sphere to capture all the energy of their Star”
        What you write rings true PressToDigitate. But I can see a civilization advancing at differing levels and in different directions so a Dyson Sphere may still be produced. I had this conversation with myself the other night (like playing chess with yourself that’s what I tell people so I don’t seem crazy) and I came to the conclusion that all intergalactic civilisations would not all follow the same path be at the same level or even know each other exist. It could sure account for craft falling from the sky and the various types of shapes of craft aliens etc, some might be interdimensional but not necessarily acquired light speed. I try to think along the lines of everything possible and keep telling myself forget what we know its irrelevant, the question is what do they know.
        Love all your posts PressToDigitate!

  3. mcwest50

    The massive Ufo’s seen by experienced pilots, and were talking 1 mile are larger has
    to concern anyone with basic math skills. Why do you need such a craft that size? Well
    to carry a lot of your friends. If by any yardstick a 1000ft carrier can carry 4-6 1000 people
    then how many can a 1 mile wide carry 50, 100K of your closet friends? I guess they have
    more than 1 of these ginormous saucers, so there’s a lot of Ebe’s or Hybrids or what?
    There bases must contain a lot so would anyone be surprised if there were millions? What
    is there game plan? I hope there agenda is benign…………….replace us? They love our
    planet or they would have moved on, they just don’t like us occupying it

  4. Andromeda107

    That was a great interview, I agree with Jimmy when he said he doesn’t think we are going to get anything else from the navy/pentagon pertaining to the 3 videos or any videos they may have in there possession . I don’t think the Pentagon/Navy are going to slip up again. I give Elizondo major credit for getting those videos out ,but I don’t think he is going to be that lucky again. I hope Elizondo and TTSA prove me wrong,like you said Richard we all want know, we want disclosure now. But as you guys were talking last night, some major discovery or disclosure will come from the science community, hopefully sooner rather than later. Richard when you were talking about “ET’s” living among us,I often ask myself the same questions, what are they doing here? Are they hiding in plain sight? Since there seem to be so many human looking aliens aboard these crafts, I would think they would have to be walking among us or even living here from time to time among us.

  5. Andromeda107

    Richard and Tracey I think the next show you guys on Tuesdays, should be about abductions,at least the very credible ones.I watch unsolved mysteries the other day on nextflix( all new shows)and one of the episodes was about the Berkshire 1969 sightings.I had never heard of that sighting,and supposedly there were multiple abductions.

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