The Future of UFO Research

By | September 8, 2020

Hi everyone,

I did a rewrite of my totally disjointed Fireside Chat Podcast and am presenting this show tonight on my Youtube Channel. I hope you enjoy. 


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  1. Eric Ackerly

    The cover up seems to be more in corperate hands than in government hands and they have no responsibility to the public or so it seems.

  2. Roscoe

    Agreed but the government does have a long history of coverups and solid info pertaining to the UFO file. And Richard’s point of legal accountability still-in-place is well taken.. What a great podcast RD !!

  3. Simmo1

    For-profit Corporations are antisocial, and have no empathy or remorse.
    If corporations are people, they are psychopaths.

    And under neoliberal ideology, we are transitioning to the whole world being run by them

  4. whatif

    I suspect our military doesn’t need to task their satellite network to look for UFOs because THEY ALREADY KNOW THEY ARE THERE. That’s really the elephant in the room here. If we are to consider a paradigm shift in the field, perhaps the focus should be inward, toward the few in the military–industrial complex (MIC) who have all the information.

    Perhaps, too, we should reflect on what we’re trying to accomplish beyond satisfying our own curiosity. What is our goal? Are we merely stoking awareness? Why?

    I don’t know the exact statistic, but I recall something like 50% of Americans believe extraterrestrials have visited Earth. That’s a lot of people. How many more are needed? And for what? Disclosure? Personally, I don’t think any amount of “believers” is enough to make a difference.

    I also don’t believe there will ever be that Special Case that proves once and for all UFOs are real. Any event requiring research, no matter how amazing, will be scrutinized and ultimately forgotten over time. After all there are plenty of solid cases, but here we are. I’m not suggesting we should stop looking, I’m only pointing out that UFO research will never change the prevailing sentiment regarding extraterrestrial life. Unless a MSM studio records a UFO landing in their parking lot, NASA will still spend billions looking for evidence of microbial life in our solar system. And the normies, regardless of their UFO position, will still accept that as the proof of extraterrestrial life.

    In my mind the adjustments we need to make should focus more toward prying information from the MIC. Whether that’s through investigative work or more direct means, we should be the government pressure we are asking for. It’s a long shot, and maybe life-threatening, but cracking that nut is the real prize.

    1. deweyweber

      I always picture an Air Force general reading a NYTimes article on the search for intelligent life on other planets. He stops, laughs and shows the headline to the ET sitting at the desk next to his.

  5. PressToDigitate

    An Excellent Outlook! (Thank you, Richard!)
    At some point in the video (insert Timecode here), you wondered aloud whether the civilian general public will ever have the access to Space necessary to employ satellite technologies to further Ufology. I’ve previously beseeched a reconciliation of ‘Ufology’ with ‘Conspiracy’, to bring the scope and timeline of the Alien Agenda into sharper perspective (in that they are, at root, one in the same). But, as well, it is necessary to align Ufology with what is known as the ‘Newspace’ sector; the world of hundreds of high-tech aerospace startups that followed in the wake of SpaceX’s breakout success. Without belaboring the history of the Commercial Space movement, today’s reality is that, yes, *for now* – private university, tech startup, and independent non-profit researchers *CAN* inexpensively build and launch payloads into Earth Orbital and Cislunar Space. In ordinary times, a ‘Newspace-Ufology Conference’ would be appropriate [for an Institute to organize] right now; but, under the circumstances, we just need to get *You* up to speed on the evolution of what are known as *Cubesats* over, well, roughly the years since UFONSSv1 hit bookstore shelves. Over 1,200 of these ‘nanosatellites’ have already been launched into space, most built for roughly the price of a house, and a great many for just the price of a new car; they were designed and built by teams of entrepreneurs, university students, nonprofit environmental groups, even high school classes. Here is a picture that one Cubesat sent home, almost two years ago, from MARS:

    RMD – FYI: (Download free PDF “Achieving Science with Cubesats”) (Note: this paper is almost 10 years old; in the interim, several Startups have taken its suggestions and gone on to become Billion Dollar enterprises – using Cubesats.)

    Many hours of seminars on the technical aspects of Cubesats:
    A great many more seminars, documentaries and project videos on Cubesats are also on YouTube. The Bottom Line is that if a special-interest, hobbyist community like Ham Radio enthusiasts could establish a microsatellite program in 1970 (see that endures today – 50 years later – with more than a dozen of its amateur spacecraft having been privately custom built by volunteers, on their own nickel, and launched into orbit – SO CAN UFOLOGY.

    While I wouldn’t recommend expanding the quest for ETUFO Truth *too* much beyond the Alien Presence in our Solar System and on our World, getting past “Sightings” of “lights in the sky” is essential for Ufology to survive, become *useful*, and mature. While there may very well BE Angels, Demons, Faeries, Pixies, Sprites, Djinn, Elves, Cryptids or Wood-Nymphs out there, either enlightening or bedeviling Mankind (from whatever Dimensions or “Densities”), I submit that, for the immediate purposes of ensuring Human Continuity, the entire menagerie of Nonphysical, Incorporeal “Specters” – whether Real or Imaginal – are *Irrelevant*. (And, that any such distractions could have dire consequences in the Real World, in confusing and delaying a timely public recognition of the legitimate Threat Assessment.) No, “the Government”, or the “Military Industrial Complex” are *NOT* hyping some non-existent Alien Threat. Where’s their Alarm? Where’s their focus on the Danger? “Where is any ‘Call to Arms’ (or for Funding) against it? (“Crickets”). No. The reality is that, in the gradual “controlled disclosure” of “Unidentified”, and the revelations of AATIP, etc., the government and MIC have done Exactly The Opposite. They have, at every turn, minimized, belittled, deflected, deferred and played as ‘nebulous’ the genuine, clear and present danger that the ETUFO presence has thoroughly demonstrated itself to be, for seven decades. I submit that only those who take the ETUFO presence *seriously*, and recognize it as *Alien* – rather than as some spiritual ‘phantasm’ – are likely to be of service to our fellow man, as the ETs go about manifesting whatever Their Endgame is in Their dealings here.

    If one closely examines the technology roadmaps and product pipelines of Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook and other technology leaders, it is clear that wearable 5G-XR (AR+VR) “HeadPhones” will begin flooding the market by 2023, *replacing* hand-carried, boxy rectangular pocket phones. We know that embedded, transcranial full-duplex neurotech is slated to be the Next Big Thing after that (once people are ‘trained’ to wear their phones on their heads), putting the mass-market introduction of the [ALIEN] 5G-BCI *DRONE YOKE* in the 2025-2027 timeframe, with mass adoption well underway by Kurzweil’s 2029 ‘milepost’. Alerting people to any such existential threat, once the Brain Control Interface starts becoming widely accepted across society, will be futile as a form of resistance, with *exponentially diminishing returns*. Consequently, only Exposure that is achieved *prior* to that point will be useful, and only such underground organization as has already been put in place by then will constitute any hope for Man going forward. That gives us just Five (5) Years, Richard; with Censorship, Surveillance & Propaganda almost certain to continue rapidly escalating during that period (largely to keep anything – like *us* – from disrupting that 5G-BCI rollout timeline). Now do you see where I’m coming from?

    1. PressToDigitate

      Those who believe the Aliens are ‘Angels’ “who would never do such a thing” are just as misguided as those who believe they are “Demons”, for which such horror is their prime objective. They are apparently, self-absorbed pragmatists, who regard Humans as a lower form of life, much as we do Cattle – and yet, a form that they are evidently forced to take on, through Incarnation of their people into Hybrid Containers which can pass among us. Are some of their number more psychopathic than the norm? Do they carry their own “criminals” among them? Is the entire Colonial expedition one of “fugitives”, or to establish a “penal colony” here on our world for their outcasts? If ETs are really the “Vampires” of legend, and the [exanquinated] Cattle Mutilations merely a substitution of one bioprocessed liquid nutrient for another, it would not be so unexpected for the occasional Human to be consumed, even today. Despite any Treaties, despite any procurement of Cattle – or, even, Whole Human Blood – done on their behalf by the General Services Administration or Defense Logistics Agency, an amoral invasive species might still use some Human bodies for things other than germline (sperm/ova) extraction.


    I like to fantasize about our governments contact with an alien species who do not have any of the human traits we tend to ascribe them. For example, if they didnt have the human tendency for deception or tact; perhaps so oblivious to the concept of manipulation that they are comicly gullible.
    Say we did meet at Holloman and we discovered their “handicap”, how long before the whole interaction turns into the classic ‘Genie in the lamp’ scenario? We might soon be living in a Twilight Zone world where we end up living with consequences so absurd; such as reverse racism and protestors marching the streets with masks over their mouths chanting “I can’t breath.”
    Who knows? Anything is possible.

    In reality I am of the opinion that what is being covered up is so dark and disturbing that to not cover it up would be devastating to the world. I try not to believe that but a lot of arrows point that way.

    1. PressToDigitate

      I think it more likely that they do not have any of the human traits we ascribe to ‘Integrity’. If, upon discovering that Humans will accept their “word” on things, promises to take – or not take – future actions, and then immediately furnish up front whatever they want based on such future fictional representations, they may have deduced their own “Art of the Deal”, manipulating our leaders through our own credulity, venality and fecklessness.

  7. clarsson19

    Fascinatingly frightful scenario for the transhuman stage! It would be difficult to disagree that an all out effort to control every aspect of the populace is underway and that it should be recognized, exposed, and vigorously countered. When such complex and purposeful mechanisms are enacted, the imagined result necessarily stems from the extant perspective since it is difficult to imagine whatever unique human solutions may arise to combat such a bleak future. Is it not possible that instead of becoming purposeless zombie wards of the state, human ingenuity may instead innovate collective efforts dedicated to improving quality of life, such as urban parks and gardens, increased presence and access to culture, music, museums, public art displays, and hands-on learning centers. Admittedly, such things are “dangerous” since they encourage thinking. Would it not make sense to tie some of the UBI to such contributions as encouragement to participate in something meaningful.

    Naive, perhaps not, because the zombie scenario would be inherently unstable since it is contrary to human nature, for which reason it would culminate in total collapse, one way or the other (probably the other). Freedom of thought and action are essential requisites for positive outcome, which is why efforts to control individuality must be publicized and fought as, indeed, this site so well does. Viva the humanities, freedom of thought, and the lessons of history:)

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      It’s a good point. Can such a tightly controlled society be stable? A lot of the movement toward total control will continue no matter what we desire, simply because the technological infrastructure will make it too easy. So the surveillance, minority report style data gathering, all of that seems inevitable to me. But you are right in that there has to be a release valve so that people don’t go crazy. My feeling is that it’s being done through the promotion of addictive and destructive means rather than positive ones. Keep people engaged but in ways that maintain very low levels of awareness. Like today but more so.

      1. PressToDigitate

        When the “Control Voice” is operating through full-duplex neurotech, in a Brain Computer Interface worn on (or In) the heads of everyone not living under bridges (or hunting naked on the Savannah), whether that Overlord is the National Security Agency, or the Techlords of Silicon Valley, or an AI/AGI/ASI “Artillect”, or the Alien Colonial Administration, probably won’t matter much. But it seems pretty likely that in lieu of meeting our higher needs with parks and public art, they will simply program any such desires out of the Earthlings, by tweaking some algorithms in the system that modulate Human wetware. It is important that we begin to grok just how much *more* Orwellian this world will become with the mass adoption of 5G-BCI. Its a precipice that, once going over, there is no climbing back up onto.

      2. itsmeRitaC

        I would like to add my two cents here. 🙂 I think that the direction being discussed here is so unsustainable in the long term that it will indeed implode. It is the natural order of things. There are indeed some universal laws which no one else needs to believe btw, even if it means everyone becomes psychotic as a result, which will lead to implosion. However, i do think that there are environmental disasters (depending on ones’ perspective) which haven’t even begun to kick in yet. Just think of Fukushima event, which i personally felt was one of the most profound ‘warning’ signs i have seen in my own life. And i don’t believe that ‘aliens’ were involved in that event. I am actually surprised ‘they’ weren’t blamed, now that i think of it. You see, it is my strong belief that ET is not dwelling within the consciousness that we call ‘the human condition’. And to attempt to ascribe human motivations here seems rather ludicrous to me, personally.

        But i can tell you that society mimics individual responses. It is a conglomeration of individuals. So what happens when a person is profoundly tightly controlled? Insanity. Or else riddled with chronic illness. Or both. We are seeing this happening more and more. But i am going out on a limb here regarding ‘alien agenda’ theories…………………..Free will exists. Manipulation and propaganda abound. Yes indeed. But you can’t ‘steal’ a ‘soul’. Despite what has been shown in movies. Again, it doesn’t matter if people want to believe it or not.

        I do agree with your analysis here Richard. I just don’t think it is beyond a geopolitical agenda run by people from earth. I have no reason to believe this is beyond say the Nazi agenda. Unless they were taken over by aliens. I am sure that idea is in ufo circles. Again, the ‘devil’ made me do it. And those women in Salem made the men ………………………………………and on and on. Actually, i am in the midst of ‘seeing’ a new kind of fundamentalism emerging regarding some alien agenda theories. And to think,

        I didn’t even get through the whole podcast yet. 🙂

  8. TomTort

    If I remember correctly, LMH sold her sample of BMZ. I question this and wonder if you know anything about this transaction?
    The public mind has changed in many ways due to better communication, TV, internet, etc. Many do not follow religious dogma as they once did and their lack of faith in the credibility in their political leaders is very low. Life styles, education and the public’s thought process is dramatically different than it was in 1947 with the crash in Roswell, or even the understanding of the broadcast of “War of the words,” some people in rural areas actually panicked thinking this broadcast was real. I wonder if those in charge, currently, spend any thought on mass society as to what they may think or how they will react if confronted with the legitimacy of Alien life. I am concerned that all of these on going, recent distractions may be a vehicle to the disruption of any logical thought while surreptitiously leading us to their adjenda. Consequently, Alien beings will be the last thing to contemplate, if at all.

  9. PressToDigitate

    Tonight’s guest on C2C, Brandon Weichert, has an interesting outlook and strong background on Space Defense issues. Listen to his segment on Coast when you get a chance, if you aren’t hearing it live right now as I am. His new book, puts the urgent need for advanced aerospace defense in perspective – even if there were no Aliens in our skies to contend with. I’m curious to see if George Noory raises the ET issue with him over the next 90 minutes. Here is Brandon’s website: I think it might make for an interesting conversation if you were to give him a call, whether you did it as an interview to post publicly or just for confidential background research. That Chinese knockoff of our X-37B that just returned from orbit is probably not to be taken lightly. We all pretend as if there’s all this fancy Flying Saucer technology out there that our government has, but in the *real world*, we’ve got next to no evidence for it. All we know for sure is that the Aliens have that technology; even if They have Contractors here on Earth working on it, it doesn’t seem to have ever translated into anything able to actually defend *us* – even against the enemies here that we know we’ve got to deal with.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I don’t know if i can ask a personal question here or not. Well, Richard will decide that.

      I am wondering if you are a military veteran and if so, what was your area there. Of course if that is too personal, i apologize. I would be surprised to find that you aren’t, though. I checked the link for the book you mentioned here. I guess you and i couldn’t be more opposite as far as how we see reality and politics, etc. America needs to be a superpower militarily? I don’t really want to respond to the whole agenda of full spectrum dominance. It would go way too deep and this is not the place for it.

      For reasons of transparency because, well, why not, i was protesting in DC one week after the u.s. invaded Afghanistan and i’ve never stopped. I know we will never be on the same page, or even the same book, but we are both respectful and i was honestly interested to know if you had a military past.

      Thank you, rita

      1. PressToDigitate

        Hi, Rita!
        No, I’m not a veteran, myself; closest I came was Air Force ROTC in school. I was, however, born in a US Air Force Hospital, in Rome, New York; my dad was an Air Force LCOL in the Strategic Air Command, and my mother a US Navy LCDR and had been Assistant Director of Nursing at San Diego Naval Hospital. We spent three years stationed at the SAC base in Goose Bay, Labrador when I was a kid, before my folks retired to Satellite Beach, on Florida’s Space Coast (near Cape Canaveral), in 1964. I grew up in a community surrounded by the families of the engineers who conducted the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs, and had many friends who worked in the Shuttle and Space Station programs.

        I am perplexed by your quandary over whether America should be a military superpower or should establish ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’. Since the only (and undeniable) alternative is for us to be subject to Full Spectrum Dominance exercised by the Communist Chinese – the same Chinese Communists who killed up to One Hundred and Fifty Million (150,000,000) *of their own people* in the 20th Century to maintain their [still] brutal dictatorship – I fail to see how any philosophy of Liberal Pacifism is even relevant or applicable in the context. Even today, the Chinese state has more than One Million (1,000,000) ethnic Uighurs in Concentration Camps (as well as large numbers of Tibetans), and *routinely harvests live organs* from them (and other political prisoners, including the Falun Gong) for transplant to CCP members, PLA officers, and favored members of the Oligarchy. There is no “moral equivalence” between a future world dominated by China, vs. one with American military supremacy, just as there was no such moral equivalence between the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War. Read the work of [then] Soviet dissidents such as Solzhenitsyn , or reports on the current CCP regime No one has greater contempt for the evils of America’s Deep State – present and past – than I do, but, on balance, the United States has inarguably been a ‘Force for Good’ in the world, against demonstrably far more evil adversaries. Ask any Cambodian who survived Pol Pot’s “Killing Fields”, where Three Million (3,000,000) people, a quarter of the country’s population, were executed as cultural threats to Communism, often for “crimes” such as *literacy*. Today’s “progressives” are clearly on a path of intolerance and “purity” that will lead to such an outcome, here at home, if their violent fanaticism toward “Political Correctness”, “Intersctionality” and “Social Justice” – and the Censorship, Surveillance and Propaganda they are deploying to advance these aims – is not ended – and in the immediate future.

        1. itsmeRitaC

          Thank you for responding PDT. I am not a political correctness kind of person nor am i affiliated with any of the two mirror image political parties if that clarifies anything. I don’t actually think there is a real definition of ‘progressive’ at this point. I have even heard pundits and some so called journalists call Kamala Harris a ‘leftist’. Not to mention calling Joe Biden one.

          I saw through 911 event the same day it happened, and on that very day, i told several people “Now Bush will start WWIII”. And so i got busy and hit the streets. In other words, i see through the people and events pretty quickly as i find it insultingly repetitive – adding insult to injury.

          Take care, rita

          1. itsmeRitaC

            I just came back here to add that i don’t see a connection between what i said about the militarism/weapons issue, and my related protesting activities, and the last portion of your response to me, below.

            “Today’s “progressives” are clearly on a path of intolerance and “purity” that will lead to such an outcome, here at home, if their violent fanaticism toward “Political Correctness”, “Intersctionality” and “Social Justice” – and the Censorship, Surveillance and Propaganda they are deploying to advance these aims – is not ended – and in the immediate future.”

  10. Carolyn3

    Great show again,
    As I mentioned before I will do what I can as far as keeping my eyes to the sky while my husband and I are traveling around the country. We will be staying in contact with Bob and the team regarding Sky Hub so we can attach it to our travel trailer..We are also going to our first Contact In The Desert on June 4-7 2021 as there are many people in this field I want to listen to and or meet. I’m very excited about this event next year. I did email them and asked if they are still going to having the event despite covid19 this year, and they said that CITD is going to happen.

    As far as other evidence for the Ufology field I’m still going to keep writing down my experiences if anymore happen. We are also adding infrared night vision, motion alert etc security camera’s to the travel trailer. I’m curious to see if it records anything during an experience or if the cameras goes black or shuts down etc. I will do my best to keep meticulous notes on everything.

    We are also planning on having a website dedicated to what we see in the sky with Sky Hub (as soon as we get it) and other video and images as we travel and keep everything up to date. We may have a place for others to post images or comment as well. At least this is our goal while we travel, so we will see how this pans out.

    The government has lied for many years regarding UFO’s . If they ever admit they lied regarding this topic why should we believe them now? Why are we waiting for the gov. to admit this? They have no legs to stand on.

    I think the future of upfology is going to be interesting as I see more experiencers/abductees speaking up now, and more camera’s pointing to the sky.

  11. itsmeRitaC

    Well, i am certainly on a tear here, posting yet again. But i wanted to say something and i am sure to annoy some people but i will take that risk.

    Regarding the whole discussion that Trump might be the ‘disclosure’ president theory. As we now know, because it is recorded and i have heard it. No fan am i of Woodward, btw, not at all. However,

    if Trump thought it would be too much to disclose the truth about Covid, back in February, because he thought it would create a major national panic…………………………..I think that puts to rest the idea that he will announce that ufos are here in the homeland.

  12. TomTort

    What are your thoughts about using the space surveillance network (ssn) an array of ground based radar operated by the U.S. military that tracks all of the space debris in orbit to detect UFOs? The SSN in 2018 detected the mini “space bees”satellites within a few days as illegally launched by the space start up company Swarm technologies.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Uhm….Not Necessarily…
        Satellite Control, Tracking & Data Relay has now blossomed into a vibrant sector of Newspace. These independent commercial technical capabilities can be brought to bear on the ETUFO Problem, *IF* the right organization were to give it sufficient thought to sort out an effective strategy and techniques for doing so. (‘Hint, Hint’)

        RMD – FYI:

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