OTC #19: CITD Breakdown and More

By | June 9, 2023

Hi Everyone,

Tracey and I just recorded our own breakdown of our involvement in the latest CITD conference. This is about 90 minutes long, so … pretty long! We discuss our own lectures and panels as well as a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. Leading of course to the very tumultuous events of last Monday morning. 

Regarding that, I will be doing ongoing followup on this. I’ve noticed a great deal of hesitancy from some members of this site about those revelations. What I will say now is that on Monday the whole thing swept over us very strong. It’s been a few days and I will say along with some of those people that … I do NOT want to make a definitive statement about this just yet. Not saying we are in an op; but I am saying that caution is always a good thing, especially when news this big is coming through fast, with promises of more to come. I would like to look all this over as carefully and thoughtfully as I can. But yes, I’ll be commenting on this for quite a while, I have no doubt. 

At the end of the conversation, we switched gears to some reading I was doing last night after Tracey fell asleep. This was of a book I’d read many times before: Humanoid Encounters by Albert Rosales. This particular volume covered 1900 to 1929. Albert has many volumes of these covering everything from the last 2000 years. I’ve always felt that he has a low bar in accepting reports, but the thing is, when I looked at a bunch of reports from 1909, I realized they were … ALL fake! 

Yes, all fake. It was suddenly obvious to me that these particular accounts were all from various newspapers strictly trying to sell copy. I’m sure we all knew that many stories of the past were unreliable, but when I was reading them, all I will say is that it was quite obvious to me. In a few weeks, when the current news cycle allows for it, I will return to this and make my case! 

Now, it’s not the end of the world that you find a bunch of fake cases from the past. But it bothered me because it has prompted me to look very carefully again at some of the other 19th century cases I’ve been reviewing. All this just reinforces my recent position that we really need to get a good handle on our “ancient alien” thesis as accurately as possible in order to assess this situation properly. 

Tracey reminded me that Linda Moulton Howe more than once has called our field a Hall of Mirrors. Well, she hasn’t been the only one. But we are here, and we will continue to work through the mess and figure this all out. 

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this latest OTC podcast! 


Richard (and Tracey)