LIVE AT 8 PM EDT – Erasing UFO History for the New Narrative | The Richard Dolan Show w/Ron James

By | May 30, 2023

[NOTE: Just a reminder that this Youtube video will NOT be available until 8 pm (Eastern Time) this evening. As I mentioned previously, this is simply how Youtube does things when you schedule a video for a certain time, which I have done here.]

This is the second film maker I have interviewed in the last three weeks, but I have to say that Ron James does really good work. His latest film, titled Accidental Truth, covers many of the current themes in the UFO field extremely well, including many of the issues surrounding the theme of UFO Disclosure. He shares my opinion that the current narrative in our culture is helping to erase much of our UFO history from us. 

In this interview, Ron and I discuss this issue and a few other themes from his film (such as crash retrievals and meta materials for starters). Disclaimer: I am in this film — at times fairly prominently. But trying to be as objective as possible, I really think he did a great job with this film, and I feel the same about this interview. I think he was articulate and very helpful on this subject. 

So I hope you enjoy this interview with filmmaker Ron James — available at 8 pm EST. 

Meanwhile, Tracey and I are preparing to fly to California. I know we will see some of you there at Contact in the Desert. And we WILL be reporting back from the event. 




12 thoughts on “LIVE AT 8 PM EDT – Erasing UFO History for the New Narrative | The Richard Dolan Show w/Ron James


    I knew if I kept harping on this you’d eventually get to it. This is very important and I’m very glad to see you giving it some attention.

    BIG thank you.

  2. Michael Cook

    So when does Erasing UFO History start? It’s 8:55 pm EDT (7:55 pm CDT–my time)

  3. Lynn Ehrhart

    Excellent interview. You two are great researchers and also articulate and funny. I’m off to rent Accidental Truth!
    Fascinating info about Bigelow and Mufon, and the meta metal discussion. Dr. Travis Taylor! He is the collective’s secret weapon. He manages to spill info and be very popular.
    Again, thank you to both of you.

    1. Peter Squire

      I think Travis Taylor is Bigelow’s love child. Like Bigelow Travis Taylor spills all the secrets it’s true. I’ve just bought the film on Amazon Prime gor £7.99, great value.

      This Blue Room at Patterson Air field, is this the same room that was mentioned in the book Project Serpo.

      Anyway thoroughly enjoyed the interview Richard.

  4. Warwick Mccormick

    I’ve watched this interview twice and I watched Accidental Truth. I’m a bit confused about Ron’s take on elizondo. He thinks he’s genuine, but he also says once you’re in intelligence you never leave. I guess no one knows for sure about someone else’s intentions, but I know there are a few members on here who think elizondo is part of a psyop. I’m confused.

  5. Durkle

    Richard this was an excellent episode. Accidental Truth is OUTSTANDING! Totally compelling and well worth the ten bucks.

  6. Curtis Lightle

    This was an excellent interview. I will definitely watch the documentary and report back.

    1. Curtis Lightle

      OK, just finished the show. It was a good and worthy watch. At this point, I would say it just affirmed what I already know, and that is that they are here. I can see why some would say there is nothing new, but I would disagree. There are good tidbits that are new, but the way it was done was a logical progression with very credible people. They all come to the same conclusion and they should know. That is what made it good.

      I was already 100% certain that the aliens (dimensional beings or whatever) are here, but this show just increased by convictions and gave me more confidence in my conclusions (more than 100% I suppose!).

      Good show that was worth 4.99 on Amazon. Enjoy.

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