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By | March 26, 2024



Hi Everyone, 

I recorded this the other day and it is airing live this evening. This is an interview with filmmaker and friend Darcy Weir, who just keeps making interesting documentaries relating to the UFO/UAP subject. It so happens he has a new one out that deals primarily with USOs. For this, I brought him on as well as another individual who was featured, Andy Marcial. This was an interesting conversation with yet more information coming out relating to the ever-fascinating USO subject. 

When Darcy does these films I do like to interview him — not because I am in them (which yes I am in this one as well) but I really think he does good work. 

Below is my description of the video for Youtube. Hope you can check it out!

Richard interviews filmmaker Darcy Weir and guest Andy Marcial for a discussion of Darcy’s latest documentary, “Transmedium: Fast Movers and USOs.” They delve into the leaked UFO videos that were eventually confirmed as credible by CBP and DHS. Andy shares his experience of receiving and verifying a video clip of an anomalous object, which was analyzed by the Scientific Coalition of Ufology. The conversation also touches on the importance of USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) cases, including the famous Aguadilla video from 2013. The interview highlights the challenges of obtaining evidence of USOs and the cover-up of information by government agencies.

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6 thoughts on “TRANSMEDIUM: USOs Around the World | Richard Dolan Show

  1. Allan Lavigne

    Richard and Friends,
    Great show tonight. I’ve watched all of Darcy’s previous films, all of which I can highly recommend.
    The subject of USO’s is fortunately becoming a new frontier for researchers which has been mostly overlooked for years.
    A deep dive may answer many questions formerly unaddressed.
    Like everyone I look forward to Richard’s up coming book which I’m certain will be as comprehensive and as enlightening as his previous titles.
    With any new topic and it’s many unfamiliar elements it’s important that we bring just as critical an eye, if not more so, to what we’re exploring to rightly divide what we’re seeing and learning.
    We don’t want to spin our wheels on issues that lead nowhere.
    Point in case, the Malibu Annomaly in the Catalina Trench mentioned in the conversation this evening, and the controversy surrounding Google Earth’s digitally removing it, along with a number of other ocean and land based locations.
    Though at first blush the Malibu Annomaly originally seen on Google Earth was intriguing, and did prompt speculation that it appeared unnatural and maybe eitheir man made, or to some, an underwater Alien base, given the high incidents of UFO/UAP/USO’s reported in the area over many years.
    Exploration by researchers did seem warranted and capable of quickly learning what this structure indeed was.
    That exploration has been done and revisited numerous times, even by Mufon’s dive team (Yes, Mufon does have their own highly credentialed professional dive team)
    The link below is a PDF of Mufon’s findings based on their exploration of the site, which is simply an ancient volcanic vent.
    Though this study as well as many other dives to site have been conducted and published they all seem to have gone unoticed.
    As a result questions about the nature of the site pop up every so often as if no one has ever dived on it.
    Here is the link to Mufon’s study.
    As to why Google digitally erased it, as well as other controversial sites on Google Earth may have simply been one of convince, and a desire not to have the thoroughly resolved debate resurface again, and again, whenever a new pair of inquiring eyes ran acrossed the anomaly once more.
    One other incident mentioned tonight that I would like to note, which I have spoken about in the past in my conversations with Richard, and in my posts, is about the Customs and and Boarder video of the USO over Puerto Rico.
    The SCU which is made up of numerous Scietists from many disciplines was tasked with the study of this USO footage, and as noted this evening, they were able to study the raw data from the original source recording.
    Here is a short 3 minute clip on their findings.
    Everyone is in agreement that it is a true UAP/USO and meets all the noted “Five Observables”.
    The air speed of the estimated 5 foot long craft, was precisely 109 miles per hour when it dived into the water.
    When it emerged it not only appeared to have split in two, but it also had two radar images.
    This is the only point that I differ with the SCU on regarding their findings and visual observations.
    I content that the craft did not split in two.
    If you watch the video on a large screen it is very clear that the new second craft, which is in perfect moving sink with the original craft, is transparent.
    I firmly content that it is simply a light refraction of the original craft given off by the crafts now wet gravitic field.
    This was further confirmed to my satisfaction as when the original opaque craft flys off, the ghost craft flys precisely in the opposite direction until it disappears as the angle of refraction is broken.
    The second radar signal picked up was infact due to this same gravitic refraction giving what radar operators refer to as a “Ghost” which does commonly occurs due atmospheric refraction.
    This appearance of a second craft is very similar to when a “Ghost Ship” is seen floating above the ocean horizon, which is called “Fata Morgana”, it is simply a refraction of the light in the heavily moisture laden sea air.
    I only note this point as so often, given the UFO Phenomenon’s seemingly physics defying actions during observations, observers stumped for a scientific understanding of what they’re looking at, quickly attribute metaphysical, mystic, or even magical abilities to the phenomenon.
    In my youth I was, as many people are, intrigued by stage Magic.
    As a young man I sought out, and actually studied the craft with a hand full of professional stage Magicians in Southern California.
    The first thing I learned was that a successful performance was not so much dependent on the Magic you preformed, but the psychology in presenting it.
    Most stage Magic is very, very old, and has been preformed for decades. If you look at any of the tricks critically most are easy to discern.
    Though the psychology of the audience is convinced by the talent and presentation of the Magcian.
    Given they’ve just seen something that isn’t in their day to day experience, they believe that the preformer is truly capable of super natural abilities. They believe this rather than reaprising what they saw, and taking into account that there may be an explanation unknown to them of how it could be physically done rather than jumping to the metaphysical.
    Gravitic propulsion with its ability to bend, refract, and distort light, and even time itself, is not something commonly observed by the average person.
    When one person can see a craft and the person standing right next to them can’t, too often it it attributed to something metaphysical, either on the part of the UFO, or inherent in one of the observers. When in reality the crafts gravitic field has simply bent the light obscuring it from the second viewer.
    The same is very likely when UFOs are seen bouncing erratically, not unlike a laser pointer on a wall. Most likely the erratic movement is an optical time distortion due also to it’s gravitic field.
    To the observer the craft looks like it’s bouncing back and forth when inside the craft the operators haven’t really moved the craft at all.
    Again, a similar distortion effect can be seen when heat rising from an asphalt road distorts something crossing the road infront of you. It can look clichy and erratic.
    When looking at anything we’re unfamiliar with we must keep an open mind and critically double down on the observation.
    We can not allow the mind, which is hardwired to make a conclusion about whatever it observes, fill the explanation of the inexplicable in with the catch all of the magical.

    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

  2. Robert McGwier

    Hello Richard. I really enjoyed this interview. In my opinion, you continue to be the absolute best source for critical analysis of many situations which are heavily influenced by geopolitics. It is your personal work ethic combined with your passion for following the methods of a working historian. You document everything and include references. You heavily influenced by life with your UFO and National Security State books. When you interviewed Chris Bledsoe everything about my life changed.

    I had hidden for three decades experiences I had as a child and then as an adult in service to the US Intelligence Community, DOD, and DOE. In the late 1990s, I was assigned temporary duty on the USS Hampton. I was on the sub for more than a month. While doing the assignment, we had an occasion of going silent and running deep for operational reasons. During this time Sonar found a fastwalker than made sufficient noise for its rapid passing, it could be heard inside the vessel. Most thought it was high speed screws and a surface boat. THe officers and I knew it was not. It was traveling several hundred knots through the incompressible fluid, salt water.

    In 2008, on board the USS Blue Ridge, I witnessed a giant craft while the ship was in a typhoon. It was larger than the ship, glowed, then brightened, and took off straight up. The entire encounter could not have lasted more than 60 seconds.

    I wish you the best of luck applying your considerable skills towards the completion of your very much needed USO book. Having had a conversation with Tim Galllaudet, we agreed during that conversations that every vessel spending any time at all in blue water experiences “events”.

    Your book is needed.


  3. Ted2

    I really think you should get with Paulides because most of the disappearance cases he considers anomalous involve water including lakes, rivers and streams. He can provide many details/examples of this. He also considers UFOs to be a potential source of many disappearances.

  4. Christian Morales

    Richard! How’s the audible work on volume 2! Sorry I’ll call you out once a week. I’m waiting ha…

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