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  1. Ted2

    In your last webcast, if I remember correctly, you threw out the possibility that the aliens might be in cahoots with the Bilderbergers, etc. It is an interesting thought, but if that were the case, then why would UFOs be so evident when these humans and presumably the aliens would want to keep their presence secret. That might mean there are several alien groups with conflicting agendas where one type/group wants to keep their presence secret and the other group either doesn’t care or wants to thwart that secrecy. If the aliens are not in contact with any humans/groups/governments, why don’t they care about being detected so frequently without seeking contact? Does that indicate their contempt about any human concerns they might create?

    BTW- I find it difficult to reserve time on Saturdays to attend your conferences. Is there any way we could purchase an attendance and then listen to the entire proceedings when I have time (maybe even broken into several segments when I get really busy)?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I speculate that there is some behind the scenes relationship, yes. If this includes any cooperation with the US military — which many have asserted — then I think that might explain their lack of concern. I will go into this in more detail on Saturday. Speaking of which, yes, you can buy a $19 ticket and have full access to my lecture two weeks after, on July 9. That’s all available if you click the banner at the top of this website.

  2. Joshua Ringer

    This was one of your best Rich. The 10 Triangle cases were fascinating. I believe only 1/10 was reported to make a sound which makes me think it may be a ARV or Human Technology. The remaining 9/10 could be something else. Your last few takes on USO’s and this one on the Triangular craft have been really informative. I look forward to more great material from you. 👍⚡️⚡️👽⚡️👽👽

  3. Jamie Kerr

    Hi Richard
    I believe it’s very possible that some of these black triangles are made by us, however, do you know who coined the phrase TR3B? Would it have been from Michael Schratt?
    If we do possess some of these technologies surely the easiest way they would release these ideas is via the space force as newly invented vehicles? I’m not sure how you can have a space force without any proper space worthy craft!

  4. itsmeRitaC

    “Dr Travis Taylor has been revealed as the Pentagon’s chief UFO scientist”. From a news article the other day.

    Richard, have you seen this latest ‘reveal’? And to think he has a show on the history channel and all. Or as i have come to think of it, the Intel Network. I now see the writing on the wall even more clearly. George Knapp just interviewed him for las vegas news. I only know because of posts on the forum. If the psy op isn’t obvious by now…………………………………………………I am packing it in.

    I am watching it unfolding in real time. And personally, it is apparent where and when this big phase change began. The DOD and their spooks managed to make it not only mundane, but it was so easy to do.


  5. Craig Champion

    The Drake equation, hypothesizing the number of habitable, earth-like planets ain’t got nuttin’ on the “Dolan Equation,” positing the number of annual ufo sightings!

    The sleepwalking populace is so easily influenced by the con-game that is the mainstream media that they don’t seem to really know or care much about the Phenomenon, you know – as long as it doesn’t interfere with the day-to-day, monkey-mind business of our personal lives.

  6. Cat Gardner

    I really appreciated this particular episode. A while back you had mentioned the drop in reportings in 2020 and I’ve been hoping you would come back to that.

    A couple questions:

    1. Are there other things that dipped in 2018 and 2020 that might correlate with the drop in UFO reportings? – humorously, the first thing that came to mind was # of trips to Antarctica by global leaders. 🙂

    2. I was really curious about the color of the lights on the TR3Bs. You mentioned both blue lights and red lights, I think. What does the color of the light mean? Are blue light TR3B reportings clustered in a geo area or are they randomly dispersed? Do colors correspond to any particular type of terrain/landscape? Time of night? etc. That would be an interesting deep dive.

    and finally, in other news, a region in France banned public events due to climate:
    “In Gironde, officials said public events, including some of the official 18 June Resistance [to Nazi WWII] celebrations, will be prohibited from Friday at 14:00 (12:00 GMT) “until the end of the heat wave”. Indoor events at venues without air-conditioning are also banned. Private celebrations, such as weddings, will still be allowed. “Everyone now faces a health risk”, local official Fabienne Buccio told France Bleu radio… https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-61838543

    Of course this is for their health and safety.
    (learned about this from The Corbett Report: https://www.corbettreport.com/nwnw20220623/)

  7. whatif

    Great presentation, Richard.

    Some thoughts/questions.

    – The comment from one of the reports “snapping a photo never crossed by mind.” My sense is this happens with most sightings, particularly those lasting seconds. Unless one is a well trained observer, the sensory overload runs its course before any photos are snapped.

    – Triangles. Highly unlikely ours, impossible maneuvers. China? No, they are copiers not innovators; their current tech is maybe a year or two behind ours and closing (it used to be decades before the Clinton admin, but I digress). Generally, the only way any government on Earth has possession and understanding of aircraft that can accelerate instantaneously at hypersonic rate is if it were gifted to them by the alien beings that built it. Most people don’t understand what instantaneous (or near instantaneous) acceleration/deceleration entails. The simplest way I’ve found is to describe a car traveling 80 MPH suddenly crashing directly into a 10 foot thick concrete wall. Earth can’t build anything that can survive that kind of stress, much less the hypersonic kind. And this ignores the physics, the physics we _don’t_ see happening, like the heat, sound, etc. that should be present but is not.

    – Low flying, why?? Abductions? Recon? This is as baffling as it is disturbing. But I agree with you that this is of great concern. When did reports of low flying black triangles begin? Perhaps the mother of all low flying black triangles is the Phoenix Lights event. I wonder if there is a connection. In my view that was an intentional display. Perhaps nearly all UFO sightings are intentional. Who knows.

    – I also think you’re on to something regarding the value of the reams of reports collected over the years. We could learn quite a bit if these reports were carefully modeled in a proper analytical database. That’s a crap-ton of work, but the payoff could be huge. I imagine that could be an attractive niche venture investment for an interested party… if *you* were involved.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Great comment — one thing I am definitely going to follow up on is to see whether I can determine WHEN those low flying black triangle sightings began. I mean, yes, we’ve had triangle sightings for a few decades now, but the creepy residential visitations … I am going to check NUFORC for that one.

  8. Mark Schmitz

    Hi, Regarding the China sighting, I was living in Chengdu China in May 2020 and things were easing up and people were out and about and you only needed to wear a mask when you went into a supermarket or a shopping mall or in the backseat of a taxi. So that sighting to me is very credible.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for these. All look cool but I have my doubts. The first one, when played back at .25 speed, shows that the craft does not move smoothly but bit by bit, as if it’s been placed in a new location with each frame — which I suspect is the case. Then it just disappears. The other two look good, too, but for me the only way I can consider video or photo evidence is if there is genuine witness testimony to go with it. That’s a necessary, if not sufficient, condition for me at any rate.

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