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By | January 3, 2023

Hi Everyone,

My recent interview with Robert Fleischer will air on my YouTube channel at 8 p.m. ET. Many people know about Robert, who is one of the leading European journalists regarding the UFO subject. He’s been at this for more than twenty years and as far as I can tell has done it all. So extremely knowledgeable. Plus, I am honored to have been his friend for almost twenty years. 

Robert discussed several European UFO events as well as the state of UFO research in many parts of the world. All of it is really interesting … and then he takes us into some truly astonishing material at the end. I don’t want to spoil it. 🙂

It’s about 75 minutes long or so, just a great conversation and interview. I hope you can watch. 


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  1. Craig Champion

    Gotta’ love Robert – a very solid researcher. Some great conversation. It makes sense to periodically connect with him via this interview format.

    Fascinating discussion regarding crash retrievals.

    Amazing that the mainstream archaeology community can remain so blind in the face of evidence. The possibility of ultra-terrestrials, indeed; that would certainly make sense as far as the number of craft observed ingressing/egressing “our” planet in that they also perhaps reside here.

    Right – the RDM community is very valuable – onward!

  2. Espen Brandshaug

    Hi folks.

    WOW! A highly interesting interview in many aspects this. And as Richard mentions above, it contained someting quite astonishing at the end. I really hope Rich and Robert will do a follow up on this stunning revelation when ever it’s been fully reaserched, with proof/evidence, pictures, documentation and the whole nine yards. So if the church and the (so called)elites has covered this mindblowing cave finding up for several hundred years, they certainly has done it for a pletora of “good” reasons. . .I can’t wait for more about this to be reveled! Talk about cliffhanger 😳

    Best whishes, and a Happy New Year to all of you,

    Espen B.

  3. Clifford Ribaudo

    Happy New Year Richard and RDM people. This is not exactly related to this podcast and I know Richard knows about this site (Eyes On Cinema / Youtube) because I learned about it from him, but if you have not seen this latest very old talk given by Dr. Karla Turner, watch it.

    It gets into aspects of abduction and that literally rocked my world. All I can say is it fkn pissed me off big time and really knocked me back on my ass for a bit. Levels of Hypnosis. Aliens threatening people with clones. Wow… if ANY of this is true then I would hide as much of this as I could as a Gov’t cause wtf do you do with this unless you can stop it?!

    1. Clifford Ribaudo

      Link for 1st video:

      Then another one on same site. The second an interview by a person (Leah Haley) appears to have been abducted and on a ship which was shot down by the Navy in the Gulf Breeze area. She was “rescued” at sea by the Navy but then harassed once she began to remember and after contacting Hopkins, possibly because she remembered the recovery. Another holy tomole wtf video.


      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        By chance, I started watching that one last night. I know Leah, having met her twenty years ago and several times afterward. We became friends and I still have a great deal of affection for her. Her honesty is unquestionable. I knew her late husband, Marc Davenport, also — a very intelligent and interesting man. It was a real trip for me to see a much younger and inexperienced Leah discuss her experiences. I want to revisit what she went through.

  4. David LoVecchio

    Great talk with plenty of food for thought! On a related note if you haven’t read *The Miracle Detective* by Randall Sullivan or *The Great Apparitions of Mary* by Ingo Swann I’d highly recommend reading them; the former deals primarily with events in Medjugorje and the latter is a collection of events from around the world. I’ve always found it interesting that Ingo Swann would have written such a book and don’t know quite what to make of that. Within that book is an account of events in Flushing, NY in 1973 where the apparition is alleged to have appeared to a woman, now deceased, named Veronica Leuken and claimed that amongst other things UFOs were being piloted by “denizens of hell”. The official position of the Roman Catholic Church on this series of appearances by an apparition is that they were not legitimate and therefore not recognized. I wonder what the so-called Collins Elite thinks of them?

    Whatever the case may be I can certainly see the logic in creating or usurping religious imagery in order to establish yourself as an ultimate authority capable of shaping or controlling the destiny of a large number of people. I could even imagine an elite cabal of human beings with an awareness of this trying to exert their influence in order to delegitimize or weaken the influence of organized religion while at the same time promoting a materialistic worldview. It would make sense in the course of these efforts for the phenomena to take on an appearance more in line with the idea of a technologically/materially superior intelligence. I’m definitely not saying this is the case, just spitballin’. 🙂

    1. David LoVecchio

      Meant to write “co-opting religious imagery” not “usurping religious imagery”. Was bothered by it, felt the need to say so. Ridiculous, I know.

  5. Andromeda107

    Robert got me very excited about the documentary he mentioned. I do hope it comes out and we get to see it.I wish I could be there on site with him and his team exploring that sealed cave . I have heard the rumors and theories floating out there surrounding an advanced subterranean civilization; supposedly Naval Officer Richard Byrd ,who also specialized in explorations and expeditions found an entrance in the North Pole to an subterranean city.Like your Richard I never put much real thought into another civilization living beneath us , but after hearing Robert talk about is documentary maybe I should;although I still believe that most of these crafts are of et nature traveling from some planet light years away within our universe. Also Robert talked about a German university professor setting up a network of highly advanced cameras to capture images of ufos, in my opinion those images would never make it out to the public, not as long as the German government hands everything over that is ufo related to the US.Any image that is showing a ufo would be quickly altered. That professor would never truly have control over his research. Also I would love to hear more about the Fatima encounters;I only knew about the apparition that appeared to some kids. I am completely in the dark about the rest of the sightings that went on for almost half a year. Great talk Richard

  6. SunPower

    I look forward to Mr. Fleischer’s documentary about the 50,000 yro underground facility in Austria, apparently boarded up by the Church in the 1500s. The Nuremburg woodcut from around that time depicts something interesting going on in the sky. I wonder if these two things are related.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes I have to say he blew my mind with that. I was not prepared to accept it, to be honest, but Robert is a serious investigator and must have his reasons. Like you, I am looking forward to learning more.

      1. Clifford Ribaudo

        I have always been fascinated by accounts of underground tunnels. HP Blavatsky (in Secret Doctring and Isis Unveiled Volumes) claims to have personally investigated many of them in Mexico and Central and South America and stated that they were carved long long ago by Atlanteans using their technology and that they were finely carved out of living rock well before any archeologically know age of humanity. One corroborating account of this also appears in “The Teachings of the Temple” by the “Master Hilarion” and who states that “The Masters” have used these for millennia to move around unseen and that the ones under the west coast of the US and which apparently connect Asia!!, are collapsing due to Earth movements and that they were preparing others?!

        Anyway… the ones Fleisher mentioned the Kush’s were uncovering are not those. The Euro ones seem to be not much more than neolithic holes in the dirt. See:


        Sorry to be wet noodle on this …. :)-

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thanks for this info. Hey, I don’t have any skin in the game. Honestly, I found the claim to seem like a stretch. He was saying these were older than 50K years, which if true predates the presence of Homo sapiens in that part of Europe (according to current assessments, anyway). Neanderthals did not have tools with which to build tunnels like that (neither for that matter did Homo sapiens). So it would HAVE to be from something much more advanced. It comes down to reliable dating and a very careful examination of all artifacts.

          1. Clifford Ribaudo

            No worries, I didn’t think you did have any skin in the game and I was so excited by the prospect of what he was saying that I ran to look it up and see what was what, but alas …. not very technologically advanced however old they are. I would rather they drag a bit of wood out of one of the star shafts in the great pyramid and date that … and neither would I be surprised if the date came back of 50k years old, but here again the Egyptology “Priests” won’t allow it on the grounds that those seeking to investigate such are “Pyramidiots” …. LOL OKayyyyyyy, so how do you explain all those tool marks and right angles carved in diorite that are so perfect and flat that you can be certain of one thing, they didn’t do it with brass chisels and round stones???

            The bones in there might be 50k years old if carbon dating is saying that, I didn’t really dig into that part of it. I am certainly not opposed to ages for humanity of that date and Esoteric literature and increasingly the findings of “New Age” archeology are threatening to go back that far… but often run into the “Buzz Saw” of scientific priesthood that won’t even allow consideration of such.

            I’ve been reading an old now out of print book I managed to get my hands on from ABE Books (highly recommended for getting your hands on first editions and original printings of out of print books):

            A Collection of Myths, Legends, and Facts
            Concerning the Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere
            by William Tyler Olcott

            Most interesting! The uniformity of the Constellations throughout the world and over many thousands of years should wake some Archeologist and Anthropologists up as the age of humanity and how it would be possible for there to be such uniformity. The similarity of these “mythologies” and star groupings and stories around them is not unlike the universality of Flood Myths. Clearly we are missing a major hunk of our actual history.

  7. OC

    Super interesting as always, all I can say if the cave thing Robert was talking about at
    the end of the interview proves out, “Holy Crap!!”
    Robert sure seems enthused and positive about it.

  8. T. J.

    Again, loving the interviews and the new content the guests bring to the table!

    Underground beings remind me of cable docu-series “Hellier” from just a couple years ago.


    Robert Fleischer’s question regarding the possibility of the phenomenon being extraterrestrial or being something else is a difficult one. However, the analysis of retrieved materials for isotopic ratio content (using known isotopic analysis techniques) would be a dead giveaway if materials were retrieved from the extraterrestrial type of encounter…each solar system would have its own characteristic makeup of isotopes in the content of metals and materials that came from these distant stars.

    At the present time, with Earth-based technology there is no way to fake this ratio of isotopes and there is no way to synthesize these materials from other stars here on our planet. Each star and each part of the universe would have its own characteristic ratios of isotopes because these are determined early in the formation of any solar system. It is very much like a fingerprint and would be unique and quite different for any given star system in our universe.

    I believe an interaction with ultra-terrestrials would leave nothing behind that could be analyzed because they interact with human consciousness in order to materialize….they cannot be physical for long durations, only during interaction with humans. When they leave, they leave NOTHING behind.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      That’s a great point. And we can assume therefore that the groups that DO have possession of such technology might well have been able to make that determination. In other words, they would probably KNOW the answer to that question: ET or ID?


        The answer to your question is yes, but with conditions.
        Definitive confirmation is achieved only when some retrieved metal left is behind for positive analysis of ET contact, otherwise the absence of materials tells us nothing definitive only that it may have been ID -OR- ET contact that just happened not to leave any material behind. The scientific instrument used for accurately measuring Isotopic ratios is an ICP (Inductively-Coupled Plasma)- Mass Spectrometer…available at any major Univerisity and many Analytical element analysis contract labs throughout the US.

        Please see these references:


        Colbern, Steve, “Analysis of Object Taken from Patient John Smith”, self-published, 2009, p.35 ( the results are reportedly from surgically removed sample from ‘Patient 17’ documented in Jeromy Corbell’s documentary. Some portions of these same retrieved samples were also sent to Bigelow and NIDS team – their results were never published, but the above report was self-published)

        Also see “Confession: Our Hidden Alien Encounters”, Robert Hastings and Dr. Bob Jacobs, 2019, p.35


        “The Aliens and the Scalpel”, Roger K. Lier, D.P.M, 1998, p141 and Appendix 2, p.230

        I do have a couple of reservation about Steve Colbern (a colorful past) and his self-published paper – it has not, to date, been peer reviewed by a major scientific journal, although it was reviewed by another sr. scientist at the lab and the instrumentation is the correct type to accomplish the proper analysis. If correct these are astonishing results. If accepted by a major journal I am sure it would shake up the scientific community at large.

        Lier p.230 pie charts of terrestrial and non-terrestrial isotopic ratios show major deviations, same is true for self-published results. WOW.

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