MSM Reporting on High Speed USOs

By | May 28, 2021

Well, it keeps happening. Drip, drip, drip. This is not an official confirmation, but yet another piece of journalism that is working from yet another source. For the record, I have personally encountered claims along these lines for quite some time — about high speed underwater objects being detected by the United States Navy. Such stories have come to be going at least back to the 1980s. I consider them credible. Ditto a number of claims that the Soviet Navy encountered these same types of objects even during the 1970s. Very, very fast underwater objects that could not possibly be whales or missiles. Something much faster. 

I was just chatting about this with someone who pointed out to me that I have long predicted the potential of an avalanche effect happening. I don’t know if we are seeing this yet, but I am starting to wonder. As people increasingly see what is going on around them, some of them are more comfortable with sharing what they know. Things are definitely speeding up, and heating up. 

Those who remain convinced that everything coming out these days is part of a government “op” should consider that we are heading into an area in which information potentially can spin beyond anyone’s control. Not saying it’s definitely happening yet, but I would not rule it out. 


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  1. Anthony_Ian

    My roommate in college had served in the submarine service of the US navy in the 1970s on a fast-attack nuclear sub. He told me that one night the sub came up to surface in the middle of the Atlantic and took a routine radar sweep of the sky. “Something streaked by at about two thousand miles an hour. The radar operator asked to perform another sweep and caught it leaving rapidly.” My nephew served in the US army in Afghanistan a few years ago, stationed out in the boonies. He told me that while he was on watch one night he saw a “hovering disc with a clear dome on top” and watched it through the magnified sights of his weapon — for two hours. It then drifted off “towards the Pakistan border” and disappeared.

    My point is these are two people I know quite well who spent time in the military and had these sightings. How many other stories are out there? How common is this phenomenon? Really common, I’d wager. If it’s deemed safe to tell these stories now, the floodgates might be opening. This information, as you say, will be nearly impossible for anyone to control.

  2. BrianRuhe

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    A UFO Disclosure a Psyop? | The Richard Dolan Show

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  3. Bob Levey

    I think the government is actually scared to death because whatever these phenomena are they are coming forth much to often to hide like in the hood ole daze/faze. Elizondo is afraid for us and that is why he is doing his form of discloser, meaning what he is allowed to do under his terms of secrecy. With the equipment the average person has at their disposal in this day and age the government would be hard pressed to deny photos/pictures like in the past!!! These phenomena are presenting themselves pretty much as they please, when they please, and where they please and the government is scared to out of their wits because they have no control over them!!!🙀🤦🏻‍♂️👀

    Me thimks that we are in for a BIG OLE SUPRIZE 🤠

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yup. He once told me about this in person, during the 2013 Citizens Hearing on Disclosure. I will add that one person present found it wholly unbelievable due to the unlikelihood that D’Antonio would have had access to such information to begin with. But for my part, I’ve at least considered it to be a real possibility. Also, having spent time with Marc, I just don’t see him as making this up. That’s just my perspective.

      1. Criticalthinker99

        Everything he said was overheard by him, it wasn’t volunteered by the sailors. I’m sure if he was contracted by the navy as a civilian, I could see that he was actually offered a ride as a courtesy. I believe it myself.

  4. Mike

    Speaking of USOs, now I wonder if sinking of Soviet sub K-129 in March of 1968 had anything to do with ETs. Then, there was Kursk disaster in August of 2000. Both were nuclear powered subs and there is extensive record of UFOs interests in nukes.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I don’t know about either, really, but I remember encountering an analysis that the Kursk was in fact victim of an undersea operation in some manner. Or it might accidentally have had an encounter with a US presence down there. I don’t recall the details, and I don’t know if it’s true anyway. What a horrible tragedy, as I am sure many remember. I don’t recall any detail about the 1968 event.

  5. PressToDigitate

    Jane Goodall, interviewed this week by National Catholic Reporter upon winning the 2021 Templeton Prize:
    “…We’ve got finite minds. And the universe is infinite. When science says, “We’ve got it all worked out — there’s the Big Bang that created the universe.” Well, what created the Big Bang? Our minds can’t do it. What’s fascinating me now is the news being uncovered about these unidentified flying objects the Navy has been recording all these years. It’s really exciting.”

  6. iam080

    Within the field of UFOlogy, it’s unsurprising to note that Foo Fighter performance likely utilised energy generation and propulsion capabilities which were far superior to WWII’s best aircraft.

    However, one other general point for tracked transmedium vehicles, which is often not sufficiently articulated for the public:

    If UFO’s are reported to travel back/forth both in and out of our atmosphere, at greater than Earth-escape velocities (Mach 33) [also recorded with accelerations/decelerations of up to 600~700G] and human reaction time averages approximately (Mach 0.015) [with loss of consciousness at < 9G], then safe, collision avoidance navigation of rapid-turn craft implies non-human and/or artificial intelligence flight control.

    In comparison, the automation technology used by humans with chemical rockets to achieve and sustain glide velocities over Mach 33 relies upon exceptionally pre-planned trajectory and position tracking processes with very limited reactive / spontaneous manoeuvrability. i.e. human piloted rockets aren't designed for rapid turn manoeuvres over short distances or tight operational volumes.

    The important point being, rather than simplifying discussion to remote-controlled, “unmanned” aerial vehicles the public could be better informed by the fact that sophisticated navigation at sensationally high velocities requires non-human intelligence as part of safe flight control. Also, if UFO performance reports since the mid-twentieth century hold true, then at the dawning of human space flight, our species lacked the *computational capability* at that time to safely navigate such advanced manoeuvrable, very high-velocity, rapid-turn craft.

    Ipso facto mid twentieth-century UFO’s were almost certainly governed by non-human intelligences.

    To suggest otherwise is the equivalent of stating that a toddler could successfully steer the world’s fastest road vehicle on a Formula-1 track without causing damage to urban surroundings or to the infant itself. Clearly young children are not safe race-car drivers. Equally, response-constrained adult humans attempting to manoeuvre, highly agile, rapid-turn Mach 33+ vehicles over civil infrastructure isn’t very practical.

  7. Clifford Ribaudo

    Interesting. Did you notice the two links at the end of that Activist Post article?

    “How to Fake an Alien Invasion”, and
    “Project Blue Beam”

    Over this last week I’ve seen several pieces on Elizondo and UFOs and Elizondo being attacked by the Pentagon on CNN at various points (including the one you posted) as well as several on MSNBC including that of Ari Melber, Rachel Maddow and Chris Cuomo and few others whose names are escaping me.

    Lou has been all over the place (as has Daniel Sheehan and which may be helping Lou’s credibility with the “conventional media”) … including on Expedition X, Season 3 (episodes 6/7) where they actually managed to get some pretty odd footage of anomalous lights in the sky using a SkyHub type device (very cool system anyone can build themselves: as well as a brief encounter with an anomalous USO light off Catalina island! And they had an encounter with something that zapped their underwater ROV when they went down in an area Lou Elizondo told them to look!

    As a news junky and someone who is constantly scanning most of the main stream media on the look out for stuff like this, including: CNN, MSNBC, Fox (usually whilst holding my nose), NY Times, WaPo, Atlantic Monthly, I think I can safely say something IS starting to pop. I have seen more short pieces in the last week than I have in several years and which managed to not laugh or giggle or do the typically dismissive, tee hee type nonsense they usually do.

    It is starting to feel a bit “coordinated”, but I agree they don’t say much and so far it is mainly from Lou and Co. So, I agree with you, if this is a “false flag” it is a pretty bad one. It really is starting to feel like “Disclosure with a small D”. The drip, drip, drip will make this subject ok and then I think it will be hard to stop… this is something which Sheehan actually said during his interview with Jimmy Church on 5/24. Very interesting and well worth listening to:

    Not making fun of you Richard, but I had to laugh at your 16 levels of disclosure pyramid 🙂 Personally I think there are like 3 or maybe 4 and which are:

    1) Where we had been with officialdom saying “I know nuthin, and you are crazy”.

    2) Where we have been since TTSA, with some official stuff leaking out as a result of Elizondo and Mellon & Co managing to get the camels nose into the Pentagon’s tent … and you know what happens next…. and which gave the “conventional media” some space to talk about it without laughing.

    3) Where we are starting to be right about now with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” UFO crowd in the Pentagon slip, slip, sliding on the edge of the precipice in Wily Coyote style trying to keep from going over the edge. The more I think about this, the more I realize just how much of a major wedgie that Lou and Mellon and the TTSA crowd have managed to give those guys. LMAO, muwahaha.

    4) Where I suspect we will be shortly after the “report” to Congress. It almost won’t matter what it says… unless they come out and say we found nothing, which would almost be worse for them :)- Because I think at that point the shiznit will be hitting the Pentagon fansky and it won’t take long for the rest of “officialdom” and “conventional media” to make the short hop from: “Oh?! So it is real?!!?!?” to “So!! Actually you HAVE been lying to us you bastards, and that actually means there is a really good chance that: Corso’s book is real; and you’re hiding stuff at Area 51 or wherever and wheres the space ships and free energy tech damn it!”. And then it will be too late cause RIIIIIIIiiiiipppp off goes the bandaid!

    But, don’t take my word for it, Sheehan sort of implied all of this and said this is his hope as well during that Church interview 🙂

    I’m getting my popcorn ready for the fireworks …. ta ta 🙂

  8. Anthony

    Since we’re sharing old submarine stories, my father used to work on a nuclear submarine in the U.S. Navy during the first half of the 70’s.

    He has told us the story a few times of how they were cruising around in the Bermuda area during the day a couple hundred feet below the surface and they picked up a strange “thing” in the sky above them that registered as a cloud formation on their radar. I never thought to ask my father if they could tell what altitude the “cloud formation” was above them. It was following them perfectly.

    So the commander had the sub make several 90 degree turns and change speeds a few times. The object above them changed course and speed with them. I forget how long he said it followed them. I believe it was the better part of an hour. Long enough for them to make at least 3 turns, and while subs are fast, I don’t think they are fast turners, so it would have been a few minutes per turn maneuver.

    Eventually the thing took off at a sharp 90 degree angle from the course it had been on while following them at a very high speed. My father didn’t know the exact speed, but he said it was enough for the commander to note it as very anomalous for a cloud formation.


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