Shao Ma Pt. 1. Richard Dolan Show, 10-19-2018

By | October 20, 2018

Shao Ma is a member of the International Chinese UFO Association who resides in China and Australia. In this interview, she discusses some current themes circulating among Chinese UFO researchers, including a UFO crash retrieval during the summer of 1997, monitoring of UFO research by the Chinese intelligence community, and a radical behind-the-scenes of the well-known Xiaoshan airport incident of 2011, which some researchers claim included the landing of a UFO and even a meeting with its occupants. As with much of Western UFO research, many of these claims will require more research to confirm the events. Nevertheless, a fascinating conversation.

3 thoughts on “Shao Ma Pt. 1. Richard Dolan Show, 10-19-2018

  1. Carolyn Padgett

    I just loved this interview. I liked what she stated about her own experience where she spoke about being tested by ET’s I assume to see if she was ready to continue to have experiences ?? That reminds me of my own experiences where I saw one ET and I became uncomfortable and then it made it’s face change to a happy face I assume so I wouldn’t be scared. I actually think when the face changed to the happy face I became more frightened. Another experience, the “others/Et’s” I knew they were near me but I never saw them while I was being shown things. So maybe there is a type of testing by various ET’s to see how much you can handle at one time.

    Anyway thank you for this and I’m on to Part 2.


  2. Eileen Fogarty

    Regarding 10’19 interview with Shao Ma… I did not see the pictures she said she would send. Are they posted in some other place or did I just miss them on the pod cast?

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