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By | April 6, 2021

Hi everyone,

Journalist George Knapp just released a new article tonight detailing more information about recent U.S. Navy UFO encounters. Definitely worth reading. 

Mystery Objects Remain Unidentified – Mystery Wire

This article was just released so I am going to provide the link with minimal commentary. However, a few things are of immediate interest. First, there are new photographs that have never been seen, taken March 4, 2019 by Navy pilots out of the Naval Air Station Oceana, which is a large naval air station in Virginia, “home to the best aviators in the world,” in the words of George Knapp. 

He writes:

Since at least 2014, F-18 pilots flying into the zone designated W-72 have reported encounters with a bizarre array of unknown, unidentified objects and aircraft, positioned directly in their daily flight paths.

Then, on March 4, 2019, 

An F-18 weapons systems officer (WSO) seated behind the pilot used his iPhone to capture images of three different objects he encountered in the same airspace.

At 3:02 p.m. he photographed an odd shaped object. Another photo, taken close to the same time, was first posted to twitter on May 11, 2020, then again on social media 6 months later.

Other photos taken on the same day; March 4th, 2019 have never been made public until now. Mystery Wire has taken the step of watermarking these photographs in this article. We will, at a later date, release the photographs without watermarks.

The object the Navy calls the “Sphere” was photographed at 2:44 p.m.

The photos are watermarked by Mystery Wire but Knapp said they will later be available without them. There are several different types of objects that were photographed. One dubbed the Sphere, one the Acorn, and another as the Metallic Blimp, which appeared to have various appendages. 

I am sure we will have more to say on this in the next few days. I have the three photographs below, along with cropped versions of each. They may not be as interesting as a triangle coming out of the water (which we have been told about but not seen), but they are intriguing. We are told that while their performance wasn’t extraordinary like the Tic Tac or Gimbel UFOs, they were not identified as drones and remain a mystery. Apparently they did not perform like any drones the Navy was acquainted with, but that’s about all we know right now. In my opinion, the Sphere look most interesting but they are all noteworthy. 

However, I would love to know what you guys think. Do you think any one of these are most intriguing? And what do you think in general about the news release and the implications? 

Here they are (original for each and cropped). First, the Sphere (or “Jellyfish”)

Next the “Acorn.” In the uncropped photo, you really have to look for it, as it’s quite tiny in the image, on the bottom half of the screen on the left side.


And finally the “Metallic Blimp”

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  1. JimmyBee

    Hmm, that flying blimp picture sure looks that UFO that Bob Lazar and John Lear filmed over Area 51 (S-4). A close-up of a single fame here (pause video at 3:46):

    To me, the resemblance is remarkable.

    Waiting to hear a “debunker” claim that the “Jelly fish” picture is some artifact from the camera, even though the crew saw it with their own eyes, THEN took the picture. 🙂

  2. PressToDigitate

    If they were from NAS Oceania, then their ops area in that “Zone W-72” has got to be just a few air-minutes from us here at Wallops Island, VA. Besides the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport here, Wallops Flight Facility is also home to the Navy’s Surface Combat Systems Center, with two Aegis systems on land for training purposes, and an experimental hypervelocity Electromagnetic Railgun with a 100+ mile range at Mach 7+. If its happening in your backyard, as has apparently been the case here since 2014 off the Virginia coast, it sharpens the issue of what the Navy may be doing (or not doing) about the problem, beyond one of “are they hyping it for more appropriations?” (which they’re certainly not, or some of the programs and money would be channeled through here).

    1. PressToDigitate

      THIS came out today, regarding Hypersonic missile testing at the Point Mugu Sea Range, in the Channel Islands, between Ventura & Malibu California:
      Then, when you look up Point Mugu, you find that it is *practically on top of* Sycamore Knoll,
      which is the giant seafloor excavation/construction long considered the ‘base’ or focal point of all ETUFO activity off the Pacific Coast:

      It begs the question: Are the tests of the Hypersonic Missiles *there* and of the Hypersonic Railgun *here* just *coincidentally* situated immediately adjacent to the two major ETUFO/USO “hotspots” near our coasts revealed in the Navy disclosures since 2017? There are many places in the world where the Navy could test such weapons; better instrumented ranges – places like Kwajalien, where such tests could be done in complete secrecy. One would seem like a coincidence, but BOTH? And, which came First, the ‘Chickens’ or the ‘Eggs’?

  3. David LoVecchio

    I find the objects interesting but without further information I don’t feel that I can formulate an opinion beyond that.

    Regarding the article I do take issue with some of the writing. Take the following which starts off referring to another article in which Admiral Mike Gliday, in response to a question about whether or not the objects in question had been identified, states that they have not but the information is still being analyzed:

    Earlier this week, Chief of Naval Operations Michael Gilday was questioned by reporters about naval encounters on the west coast. Swarms of so-called drones buzzed Navy warships in July 2019, a few months after the east coast photographs were taken.

    The admiral said information has been collected and analyzed but the objects have defied explanation.

    That last statement sounds definitive but I’ve been unable to find any statement attributable to the Admiral stating that the previously referred to analysis has been completed. You could say I’m nitpicking but these little things can mean big differences when it comes to journalism.

    Other sections of the article seem to conflate the behavior of the “drone swarm” objects in the Channel Islands event, and recently reported by The Drive, with the behavior of other objects reported or photographed during separate incidents at other locations.

    The first paragraph below begins as a continuation of Admiral Mike Gilday’s answers to questions about the Channel Islands event and then mentions NI Director John Ratcliffe as someone that’s been briefed on the “mystery craft” which would reasonably lead some to believe that we’re still talking about the same event:

    The admiral said information has been collected and analyzed but the objects have defied explanation. In March, the former National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe told Fox News that he was one of many top officials to be briefed on the mystery craft.

    “We are talking about objects that have been seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain,” Ratcliffe said. “Movements that are hard to replicate that we don’t have the technology for. Or traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom.”

    An additional problem I have with the above is that as my drone specialist contact pointed out regarding the Channel Islands event:

    1. We DO in fact have the drone technology to perform aerial maneuvers EXACTLY like those reported and attributed to the objects in the event.

    2. There HAVE BEEN drone based operations run out of San Clemente Island.

    3. The Navy DOES HAVE the capability to shut down powered drones in flight.

    It would be good to know if an attempt was even made to power down these drones or if such an action is part of standard protocol in such situations. If it is, or if it’s not, who in the CoC gives the order? Are there any other incidents on record where that order has been given or withheld? If so why?

  4. TomTort

    They look like drones of an unusual design. What is the altitude of the sightings. Why are they being released? I wonder if these sightings with this particular design are designed to throw people of track as to what is actually seen. Like Roswell. Just a weather balloon. In this case a high altitude drone. Interesting.

  5. Bob Levey

    I found them all amazing but for some reason the acorn shaped one really caught my eye.
    Very interesting read!!!

    Thanks so much for keeping us up to speed
    (no pun🤠)On these articles and all of the
    ufo/uap matters.

  6. Tomcat

    Great photos! The lifting body shape and lack of tic tac/gimbal performance suggests that it is an advanced terrestrial vehicle. Maybe it’s a not so secret test of an advanced propulsion system. Does that say Lockheed Martin on the side? LOL

  7. itsmeRitaC

    I just looked at the photos. I have seen the ‘batman’ balloon before and it was discussed right here by good old you.

    I have no idea what to make of the others as i have no way to do any kind of analysis, (how surprising). But i feel i have seen more meaningful photos from non military people which are now well known, from decades past. I am very suspicious of the sudden influx of these things from naval personnel. I also wonder how these guys feel comfortable posting on twitter. I mean, according to Lou Elizondo these photos would be evidence of a threat to national security.

    L.E. defined a ‘threat’ in three possible ways. One is being in our ‘airspace’ and another is apparent technology u.s. military doesn’t yet possess or understand. Those are two of them that i recall anyway.

    I assume that the DOD doesn’t mind if other countries can see all of this stuff? That is most peculiar for me , personally.

    By the way, i saw more of marco rubio talking to media and he does indeed say that the ‘threat’ is what is being focused upon. Something i predicted all along, and of course, you will say it is , after all, the ‘senate intelligence committee’ so what else would they be interested in. But as L.E. says, the definition of ‘threat’ has indeed been met here. So for me, there are a lot of inconsistencies.

    So why can these guys suddenly feel ok about posting on twitter? I am seriously asking.

    Thanks, i will listen to your audio though, and you may get into this in which case, the future me, is pleased. 🙂

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I have a brand new theory after seeing something on forum from Steve Greer and as i have said before, i agree with his general concerns. So. This is new or so i think so. I haven’t read it anywhere before i wrote it today. 🙂

      Maybe it is about blaming covert ops on ET? So u.s. can do all kinds of nefarious actions, per usual, and say it must be those ET doing it. It sounds like the same thing Greer is saying, but it also can be used by u.s. military and spooks to do their destruction on others on the planet.

      Two birds with one stone. So when the world sees these tic tacs over Iranian sites, well it isn’t the usa. We just don’t know who it could be? I think i am on to something here! I mean, the world governments have seen the tic tac, etc, and the navy officially declared it unknown. So. When u.s. is incinerating those pesky ‘others’ on earth, we have plausible deniability! I believe i have figured out this big ‘disclosure’ extravaganza.

  8. TomTort

    I have recently wondered what are the “tic-tac” and objects captured here really about. Is it that an Alien species is confusing us with reflective designs of our own technology or is it a possibility that
    our military has designs that are from a black budget contractor meant to distract both the military and the public? Is it possible to ascertain the actual scale of these anomalies?
    Also, since the dawn of the drone has this particular design of the objects been seen in the past?
    I realize my black budget question sounds odd, but considering there are so may departments in the military and government, it is easy to conclude that “One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.”

  9. Ron Holmes UK

    These are all fascinating Richard, but there is a danger here.

    WHAT IF this is an elaborate bait-and-switch? The images we’re now seeing are of such quality they’re clearly of “real” things – there’s no swamp gas left in the tank. The danger is that the powers that be are using (specifically) the Navy as a dis-information service.

    It would work like this:

    Don’t tell the Navy a thing – at any level. Then, bombard them with ever-increasingly brazen probes by tech they don’t have access to. Wait for the stories and images to leak (things always leak – no matter who the information is fed to – this is not a slight on the US Navy.

    Then, when it reaches a peak and the public are starting to talk about Disclosure Rallies on the streets of DC, have the Air-force announce that it was them all along.

    Have them release real footage of their tech doing maneuvers that are so similar to what’s been reported that it kills the subject STONE DEAD for fifty years.

    No, I don’t think this is what’s happening. But I thought of it, and I’m just an idiot sitting at a keyboard. These people are some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. These dis-information agents can think the average human mind into a twisted corkscrew!

    It would be an almost beautiful way of KILLING the UFO subject, and making it more ridiculous to talk in public than it’s ever been.


    This is real.
    The images are real.
    And all of this is a slow-drip disclosure because “something” has forced their hands.

    Maybe something as fantastic as the visitors taking direct action, given our species repeated refusal/unwillingness to “remove those corrupt in positions of power” and heed their warnings?

    Maybe they’ve lost their patience with us – or decided that the truth is too buried for us to get to on our own. And they’ve given an ultimatum.

    What if they’ve told “the bad guys” the day they’ll force disclosure, whether we want it or not, and what we’re seeing now is a dash to try to minimize the impact of that on our society?

    Or it could be weather balloons I guess.

  10. Doctor3j

    It’s beyond credulity to me that our pilots have to take their own photos with their own cameras. The reductio ad absurdum here would be to get out an old P-51 Mustang from WW II to get a decent picture. As Nick Pope told us confiscate the pictures and there is no proof. Surely by now there is no excuse for not releasing all the gun camera pictures taken of intercepted objects from the late forties to say 1960. Its 60 years ago. What could still be accidentally revealed about our intel. after all this time. We all know the answer.

    These photos must be more hidden than the formula for Coke, or KFC.

  11. Doctor3j

    It’s beyond credulity to me that our pilots have to take their own photos with their own cameras. The reductio ad absurdum here would be to get out an old P-51 Mustang from WW II to get a decent picture. As Nick Pope told us confiscate the pictures and there is no proof. Surely by now there is no excuse for not releasing all the gun camera pictures taken of intercepted objects from the late forties to say 1960. Its 60 years ago. What could still be accidentally revealed about our intel. after all this time. We all know the answer.

    These photos must be more hidden than the formula for Coke, or KFC.

    Lets offer a big reward for a convincing leaked real photo? Plus enrollment in the witness protection program.

  12. John Chadick

    Check out Lt Layten Bass and copilot Blanchards sighting in Korean War. I saw the original pilot report because my 10 yr old buddy swiped his dads secret file and showed me. He reported a translucent sphere that had darker edges like looking through a soap bubble. However he and Blanchard reported a faint halo also. Circled their aircraft and flew off at maybe 700 mph.
    When I finally saw the Blue Book report for this event on Black Vault, the military had always added “likely a balloon. Called him 40 yrs later and he confirmed the report was the original. Not happy we swiped it either.
    So these craft seem to span many decades, perhaps centuries and still look and behave the same.

  13. Lauren2844

    It’s so funny.. you know there is a group who “Clears for the public” photos that basically show nothing. However you know for sure there are photos that are perfect money shots of Alien space craft. There just not going to release them ever.

  14. Mcampbell

    Hi Richard, you wanted an opinion about the recent images. I am a member of your experiencer group. I did share information with them regarding the tic tac as well as the acorn object. First the acorn was in the North Sky, Not made by humans, not piloted by any beings, remotely driven, it is old, old, old, technology. It was suppose to be shielded, mechanically something was wrong with it. it was recaptured and was taken up into the air and out of sight. They called this back to wherever they are from. When asked why they were here, they caused a feeling of confusion, hard time forming words, they were stopping the probing. They said it was not coming back and we should not be messing with this, it has nothing to do with us. They were not happy that they had been seen, it was a failure on their part. They were on a ship behind a panel, chest up with light bluish grey light around them. It was pretty. Decided not to push further for safety. They gave a disheveled feeling from the experience.
    The tic tac was an observation pod that was sampling the atmosphere and gasses in the water. It has a stainless steel like interior. They can see out 360 degrees but we can’t see in. They enjoy being seen and their bases are not on earth. They like it cold it, it’s a protective pod. The outside has a skin like membrane that insulated to keep instruments cold. Our government knows about them. Sweden/ CERN is involved with knowledge as well. Sincerely, Laura Campbell

  15. clarsson19

    The implication of 3 different types of craft in the same area would be that they’re all related to the same source, which would aid in explaining why there are so many apparent different types of vehicles seen; we never knew if we should believe them to be of different origin – so, possibly not.
    The fact that the authorities are allowing these pictures to be released at all suggests some kind of trajectory to provide the public with additional information (accurate or not) perhaps in preparation for the “big” June report.

  16. TheZIgnal

    Wowzers. Look forward to hearing more about these. The clouds on the blimp picture look the wrong way around. Wonder if the orientation of the picture is off? We’ll know more when we get the metadata 🙂

  17. Patrick McCall

    It seems like in the last few months the “acorn” photo has misleadingly been included along with the story of the leaked report of the triangular craft that came out the ocean that Richard mentioned. Good to get more context about where this “acorn” photo came from as well as the others.

    I’m still holding out for the photo that was included in the senate intelligence briefing. These photos almost feel like we’re being thrown a bone, maybe even being intentionally confused or misled. So ridiculous that with all of the technology on these jets, we have to settle for an iPhone photo taken from a window …

  18. wildbill65401

    Maybe watching The Acorn move in a video would make that one convincing. Otherwise, no joke, it looks like a bug splattered on the windshield of the fighter jet. The Jellyfish I also find underwhelming as a still photo. It almost looks like it could be an optical illusion. For these 2, if there is video evidence of them moving, then I would be a believer.

    Now, for The Metallic Blimp, that one is definitely impressive and looks like something flying around with the fighters. EEK!

    To be honest, I am surprised that 1) the pilots are allowed to take personal cell phones inside the cockpit and 2) the pilots were allowed to post the pictures onto social media without any repercussions. Wow.


    Wild Bill 🤠

  19. Jeanne36

    Thanks for the info, Richard.
    Europeans can’t visit the website of MW.

    “This site is currently unavailable to visitors from the European Economic Area while we work to ensure your data is protected in accordance with applicable EU laws.”


  20. Anthony_Ian

    Regarding the recent official release of information we’re witnessing, Preston Dennett was interviewed by Grant Cameron on Grant’s YouTube channel a few days ago and he postulated that it might be happening because the government is losing control of the narrative and need to release information because they will lose all credibility on the subject if they don’t. I hadn’t quite thought of it that way before and I think it’s interesting.

    Here’s the link to the quote:

    Sort of a desperate attempt to stay ahead of a narrative that’s clearly run away from them. At some point every person alive will either have seen something anomalous or directly knows someone who has. That’s a tipping point. And if your government keeps telling you there’s nothing to it, what use are they? Many people will arrive at this logical conclusion unless the powers that be start releasing information.


      Yes, agreed. The government played their Condon Committee card long ago. They can’t go back now. They are out of runway. It’s time to land the plane.

      Perhaps the ETs have told them as much.

  21. Anthony_Ian

    One more thing, and this is minor. It occurred to me that all three of these photos could be of the same object. The ability of unidentified aerial phenomena to shift and change shape radically is well documented. Because all three were photographed in close proximity and time, but not together, I wouldn’t automatically assume they are three different objects.

  22. RAJOD

    Without context its hard to comment on them.
    The silver “Blimp” what did it do? Did it just float there for hours and move 20 mph like blimps do or did it zig zag around then dart into the sky in 2 seconds?

    It looks “Tic Tac” shaped

  23. mcwest50

    Pretty much everyone has chimed in on this one so I’ll add my 3 cents. At least the manufacturers are different.
    does this mean 3 individual types of Et’s? Maybe as someone recently published a book describing 82 types of
    Aliens. Apparently none of them stood for a photo op, so words or an artistic rendering will suffice. If they
    would f’k up and crash onto Neil deGrasse lawn so he and his neighbors could know what a buffon he’s been
    would be sublime.
    Each one is not even close to similar. That just means I have hope on finding out what the Black Knight was doing
    in orbit. We can’t even determine who is operating our President remotely. The most technologically advanced
    nation and we don’t know wtf is flying right over our heads, embarrassing, ya you could say that, or they know
    and maybe they want those uptight control addicts to admit what they are, because it seems to me they meaning
    those flying up our asses night and day sure want us to admit what and whom they are. It’s making our powerful
    Navy look impudent

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