Tracey Interviewed: Mind Gaming 2020 Conference

By | January 27, 2020

Tracey and I were each interviewed earlier today for an upcoming event we are doing in Seattle entitled Mind Gaming 2020: Accessing Advanced States of Creativity and Innovation. It’s not a UFO or political event, so it’s something a bit different for us. We’re both happy to do it and looking forward to it. Here, you can hear Tracey talk about what she’ll be discussing there. 

10 thoughts on “Tracey Interviewed: Mind Gaming 2020 Conference


    Great job T!!! What do you think about Frederick Dodson’s ideas about the astral body etc.? I’m assuming you are familiar with the guy even if he isnt a very BIG name, if you know what I mean. If not I will be more specific next time.
    Safe travels. Love ya!
    – T LaMar

    1. Morri

      I take it you made this comment after you listened to Richard’s interview? lol…? Better to speak while no one is listening, yet… I have an alexa and it’s turned off, and then I notice that I’m getting internet/youtube/etc ads that relate perfectly to supposed private discussions in the room where alexa is located…hmmm

  2. Dennislogan.927

    Great job Tracy as always. I’ve learned to enter alpha no effort. As a right brained my whole life, I’m just recently beginning to discover how to see new worlds. Thank you!
    Dennis Logan
    Ps tell Richard Brown is not his color. Ha

    1. Morri

      lol… Alpha is pretty easy. Just slow the breath. It’s the slower frequencies that can be more challenging, but it’s a journey. It’s worth it. Have you tried iAwake or meditating with Joe Dispenza?

  3. jennymemon

    Hey Tracey, this chat could have been made just for me! Remember my question from the AMA about meditation? Its like I had some weird preminition that you would talk on this subject. I totally get what you are saying, I too feel there is much much more to our consciousness than we are aware of.
    Without going in to too much detail, the reason I asked if you or Richard had tried meditation is because I had a frightening experience one time when I was trying transcendental meditation, I felt separated from my body and like I was floating out of it, and I got terrified and snapped back with a jolt. I know it sounds stupid but I didn’t know what to expect and felt out of control. . I think now because of that I am unable to relax and get headaches when I try and meditate. I have also heard some people saying that when we are in a meditative state we are open to evil entities and that also scared me.
    I wish I was able to come to the conference but maybe in the future there will be an opportunity 😀.
    Thanks for your insights, enjoy your hols xx

  4. DanActual

    Thank you so much for this Tracey. As someone attempting to find a career where I can dive into mind/the universe as well as into creativity, you’ve given me a lot to think about.

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