Three Forgotten US Navy UFO Encounters | The Richard Dolan Show

By | May 2, 2023

Hi Everyone,

This video will become available at 8 pm tonight Eastern Time. I have three US Navy UFO encounters that are barely known anywhere (one of which I did talk about on this site a few days ago … the 1954 USS Roosevelt incident plus two others that occurred in 1971 and 1991). 

For this video I prepared a number of visuals using my limited skills to give a better sense of what these encounters looked like. I’m surely no pro at this but the images all came out well and, as far as I can tell, accurately. Basically, however, these are three fascinating stories that I happen to think are true, which is why I discussed them. 

It seems very important now, more than ever, to remind people that the US military has been having extraordinary and dramatic encounters with UFOs for a long time. We all know this, of course. Still, I think the world needs to be reminded of this, which is what I tried to do here. 

I hope you enjoy the video. It will stream at the usual time. 🙂




7 thoughts on “Three Forgotten US Navy UFO Encounters | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Ted2

    One issue about the Roosevelt CV 42. She had a crew of 4100. Most of the anti-aircraft weaponry were 5-inch radar directed guns in 10-18 turrets (depending on when this actually occurred). It would take a few minutes to call the crew to battle stations to man the ship’s defenses and that alone would prompt questions about what was happening by even the sailors in the boiler rooms. On that ship, it would be difficult to keep every sailor from learning what went down. Remember the navy slang term for rumors– scuttlebutt.
    Even though this happened almost 70 years ago, there are probably a few of them surviving to this day. It would be interesting to locate some and see if they remember this event.

  2. Ted2

    Along the same lines of my previous post, the US John F. Kennedy had a crew of 3,300 and the captain’s broadcast wasn’t sufficiently specific to keep anyone not directly told to keep the event a secret. As this occurred much later than the Roosevelt incident, there are likely crew members that could substantiate this report. I think both cases should be re-reviewed and an attempt made to see corroboration from other crew members.

  3. D.A.

    Ok, you asked how many years should the case of UFOs be kept secret? I know you were being rhetorical, but you did ask, so…

    First of all, as you are all so painfully aware, there are many different flavors of secret, and how much, if any, of them will ever be disclosed to the public depends on the agenda of those holding which particular secrets. Clearly, secrets held by the deep-state MIC faction, who holds the keys to the reverse engineering shed, will never be divulged to the public, unless the deep-state faction is forced to divulge them…say, by a Congressionally mandated investigation. But even then, the secrets will not be divulged to the public…only to the investigating organization (who will be ultimately controlled the by the DIA/ODNI under AARO), and possibly a select few in Congress: however, as Chris Mellon once alluded to—and this is why I still hold out at least a little hope for our AOA friends—once Congress gets involved, they will automatically become the weak link by default in what could ultimately end up being a very thin paper chain.

    As far as the standard run-of-the mill UFO secrets involving military incidents are concerned: you’ve seen first hand a limited disclosure initiative involving a select number of specific incidents, in which our friendly neighborhood AOA played a major role in, if not the main role. But as we have unfortunately seen with our very own eyes, the disclosure spigot has once again been shut off (with the exception of a dribble here and there to keep up the appearance of transparency).

    Now, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I could concoct a whopper of a story to explain all of this, but I’m not…so I won’t. I’ll just say that you might be asking just a little too much from our Government;-)



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