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By | February 21, 2023

Hi Everyone,

This video becomes available tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time. I recorded this a few days ago with the longtime head of Project Hessdalen, Dr. Erling Strand. 

For those who might not realize, Hessdalen is in a fairly remote area of Norway, about 200 miles north of Oslo and inhabited by about 150 villagers. There’s not much going on there — except for a 40-year-long phenomena that continues to elude clear answers. Most of the Hessdalen phenomena seem to be in the form of inexplicable lights, although sometimes distinct craft are observed. 

Dr. Strand explains the basic history of the phenomenon as well as recent sightings. We examine several interesting photographs and video as well. I’ve wanted to do a program on Hessdalen for quite some time and am very happy to have had this one with Dr. Strand. 

We also did a members-only Part 2 of the interview which is scheduled for 8:01 p.m. Eastern time at this site. That is a nice conversation in which Erling Strand describes three personal UFO sightings, all of which are noteworthy. 


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  1. Archetype

    Very interesting discussion with Dr Strand. Thank you very much Richard for this interview.

    It reminded me very much of early 20th century sitings I’m sure you’re already familiar with, reported in Keith Chester’s book ‘Strange Company’ (Anomalist Books, 2007, chapter 1, pp.7-9), about mystery appearances over Scandinavian countries, very similar to the Hessdalen sightings.

    Apparently between 1933 and 1938 in the lead up to conflict there were many sitings that sound very similar to the Hessdalen sitings discussed here:

    December 1933 Aerial intrusion in northern Norway and Northern Sweden at the time thought to be 685km north of Hessdalen, in Västerbotten/Westerbotten.

    December 24 33 in Kalix on the Swedish border with Finland.

    Feb 3 1934 Finnish ‘Ghost aviators’

    Apr 1 1934 Sandnessjoen 574km north of Hessdalen on the coast reported an enormous aircraft with portholes moving in circles above the sea.

    Feb 11, 1937 Kvalsik, Norway – fishing boat encountered and aircraft sitting on the sea surface with red and green lights, but when he redirected his boat to offer assistance the object became enshrouded in a fog and then disappeared.

    Eyewitnesses at Västerbotten reported mysterious aircraft operating in atrocious weather, impossible for normal aircraft at the time, and visible because of projecting power ‘searchlights’ on the ground. Apparently there was engine noise on occasions, but others reported ‘low-level maneuvers in complete silence.’

    Kalix witnesses reported ‘beams of light’ coming from a machine that appeared to be searching the ground. The lights were described as blinding like strong daylight.

    Both Norway and Sweden were alarmed apparently by ‘phantom fliers’ locating and circling forts, military and railway installations and ‘boldly buzzing restricted areas of strategic importance.’ Sounds familiar now.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      These are indeed important sightings. I noticed I recently was criticized in a Youtube video for not paying attention to those Scandinavian cases of the 1930s. I agree they are significant. I believe I first learned of them years ago in Timothy Good’s classic, Above Top Secret. Thank you for mentioning them.

  2. Bjofod

    Did not know Erling had personal experiences other then Hessdalen, very interesting.

    I live only half a mile from him btw and we both live just a mile from General Secretary Stoltenbergs summer house. Hvaler, where there was several UFO observations in the 70s.

    World is small sometimes


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Stoltenberg!!! Okay I will avoid saying what I am thinking. However, I just found a fascinating USO case that is going into my next book, and this was from November 1972 at Sogne fjord. For several weeks there was some very odd activity that engaged the Norwegian Navy and NATO, and it seemed well beyond the capabilities of the Soviet Union. I’m sure I will be doing more USO videos in the coming weeks and months so I will try to do something on that.

      1. Bjofod

        At least You know what i am thinking and maybe you are on the same path.

        Someone said : the fight is against evil spirits in high places. Influence on a persons perception and behavior and decision making can easily be mistaken as «spirits»


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