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By | June 14, 2022

Hi everyone,

Tonight’s show premieres at 8 p.m. EDT. Hope to see you there! 

For members of this site, if you’ve been watching my previous installments on USOs, you will probably have seen most of these cases, but there will definitely be one or two new cases you haven’t yet seen, plus a fair amount of discussion. I’m looking forward to this and hope you find it engaging. 


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  1. PressToDigitate

    The USOs can’t be of Human origin, and the undersea basing tells us they can’t be from “Cryptoterrestrials”, or “Interdimensionals”, and being here and seen *at all* means they can’t be Time Travelers, either. The salient question is, “Are they the Grey/Reptilian *Abductors* that 90% of Ufology’s real, useful data tends to revolve around?” The differences in the USO craft, and those generally reported over land, and the near absence (but for the Andreasson case) of Abductee accounts of underwater ET operations – out of thousands – still seems to suggest to me that this is a different species. But, if so, it is one which has some entente cordiale withe the Abductors, for they aren’t intervening in anything transacting on the surface of the planet, as the Greys/Reptilians proceed with their long term Agenda. But, given the history of USOs, it is clear that even there, the U.S. Navy is hiding a mountain of evidence that it must have gathered since WWII on these “Visitors”. We can be sure that extensively instrumented nuclear submarines have been outfitted and committed to the task of reckonoitering their undersea facilities, and tracking/monitoring their traffic; that ocean monitoring satellites have been launched expressly to detect their ingress and egress of our oceans, and that such sightings have probably been collected from nearly every U.S. Naval vessel over the years.

    It is *vitally* important that we [Ufology] discover – at the earliest possible opportunity, and by any means necessary – whether they are the Abductors, or, in fact, a different visiting ET species. I’m sure the DOD has a signature discrimination profile which tells them whether a given “Unidentified Object” is from the USO or UFO species’ civilization. I’m also sure they won’t disclose anything that would give away the technical capability of their shipboard or sub-based sensors. But, some retired Naval Officers – and Seamen – would know. If we had particulars on the *difference* in signatures, even without details on either one, we could engineer sensors of our own to make the distinction. Since Abductions and Alien Hybrid Operations “among us” continue, unabated, we can surmise that our government has had no success since WWII in soliciting the USO species to defend us from the UFO species (assuming they are separate). But perhaps Earth’s *people* would have more luck with that than our Governments.

    The entire focus on USO/UAP since TTSA first came out in 2017, through the Navy’s UAP Task Force, to the present Hearings, seems designed to obfuscate the true nature of the ETUFO presence, to continue the Coverup of what’s really going on. I said that long ago. Its all a delaying action until a New ‘Official Narrative’ can be announced. The CIA rigged a U.S. Presidential election to get rid of President Donald “Space Force” Trump, and install this ‘Puppet POTUS’ regime, just to have control of voicing that new narrative. But Old Gropin’ Joe turned out not to be up to it; unable to convince anyone of anything or inspire confidence in any more than 30% of the population. They didn’t account for his rampaging dementia, his profound foreign corruption entanglements, or the aire of incompetence he exudes. Then VP Harris turns out to be an imbecile, unsuitable to convincingly sell the stage-managed reality of a contrived “Disclosure”, either. So THAT’S why “Disclosure” never progressed from the carefully orchestrated TTSA/AATIP “limited hangout”. I expect we’ll see them ease ‘President’ Biden* out, in favor of Harris, later this year, and for *HER* Vice President to be the Democratic nominee in 2024. The Deep State won’t take any more chances with this; they’re obviously under an Alien Timeline to prepare the population for the ET’s public “manifestation”. So my guess is that Harris’ VP will be Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the biggest Deep State sock puppet in Congress. He comes with no Clinton, Obama or Biden “baggage”, no history of scandal, prior experience as Governor of Virginia, and a corporate/tech background as a cofounder of MCI telecom, ‘back in the day’. He’s probably the only Democrat with a prayer of beating Trump in ’24 at this point (or getting ‘close enough’ that they can rig the vote counts sufficiently to get him through).

    When it comes, the “New Narrative” will be along the lines of Greer’s [wretchedly puke -inducing] “Space Brothers” fantasy, because the Deep State and our Quisling Elites are in league with the ETs, and have been engineering our society to their specifications for more than 50 years now. I believe its no accident, the paucity of “Presidential UFO” detail we have (haven’t got) from the Johnson Administration; its because THAT was when everything that mattered was transacted with the Aliens, setting us on the present course of ‘Depopulation’ and ‘Assimilation’ (which we can adduce from actual documents of the period, from Feinberg’s “Prometheus” study to the Rockefeller spade work that became the infamous “Kissinger NSC Memo”, in 1974). Whatever was negotiated with the Aliens to facilitate the Apollo landings, unhindered, also encompassed the terms under which the Plandemic and Metaverse were to be implemented, because both have been in the works for that long. I am certain that you will find reports of USO activity in the South China Sea, all during the Vietnam War.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Hi PTD, you do provide me with a lot of input and when i am able to follow i am often compelled to reply. 🙂

      “We can be sure that extensively instrumented nuclear submarines have been outfitted and committed to the task of reckonoitering their undersea facilities, and tracking/monitoring their traffic; that ocean monitoring satellites have been launched expressly to detect their ingress and egress of our oceans, and that such sightings have probably been collected from nearly every U.S. Naval vessel over the years.”

      I just cut this piece out to ask you if you feel more secure knowing that our nuclear subs are ‘on the case’ underseas here?

      OK. I have more to say in response to your post. I just read a bit more. I know you are enamored with Donald Trump, who is also a ‘gropin’ old man, btw. And you seem to think he is really fabulous for many reasons…..One is for making the space force official. I don’t think that he did more than name it and have a contest or something for designing a ‘cool’ logo.

      I think it all sucks quite frankly, but i am not big on america and carnage and such. Enough said, because we both know at least this much about me, rita. Also, i have posts here from 2018, early that year, literally calling TTSA Inc. a ‘limited hangout’. We can agree on that. 😉

      cheers, rita

      1. elevator

        Rita, I always enjoy your balanced and nuanced posts. PTD, is obviously an intelligent person, with many ideas that seem to have some merit as regards our relationships with ETs. Unfortunately, his acceptance and promtion of Trump as anything more than a greedy, incredibly ignorant narcissist is troubling and worrisome as to his ability to discern reality.

        Seeing as how virtually all USO,s are also observed leaving and entering the water I don’t understand reasoning that suggests that because they are at times submerged they are a different species. I belive all, or most vehicles operating with the advanced tech that is demonstarted throughout history, are capable of manuevering through all mediums…air, water and solids.

    2. JurassicRanch47

      What does this say about the 30% still in favor of the empire being led by a career political hack with dementia? When they jetison Joe for their own political futures, it will be quick. Maybe, like Nixon, an instant resignation, then a short helicopter ride to the Biden seaside dacha. Maybe, like LBJ, a short press statement, “I will not seek, nor will accept…” He’d get massacred in an open party primary, as would Harris. To recover the costs of getting him elected, they may have him go full kamikaze and do some things that would doom anyone looking for a political future. The deal with Hunter is starting to stink up the joint. I wouldn’t be surprised at Joe taking a bullet, Hinkley, Ray or Oswald style, a martyr for the cause of gun expropriation, killed by a lone nut and a vast, right wing conspiracy. There’s no way they let the voters have an open shot at him in a general election. The repudiation would undermine the future of the entire party. Doing polling prior to the ’72 & ’84 presidential elections, I was amazed at how many Democratic precinct, ward & and county officials were emphatic about voting against McGovern & Mondale. This is way beyond that.

  2. Edwin Terrell

    Hello Mr. Dolan, I am a retired USN master chief fire-controlman. During my 17.5 years at sea I witnessed many different events that could be considered well… different. Once off the coast of Vietnam in 73′ I watched a fire-control radar track of an object moving off the coast at a rate of over 2000kts make a 90 degree turn and our radar picked it back up almost immediately (as far as I know we did not have a craft that could travel at that speed and make a 90 degree turn). We followed it until its range and altitude exceeded our capabilities. A few days later I was on deck in the early evening looking aft and watched what I thought must have been a whale moving to pass our ship, as it was evening all I saw was a blue glow under the water which I took to be bio luminescence. However, as I watched, it dawned on me that this “whale” was moving incredibly fast. We were moving at around 8-10 knots and this thing just passed us as if we were standing still I have no idea what it was but it certainly was not a whale. Just another observation from a US navy sailor…

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Hi, i am listening while cleaning. It helps. 🙂 Only fifteen minutes in now. But i thought i would drop in (excuse to stop dishwashing), and say that it is a very sad commentary on human governments/oceans, to talk about our basic needs being atomic submarines, locked with warheads and loaded, and tech cables on sea floors. Just give that statement a bit of thought. Please. Anyone here.

    I am always amazed at how bought in americans (i will speak for my own country only) are with the MIC on steroids. I don’t think anything would get worse for me, rita, if the oceans weren’t crawling with nukes. Anyone who finds me silly or naive, please respond.

    This psychotically out of balance mindset is unfortunately rather pervasive within the government/military/contractor, etc. business. In fact, that is what they feed on. And also, sadly, it is not too different from the thinking i hear and read in places where people are UFO interested.
    Can anyone here please explain this to me, a lifelong personal researcher of these topics?

    And also, anyone who wants to debate this point with me, i am inviting you to tell me how my life is better off with this kind of reality on our planet. At the risk of *not* sounding like a ‘patriot’, it would appear that what i have just mentioned is not going very well for most humans.

    How much health care can i get with the tax money that is spent on one nuclear submarine?. OMG. Do i sound like one of those nasty leftists that i keep reading about? The next thing you know i will be accused of being anti military and imprisoned for not carrying a semi auto in my car. Or perhaps the other way around?

    On another note here. Does anyone really and truly believe that the u.s. military is going to tell the world what it has gathered in the most top secret manner……………….About…….Anything?

    And i am sorry to say this for the ad nausea time around here, but i knew for the past four years that the narratives would shrink and become militarized. I feel i was proven correct, btw. I know nothing more now than i did four years ago, except i am watching some new spin on the already spinning ball. And a few new players have surfaced.

    If it isn’t substantiated by those in military intelligence, it isn’t ‘real’. That is the current situation and actually, i think it has been the same since 1949.

    Thank you, rita

  4. itsmeRitaC

    Later on…………….I do find USOs actually even more compelling than the ‘other’ types. 🙂 Maybe it is the depth and power and mystery i feel just being at the ocean at night in particular. Of course it makes sense that other ‘beings’ could easily be living in places we have never explored. It is indeed an entirely different world in there. Not to mention all of the millions of years of earth changes and civilizations of which we are not aware.

    Oh, Lake Titicaca will no doubt be mentioned by you. I have heard a lot about activity there.


    I count you, Mr. Dolan, as being for the most part, an important part of our Counter-Narrative. But how long will you and we be allowed to do what we’re doing?

    There were many, many bald-faced lies told during the May 17th congressional UAP hearing, and a few VERY chilling moments, especially this one as available at the CNET channel on Yoo Toob. The fact that they were going to talk more about this in closed session kind of means it was already on the agenda, and they are just putting us on notice that they will be arbiters of “What is UAP Truth” and those of us who do not cease our efforts or endorse the Government Narrative will be criminalized. We could in fact be criminalized even if we go quiet and cease our efforts, as no doubt the law will reach back in time as so many of the National Security State “laws” do,

    Transcript (with errors, not mine)

    Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL)- Thank you, Mr. Chairman. And I want to thank the witnesses for being here today. Obviously, this topic of UAPs has attracted a lot of interest and people that are curious about this, this hearing today.

    As we talk about, and I would say there’s a lot of what I would call amateur interest groups that are involved in the UAP field. My, my question is, when there are unsubstantiated claims or manufactured claims of UAPs, or kind of false information that’s put out there? What are the consequences for people that are involved with that, or groups that are involved with that?

    Ronald S. Moultrie-So one of the concerns that we have is that there are a lot of individuals and groups that are putting information out there that could be considered to be somewhat self-serving. We’re trying to do what’s in the best interests of one, the Department of Defense and two what’s in the best interest of the public, to ensure that we can put factual based information back into the mainstream and back into the bloodstream of the reporting media that we have. So people understand what’s there.

    It’s important because we are tempting, as this hearing is drawing, out to understand, one ,what may just be a natural phenomenon. Two, what may be sensor or phenomenology are things that were happening with sensors. Three, what may be legitimate counterintelligence threats to places that we have or bases or installations or security threats to our platforms.

    And anything that diverts us off of what we have with the resources that have been allocated to us, sends us off in the spurious chases and hunts that are just not helpful. And they also help that…well….they also contribute to the undermining of the confidence that the Congress and the American people have that we are trying to get to the root cause of what’s happening here, report on that, and then feed that back into our national security apparatus. So we are able to protect the American people and our allies.

    So it is harmful, it is hurtful, but hopefully, if we get more information out there, we’ll start to lessen the impact that symbol spirits reports.

    Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL)-So just taking that a step further. So those, that misinformation, false narratives manufactured, so what are the consequences? Are there legal consequences? Are there examples that you can give us where people have been held accountable by this misinformation or disinformation?

    Ronald S. Moultrie-I can’t give you any examples where somebody has been legally held liable for putting something out there. But…

    Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL)-Well, I guess what’s the deterrent from people engaging in this activity?

    Ronald S. Moultrie-I don’t I don’t know. I don’t have that answer. I that’s something that, you know, welcome to dialogue with Congress to talk about that with the members who, you know, helped legislate those laws that say, what should be the legal ramifications that we could use to potentially hold individuals accountable.

    Whether it be citizens or information that might be injected into our media by other other forces or other countries, if you will?

    Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL)-And in terms of DOD is in, you know, review and analysis in this field- I mean, is there a standard in place when it comes to UAPs? I mean, is there any guidance you look to that’s codified in law or otherwise, within DOD, that that kind of sets out the standards for UAPs? And what to look for,

    Ronald S. Moultrie-I think that’s part of what the, the, the group that we’re standing up now will be chartered to do, we’re actually from my organization will be looking at policy and standards that we have to come to you and work with you to actually put in place and promulgate across our government.

    Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL)-Thank you. I yield back.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      To answer your question, I will always continue doing what I do honestly and to the best of my ability for as long as I’m alive. I can’t promise to be perfect, but I do promise to do everything I do in good faith and toward understanding the truth.

  6. D.A.


    One thing to note about “our” ability to traverse between atmosphere and space using chemical reaction type propulsion systems is that we can do so only by utilizing multiple stage vehicles with varying exhaust, or nozzle, geometries. In context to the overall conversation, this might seem like a trivial point, but from a technological standpoint it is not. Our spacecraft do not have transmedium capabilities, at least not in context to how we use the term to describe UFO/USOs. Each stage of our spacecraft can be looked at as a separate, medium-specific, vehicle in and of itself from a propulsion standpoint. And though we can retrieve spent stages for reuse, they are essentially one-and-done disposable systems. We simply do not have the technology for single-vehicle transmedium travel in any form. Even the space shuttle required a separate fuel tank and booster rockets, and for all intents and purposes could travel under its own power in only one direction—up. The trip home was actually a controlled glide using aerodynamic control surfaces. The same can be said for some of the new/futuristic hypersonic platforms being developed. So despite being able to travel between media, our spacecraft are not transmedium in the purest sense of the word. At the other end of the spectrum, one could argue that ballistic missiles shot from submersed water platforms could be considered “transmedium”, but that would be a stretch since the missiles simply power through, or transit, a thin portion of one media in order to get to another. If you were to take that same missile and aim it back towards the water, it would be destroyed on impact.

    Regarding the speed of USO’s, the speed of any solid object through water is governed by the hydrodynamic forces on the object relative to its shape, wetted surface area, length relative to girth, and (for our powered craft) propeller geometry, in addition to engine power. Sailboats follow the same set of rules, but are governed by the aerodynamic characteristics of the sails and hydrodynamic characteristics of the submersed foils (i.e., keel and rudder) instead of prop geometry and engine power. Of course, we can tweak our water craft using planing hulls and hydrofoils, but for the most part, they are limited to these physics. Conventionally speaking, the longer and narrower the hull, the faster a solid object will go on, or through, water (relative to hull geometry), irrespective of the type of propulsion. Overpowering an object beyond its hydrodynamic capabilities simply results in displacing, or plowing through the water, where the extra energy is simply wasted.

    Many USOs have been described as disc shaped. And though a thin lenticular shaped craft will certainly attain higher speeds than a thick one, it still doesn’t have the optimum hydrodynamic geometry for traveling through water (just as it doesn’t have the optimum aerodynamic geometry for atmospheric flight). In fact, a disc would be even more unstable going through a dense medium like water than it would air, especially when traveling at high speeds. Sure, you could rotate or spin it to increase stability, but any changes in its angle of attack relative to its upper or lower surfaces, or disturbances in the medium through which it is traveling (like changes in wind or current), would throw it off its flight path. Any kid who has stuck his or her hand out an open car window to surf the apparent wind, or has thrown a frisbee, knows exactly what I mean. This is why the Naval pilot was so amazed when the gimbal UFO rotated without any affect on its flight path, and it did so against a wind of 120 knots. The same fluid dynamics apply to air and water.

    What all of this inevitably points to is that what gives these craft the capability to negotiate through a liquid medium as easily as they would through a gas phase medium, or a vacuum (or partial vacuum) for that matter, is the utilization of a field propulsion system, like the one described by Robert Lazar, which envelopes the craft in a high energy bubble, or envelope, which isolates it from its surroundings. Though transmedium flight through solid materials may be possible at some level, craft utilizing field propulsion systems, like the ones presumed to be associated with most UFO/USO’s, likely do not posses that capability—at least not based on the limited empirical evidence we have, otherwise the USOs in two of the incidents you described wouldn’t have needed to “break” through the surface ice as they reportedly did, but would have simply “passed” through it. Additional evidence suggesting the utilization of an energy field type propulsion system (not that the “five” observable characteristics described by Luis Elizondo are not enough to suggest something so obvious) is the fact that the eyewitness in one incident said he did not see any water running, or dripping, off the USO as it emerged from the water.

    Furthermore, solid craft traveling at high speeds underwater in excess of their hydrodynamic capabilities would create cavitations, where the friction between the craft and the water would pull some of the adjacent water along with it, creating low pressure regions (think of the Bernoulli effect), which would form pockets of water vapor, essentially creating bubbles in the water. I don’t recall any eyewitness accounts of seeing streaks of water bubbles—of course the amount of surface bubbles would be limited by the depth of the craft, but if the craft were anywhere near the surface, and traveling at a high rate of speed, cavitation bubbles should be visible. The roiling, or churning, of surface water immediately above a stationary USO, like that described in the Tic Tac incident, is not an indication of cavitation since the craft was not moving. I suspect that such roiling is rather an indication of a high-energy discharge, like a corona discharge, creating water vapor, and/or possibly even hydrogen and oxygen gas.

    The only way a craft can travel at speeds that exceed its hydrodynamic limits without forming cavitations is if it creates its own form of artificial cavitation, like an energy envelope, through which it could travel without having to actually touch the water. I believe some torpedos use artificially generated air cavitation to minimize friction and thus substantially increase their speed through water. Even then, there is still friction between the air and water, which ultimately limits the torpedo’s speed—think of the effects of wind on surface water and how it creates surface ripples and waves. An energy envelope surrounding a USO, however, would have no such friction, so there would be virtually no such limits on its speed, or velocity through currents or turbulent water, regardless of hull geometry, so one could only imagine how fast these these crafts would be able to travel under water—in virtually any direction (just like they do in air).

    Another interesting point is the apparent cancellation of buoyancy. Assuming these craft have open interiors creating an overall density that is less than that of water, then they should also be subject to the effects of buoyancy, and the limitations those effects put on traveling into and through water. Think about that one for a second, and think about all the effort, energy, and time, that goes into filling and discharging ballast tanks on a submarine (in addition to utilizing planing hydrofoils) every time it dives or surfaces. You described how UFOs have been seen to “gracefully” enter the water (and in some cases at relatively high speeds, as in the Go-Fast video); this is yet another indicator that some type of energy field propulsion system, such as the anti-gravity field described by Lazar, is being utilized by these crafts, which give them the capability of not just displacing space and time, but also water, as well as air—and they have the ability to transition between the different media instantaneously without any apparent effect on the trajectory or flight path of the craft. Hell, even light is refracted, or bent, by water—though that is comparing apples to oranges.

    As I had previously mentioned, and without getting into the physics associated with displacing solid matter, which is comprised of spatially fixed atoms and/or molecules bound by chemical bonds—the disruption of which would simply destroy the integrity of the medium—I don’t believe these craft have the capability to travel through solid media, as many others might be inclined to believe. Of course that is not to say that “phasing”, through solids is not possible, especially for some beings that could be billions of years more advanced than us, but there are all different flavors of ET out there, which are at different stages of their own technological development. None of the UFO/USO accounts I have read, or heard about, however, appear to posses that kind of capability—at least not with respect to the actual crafts themselves. Of course the absence of proof is not the same as proof of absence; but without sufficient evidence to suggest that traveling through solid material is a real possibility for these craft, then it becomes nothing more than idle speculation based on belief, not potentially verifiable evidence. If you know of any credible eyewitness accounts describing craft passing into and out of solid matter at will, unobstructed, I would love to hear about them. Such accounts would make for an interesting topic for one of your shows if you haven’t already discussed it. One needs to keep in mind, however, that the capability to create an instantaneous opening, or even a void, in solid matter where no such opening or void appeared to have existed before may involve a technology that is totally unrelated to the craft itself, but could be easily confused by an eyewitness as being associated with the craft.

    Regarding the fact that humans have been lucky enough to have on occasion acquire alien tech; that is definitely true, but unfortunately we are not technologically advanced enough—at least not yet—to capitalize on any of those finds, regardless of what many people want to believe. As you mentioned, our level of technology simply pales in comparison to ET’s. We’re not even on the same plane of existence—figuratively speaking. Notwithstanding the opinions of people, like Phillip Corso—who none other than Leonard Stringfield, himself, called out on the carpet with regards to his claims about the unearthly origins of fiber optics—none of the human tech we have today, regardless of how advanced it might appear juxtaposed to technology from just a century ago—is alien in origin. Not smart glass. Not microchips. Not fiber optics. None of it. It’s all human in origin. And anyone that uses the hollow logic that human technology has simply advanced too quickly over the last hundred and fifty years as the basis for claiming these and other technologies are alien in origin simply doesn’t know the history of our technologies well enough. Advances in technology are aggregate, and as a result, build upon each other exponentially. To put human technological advancement into perspective, all one need do is take a deep dive into the history of the crystal radio, and how it evolved and branched out into the development of other electronic components, devices, and technologies, especially as other contemporaneous technologies started to emerge. Anytime that someone makes a baseless claim that we got transistors or fiber optics, or any other current technology from aliens, is not just fooling themselves, but is taking credit away from those who were bright enough to develop these technologies in the first place. Moreover, such baseless claims do nothing but erode the credibility of the UFO phenomenon, itself, which is why I am not a big fan of Ancient Aliens, even though some of their claims may very well be rooted in truth. By many accounts, the crafts that we supposedly have in our possession don’t even contain wires, never mind circuit boards containing transistors and the like.

    Now with all of that said, it’s not totally outside the realm of possibility that studies of alien tech may have led to some areas of research in which new technological discoveries and advances are just now being made (within the context of our own technological development). Meaning that advances in our own understanding of material science and engineering, especially over the last 30 years, has put us in a much better position to understand how some of the advanced technology associated with alien craft work—technology that just a few decades ago existed only in the realm of magic. For example, if the good people at S-4 stumbled upon the realization, that the wireless control systems within an alien craft were powered via electromagnetic radiation (not too unlike a crystal radio) or sub-atomic particle/wave emissions, then that may have led the metallurgical people at S-4 to discover that nanometer sized circuitry was embedded directly in the structural elements of the craft, which then perhaps led to subsequent advances in our own development of nanotechnology, albeit in a different form using different materials. Such discoveries at S-4 may have also contributed to the development of seamless manufacturing techniques, like 3-D printing, or additive manufacturing. I’m not saying that is what happened, but I don’t see why that would be outside of the realm of possibility.

    Couple our advancements in nanotechnology and additive manufacturing techniques, whether organically developed or not, with the reactor and metallurgical discoveries made at S-4, as described by Bob Lazar, and we might just be well on our way to demystifying the magic behind UFO/USO tech, even if we don’t yet have the technological capability to actually create our own craft based on that tech. In the pre-additive manufacturing days of 1989, Lazar described the seamless metallic craft he worked on, which contained no fasteners, bolts, rivets, or surface angles of any kind (only curvatures), as looking like it was created via injection molding—a technique used for plastics, which is not suitable for metal alloys, but was the closest technological capability we had at the time to describe how such a craft might have been manufactured. In recent interviews, Lazar amended his description of the craft more in terms of looking like it was created using additive manufacturing, or 3-D printing, which is a more plausible method for creating such a craft based on today’s technology. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Are we currently developing additive manufacturing techniques where single layers of atoms with varying electrical characteristics can be deposited in a set pattern within the substrate of a solid 3-D matrix in a manner that would create a tunable, solid-state, electronic circuit that could be activated by certain wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation without the use of wires? I don’t know, but the development of such an electronic circuit might go a long way in helping us figure out how UFOs/USOs work.

    I apologize for getting somewhat off topic, and a bit long-winded, but the notion of transmedium travel, does bring up a lot of questions.

    D. A.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      D.A., THANK YOU for this fantastic post. You explained so much very beautifully. Actually, I am currently reading Carl Feindt’s book on Underwater UFOs. I knew Carl, who died in 2016. I was familiar with this website, but I have to say his book really impresses me and deals with some of the concepts you discuss here. I think your science is more knowledgable than his was, but even so he did a very nice job in exploring these matters also. Anyway, thank you for pointing out that we DO NOT have true trans medium capability, even going into space. I appreciate your clarification on that as well as the rest of your post, which I am clipping for my own files.

      1. D.A.

        Thank you for the kind response.

        As apposed to so many very bright and credible individuals, who chose to hide behind scientific principles and reasoning to debunk the UFO phenomenon altogether, I prefer to use those same principles to help explain how the phenomenon might actually exist, while at the same time keeping an open mind to the possibility that the facts might not ultimately support a particular narrative surrounding the phenomenon. In a way, I don’t envy those other people, because they have a much harder hill to climb than I do in that they often need to skew the facts, and mountains of evidence, beyond reason in order to fit their closed minded, and all-to-often labored, viewpoints and hypotheses. On the other hand, I just need to look at the reams of evidence that researchers like yourself go to such great lengths to compile, and then play a game of connect the dots—a game which can sometimes lead you places a straight line never will. More often than not, that is how true scientific discovery is initiated.

        Thank you for all your work in this area.


  7. ufoguy

    Hi. I am 68 years old now and have read and researched UFO material at a novice level most of my life. When I was just 6 years old, while riding my bike on the street back and forth in front of our house, I suddenly witnessed a silvery to yellowish disc or ball zoom up from the eastern horizon fly directly over our house in a straight line and disappear behind the tree line in the western sky. There was no sound of any engine or swish of an air disturbance The object was shaped like a full moon with a little lightening bolt style of appendage protruding out from the object at the 10 o’clock position. The size in comparison would be that if a full moon is the size of a dinner plate this object was the size of a pizza pan. The duration of the sighting was about 12 seconds from horizon to horizon .

    I saw a similar object years later in 1991 while I was driving my daughter home from a high school dance at approx 11:30 pm. The object just appeared in the upper right hand corner of the windshield of my car, The reddish orange object seemed to hang for a second or two, rotate about 10 degrees clockwise than speed off across the river a disappear behind the eastern horizon.

    I’ve always been puzzled and curious as to what these objects were and their origin and destination. After listening to the above podcast on USO’s I got thinking about the trajectory these objects as these and other sightings seemed to have been permanently burned onto my conscious memory it would not be difficult to go back to where these sightings occurred recreate them from memory and using land marks take my compass and get a directional bearing or heading to see if there was something relative to Shag Harbour

    I pulled over at the scene of the first one at the sight of my childhood home in Aroostook New Brunswick Canada, took out my compass took a bearing of the trajectory of the flight of the yellowish silver object that passed over the house as this image it was still emblazoned in my mind’s eye. The bearing of the origin of the object was E by SE at 150 degrees. Then I drove to Perth -Andover NB about 5 miles down the river to the site of the second sighting, took the bearing once again and it was once again S by SE at 150 degrees. When I got home, I opened google earth on my pc and drew a line from the spot of the second sighting with a heading of 150 degrees E by SE and the line goes almost straight through Shag Harbour Nova Scotia. From this I can’t help but conclude there could very possibly be a connection.

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