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By | September 26, 2023


Hi Everyone, 

I am continuing in my attempts to unearth (or perhaps raise from the seabed?) more of our lost UAP history. These are five U.S. Navy cases that I am quite sure no one knows about, other than the families of the people involved in them, and we might suppose, some classified UAP historian within the Navy’s system — although I think I doubt that. 

These are remarkable cases, all of which I dug out of the database of the National UFO Reporting Center. Here is the video description from my YouTube Channel:

Join Richard Dolan he delves into five previously unknown and unexplained events that occurred in the open seas involving the U.S. Navy. From the strange triangular formation of bogies that disappeared from radar, to the luminescent undersea object witnessed by the crew of the USS Monrovia in the aftermath of the USS Scorpion sinking, these accounts will leave you questioning what we truly know about our world. Witness firsthand accounts of these incidents, including a peculiar event in the Bermuda Triangle involving the U.S.S. Glover AGFF-1, where crew members reported seeing bright red-orange circular objects that caused chaos on the ship and led to system failures. Learn also about the subsequent orders to remain silent about these incidents. Richard delves into the possibility of intentional suppression of these incidents by the Pentagon, raising questions about the transparency and honesty of the authorities involved.

I think these are great cases. The USS Glover incident just fascinated me, but really all of them are interesting, and I suspect you will agree. 

As always, the program aires on my channel at 8 pm EDT. 


11 thoughts on “5 Concealed US Navy UAP Encounters | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Lauren2844

    Richard looks like Tucker Carlson is getting his interview with Putin. It actually may be happening now or extremely soon. Either way watch the government shills start stating “Tucker is a stooge for Russia… possibly an agent of Russia.” How dare a journalist actually interview a current Country’s president?! Bla bla bla.
    What the Deep State doesn’t want is hearing Putin speak to the American public and speak to them as actual adults and not children. Anytime i see or hear the U.S. government try and demonize a person or Country there is a great chance I’d take that persons or Countries side.. Snowden, Assange, Putin or even the Syrian President whose name i forgot.. all have my approval and understanding. Although being outside the U.S. helps me see why the U.S. tries to destroy them.. luckily more people are waking up. I mean a man whose facing 300 years in prison is up by 9 points in the presidential election as of yesterday. (Trump 51 Biden 42 ABC / CNN Gallop poll) The public gets it.

    Although i couldn’t find 20 people out of 100 who would pick Biden outside CA, CT, DC
    The media wants people to think its close so they can steal it again.. i mean Biden got How many more millions of votes compared to Obama? 8 million i think?
    Biden couldn’t fill up a high school parking lot but somehow beat a guy that was over filling stadiums.

  2. Peter Mancini

    This is great content. It is such a valuable resource to have a history of these reports. As you imagine them on a timeline you can start to see the waves of sightings Crest and Ebb over time.

    Each of these cases are very interesting. Thanks for the service you give to the community.

  3. Nickolas Caldarera

    I feel like the Army and Navy are sneaking under the radar on this issue. Obviously, The Navy knows a lot because of their technology for air and sea. The Army! They are really under the radar. They are first to retrieve UFO’s. What resources are these suckers currently using? I definitely think they have a wide range of troops especially special forces. How does Delta Force and reconnaissance play in this issue. We all know CIA is involved in this issue with all the branches. What the is Space Force and NASA know. You know the latter are working hand and hand. Is DARPA involved in reverse engineering projects to make weapons? Maybe it’s history that can lead all researchers down the path to know what these branches are up too. What a mystery!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, excellent point. At the very least, I intend to utilize the data sets currently available to hunt down Army cases as well as Air Force ones. And Space Force, if possible.

  4. Brian Andersen

    The new episode of Merged has some great info on USOs and ocean based UAPs.

    Getting you on that show – or Ryan Graves on your show – would be a great episode.
    Graves is very knowledgeable about the current state of ocean based UAPs and USOs, while you have explored the history of the subject in depth while writing what will probably be the most comprehensive book on the USO subject ever. It would be great to hear you two compare notes.


    Interesting cases. Nonetheless, it seems you are concentrating on military cases, which is understandable as you are working on a USO book. Still, everyone else is concentrating on military cases almost exclusively due to the Elizondo/Mellon/Grusch/McCullough OP.

    The way to lose history, or to not teach it to the millions of noobs, is to concentrate on one sector of sightings, and only recent ones reported by the military. The MSM and the UFO talking heads have dismissed most of UFO history as “not interesting — didn’t happen” or “old news”.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have more recent ones coming. And while I hear your point, there is no way I am going to forget the old cases. They can say that all they want. I know it’s not true and you know it as well. I am not going to let them win that narrative. But yes, I have more recent ones coming.

  6. Andromeda107

    I don’t know how anyone who researchers ,studies, or have a mild curiosity into the UFO phenomenon ,and the cover-up that surrounds it could let themselves be lulled by the Pentagon, especially given all the news that has come in the past 4 years. Shame on that person if he or she does believe anything that comes out of the Pentagon and NASA mouth. Thanks Richard for sharing some amazing cases

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