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  1. itsmeRitaC

    Is it just me, or do i learn way more about our super duper naval weapons over the past, oh three years or so, than i do about ufos? It is something that screams out to me all the time. And it is ramping up. Oh, you just mentioned that maybe our weapons may be obsolete. We will need about ten more trillion by next week, imo.

    And it does seem that there are many possibilities about these being u.s. own technology. No way to know as far as i can tell. But what do i know?

    I’ll take fries with my Aegis destroyer!

  2. Michel Olson

    Possibly came up out of the ocean beside the ships? Are these Navy ships able to track objects under the ocean? I’m thinking they do have underwater tracking capabilities. Possibly vertical dropped from outer space directly above the Navy Ships. Very curious!
    Thanks Richard!

  3. mcwest50

    Well the repeated display of their knowledge of our abilities or lack of. Is it an attempt
    to show their superiority? Did we attempt to make contact? As it would seem objects
    coming towards the ships unidentified would alert defense systems and their crews
    to act in defense. Apparently they stood down and just observed. They want to let us
    know there here. What is this continued contact on their part mean? and was our systems
    put out of commission, none of this is being put out into the public domain and is this
    because the Navy was embarrassed and will not reveal their lack of engagement due to
    these drones ability to shut down our most sophisticated systems, and was it a test by
    our own drones……….that I don’t believe as these systems were tested extensively. Why

  4. ColonelBleep


    If these objects are what I think they are: the temporary projection of consciousness from a higher dimension, then they could have materialized near the ship. Not being solid objects, the ship’s radar would not have been able to detect them. You might consider these events to be similar to remote viewing, except the remote viewer is in another dimension. We also don’t know if there was any telepathic contact between the objects and any of the ship’s crew.

  5. Rick

    Given the Washington UFO Flap scenario of 1952 where Truman issued the unsuccessful “Shoot’em Down” policy, my instincts tell me the Navy knows what they are and knows there is nothing they can do. My question is what message are these “drones” trying to send us? How does this advance whatever their agenda is? Given their advanced technology they don’t need to be so brazen, yet they are. Something doesn’t fit if we are assuming a friendly presence.

  6. Dean DeHarpporte

    Richard, there is what I consider to be a quite obvious explanation of the drones. They were our own state-of-the-art drones being tested for their ability to approach and surveil enemy ships. What better way to test them than by finding if they could operate with impunity close to our most advanced ships?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Dean. Based on some of the other drone information coming into other members of this site, what you say may well be right. If so, however, it would mean a technological revolution that makes the aegis combat system obsolete. furthermore, by displaying characteristics that are roughly consistent with more than 70 years of genuine UFO behavior. So for me, my jury is still out.

  7. PressToDigitate

    That these units were [marginally] more discrete in the capabilities displayed than the TicTacs, after all of the publicity the Nimitz & Roosevelt encounters have received over the last three years is not surprising. They may, in fact, have been just as ostentatious as the earlier ones; we don’t have the full accounts from all Naval observers who were present to know for sure that they were not. The real question isn’t “Were they Alien?” – since all credible alternative explanations have been exhausted; its not “Do they pose a Threat?”, since, by any sane standard, their menacing of Naval vessels, so close to home, cannot reasonably be interpreted otherwise. Its not even, “Could our Military have engaged them in Combat with at least a reasonable chance of success?”, since we have so many Crash Retrievals that can *only* be plausibly explained as ‘downings’ due to Human Directed Energy Weapons fire (with no even remotely credible alternative explanation). No, the real question is, “Why haven’t our military seriously defended against the ETUFO problem since the second Eisenhower ET Summit, at Holloman AFB, in 1955?”

    Once we stop trying to ‘read in’ magical contrivances that titillate the imagination but offer no explanatory power, we are left with the conclusion that the Deep State (“National Security State”) orchestrates its ETUFO response policy based on either ‘Collaboration’, ‘Co-Option’, or ‘Capitulation’; in any case, [a non-theoretical] ‘Conspiracy’. Not only were ABMs, – built *without* vulnerable onboard guidance electronics, some that flew at Mach 10+ – and with up to 400Kt nuclear warheads – *never even released* against ETUFO targets, the high-power Microwave weapons, refined from earlier accidental Radar effects, seem to have been withdrawn years ago (instead of being aggressively and widely deployed). While you did highlight an Electronic Countermeasures capability that may be similar, there is no indication from the Nimitz, Roosevelt, or the latest encounters, that this capability was actually used to engage the ‘bogeys’. Since we *know* from the [otherwise inexplicable] Crash Retrievals that the Alien craft are vulnerable, and Can Be Shot Down, the issue is “What is *really* motivating those responsible for our [ET] defense?” By far, the most straightforward and rational explanation – the ‘Occam’s Razor’ solution – is that those responsible [or, rather, those successively occupying the key positions of responsibility], over the years, have been progressively, systematically “Compromised” by the Invasive Species, specifically in order to suppress Earth defenses, a strategy which seems to have succeeded dramatically over the past 65 years.

    In 90 days, or thereabouts, “Official Disclosure” will be a ‘dud’; a propaganda exercise to loft a new standard Narrative, to replace the old one (“UFOs Don’t Exist”) which is no longer viable. It will be intended to satiate the mild curiosity of the masses (i.e. “Yes, ETs pop by, occasionally – but that’s all we know”), without provoking serious debate or discussion that can’t be contained (in a now increasingly brutally censored media). So, we are faced with circumstances under which genuine (i.e. “Full”) “Disclosure” can only come in one of two ways; by “Manifestation” of the Aliens themselves, when sufficient control by their Vichy Collaborators (and Hybrid Operatives) makes resistance improbable and manageable, OR by “Exposure” by a reinvigorated Ufology that plays by new rules, plays “for keeps”, and eschews all of the extraneous (and “wishful”) distractions that the Aliens would prefer we remain preoccupied with. [Even as I write this, I am watching J. Michael Long’s 2019 documentary, “Alien Armageddon”, available for Free on TubiTV.com, which provides a decent overview of the situation (as have several of his previous films relating ‘Ufology’ to ‘Conspiracy’).]

    Some people are always going to hate the Military; some people are always going to root for the Aliens to just “come in and ‘Clean House'” where our corrupt Human leadership is concerned. But the evidence clearly supports the contention that the Aliens have been manipulating our Military, and controlling our corrupt Human leadership, themselves, for more than half a century at this point, toward Their own desired outcomes. Otherwise, those Destroyers would have been equipped – and authorized – to “Splash the Zeros” (as Kirk Douglas ordered from the Nimitz in “Final Countdown”). I’m sorry, but no other explanation works, given the facts.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Just want you to know that I read this comment very carefully. Not going to issue any further comment but to say that you expressed these thoughts well.

  8. Keith Pegg

    Thanks for the show, it is the worst of times or maybe the best of times. the UFO stories are great, hope we really do learn what is going on in June. Most likely it will be a grey with to much redaction for most of us. From a new member. Thank you,

  9. Jake2020

    The 2004 Nimitz Tic Tac encounter was reported to be “off the coast” of San Diego, California. The July 2019 Channel Islands are located around 100 miles as the crow flys up the coast from the Nimitz. In terms of UFO’s thats a miniscule distance. In terms of Trump and back in the day 2019, it was obvious that the USN is “disturbed” about something. Since all INTEL is compartmentalized it could be as follows:

    The entire situation could be a INTEL controlied psyop. It could also be a faction within or located in the USA attempting to get the USA to engage in a military action so as to probe the total capability of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System.

    The same goes for Aliens as in ET. I believe that ET is here and has been for 1000’s of years. I have my videos and pictures. Apparently THEY DONT want disclosure. I also believe they have cirquids technology as thats why they enter our oceans as what I witnessed on 18Dec18 was one HUGE mother of a black triangle flew right over me. The thing had 100’s of geometric projections on its belly. Others in South Carolina have also seen, videoed and swear by what I saw. I am the only one writing about it.

    Since there are apparently fissures beneath the ocean along the fault line in that region, who knows. It could be their Hive.



      1. Jake2020


        I am not sure if they ever published the Case on TBV. I combined it with other sightings heres what I wrote:

        UFO Sighting Report #217778 / posted
        01/20/2019 10:18 am

        “2. Just not documented?

        I had another sighting in December 2018 of this enormous bright light that was coming towards my home from Charlotte, NC. at around 5:30AM-6:00AM. To this day I did not report that to NUFORC. I was awakened that morning by a supposed flashing “multicolor star”. I could see one through one of my South middle bedroom transom window and I said to myself that they are back so I went outside. I don’t believe the flashing objects are stars, nor do the other witnesses to this day. I only took one pic in December and that’s when I caught a triangular object going between me and the moon. I am upset that I moved and the picture is not clear but I saw a huge triangle with a huge amount of engineering and detailed features on its belly. It WAS NOT a stealth bomber as its tail was flat like an equilateral triangle. Its engines made no noise. I attache a video of of it as taken from my Android phone. I put the camera on the roof to stabilize it. That’s why its angled to the ground. The intermittent “flash” of the lights is because of tree branches. Thats when I said to myself is that the same thing I saw in May and passed the info onto TBV.

      2. Jake2020

        I am not sure if they ever published the Case on TBV. I combined it with other sightings heres what I wrote:

        UFO Sighting Report #217778 / posted 01/20/2019 10:18 am
        “2. Just not documented?

        I had another sighting in December 2018 of this enormous bright light that was coming towards my home from Charlotte, NC. at around 5:30AM-6:00AM. To this day I did not report that to NUFORC. I was awakened that morning by a supposed flashing “multicolor star”. I could see one through one of my South middle bedroom transom window and I said to myself that they are back so I went outside. I don’t believe the flashing objects are stars, nor do the other witnesses to this day. I only took one pic in December and that’s when I caught a triangular object going between me and the moon. I am upset that I moved and the picture is not clear but I saw a huge triangle with a huge amount of engineering and detailed features on its belly. It WAS NOT a stealth bomber as its tail was flat like an equilateral triangle. Its engines made no noise. I attache a video of of it as taken from my Android phone. I put the camera on the roof to stabilize it. That’s why its angled to the ground. The intermittent “flash” of the lights is because of tree branches. Thats when I said to myself is that the same thing I saw in May and passed the info onto The Black Vault. ”

        I also wanted to comment as to supposed “drones” as in the matter you reported out on. My federal contacts stated that in and around DC they have already deployed a countermeasure that can not only zap a drone in seconds rendering it useless but also guide it to a specific location on the ground in case it has a bomb or bio weapon, etc. As such the USN slould already have that capability.

      3. Jake2020


        I also write on another blog under a pseudonym. I also documented my Black Triangle “cirquids” eye witness account there in more detail than on TBV. Based on the back / forth with other members its almost like a diary.

        Many others who live in South Carolina reached out to me in private as they were slapped by Moderators for some unknown reason for writing what they saw on the triangles. Especially the guy who seems to know where their base is. Several wrote me that when I thought the triangle was landing at the 3 mile long runway at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, they disagreed and two members wrote no, its the ocean. That’s when I looked into Cirquids Technology.

        Why my follow-up is that I will again reach out to see if I can get them to expand upon their opinions. Plus once again if the silent black triangle is USA technology. Where did they get it.


    1. itsmeRitaC

      That ‘news’ outlet is not exactly the most reliable source, i have been aware of it for a long time.

  10. D.A.


    Another great show.

    Just a quick thought: The reported Navy actions regarding the surveillance of these objects, and the high-level investigations that had ensued, coupled with the lack of an active response to what should have otherwise been interpreted as a potential threat, indicates–at least to me–that to some extent the Navy is not only prepared for such incursions (and perhaps even expecting them), but at some level they have a very good idea as to who these objects “do not” belong to; and to that end, have in place an active plan to study them, not to destroy them (even if they felt they could). The last thing you would want to do is piss off a swarm of hornets while running naked and barefoot in your back yard–nothing, and I mean nothing, good could come of it. And if the military has learned one thing, it is protecting their assets the best they can when confronted by a clearly superior adversary. I think they probably learned that lesson the hard way when little Tommy Mantell had the audacity to think that he could actually engage and overcome a mighty weather balloon with just a P-51 Mustang.

    With that said, I believe any investigations into nearby cruise ships, sailing vessels, or other potential launching platforms, during these last Naval encounters, were but mere formalities. The sophistication of the Navy vessels’ detection systems would have already ruled out those possibilities long before any investigations could have ever been launched. Those investigations amounted to nothing more than looking at potential “persons of interest” or witnesses to a crime, you might say, which had to be formally questioned and ruled out before any in depth investigations could take place. Just as in any murder investigation, the first people interrogated, if not suspected, are those that are closest to the victim.

    Clearly there are official military rules of engagement in place for these types phenomena and encounters. Find out what those rules are, as well as the basis for their implementation, and I think a lot of our questions would be answered.


  11. mcwest50

    Just for some possible clarification have these incursions happened to other navy’s not
    expecting China to offer information, but our allies like Britain or France and others have
    they reported similar encroachments around their ships. Richard we know their interest
    in nuclear power plants and storage facilities which have weapons. I have to broach and
    hope you are someone can with the little data we have describe the day to day activities
    of a gray, and do they suffer from monotony? and being so advanced how do they avoid
    this. As you can buzz us for so long for kicks and then have to return to their base.

  12. PressToDigitate

    RMD – FYI:
    THIS JUST IN – #Wuhandromeda, it turns out, doesn’t just spread direct Male Infertility via decreased sperm counts & motility. It ALSO triples the incidence of ED; – AND causes Low-T in between a quarter and a third of those infected (including the “Asymptomatic”). This just reinforces it: COVID-19 is a ‘Eugenic Bomb’, intended for covert *Depopulation*, in the generation after next (hence, the spared Young). [See “Childhood’s End”, by Arthur C. Clark.]


    ALSO Fresh in today’s headlines: https://www.theepochtimes.com/un-migration-networks-to-facilitate-migration-stir-concern_3755724.html?utm_source=pushengage Its becoming more obvious each day where all this is heading; the “theoretical” Conspiracists were right, all along – about Depopulation, about *Agenda 21*, all of it. They just have no clue who is really behind it all – or Why. WE Do.
    Agenda 21 will forcibly relocate the [dwindling] Humans into a few, dense, ‘Approved Zones’ (think “Gaza Strip”), so that Someone Else can relocate onto all the newly-emptied (“rewilded”) land.

    Only Ufology can solve for the mysteries in “Conspiracy Theory” – and, *Vice Versa*.

    PS. YouTube has a plaque that you become eligible for upon reaching 100,000 Subscribers, but you have to request it. It will look nice next to St. Michael and your new LCD Wall Clock:

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for this terrifying information! I have to say that it does look as though a concerted plan, well thought-out, is being implemented. And it could very well be that Covid has become part of it. I’m still holding out on a firm conclusion but I must admit the implications seem to be staring us in the face. And I will need to request that plaque from YouTube.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        To serve man is a cook book!!! I say Rod was a hybrid trying to give us information because he knew we would be talking about this in the future and i would like someone to prove i am wrong! Please, i am actually putting it out there.

        I am curious as to what percentage in the recently active ‘ufo community’ are people who could possibly make money with military/tech patents? I am wondering but in the interest of transparency, i would like to know. I think it is important. Very.

        yours truly, meritac

        1. PressToDigitate

          Rod Serling might very well have been “one of Them”, put here to ‘condition’ our culture — like ‘Jesus’, etc. I have no problem with that hypothesis. Very Few people in the last 65 years have had as great (and subtle) an impact on the attitudes of our entire civilization; and, when you begin to analyze it, you rapidly come to the realization that next on the list would have to be – Gene Roddenberry. So, yes, they just *might* have really been “trying to tell us something”…

          As for Humans in Ufology making money off of Alien Technology, whether given to them physically, or by dream/download/vision, or leaked from government reverse engineering efforts – that’s a non-starter. Just ask Tom DeLonge or Joe Firmage (or Nikola Romanski, or others…) Every individual Research Inventor, or Tech Startup that has attempted it over the last 50 years has been destroyed, by methods which usually seem to involve the use of anomalous psychic ‘mental suasion’ (by *someone*) to sabotage and disrupt their operations. Sometimes, the ET’s “enforcers” just kill the Inventor and/or burn down his lab, but usually their Black Ops to do so are more subtle and sophisticated. It is beyond the capability of the Human ‘Intelligence Community’ to conduct these Ops; and, so, its not ‘Ex-Spook’ mercenaries for “Big Oil” or “Wall Street”, either.

          Were it not for these covert ops by Alien Hybrid Operatives, there would be Human-developed ZeroPoint/Free Energy/Overunity and Cold Fusion technology on the market today, with no Carbon (or other) pollution, no starvation or scarcity or homelessness or disease, and Anti-Gravity (“Electrogravitic”) propulsion would be in use throughout our transportation infrastructure, as well as our spacecraft. There are no actual Humans (apart from, perhaps, a few Vichy Collaborators) who didn’t want this to happen. Its all on Them – the ETs who are organized to prevent it.

          1. itsmeRitaC

            Well, if dark money mic contractors are being stymied in their tracks, i am not going to think the ET are off base! 🙂

  13. Scott Santa

    Specific to this incident – When we talk about these “ufos” reacting – firstly we assume that they are probably “manned” or piloted in some way – but what if they aren’t manned at all? If we go beyond this – and presume that these object are NOT manned but controlled by something or someone(being), somewhere just beyond our perceptual capabilities with say a joystick (in the Matrix maybe) then perhaps we need to ask; Does their reaction = emotion? Maybe these things are drones in a sense, just NOT the human kind. If they don’t have what we would recognize as emotions – maybe that’s why they are doing what they do. They’re studying our emotions by analyzing our reactions. Just a wondering thought.

    Apologies if it seems that I’m just echoing Richard’s question(s) here – I just find this utterly fascinating – yet so utterly frustrating.

  14. Windy Weaver

    What about the military and private industry cooperating? Do we know if the ships were asked not to shoot at the objects? Private industry in cooperating with the military could definitely be why they got away with it.

  15. David LoVecchio

    Just before this show went live I heard back from someone with considerable professional experience working with drones and drone tech. I had asked a few questions related to The Drive article’s summary of the events and this person was kind enough to answer them. Here they are along with the responses I received and an additional more generalized response:

    Q: Are they aware of any consumer, private contractor or military grade drone/UAV capable of 90+ minutes of powered flight operating under low-visibility conditions?

    A: YES, many companies build commercial use (not consumer, but for professionals with FAA approval) and military UAVs with these capabilities. But I cannot share details.

    Q: Do they have any familiarity with drone/UAV operations based out of the Navy base on San Clemente Island?

    A: YES. But I cannot share details.

    Q: What is their opinion on the source of the unidentifieds?

    A: I imagine it’s a program from either ONR (Office of Naval Research) or one of the “3-letter” agencies (the spy peeps).

    1- I am very familiar with every UAV/drone listed in this article and their capabilities.

    2- I am familiar with the optical and sensor systems on these Navy ships.

    3- MANY UAVs can fly faster than 45mph. They only address consumer drones like DJI’s Phantom 4, which is ridiculous. There a dozens of commercial (not consumer) drones with much capability including speed and time in flight.

    4- They keep mentioning “line of sight”, which is only required for consumer drone flying at this time. Companies (and for sure the gov’t) flies what’s called BLOS (beyond line of sight) all the time.

    5- My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that these UAVs were military operated and part of a training exercise, especially in those waters off the CA coast. If they were suspected to be enemy drones, they would have been taken down ASAP. The military has technology to kill power systems on UAVs in flight, and that would have been the end of it.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Wow, outstanding information. there’s a good likelihood I will follow up on this next week for my YouTube show and incorporate this information. Thank you so much.

      1. David LoVecchio

        You’re very welcome 🙂

        I had tried to get it to you before the show via an email from the ‘Contact Us’ page on this site and through an email to your admin address from the forum but I figured there was a low probability it would get through in time :/

      2. whatif

        Indeed, interesting information, however one must ask, if this were a covert ONR program, why would the the USN conduct an investigation concerning the incident? Likewise, if some other US agency were the culprit either 1. the USN was out of the loop and would have authorized immediate destruction of the UAVs, or 2. the USN was in the loop and would have buried the incident, they certainly would not have conducted a formal investigation.

  16. Lievesley

    Thank you for this Richard….an intriguing case for sure! I did notice that Popular Mechanics described these drones as “tic-tac shaped” in its headline, but not in the article itself.
    I also watched Lue Elizondo’s discussion on the Vechten met Moszkowicz Youtube channel immediately after this. Although it was punctuated by Elizondo’s usual references to his non disclosure agreements it seemed to me that he went a little bit further than usual towards the ET hypothesis….

  17. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard, this show has made me think about something I’ve not considered before, and that’s the gap (in time) between a new design or technology being implemented by the US Military, and it then being “officially” announced to the public.

    I have no real data to back this up, apart from some half-remembered statements about the B2 concept being worked on in the 1980’s! Given how long the gap between that systems design and deployment was, and the official announcement of it, I have a strong feeling the time between those dates has historically been lengthening.

    Maybe it’s because the next new “big thing” they could/should announce to the public is so radically advanced they simply can’t spill the beans? How could they? If it was – for instance – a fully antigravitic system like the much rumored TR3B – or even something of a relatively “safe” mid-point announcement of the Aurora? I believe even that would be enough to start the public raising difficult questions about where the technology for such an aircraft came from.

    If I’m right I wouldn’t mind betting that the gap will continue to grow, until an unexpected situation forces the military to release/announce some of their technology – most likely in an effort to cover up a genuine alien sighting. That could also be the reason why they’re sitting on these technologies too, I suppose. They’re something of a “get out of jail free card” for them currently. Advanced tech that can be wheeled out and put on display if there’s a modern day equivalent of “The Phoenix Lights” mass sighting. A last desperate attempt to keep a lid on things…

    I’m sorry my thoughts are a little lacking in detail here but I’m not a military historian, just an interested observer. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

  18. ColonelBleep


    I’ve looked further into the USS Kidd and Nimitz incidents. A witness on the USS Kidd has said that these objects said that they looked like the Tic-tacs. So I will retract my ex-dimensional RV hypothesis for these incidents in the SOCAL OPAREA. There have also been reports dating back to 1957 about similar encounters around Guam.

    So I think there is an underwater base or colony in the Pacific and the operators of the TIC-TACS and the submerged mothership are engaging in intimidation tactics. I would tend to think that the Navy’s underwater hydrophones may have picked up activity in the Pacific area. I would also believe that the Navy might send a sub to investigate. I’ve found a You Tube video about an alleged underwater base and very loud sounds recorded by NOAA hydrophones.
    If there is a underwater ET base in the Pacific, the likely reason for its existence is to mine the metals that exist in the form of manganese nodules, which contain other elements, including Rare Earth Elements.
    Deep Sea mining is very costly and difficult for us. But an advanced civilization might be able to do it. There are billions of tons of these nodules on the ocean floor. Maganese is important as an alloying metal in the production of steel. What could be going on down there is a production facility to produce metal to build more structures for a colony of ETs. It is likely that the Navy brass has been aware of this activity for quite some time.

    1. ColonelBleep


      “Additionally, David cited a Navy Vet, to whom he speaks very highly of in regards to the latter’s friend on the USS KIDD in 2019 who stated:
      “I know he said he could see them with the naked eye and they were almost eye level with the bridge hovering. They were the same tic-tac shaped objects.” [emphasis added]”

      I think these TIC-TACs are trying to send a message. “You can’t catch us. But we can find you any time we want to and give you grief” Back off!” They are claiming territory, so to speak. I believe that there is an underwater colony and mining operation going on down there in the nearby area. The California Coast is supposed to be a real hotspot for Underwater UFO activity.

  19. ColonelBleep


    The Tic Tac UFO incidents are a small part of overall UFO activity in the California Coastal areas. So many different types would suggest a common area where different ETs can meet or multiple bases. But UFOs have been spotted all over the globe. It appears that Earth is a common resource for ETs with colonies elsewhere in this solar system. They use the seas as a way to keep out of our affairs and to be left alone. Possible locations of colonies are most likely the Moon, Mars, Venus, Titan, Ganymede and other moons of Saturn and Jupiter. The Earth would be an indispensable source of metals and other minerals. If there is underwater mining going on, then the finished products might be used locally or in nearby colonies. Colonies in other star systems are likely as well . An solar system wide economy might be in place without our knowledge. Earth might be like Barter Town in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. “People come to Bartertown to do a little business. Make a little profit” But who runs Barter Town?

    Another area of concern is if underwater activity is so extensive that it is contributing to climate change. The sea is becoming warmer faster than expected. Mining activity by ETs could generate a lot of heat at the bottom of the ocean, potentially affecting currents and weather.

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