Richard Interviewed: Mind Gaming 2020 Conference

By | January 27, 2020

Tracey and I were both interviewed earlier today for an upcoming event in Seattle entitled Mind Gaming 2020: Accessing Advanced States of Creativity and Innovation. We are both excited about doing it. For me, it’s something different, and I get to talk about a few things I don’t normally cover but which are important to me. It’s all about finding ways of being independent, which I consider a foundation of creativity. 

3 thoughts on “Richard Interviewed: Mind Gaming 2020 Conference


    This guy seemed nice. But dont you hate it when you are just about to wrap up a beautifully sculpted answer, you round third and are about to sprint for home….and the guy who asked the question interrupts with his own idea or even worse…another question??!!
    LOL… I’m not saying that that happened…I’m just sayin it would suck if it had.
    Anywho! So you never worked for a big corporation eh? No wonder you are happy and well adjusted!!! I was going to ask what your secret is….now we know.
    Safe travels. Love ya!
    – T LaMar

  2. Ed Coffman

    It’s nice that you’re able to offer something to the public, in the realm of “Self Help”. It just adds to your resume, right?

  3. DanActual

    These two interviews with you and Tracey couldn’t have resonated with me more this week. Perfectly timed. Thank you so much.

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