Korean UFOs | Richard Dolan Show with Jinwoo Yu

By | August 8, 2023


Hi Everyone, 

This is an interview I am happy and proud to post. It occurred last week with Jinwoo Yu, a serious and dedicated UAP/UFO researcher from South Korea who is part of the Korean UAP Society. I actually did an interview with this group a few weeks ago and neglected to post it, so I am including below here in this post.

Our discussion here focused on some very interesting and pretty much unknown (in the West) UFO encounters of the twentieth century. There is much missing data in the Korean UFO files, so to speak, but this society is working very hard to gather it all together in a responsible way and to present it to the world.

Jinwoo provided a number of interesting graphics which describe some of these interesting encounters. One distinctly reminded me of the famous 1966 Westall Australian case of a landed craft on the grounds of a school — you’ll see what I mean. Other fascinating cases reminiscent of UFO encounters we’ve all read about in other parts of the world. Well, Korea’s got them too.

I really enjoyed this interview. Jinwoo speaks outstanding English and clearly knows his stuff. Great guy, and I hope you enjoy this as well.


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  1. D.A.


    I have something to share with you that is totally unrelated to Korean UFOs, which you might be interested in seeing nonetheless. A friend of mine is a property manager for a large corporation, which is in the process of moving their HQ to Westlake Texas. While there on a sight inspection last April (4/19/23), he decided to take some pictures of the new corporate campus, which butts up against a ranch that was once owned by Ross Perot. As he was panning the landscape from east to south, he stopped to zoom in on a small herd of cattle near a small lake about 300 ft away. He took a couple shots of the cattle, and then continued panning the landscape while taking more pictures. He never looked at any of the pictures he took until yesterday, when he started going through them to delete bad shots. When he came to the pictures of the cattle, he noticed something in the sky above and behind the small herd in one of the shots. He expanded the pic, and sure enough, it was a pure white Tic Tac UFO flying about 150′ to 200′ above the ground. He never saw the craft while taking the pictures because at the time, he was zooming in on the cattle in the foreground, and the craft (which was actually shaped more like a pure white medicine capsule) was pretty far away in the distance–maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. Despite the distance, the craft is clearly visible and distinct once you expand the photo. Of course, it could have been some kind of a blimp or a balloon, but I doubt it because whatever it was, it had to be moving fast enough that it wasn’t captured in the next shot, which was taken only a few seconds later. If you were interested in seeing it, let me know how to send it, and I’ll let you be the judge.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Whoa! I would love to see that, yes. Honestly, best way is right to the Contact Us tab at the top of the Menu. Our Assistant Shannon SEES ALL. She will get it to me and I’ll write back to you. This is the kind of thing that used to go to George Filer. And actually, I think he’s still doing it. Perhaps it’s worth a thought? But meanwhile, send here and I would love to see it. Many thanks.

      1. D.A.


        I just tried responding from my phone, but it disappeared, so I don’t think it was sent. At the expence of possibly double posting the same reply, I just wanted to let you know that I have not had any success using the contact tab on your site–most recently regarding the discussion group I had started a couple weeks ago in my community, which you had asked me to contact you about. Maybe I would have better luck if I were to send the Tic Tac photo directly to Bob McGwier via email through the member forum? Just let me know.

        I will talk to my friend about sending it to George. He’ll also probably send it to NUFORC.


  2. Dubh Sith

    I’ve learned so much from Korean Taoists. This seems like some kind of full circle in regard to the “small group” of learned people they have here 😉 A unification of thinking feels refreshing!

    Time does not bend; Taoists never questioned it! Everything is connected. That’s the ACTUAL physics. (I have something big brewing in regard to that.)

    My thought about “What are these visitors up to?” is that I think we would have to ask the visitors. I’m never comfortable with people “projecting” motivations onto other groups. I feel that other groups should speak for themselves – in the spirit of integrity. But, if they did that, we wouldn’t understand. Sucks to be stupid.

    FYI – I loved your “Alien Agendas” book. I found it tickled my imagination more than “projected” motivations. Stimulated thought is de-stupifying.

  3. Rmarks

    Hey Richard,

    With developments in the field so dynamic of late, it’s refreshing to escape the weeds of UFO Twitter and return to the basics: stories and accounts, collected globally. I think it’s central to the Big Question you’ve recently revisited elsewhere, which is ‘ what are these others actually doing?’

    USGS scientists studying river sediment in Paraguay do not feel obliged to explain their activities to the marmosets and howler monkeys watching from the jungle. likewise, I often think that the activities of the others have much less to do with us that we would like to believe.

    This is an awkward segue, but I also wanted to remark that ever since your update from the Erie Canal, I can’t get that song out of my head.

    I’ve got an old mule and her name is Sal…

  4. Craig Champion

    Nice interview with Jinwoo. It’s nice to know that there’s another bright mind, heading-up a ufo organization in another country; corroborates the similarities between Korean, U.S. and other worldwide sightings. So true that we Americans, generally-speaking are in a bubble and largely unaware of what’s occurring outside this country. Ideally, an international UFO community, networking with one-another would enhance the overall investigative cause.

    Thanks, Richard!

  5. paul treseler

    Kid seemed honest enough. Very private school in his Not Powerpoint presentation to show you does his homework.
    Attempted to ‘join’ his Society through his webiste. Had to Translate every page.
    Not looking to filter him, or data mine. Just send him some UuuuToob maybe he has not seen with Google Nationalism language/search barriers.
    You did a good ‘how to be a UFO Research Assistant’ for Jr.College student.

  6. Andromeda107

    Those are some great cases Jinwoo presented , cases going back from 1609 . The case from 1973 ,where the kids witnesses what they referred to as cloud, disperse into six ,then back into one ,then into two, what is that??? What was doing ?and why? That’s some incredible technology . I would love to witness something like that. It’s nice learning about cases outside the US ,and how their government handles ufos ,or not handle ufo sightings. Thank you Richard and Jinwoo, great informative presentation/interview.

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