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By | March 28, 2023

Hi Everyone,

Tonight will be a new Richard Dolan Show featuring USO history. Well, more like a sliver of such history but I put together various bits of research I have done here over the last year to put something together for YouTube. I have done some USO programs there in the past, but I think this is a good addition. 

The show will go live at 8 p.m. Eastern U.S. time. This one was prerecorded, so it’s all done and scheduled, which is why you can’t access the video until it goes live. Sorry about that! 

I think most of the material in there has been covered here in one video or another on this site, but I’m not sure. I think there are a few cases that I may not have discussed here. In any case, I find USOs to be fascinating.


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  1. Lauren2844

    Richard could you comment about the craziness going on around the planet but how thankful we all are that Joe Biden is in office? Just imagine if we didn’t have someone with so much experience and love for his Country. People talk about Obama being a popular president but Joe Biden got 9 MILLION MORE Votes than Obama! Biden reminds me of that steely eyed general with a million dollar smile and razor sharp mind. Biden makes alot verbal gaffs but its only too fool his detractors. Richard, Biden gets alot of grief but i think even you have to admit he may be the greatest president the U.S. has ever had especially in these insane global situations.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      hahahahaha. That brought me a laugh. Honestly, I am constantly amazed at the recklessness coming out of DC these days. People say he’s weak, but I see ideological insanity backed by a kind of manic aggressiveness. Very scary people running the US these days.

      1. Lauren2844

        😂. I figured it would! It is “TRUE” Biden got 9 MILLION more votes than Obama.. and they said Biden isn’t Popular. Those voting machines are interesting how easily there manipulated. It should go back to paper ballets with receipts.

    2. Leo Ann

      Absolutely classic narrative from an alternate universe. HERE is the proof that “woo” is completely accurate!

  2. William Mott

    Very few people ask.What are the aliens doing in our Oceans? I would assume they’re doing what they do on land..Scientific study of species- there are probably like 2 million down there..A few that can edit their own Octopuses etc..That’s intriguing. Maybe aliens are making hybrids of us that can breathe underwater? I shudder to think what could be going on at their underwater bases..Hopefully it’s only
    Thank You for a great presentation.

  3. Craig Champion

    Absolutely fascinating accounts of these trans-media craft and how they apparently move so swiftly, even when submerged, with no apparent sign of resistance. We need some kind of technology like this when on the LA southbound 101 Freeway, between Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Vignes Street!😆

    Again – revisiting and keeping these accounts alive remains so important in possibly leading to a greater understanding of what’s occurring around us.

    Thanks, Richard!

  4. OC

    Really intrigued by the USOs with the spiral arms radiating out from the past.
    Guessing that’s some effect of their propulsion system on the water.
    Oddly no recent reports of spiral arms, maybe they upgraded or maybe that
    particular group left????


    From time to time you bring up the question, “What is it that we’re not talking about?” My first thoughts are usually in the direction of activism towards open contact and all the various forms of initial diplomacy… but this time I had a different thought.

    I served my hitch in the Navy 50 years ago and have always had a keen interest and following of Naval technologies. What we forget about when we talk about USOs is Undersea Surveillance Systems.

    The US Navy once dominated this sphere but other nations are now in the game including China.

    We know that unidentified craft have various stealth capabilities, but do these capabilities work underwater? Do they leave a sonic signature going through the water? There are many decades of data that the military and secret police agencies are holding and never talk about. I believe with good reason that this data is comparable to that which is being withheld by NORAD and the US Air Force.

    A quick primer for the uninitiated–

    There is so much more than these links, but these will get you up to speed on how to find out more.

    There sure is a lot we don’t talk about, and I commend you for asking that question on a regular basis, Mr. Dolan!

  6. ColonelBleep


    You might have this case already, but here it is:

    On page 157 of Preston Dennett’s book, ‘The healing Power of UFOs’, there is a healing case which involves USOs and the reference link for that case is:

    I’m convinced that the majority of ET’s residing on Earth are based under the oceans and the oceans are “where the action is” Some of the ETs are here to keep an eye on the “juvenile delinquents” and keep us from harming ourselves and others. It is a tough job, but somebody has to do it.


    Almost forgot…. not in the conversation are the satellites that can “see” into the oceans in a number of ways and wavelengths.

  8. Andromeda107

    Richard thanks for sharing some more very fascinating USO cases.My mind is constantly wondering what’s going within our oceans since you started presenting these USO cases. I have no doubt a significant amount et’s are operating deep within our oceans,also is Antarctica from the research Linda Moulton Howe has presented on her channel pertaining to Antarctica.

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