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By | September 12, 2023


Hi Everyone, 

This program is an expansion of a video I created last week. It includes some general thoughts about the prevalence of the USO phenomenon and, unlike what I prepared for this website last week, includes a select number of cases that are, well, extremely interesting to say the least. 

Here is the text of what I wrote in the YouTube description:

Recently the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) came out with a map depicting UAP hotspots. While the idea for such a map is laudable, the AARO data does not provide anywhere near a sufficient amount of data to make any such determination. However, when studying the phenomenon of Unidentified Submersible Objects (USOs) — that is, water-based UAP, we are developing some genuine data. One obvious hotspot of USO activity, perhaps the leading spot in the world, is the Caribbean Sea. Historian Richard Dolan discusses several cases from the region.

I hope you enjoy this one. I have to say, I love researching these USO cases. Fascinating. 


9 thoughts on “The Caribbean: USO Hotspot | Richard Dolan Show

  1. Nickolas Caldarera

    Why would I hide and/or not want to be seen. 1) reconnaissance. Why? To be determined 2) I’m taking actions that I don’t want to be seen doing b/c I’m not supposed to be doing it- I’m flabbergasted because we can’t stop them. They can do whatever they want to do in the open. 3) Why waste all that energy and time. Personal energy and time must be very valuable to them b/c it is limited resources like it is to us- What the freaking hell are they up too!!! As a human, we gonna do reconnaissance. So, let’s say we know they have been coming here since WWII and the Trinity crash site. I’m picking 1940 as the year they started to coming here to make my point. That’s 83 years of reconnaissance! Humans give us 6 months to 2 years. Then we gonna try to communicate and play politics. Next, we gonna with the wrath of god. Boom! We gonna suck your planet’s resources which includes wild life, materials and EBEs. We are not going to play a child’s game of hide and seek. If a person is open minded he or she will see every thing in the universe is connected. Yes there technology is incomprehensible to our minds. It’s beyond magic and superhuman/mutant powers. It’s god like technology. Maybe I’m not smart enough. Maybe I’m lazy in my thinking lacking creativity to think outside the box. I understand the fact that so many people believe in the Ancient Astronaut Theory. Is it possible in the Earth’s long history that a civilization long ago lived on this planet and the reminder of that society is living places we can’t get too? My gut tells the governments around the world know the answers to my questions. They are arrogant assholes. The aliens are assholes. Am I being negative? No! I’m just stating what is… I get headaches sometimes thinking about all these questions.

  2. Nickolas Caldarera

    Richard I can’t get out of my head about the story you shared about the professional diver touching the UFO underwater. It’s what he described the UFO was doing to ocean water. Screw it, I think we must assume this really happened. Okay, I totally understand that that beautiful salt water was getting move by some energetic field. It sounded like to me the energetic force field or what we want to call it- was being filter through its skin with the help of this energy. Why? It gives me more questions than answers. 1) Decades ago an inventor created a car engine that ran on water for its energy source. Do these craft use water as an energy source 2) Are they using it to cool the craft or cool the components of some type of engine like you we would use oil for our vehicles. 3) I find this possibility to be of most interest. When they are filtering the water are they extracting the elements, minerals, and H2O out of the water. There trace elements of gold and silver- gold has amazing properties. We use it for space travel. This mind blowing idea for me- what if the filtering process of the salt water is being used to make something like Monatomic Gold. 4) What if they are cleaning waste out. There are many types of waste ; maybe the highly sophisticated skin needs to be cleaned of energetic waste 5) are it’s just something boring like the water being moved by the crafts energy field. It just seems the technology of UFOs nothing is wasted. It’s light but flexible and extremely strong. I know the book I read about Aztec crash the craft ran on a magnetic energy source. We have countless reports of radiation poisoning. Information on orbs indicates plasma energy. There are also light phenomena being used by the craft. The big picture for me, the meta materials that make up the crafts is almost like nanotechnology that has a very sophisticated AI. I think this is why researches, scientist, and witnesses say it is an organism. So, if we assume the skin is a sophisticated AI organism one of the possibilities it might need water to function like a Nuclear reactor needs water to function. I believe Bob Lazar. The craft definitely uses something like element 115 to power the mechanism that powers and flys that craft. I guarantee that skin is AI. To travel like it does it makes sense to me. UFOS are using energy in all its spectrums. For example, The diver heard a noise and it was like being inside a bell. That’s the incredible technology using sound at a certain hertz for a purpose. Witnesses say they hear them make a crazy humming noise. That specific frequency has a specific purpose for that craft to function. For example, places like Skin Walker Ranch, Bradshaw Ranch, and etc pick up the same frequency. They know how to make the most of the energy spectrum and they don’t need fossil fuels. I didn’t edit my comment. I hope it makes sense.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Interesting thoughts on this, including the possibility that the craft can utilize a range of other sources of energy. These objects definitely have an affinity to water. I have been finding MANY cases of craft sucking up water, frequently from fresh water lakes or rivers.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Ahhh, Steve Mera! Really like him, yes. The whole alien mummies thing is just something I have no desire to touch. I nearly got burned back in 2015 when I traveled down to Mexico for Jaime’s event on the Roswell Slide. I was curious for sure and initially thought, hmmmm, is this legit? Then I regained my senses and realized … hard no. Immediately after that it was proven to be from a museum. That was a mess and some people wanted me to apologize for my participation, which I refused to do. Don Schmitt and Tom Carey were all in on it and they apologized, sure. I never felt I needed to but still … it turned out to be a sh*tshow and I was glad to put distance between myself and Jaime’s subsequent projects. This one … I am happy to wait and see! Hey, if it’s real, then cool. For now I am skeptical.

  3. Andromeda107

    The case from Aguadilla is an absolute fascinating case. Richard I was trying to imagine what the fisherman was witnessing as you were describing it. Then he got to touch the craft , which is even more amazing!!! I wish we could get more information out of Navy. I wonder how often are submarines encountering these objects?

  4. Dubh Sith

    Super cool stuff! I’ve brought this up before, but it seems like there is a quantitative hole in all UFO research where even former intelligence officers don’t normalize population density or light pollution. They mention “hot spot” locations without even mentioning the vast differences in populations, much less communicating the actual quantitative comparison that I crave. One could build additive models and solve for the actual hot spots. I was actually starting a project to suck up data from some online databases and attempt that sort of thing, but my life suddenly became all about quantum electrodynamics.

    As I listened to this today, it really struck me that you are a qualitative researcher. I believe your interpretation of sighting density makes sense, and how that data may or not be “clumpy.” Still, I feel like one or two numbers in that area would have been more satisfyingly complete.

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