9 thoughts on “Interview with Portuguese Ufology

  1. PressToDigitate

    Trying to watch (arrived 100 mins. in) but after Maia says a few words, it just starts buffering and seems stuck there. This happens both on my Chromebook and over Roku. Will try to catch it from the beginning after it concludes and is uploaded as the whole video. So Portugal has serious discussions on ‘Exopolitics’, and we have … Salla, Goode, Wilcock, Basiago, Webre, etc. Par for the course, I guess.

    P.S. Not my connection, other live video is streaming just fine; connection 100 Mbps.

  2. TomTort

    The show “Fringe” is one of my favorite shows. This conversation is very refreshing and important. You discuss topics in more detail than in some of your previous discussions. I think you comprehend where our society is headed. I believe you are realistic but appear pessimistic not allowing for hope with without any prospects in negating the course we appear to be heading. I think we as a society are not optimistic and intentionally ignore what is evolving and naive to our future evolvement.
    You and Tracy have to reunite because I believe you were less pessimistic in your presentations when you were together.

  3. Michael Couto

    I was wondering if you would attend a CE 5 event with Dr Greer, if invited some day. That would be something to explore, maybe.
    I agree with most of your assessments, and I thank you and Tracey for all the effort.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Michael. I have an interesting relationship with Dr. Greer. I think he knows I support a number of things he has done over the years, and am dubious about a few others. We aren’t really “allies,” nor do I consider us adversaries. As for doing a CE5 event with him, if I can do one without paying the cash, I’d consider it. On one or two occasions, I was able to “glean” his events, since he did them at places like Contact in the Desert at Joshua Tree, and Tracey and I were basically sitting right there for a couple of hours, listening to the whole thing. I recall on one occasion at least there was alleged ET activity, but I must say I saw absolutely nothing, as did Tracey. Still, if invited, I’d probably be open to it.

      1. Michael Couto

        Wow, thanks for the answer. Maybe I will form my own events and charge money. haha They have these neat portable video projectors on Amazon. JK
        I feel like something would happen though. because I know they are out there.
        I think you and T should sunny vacation instead.

        I’m still fighting the serf waves with crypto.

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