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By | June 18, 2024 


Hi Everyone, 

I am back with a fresh Richard Dolan Show. This is indeed a theme I have covered here before, but this is for the general public and is a bit expanded from before. It’s about the transition of the very language that we use to discuss the subject we all know and love: UFOs. 

From UFO to UAP, from Disclosure to Transparency. It seems to me these things are not the same thing. In addition to covering the UFO themes, tonight’s program discusses two of my favorite Georges: George Carlin and George Orwell. Here is the description I wrote for Youtube.

UFO historian Richard Dolan explores the shift from the term UFO to UAP, as well as the shift from Disclosure to Transparency. For years people talked about “UFO Disclosure.” Now we hear about “UAP transparency.” These are not the same things. With a focus on the language and terminology changes over the years, Richard discusses how these shifts reflect broader societal and institutional attitudes towards these mysterious phenomena, as well as an attempt at narrative control.

As always, the show begins at 8 pm EDT. Hope to see you there! 


17 thoughts on “From UFO Disclosure to UAP Transparency | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Shelby

    Fascinating deep-think, Richard. Even AARO, with the name All-domain Anamolous Resolution Office implies there is no secret, that all mysteries will simply be resolved.

  2. Allan Lavigne

    Richard and Friends,
    Another great lecture tonight Richard on a very, very important subject.
    There is no doubt in my observation and experience that there has never been more, or greater public awarness and interest in the UFO Phenomenon. Nor a better opportunity for a paradyme shift equal to that of Copernicus’s or Galliao’s.
    I believe that is in part do to the internet, social media, and alternative News sources, and podcasts available to everyone with an internet connection today.
    Consider Richard’s lecture this evening. In the 1970’s there were only 3 television Networks. All of which signed off at Midnight until the “Farm Report” at 5:30am.
    Back then, no where would there have been a place where Richard could have shared his thoughts on the UFO Phenomenon as he did tonight on any of those 3 television networks, let alone with anyone with ears to hear around the world.
    In this new era clearly defined by a population wholly vested in immediate gratification, and cursed with incredibly short attention spans, many in both the general public as well as the UFO/UAP Community are anxious and impatient to move the Disclosure ball forward.
    I don’t believe either population actually grasps the deadly seriousness of what is transpiring all around them concerning this matter, the players involved or the field it’s transpiring across, and the highstakes.
    Most Americans alive today never experienced the “Cold War” first hand.
    For those that did, they trusted that the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union.
    As I’ve shared, having worked for decades in Counter Surveillance Detection and Analysis field, I can say that rumors of the “Cold Wars” death, to paraphrase Mark Twain, “Have been greatly exaggerated.”
    I can share first hand that there is a world of secrets, and secret activities, that exist in every sprawling metropolitan urban setting, all the way to the smallest hamlets and one gas station desert oasiases in the middle of nowhere, and that the average citizens walk by them everyday unaware of what lies just beneath the surface of their reality, and that the inhabitants of that world do not think, act, or have any empathy or moral compass that the average person would recognize.
    Those that inhabit that world are truely the archtypes for real “Bond Villians”.
    These are the Secret Keepers.
    A “Cold War” is a “Street Fight”, and in a street fight you can expect two things.
    Firstly, “It will not be fair.”
    Secondly “There are no rules.”
    Given those two presumptives, “Do not underestimate your opponent.”
    Though traditionally the Secret Keepers have used force, today as someone once said “It is much to erogant a display of power”.
    There are other more subtle weapons that can hide a report like a suppressor or silencer without a shot being fired. Richard touched on it’s use tonight.
    That weapon that is mightier than the sword, “Language”.
    As Richard shared George Orwell was clearly prescient in his book “1984” where he uses language to explore how totalitarian governments can manipulate their citizens through language, and how language can limit and restrict ideas and beliefs and shape reality.
    Richard proffered his personal and well founded consternation with the acronym “UAP”, and “Transparency” in place of “UFO” and “Disclosure”, as being deliberitly deceitful to the investigation of the UFO Phenomenon, and intended to pettifog debate and confuse the public.
    He is correct, and it’s rebranding was not happen stance.
    As George Knapp noted “They (The Secret Keepers), are better at their jobs than we are.”, far better than we give them credit for.
    The CIA didn’t simply stumble on to the phrase “Conspiracy Theory”, it was well thought out and became a valuable tool that is still used very effectively to this very day.
    It was manufactured to pre-empt pundits without force of arms.
    Ridicule is by far one of man’s most effective and devastating weapons.
    Today such practices and strategies are technically known as “Pre-Bunking”. Yes, that is real jargon.
    Pre-Bunking is an offensive strategy that refers to anticipating what “Disinformation” (according to the powers that be) is likely to be repeated by pundits and believers and then psychologically immunizing the general public against such beliefs, and or any persuasion, before they ever hear it.
    In this practice the government decides what they want the general public to believe is true and then they psychologically inoculate and manipulate them so if they hear something that the government disagrees with the public will dismiss it out of hand.
    The A.A.R.O. Historical Report is an excellent real time case example of the practical use of the “Pre-Bunking” strategy within the covert world.
    Though the report infuriated researchers and community members over it’s dishonesty, it wasn’t written with them in mind.
    It was intended to “Pre-Bunk” the notion going forward that the UFO Phenomenon is not real in the general public’s mind.
    As I shared many times, they don’t care if you believe as long as the general public doesn’t.
    In that regard the A.A.R.O. Historical Report worked very well.
    This strategy of “Pre-Bunking” was put forward in the “USAID”s primer on “Disinformation” by Joan Donovan, a “Private/Public” partner and advisor to the current administration, who is considered by them as an expert on “Disinformation”.
    She was the co-founder of “Inter Occupy” ( “Inter” stands for International), and she organized the “Occupy Wallstreet” protests.
    Cambridge University’s “Social Decision Making Lab” (Yes, that’s a real department) has a working relationship with Homeland Security’s Cyber Security and Cyber infrastructure Security Office that assists in the ongoing strategy development for this physiological inoculation and “Pre-Bunking” strategy, as well as “Jigsaw” a unit of Google, once known as “Google Ideas” founded in 2010.
    It was initially intended as part of a Counter Terrorism effort to pre-empt Al-Quida and later ISIS’s, online recruiting efforts.
    It was headed by former Assistant Secratary of State Jarred Cohen who served under Hillary Clinton, and left government to work in the private sector.
    Though, in 2016 Jigsaw morphed with the assistance of one of our “Five Eyes” partners the U.K., and a private company in the U.K. called “Moonshot” (Seems ironic in some respect)
    By 2016, “Jigsaw/Moonshot”, was no longer directed at overseas foreign threats, it was re-directed domestically at what DHS defined as “Right-Wing Extremists” in the U.S.
    You may recall a video that Richard made sometime ago concerning Google’s efforts to identify and crack down on “Conspiracy Theories” across the internet. That was “Jigsaw/Moonshot”.
    In that video he predicted, that though not specifically called out by Google, that information about the UFO Phenomenon would eventually be targeted given it was the Conspiracy Theory of all Conspiracy Theories.
    In fact so taboo a Conspiracy Theory, that it is the Conspiracy Theory “That can not be named.”, at least not by Google or DHS.
    Google with it’s own robust, “Hand in glove” Private/Public partnership with the government, had been developing it’s “Pre-Bunking” methodology and programming appropreate algorithms for nearly a decade before “Jigsaw/Moonshot” was ever acknowled to even exist.
    When they did finally reveal “Jigsaw/Moonshot” they claimed it’s purpose and intent was only to redirect users from harmful content, too content that provides more constructive alternatives.
    Of course this see change occurred in 2016, shortly before the revolations of 2017’s New York Times water shed articles that would kick start a challenge that they had long ago began “Pre-Bunking” and continue to do so to this day.
    What I am sharing is only scratching the surface of this Cold War for reality and the many, many players on the field.
    The Secret Keepers have for decades truly strode the globe like a Colossus, but they are old now. Decrepit and crippled by the weight of a secret to heavy to carry for so long by themselves.
    Like Tokken’s “Ring of Power” the sole possession of the UFO Phenomenon secret is a corrupting influence.
    The secret has been a powerful talisman that has controlled the Secret Keepers every thought and greedy will.
    Like Tokken’s Ring, the power of this secret (The UFO Phenomenon) could slow decay and preserve this world.
    Unlike Tokken’s fantasy, humanity will actually really need to wretch the secret from the cold dead hands of real world monsters who desire nothing more or less than that mankind remain enslaved in a false reality, ignorant of their birthright for another thousand years.

    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Allan, great comment. Really appreciated your thoughts on “pre-bunking” and especially the deep state connection to the old “Occupy” movement, which probably some people here have learned about but I will be many still may not have been aware. And all the rest of your comment — all great stuff. Thank you.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I have a question for you Richard since i didn’t hear this before. How did the occupy movement help the PTB? I know it got shut down violently in many different places. So was it to show that no regular folks can make any difference? And it was shut down during Obama as we know.

        What was the point of that ‘Op’? Thanks Richard. I was in nyc occupy one weekend. I felt it was very dissociative myself and it is a unique feeling i never had before or since. That may not mean much to most. I don’t have words for what i felt but i felt disconnected. Although a lot of different things were all going on at once in a very small space. But i do know many people were very, very dedicated and sincere as i knew a few of them. (uh oh, i likely say too much here).

        Also, who are one or two of the gate keepers? I have asked a few times here but no answers given. Seriously. And are they the same as the ‘secret keepers’?

        So please, can you name anyone? The cloak and dagger smoke really gets difficult for me to read as smoke burns my eyes. And of course, no one can ever name a name which makes it meaningless for me. I am just so beyond the obfuscation on the part of the ‘truth tellers’.

        Thanks again Richard.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Hi Rita, I have indeed heard allegations about how Occupy was used by the PTB. But I don’t have any such information at my disposal so I don’t know how to answer in any detail. I also was at Zuccotti Park on one occasion. I wanted to feel the excitement but was honestly disappointed with the people there. Lots of pachouli-smelling, dreadlock-wearing, and hackisack-playing hippies! There were speeches, yes, but I didn’t remember anything that really impressed me.

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Richard i admit i haven’t listened to this, only read it. But i have something to add (i think, since you may mention it). Another one of those terms that has become normalized in the community seems to be ‘controlled disclosure’.

    I saw something meaningless, imo, from nick pope about scary secrets. He is basically out there now promoting the importance of this control narrative and that the lack of this would just be ‘catastrophic’. Oh, i will bet there are new vaxes already being made to protect us from ‘alien viruses’. That thought just came to me. I am now predicting this. You heard it from meritac. 🙂 Anyway,

    I am wondering this one. I think ‘controlled disclosure’ is the orwellian term for ‘limited hangout’. How are they different? I have more but i need to stop right now. But i am not o.k. with that ten year plan. I don’t like the people running the show.

    Thanks Richard

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rita, well I think what I have to say in that video will resonate with you. I do not come out as an advocate of “controlled disclosure.” But then again, I was never part of the Establishment like Nick or so many of the folks at SOL.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I think my lousy tech is what i just found makes me not able to access this podcast. I just tried. I will give it another try now. 🙂

        OK, no i can’t get this podcast to stream. I just saw your FSC here and i tried it and i can get that one. I assume it is on my end.

  4. JerseyGirl2008

    Excellent points. Thank you!

    I was surprised you didn’t mention how the word “alien” is being replaced with “nonhuman intelligence” (NHI) or the words”nonhuman biologics.” Perhaps you covered this and the implications in another podcast. Grusch and Nell, for instance, very carefully (and deliberately) use NHI vs. alien. Most of us are used to interfacing with NHI from human origins, directly or indirectly, in our daily lives. In my opinion, alien evolving to NHI is somewhat similar to UFO evolving to UAP. More could be said about NHI, but I don’t need to go into detail here. Concerning the word biologics, as we know them in a medical sense, they can be anything from cloned cells and tissues to recombinant proteins. As far as I know, the nature of Grusch’s alleged nonhuman biologics hasn’t been publicly defined, although almost a year has passed.

    Next, unless I missed it, did you cover how the word disclosure is being manipulated? “Catastrophic disclosure,” which, I believe, was first used by Col. Karl Nell in his SOL Foundation presentation that promoted a drawn-out multi-year “controlled disclosure” plan. (And by the way, the 10-year plan he promoted in 2023 all hinged on the UAP bill in the NDAA being passed as written. Who in their right mind thought this would indeed happen? No one and I’d bet Col. Nell didn’t either. But that’s another issue. )

    Catastrophic is an interesting choice of words – a very carefully and deliberately curated descriptor attached to disclosure by the government. As we know, continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event. Most of us think of nuclear war pertaining to this, but it could apply to something UAP/UFO-related as well. If nothing else, from a psychological perspective, catastrophizing is a cognitive distortion that prompts people to jump to the worst possible conclusion. Yes, it’s a powerful word deliberately attached to disclosure with many implications.

    Concerning “controlled disclosure, like you, I’m not a proponent. As you said, it will be disruptive regardless of how many plans are made. However, proponents of controlled disclosure get money and greater notoriety for researching and writing reports. It also gives tech investors inroads they may not have had otherwise. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that the grift machine is going into hyperdrive.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      This is a really interesting comment. Thank you. Your comment about “alien” becoming NHI is actually something I didn’t even think to mention but you are completely right. Just more bureaucratization and further draining the blood out of the phenomenon. Also the narrative of controlled vs catastrophic disclosure, yes we can perhaps see the hand of the controllers behind this.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      Hi Jersey Girl. This was a fantastic post, imo. You have indeed described part of the bigger picture that has been unfolding for the past six years at least the part that has become ‘public’. Thank you.

  5. Anthony

    Hi Richard.

    Jay Stratton claimed on a season 4 episode of “The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch” that he was the one who coined the term “UAP”. I believe he just said “UAP” so I don’t know if he meant “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena”. Also, I don’t know if he’s telling the truth, I just know that he said it himself on that program. I can find the specific episode if you want…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have been made to understand that Jay Stratton certainly pushed the term UAP within the Pentagon, and did so back in the AAWSAP days. So that is early, yes. But I don’t think he invented the term. At the very least, Dr. Richard Haines incorporated it into NARCAP (National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena) in 1999. I thought I had read (but cannot find the source) that he coined the phrase in the 1980s.

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