Absolute Shock

By | July 14, 2020

This was more than a shock. It was like being punched in the gut to learn of the arrest of Jan Harzan, International Director of MUFON, for soliciting sex from a minor. The arrest actually occurred back on July 3 — a full eleven days ago. The whole thing was kept incredibly quiet until today, when it was released on the website of the Huntington Beach Police Department, in California. 

Everyone knew Jan — or rather, everyone thought they knew Jan. 

I am supposed to do a live show tonight with the excellent Danny Silva, but my head is just not there. Even talking about Jan feels painful now. In the short term at least, this is absolutely not good for ufology, and really horrible especially for MUFON. I do believe that as time goes by that MUFON should recover. After all, MUFON was around long before Jan Harzan. 

But I do think that MUFON will really need to consider an overhaul to save itself. What Jan was arrested for had nothing to do with Ufology, and one might think that MUFON as an organization will get by just fine, but we all know the world doesn’t work that way. He had become the face of MUFON. What’s brutal about this is that for years before he became Director, most folks I knew in MUFON were waiting for him to take the reins. He was the one they all had hope in. 

But MUFON’s new leader, whoever that is going to be, will need to do more than damage control. That person will need to conduct a careful review of all senior personnel in the organization. This is a wakeup call for MUFON, a call for the organization to think long and hard about its public face, its mission, and how to rebuild a severely damaged reputation. For one thing, I would be curious to know why none of this came out until today, since the arrest occurred a full ten days ago. I would think Jan would have informed the rest of the MUFON Board right after it happened, and one would assume that they have been discussing what to do ever since. And yet we have heard nothing. 

We should expect to hear very soon from MUFON about the new leadership and direction of the organization. 


59 thoughts on “Absolute Shock

  1. Scott Santa

    I am speechless. Not that I was a fan of Mr. Harzan – I wasn’t due to his handling or mis-handling of the stain of racism in the MUFON ranks and his inability or chosen inaction with regard to that. This is beyond the pale though …. He’s obviously toast, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see MUFON swirl away down the drain either. Glad I left when I did.

  2. Robert Arthur

    WTF is going on in this world? So many, people and institutions, are not what they seem. Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty but seriously, the world is going mad.

  3. jcaplan

    I do not think we should ever presume guilt on the basis of an arrest although shock is understandable. An arrest is tantamount to reasonable suspicion by the police. We should await due process and a considered finding on the evidence by a court or jury before making any judgment. Many innocent people have been arrested after all.

  4. jennymemon

    Oh Richard, this is sad and sickening. We think we know people. I just hope this is all legit, and there is no set up or manipulation.

  5. Lance Heidel

    Perhaps, at least for the time being, it would be well to remember and employ the essential concept, Presumption of Innocence. Seriously. Please. Any other course is fraught with the peril of injustice. Plenty of time for outrage, anger and astonishment after an actual conviction.

  6. Don.B

    Holy s h _t!!
    Just when the field of ufology seemed to be taking a few steps forward, you see this. I am REALLY disappointed to say the least. I suspect that because J.H. was one of the prominent public “faces” in ufology, there may be a smear campaign coming from MSM pointing the finger at the entire research community, namely from the ones who refer to us as conspiracy theorists or tin-foil hat wearers. I hope not, but time will tell.

    And when I was notified of this post, I was right in the middle of listening to a Canadian YouTuber named “Amazing Polly” who was giving a video presentation called “Way Fair Questions Need to Be Asked”. Not that this is hard evidence (yet), but apparently Wayfair has been selling some storage cabinets (roughly 5′ – 6′ H X 3′ – 4′ W) with unique female names associated to each “storage cabinet advertisement”, selling for between $12k – $22k (EACH!!!). She pointed out that several other “inquiring internet minds” had done some digging, and discovered that several of the names of the individual cabinets were also names of recently missing children. There are some really sick individuals out there and it’s going on right under our noses and the MSM just covers this up, says nothing or tells us to move along, nothing to see here.. What the heck is wrong with these people?? All of this just makes me sick to my stomach, and makes me doubt nearly everything!

  7. PressToDigitate

    This is an example of Entrapment, and of the Police State Run Amok, since there was no actual ‘Minor’, and the “crime” would not have existed, but for the police inveigling it. This sort of thing should be outlawed as a ‘law enforcement’ practice; without an actual victim, its not even relevant whether Mr. Harzan has such proclivities or not. I’d say the odds are high – and certainly better than even – that this was arranged *because* of his high profile in Ufology. When [CIA stooge] Biden becomes President in January, it is probable that the Coverup will be reinstated – with a vengeance. The AATIP stuff could suddenly be disavowed – or just simply cease to exist in the official record – and the recent UFO/UAP discussions in official circles could disappear entirely. You, Linda, Nick, Grant and the Steves could suddenly be deleted and banned from major social media. Whether Harzan is a pervert or not doesn’t matter; its up to Ufology to press on more aggressively, with redoubled efforts, to make those who nailed him to get at us rue the day they chose to take this route toward discrediting Mr. Harzan, the subject in general, and MUFON in particular.

    Anyone who believes that the Deep State contriving something like this, in order to “get” someone is an implausible “Conspiracy Theory” doesn’t know much about how the CIA does its clandestine work around the world (and why practicing such ‘tradecraft’ inside the United States is expressly prohibited by statute).

    I say you should make it known discretely to the right board members that you are willing to step in as the new Director of MUFON, on a 12 month interim basis, to navigate it past this crisis and set it on a more effective course for the future. They need a ‘Heavyweight’ to lead them through this.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Without weighing in on Jan Harzan’s particular case, it is definitely true that the FBI has a long history of creating terrorists. That is, finding someone who seems a little unstable, with anti-American beliefs, and then cultivating them as a terrorist. They do this by getting the person worked up into a frenzy, providing them with fake explosives and a fake target. Then, driving him to his destination where he is promptly arrested and put away for life. That happens. Quite a few of the arrests in the so-called war on terror were of these sort. As for what is happening in the current case, I have no idea and am loathe to offer a public opinion.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Hello Richard. I have no idea about this individual so i can’t say anything. But one thought i did have is that this type of allegation does appear to be very high on the list of accusations used against people who are targeted by the ‘state’. They even tried it with Julian Assange years ago.

        On the other hand, working in my profession for quite some time, i am no longer surprised by how many pedophiles there are. I think it has been one of those well kept secrets for centuries. To be honest, i didn’t read the whole article.

        Take care, Rita

    2. Daphne

      If all of this proves to be true this is my reaction.
      Are you kidding me?………Do you really believe that this was the first time Harzan attempted or perhaps succeeded in molesting a child. Obviously he was intent on doing so. Sorry, but I totally support the FBI/Police going after this type of criminal.

  8. Seabrook Leaf

    Oh Shit- This is truly shocking. I don’t understand what drives pedophiles to have such unhealthy perverse and hurtful needs. Very sad and disgusting situation. Praying for healing and hope no victims have been involved… 🙁

  9. Patricia

    Shocking and sickening. That old saying ” you can’t judge a book by ………. ” We were all fooled into thinking he was a nice person, very sad indeed for everyone who came into contact with this sick man.

  10. ThankYou

    I’ve briefly meet Jan twice at conferences. Myself coming from a childhood of sexual abuse I did not detect any so called predator “vibes” from him which would have been pure speculation anyway. Just because I am a survivor it certainly has not sharpened my radar or sixth sense with people whom I have met, nor with actors or politicians or clergy arrested for sex crimes whom I have never met but watched on tv or in the movies. They simply fly under the radar.

    Entrapment is a sneaky way to bust people, and I wish that it would have happened to my perpetrators but they are free. These crimes can also involve money as we see in the high level perps with deeper pockets than Jan Harzan like Epstein/Maxwell, who can afford to remove the minor from the United States under the guise of modeling or expensive vacations or when they are older, higher education privileges at esteemed colleges, only to find an ulterior motive is really about sex with a minor. Just look at what John Derek did to get underaged Bo out of the country. Or the Woody Allen reality with his young wife. Or musicians who have also taken to sex with minors. Sneaky stuff from the perps too who can afford to put out rumor fires if they are never actually caught, and who can afford to hire expensive lawyers.

    The question I have always had is how many other minors were harmed by the ring of people who took advantage of me and my trust? Those perps who eventually used drugs on me to keep me compliant when I reached the old age of 12 and in my case, the age of accountability. A time where I felt responsible for my actions. I decided to withstand the beatings, the threats and the fear of annihilation instead of more sex trauma. Didn’t work out to well for me as they were too smart, too strong and too many to stop and they always kept it away from my parents as I was too frightened and too programmed to tell them myself until I was much older. Even then people called me a liar. Sometimes there is a second trauma to survivors when they go to tell the family about what happened.

    For me the grooming began when I was eight and ended at twelve with the perp induced drug overdose, cpr and my first near death experience. The drugs and alcohol were often used on me when I was old enough to fight back and resist. Unlike when I was younger and more trusting. I even overheard two of them talking the one morning about something called statute of limitations which I had to wait to find out what it meant a few years later.

    My childhood was robbed from me and my perps are free. In the case of Jan Harzan, without a confession or further evidence indicating so, it is very hard to tell through sting operations whether or not Jan has done this before without being caught. Of course he will now lose his job at mufon and may even be registered as a sex offender for life, but an expensive and possibly dirty lawyer can bargain for him. If Jan has dirt on anyone else and is not afraid of blackmail or annihilation, then we may witness some other folks getting busted too.

    Yesterday I watched a show on cable that I have never seen before but was glad that I saw it. In the 1960’s, a young Vietnam vet was driving drunk with his brother at night and ran over a little girl who was hand in hand with her older sister in the road waiting to cross the street. The veteran did not stop and was sure he hit a post so he reported this to police later on. The investigation somehow went no where on the post issue, and the damage to the car was noted. As an older man, the passenger in the car that fateful night in the 1960’s, told the police what he saw that night he went drinking with his veteran brother. He thought his drunk brother had killed the little girl and named her. The police went the vets house, interviewed him in connection to the traffic death of that little girl. The police located the car decades later and got a half assed confession from the veteran. Statute of limitations prevented any jail time and the vet decided to avoid the surviving family and never apologized.

    In a seemingly karmic and freak accident, a bipolar woman off of her meds, decided to drive her car onto a little league baseball diamond doing doughnuts and scaring the kids off the field. Racing off of the field in her car, runs into an elderly man sending him flipping skyward and he dies on the scene. The driver was arrested at her home and was interviewed for the show at her new home for the criminally insane. The man she killed was the guilty Vietnam veteran who had done the hit and run manslaughter murder of that little girl in the 1960’s. His grandson manned up and drove 400 miles with the reporter to apologize to the surviving female family member who was there when his grandpa ran over her little sister. She thanked the boy and told the reporter later that she always wanted and apology but never got one, and that the deceased veteran got what he deserved.

    If only the world always worked in this karmic way. Be a man Jan Harzan, and don’t leave this to the next generation to cover for you. Tell the world what you know. Be a positive example for Ghislaine Maxwell and others who have a chance to right the wrongs. Blow that whistle!!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Let me please thank you on behalf of this entire website for your post. I feel real sympathy and empathy for the pain you went through. And thank you for your insights into this matter.

      1. Robert Duvall

        This might be a shock Richard, but when is it EVER okay? Not saying you ever insinuated that, but worldwide right now this stuff is getting taken care of and Jan got caught up in it. Worldwide this is being outed. It is acutely tied into political corruption that is so rampant. It is tied into the US government – the House of Representatives – some of the more senior members. It is time for all of it to stop. If MUFON doesn’t survive something as meaningful will eventually pop up.

      2. ThankYou

        Thank you Richard and members, your replies mean a great deal to me. I will be listening to Coast tonight if ‘the show must go on.’

    2. StuartEvanDavis

      Thank you for your willingness to speak about what you experienced and what you know. I hope all the healing and wholeness you deserved from day one of life comes to you. This world can never be free until experiences like yours are brought to an end forever.

        1. Carolyn3

          I’ve been in your shoes and that was brave of you to post that. My heart goes out to you. I’m 55 and it took me about 42 years to confront my abuser who was own my father, and to finally be heard for the first time. He will always be free because it happened so long ago. The one person who was suppose to protect me did not. It’s not easy and nobody knows what goes on in others lives or homes. Victims get trashed twice sometimes like I was by my own family because nobody wanted to support me. My husband, daughters ,and my aunt (his sister) supported me. Fortunately for me I had a great therapist. My brothers couldn’t deal with it and stopped talking to me for a while. But they knew. We are talking now but it took a while. It’s like a rape victim getting on the stand and getting raped over and over by the system .. Thank you for speaking. You’re very strong.

          1. ThankYou


            Thank you for sharing and I’m so sorry to hear that you went through the horrible abuse too. You are strong as well.

            I turn 54 today. Confronting my abusers, telling the family and authorities when I was 39 then placing myself into therapy for a very long time. The authorities could not help me and two of my abusers had immediate family members in law enforcement which in my case, protected them. They even tried to entrap me by asking if I wanted to harm my abusers. Go figure.

            I cannot imagine what a child would be doing on the net today soliciting sex without an adult handler teaching them. My perps were related to me as well which is very common because family has the most access to the child and my therapists have always insisted, that sexual abuse or prostitution comes from a long line of abusers passing down that ‘knowledge’ to the children who may pass it along as well, abusing others over and over until that chain gets broken. My abusers were taught what they did to me by people older than them. I was told that 60% of survivors go on to abuse others. One way to help stop sexual abuse is to remove the shame of reporting it, and to later somehow talk about it outside of therapy to inform the masses. Male on male rape being the least reported crime of them all which is why I am writing a chapter or two in my book about these unfortunate experiences of mine including the endless work that I do to survive the ptsd and depression. Most survivors choose to not make it past the mean age of 38 as the memories weigh too heavily on those with little support and self medication only works to a point.

            I am so grateful that I am sober 18 years without relapse, am not one of those who continued the abuse chain and who did not live a life as a child, or adult, sex worker.

            1. Carolyn3

              This is a good ending to the neg part of your life, but a wonderful beginning. Congratulation on your 18 years with no relapse. Let me know when you finish your book.

  11. jjsedona

    I am just devastated.
    MUFON is calling an emergency board meeting – actually they are meeting as I type.
    I fell off my chair when text messages and private messages just blew up my phone today. First thing that came to mind was Wendall Stevens and Stan Romanek.
    I guess we really don’t know the people we think we know…
    MUFON needs to do a hard reset. My intuition says they won’t survive this.
    When I spoke to Jan at the IUFOC 2 years ago, he told me that he was talking with Lou Elizondo. Naturally, I am worried about what he might have been investigating at the time of his arrest.
    Replacement should be a woman – Jennifer Stein, Kathy Marden, or Teri Lynge.
    Crying inside. 5 Planet retrograde! Oh my.

  12. Rick

    What a gut punch for MUFON and anyone who believes in their work. I would say I’m shocked, but given this year nothing surprises me. I do not know the facts and/or circumstances, but whatever they were I am glad we have the police to protect our children. I have a feeling that the remainder of this year is going to go off the rails and the unthinkable will become thinkable.

  13. jimirod

    I was surprised but not completely, because of his apparent involvement with searching in the UFOs.
    He seemed restrained in the subject matter with his commitment and involment. Maybe it was just me .

  14. jflieger

    Hi Richard, This is indeed an awful shock. Jan H. has always seemed so genuine. It is a relief to know at least to know that the arrest had nothing to do with his MUFON activity.
    Thanks for letting us know. It must be rough on you, Richard and Tracy, as you know him personally.

    –That said, let’s all remember one is innocent until proven guilty, so an arrest is not the same as proof of guilt. But you are absolutely right to let us members know about this , and to insist MUFON change leadership until and unless JH is able to be absolutely cleared of any of these charges.

    Not a good day for ufology, for sure.


    1. Jim

      I think Jan will undergo a transformation. For those who think entrapment occurred I would say sorry but Jan’s activity had been going on for sometime. Police units put their best people on these kinds of cases. Mufon will survive and bring their other leaders to the front. I believe this. My friend,4 ufology will survive. Pax ad vobiscum. Your friend Jim

  15. stlthlvis@hotmail.com

    I think it is important to remember that any arrest made public is usually done so for a nefarious
    purpose. Pretty much anything the MEDIA does has some nefarious purpose. Right?
    It is irresistible news though. They have been really cracking down on the Chester’s and the pedo’s lately. That is a great thing as much as it saddens me to know that stuff is out there. However!!!; less we forget, any arrest or accusation of a child crime turns anybody into social poison regardless of truth. For that reason it is done all the time to ruin people. We will have to really watch this one.

  16. Andromeda107

    I am not familiar with who he is , I don’t follow mufon that much. But that is still awful for the minors and for mufon.

  17. Corey Buck

    Absoluetly baffling, i can only imagine what other skeletons are in his closet because that was beyond reckless on so many levels. Not too mention the two other Mufon directors who were posting the most ignorant racist comments on Facebook. Doesn’t anyone at Mufon know how the internet works? Mufon better start talking because their ship is sinking fast. I’ll never support them at this point tho. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight Richard, this field needs people like you more than ever now! ✊🏼👽🛸

  18. whatif

    I almost don’t believe anything anymore. If Yan did indeed commit the horrific crime for which he was arrested, hang him high. But an arrest is not a conviction. Perhaps he was set up? Perhaps he gained knowledge the elites weren’t willing to share. This wouldn’t be the FBI’s first conspiracy.

  19. BrianH

    I don’t know Jan Harzan. However, innocent until proven guilty. The people that do know him may *still* know Jan Harzan. The police department says one thing, but they are only one part of due process.

    And, considering that Mr. Harzan holds a position that threatens what we all recognize to be a ruthlessly unfair system when it comes to UFO’s, I think that his *actual* guilt should be determined before sweeping judgements are made. If he is the type of character that so many championed, then he is owed at least an assumption of innocence until the state proves its case.

    If there is a reason why the reveal of his arrest took so long to be made public, then that is something to consider when the reason itself is made public.

    Remember the system that we are dealing with.

  20. UFODetective

    Richard, Like you I am still in shock. I did lookup the public record of his booking on the Huntington Beach PD Booking Roster – On 07/03/2020 at 1410 hours. Jan Harzan was booked on the charges described in all of the articles.
    I looked at the Task Force website that is in charge of the investigation. I would draw the following conclusions:
    1) The investigators are working closely with prosecutors so I am betting they had their process legally reviewed. This would be even more true if they used an Arrest Warrant meaning they had to describe their probable cause to a judge to obtain the warrant.
    2) It is customary in this type of case to go after the computers operated by the suspect. In other words, stand by for more crimes being revealed.
    3) Given the nature of the crime, it is very unlikely that he just started this type of activity. There could easily be other crimes and other victims out there.
    I would also add that I am making these comments as a retired police officer with extensive investigative experience. I also worked 2 years as a Child Abuse detective for a Children’s Advocacy Center. And sadly, I spent 30 years as a MUFON volunteer, with almost 10 years of that as the WA State Director.
    -James E Clarkson

    1. Jim

      My own experience dealing with child abuse and sexual abuse cases as a public school teacher bears out what you say. Police departments put their best detectives on these interet cases based on tips. This was not entrapment.

      Mr. HARZAN will undergo a transformation. The families hurt will now find healing.

      Mufon can now move forward and develop their leadership. Can we try to see silver linings here?

      It is not about us. It us about our future. Jim

  21. Gary Roberts

    And once more…I am reminded and validated in my utter distaste and disdain for MUFON..I pay no attention to them and it has no ill effect..I can live quite happily without them. As an “experiencer” of over a half dozen daylight-close UFO encounters in the span of my 65 years, it is clear that the beings share my opinion of MUFON..they do what they do regardless. That said, American law enforcement is world famous for its systemic corruption and predatory policies..I’d give it a 99% possibility Mr. Harzan was solicited and set up by undercover cops..I’ve known way too many cops to think otherwise.

  22. SunPower

    Richard, Many commenters here have mentioned MUFON executives making “racist” comments on social media in the recent past. I missed this story . What is going on with that? Thanks.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Sunpower, I am only aware of comments in the past by John Ventre, who was strongly criticized for bringing up race and IQ arguments and (I assume) quite a bit more. John was always very strident in his opinions and he held a very prominent position in MUFON for years. Aside from that, I have my own personal reasons to dislike him, which I will refrain from discussing here. I am not aware of any other MUFON official with “racist” statements. Not saying there aren’t any, but I am just not aware of any others. For the record, Ventre was (finally) removed from a position of authority in MUFON — although they allowed him to retain his membership. Actually, I privately argued with Jan about that decision. I thought they needed to go all the way and remove him. But I wasn’t a MUFON member, and Jan stated that since Ventre purchased a membership, that was that. I thought the incident was very badly mishandled.

  23. Schuyler

    Quite obviously, by the comments here alone, Harzan is guilty until proven innocent. Yet we all know that accusing someone of this sort of crime is an excellent way to neutralize someone. It’s happened before in the UFO field. I have no idea one way or another, but I refuse to rush to judgment based on an MSM news article. But if you all are so “disgusted” then why not just hang him from a tree right now so that justice is served? To hell with a so-called “fair trial.” It takes too long and is too expensive. Let’s get this done!

    1. jennymemon

      I think the comments are generally quite the opposite! Most people here, me included, are shocked at the allegations, BUT, I have absolutely no problem also accepting that this could indeed be a set up. If you look at my comment you will see that is the case. This is the most heinous of crimes, so either way, it is shocking.

    2. Jim

      I don’t assume Mr. Harzan is guilty. No one knows until all the evidence is put forth. I do know how detectives put these cases together from first hand experience and it does not look good.

      We need to remember and ask the question, why was Mr. Harzan in those site or sites in the first place? What was the purpose..? What was the upside to visiting such places many times.?

      I would also suggest that the Huntington Beach police did not even know of his affiliation with Mufon until after his arrest. As many of you who knew him and feel that he is an outstanding man I don’t wish to tar and feather him,but I have to put forth that in order to make an arrest and obtain a search warrant there has to be evidence presented to a judge. Maybe some of us are too close to Jan and that is why many are hurting right now. I do wish the best for Jan and that some good comes out of all of this. Jim Crowell

  24. TomTort

    We must wait for more information before jumping to conclusions. This may be legitimate or some nonsense. The jury is still out!

  25. Melissa B Latimer

    Yes, an individual is innocent until proven guilty.
    However, the public tends to forget that and will just remember “That Mufon guy was a . . .”
    Regardless of the outcome for Mr. Harzan, Mufon is going to suffer for this.
    I’ve never forgotten what Chris Bledsoe told you, Richard, about the workings of Mufon in his case.
    There seems to be a lack of oversight or a decent vetting process for officers. Perhaps this will force Mufon to take the appropriate steps to become a trustworthy organization, or maybe it will be just another mark against the UFO community.

  26. Carolyn3

    I also think innocent until he’s proven guilty. I hope for him that this was a setup but that’s not good either. Either way it’s bad on so many levels.
    I hope MUFON doesn’t take a big hit on this.

  27. Jimbo562

    If you can’t discredit the story, discredit the man! How could a guy in his position NOT know that he is under constant surveillance? Doesn’t make sense!

    1. Scott Santa

      Jimbo562 – If indeed Harzan is found out to be guilty as charged I think it would be safe to assume that pedophiles of his ilk don’t think the same way as us – perhaps that overpowering desire to fulfill a need corrupts and overrides a sane person’s thinking about consequences. This is how it makes sense. Remains that he was caught, entrapped or not – he was caught, doing something horrific.

  28. stlthlvis@hotmail.com

    Man! They caught him “How To Catch A Predator” style. Not looking good.
    I dont know this guy very well. I have floated mostly in the peripherals of UFOlogy but I do stand by the idea that if a person has a character flaw, even one this big; it is just that and shouldn’t have any bearing on unrelated accomplishments or contributions. No one part defines the whole, rather the whole IS greater than the sum of its parts.
    Which doesn’t really help but I tried.

  29. robert9905

    I know a good man who in the 1970s who improperly touched a young girl. I read his court papers. He changed his life and i still see him as a good person. Others once out to get him once distributed copies. I read one of the copies my friend had who had a young son. I would not have the guy alone with children ever. Human beings struggle with saying No. to behaviors they know is wrong. Doing wrong does not make anyone a bad person. One day i stumbled on an picture of an under age pretty nude girl. Porn by its nature leads to thoughts. I got out of there because i knew the girl was exploited. Now adults struggle with porn addiction and my thoughts could have given into an addiction of looking at under age girls. Worse yet imagine a guy who finds under age kids sexually chatting with adults and starts joining in.

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