Chatroom Down — Currently Fixing It

By | February 16, 2019

Just want everyone to know that yours truly accidentally deleted the code to our lovely chatroom. So sorry!!! I did it while trying to post a link to our AMA session that we just completed.

Tracey is looking into how to restore it right now, and I’ve put out a feeler to someone who should be able to figure it out also.

I think we should have the situation fixed pretty soon. Meanwhile, I truly am sorry for the inconvenience.


4 thoughts on “Chatroom Down — Currently Fixing It

  1. Satyagraha

    Hi Richard, I just logged in to offer a correction to the Foo Fighters vid. If the Pulaski was a British ship, it would not be the “SS Pulaski,” but the “HMS Pulaski.” I’m sure you’d be keen to get that graphic changed if I am correct.


      1. Satyagraha

        Further into the video… In the navy that I was in, word around was, though I can neither confirm nor deny this, the Aleutian island of Adak was a spooky listening outpost where dog fights were a major source of recreation for drunken swabs, stuck at the end of the Earth. If I were to guess, there were probably far more antennas than aircraft at the Adak Naval Air Station.

        I’m only bringing it up to let you know that the sailors who knew about it, pronunskiated* it: ã’-dak, kind of like, See-Eye-A-dak (wink, wink, nod, nod).

        You can moderate or edit this any way you like, even out of existence, if needed. No biggie, one way or the other.

        * Credit: Popeye the Sailor.

  2. Alastair Barker

    Heh Mr D the I.T. under-performance is ok – in fact better than ok. There you are -fantastic globe trotting job, factual recall like a reference book, clever sassy partner (insert sexist comment about looks here :)) and you cant be trusted with a choice between ‘save’ and ‘delete’. This makes you human – thank the stars for that. You are morphing into a bumbling academic before our eyes. Mrs D……corduroy , cardigans and those velcro slippers for Xmas. hee hee ?

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