Flying “Pyramids” Over US Navy Ships

By | April 14, 2021

More amazing news continues to seep out every week. This was something I missed for most of the last week, but was made public as early as April 8. Filmmaker Jeremy Lockyer Corbell, someone I’ve known personally since 2013, has been actively soliciting insiders and leaks for quite some time. In this particular instance, he received information, including video and images, of yet more US Navy encounters with (highly) unconventional objects. 

We are talking about spherical objects and triangular (or pyramid-shaped) objects. 

Here is what Jeremy had to say about this.

On May 1st 2020 a classified briefing was generated about the UFO / UAP presence, via the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Those familiar with the briefing articulated to me that the goal was to de-stigmatize the UAP problem and to promote more intelligence collection regarding UAP incursions and encounters with active military deployments. This UAP briefing was a build-on to a previous ONI briefing, generated October 18th 2019. Both were distributed across a wide range of intelligence networking platforms (such as SIPRNet, JWICS and various Intelink systems).

I was able to obtain information regarding these and other UAP related briefings – as well as – two unclassified slides and some of the most intriguing military captured UAP footage I have ever seen.

So, he is saying that in the aftermath of the classified briefing that took place on May 1, 2020, he received information, including video, that he then needed to investigate, corroborate, and confirm. Corbell describes doing this in a kind of investigative partnership with journalist George Knapp. According to Jeremy, they did indeed confirm that this information was genuine. 

Very significantly, we now get word from the Pentagon itself that, yes, the “pyramid” video is genuine. 

What he learned essentially were three basic things. First, that the May 1, 2020 briefing was done in order to educate the attending personnel on UFO/UAP, to destigmatize the phenomenon, and to promote more intelligence collection. This briefing contained “numerous recent UAP cases with photo and video evidence.” He learned that the briefing contained roughly ten videos and perhaps a dozen photographs of these objects.

As he described it, Corbell was given data on three events. One concerned the USS Russell in July 2019 off the coast of San Diego. It is very important to understand that the USS Russell was one of the ships involved in the recently reported Channel Islands UFO event from July 2019 that we posted from The Drive’s department The War Zone. The original article is here, and our initial post is here. Jeremy doesn’t say so in his own article, but this event is clearly part of the series of events that the War Zone reported. As a reminder, in that article, a series of mysterious “drones” were reported as getting in very close to the USS Russell and several other ships in its group during exercises. So now we have a triangular or pyramid-shaped object thrown into the mix. 

And indeed, in a video by George Knapp (Mystery Wire), he talks about this with Jeremy, and here the direct connection is made to the events of July 14 & 15, 2019. Furthermore, they point out that the ship logs of the Russell stated that the object hovering over them was a mere 700 feet above them. So this apparently is what they were talking about. And as Jeremy points out in the video below, that doesn’t look like any drone or aerial vehicle that we know of (of course, people have talked about the TR-3B Black Manta for years). 


Here is the video of the object, taken from the USS Russell in July 2019. (For the moment, it seems most reasonable to ascribe this to the night of July 15, which was the night that the Russell reported a great amount of activity above the ship).  


So this was not the only object over the Russell that night. It’s just the one that we can look at. Corbell writes in his article that “Observations of this encounter series were noted in detail” during the May 1, 2020 briefing. 

Jeremy also learned of another series of events that was discussed during the May 1, 2020 briefing, this one concerning the USS Omaha. The information here does not appear yet to have independent confirmation. And in fact, unless I am missing something that is staring me in the face, I was not able to determine even where the Omaha was during its encounter. If someone has that info, please write it in a comment or on  the forum. In any case, Corbell received some images of what was seen over the Omaha. This is a spherical-appearing object that is suspected of being a “transmedium vehicle.” That is, capable of traversing through the air and under the water. The three images do appear to show the object entering the ocean. Corbell noted that a search was made for this object, including by a submarine, but it was never found. He writes that “Observations of this encounter series were noted in detail.”

[These are the three photographs Corbell received, which he posted in his article linked above.]

Corbell also wrote that the May 1, 2020 briefing included a report on another event that was recently reported on, which was the March 4, 2019 photographs of the so-called “Acorn” UAP, the “Metal Blimp” UAP, and the “Sphere” UAP. We reported on those here on this site. 

All in all, this is more drip coming out of the faucet. 

I am currently in touch with someone who can shed some additional light on this and will report back as soon as I learn anything. And also if he is okay with me using his name. 

While it’s possible this is a sophisticated “controlled” disclosure effort, it’s also possible that it’s a straightforward leak made by someone who simply believes in getting the information out. The history of UFO leaks has seen many examples of this, but it is possible that the leak was made by someone powerful who wanted this information out.  But I would emphasize that the important thing here is to determine whether or not the leaked information is true, and so far there are no reasons to doubt that. 

The real question — again unasked — is “who could be behind these objects?” Who is flying those triangles (or pyramids)? Does anyone really believe it’s the Chinese or Russians? If not them, it seems to me we are talking about “us” or “them.” And still no one is raising this question. 


43 thoughts on “Flying “Pyramids” Over US Navy Ships

    1. Andromeda107

      Maybe some of these crafts are part organic,alive in some way;maybe its even possible they are being grown that is why the come is so many weird shapes and move in oddly when flying.

  1. itsmeRitaC

    This was posted on the forum regarding this story the other day. I thought it was interesting and only five minutes long.

    I am finding myself going toward eliminating the basics these days, for explanations. This is something of a change for me in recent times. I should say, i am more inclined to look for these than i used to be. For a few reasons.

    It does seem that the navy is now the ‘messiah’ of ufodom. Hmmm.
    Thanks Richard! I do appreciate you. Honest. I just seem to notice that when i check other comments, i seem to be the only one who isn’t saying “You’re the man!” Etc. 🙂 But then, it isn’t a turn of phrase i ever use in general.

    And i do beg to differ with you about certain things. But someone here has to do it!!!! 😉

  2. StreetDoc

    One of the still photos seems (to my mind anyway) to show ‘a sphere inside a translucent or transparent cube’, as one of the ‘objects’ had been described in one of the F/A-18 pilot statements. Does anyone else see that in the photo?… it seems clear to my eye, but also not clear.


      I could be wrong, but I thought it was a cube inside a sphere.
      This would suggest that the cube was emitting a spherical force field.

  3. whatif

    The objects in the video are terribly out of focus. I wonder if the triangular shape (pyramid??) isn’t just a manifestation of the camera’s aperture or light sensor. It is a common effect with distant points of light and out of focus objects like the one in the video.

    Also suspect are the flashing lights. They appear to behave a lot like aircraft navigation lights. _shrug_

    1. RAJOD

      Just think about your assumption for a moment. When you look at the moon does it not look like a moon? Some people even take photos of it. In General the human eye will see things at night much better than a cell phone camera. The people that took these photos most likely were seeing it much clearer than this video is showing.
      When view though a in focus night vision using the human eye will look better than using a cell phone on the same set up. I’ve taken many photos at night with my phone and cameas and they never ever look as good as it does with the naked eye. Only exceptions are using a “LONG” ex poser on a mounted telescope.

      Try to take a photo of the full moon with your cell phone. It will look like a blob, not even like the moon. They might even say to you “That is not the moon” and you would swear it was because your eyes saw it much clearer.

      So do you really think they would run out and take photos of something if their eyes did not see it and see it better than what turned out? They would not bother doing it.

      If it was nothing they would not have taken the time to photograph it so this notion of it being out of focus or a camera trick does not pass.
      One would have to interview the camera man and ask. Out of focus images tend to be round not triangles.

      Pixels in camera sensors are round not triangles.

    2. Anthony_Ian

      “… navigation lights. _shrug_”
      Do you think for a moment the men and women on this ship would have gotten their panties in a wad over a common aircraft? Do you think they would have made notations in the ship’s log over a passing airliner? Imagine the trouble these professional sailors would have gotten into from their commanding officer for calling a special “Snoopie” team to the top deck to record this occurrence if it turned out to be a mundane, easily identifiable terrestrial airplane, not to mention the razzing they would have received from their fellow sailors.

      No. From everything we’ve learned from this encounter there was something highly unusual about it from the beginning till the end. It’s clear from the way the Navy behaved, even calling for a special internal investigation, that this was strange and outside the realm of their training to even identify.

      If this were a random video on YouTube shot by an anonymous civilian I would tend to agree with your assessment; but taking into consideration who shot this video, under what conditions and with the added documentation that resulted, I think this bears a lot more consideration.

    3. Cathyd

      Blinking lights on triangles are *exactly* like the blinking cadence on military jets. Those are most definitely human made, imho.

  4. PressToDigitate

    “Controlled Disclosure” I think would ascribe more significance to these ‘crumbs’ than they really deserve. It seems more like the two ‘briefings’ referred to, and the video and stills, just were no longer important enough to go to the trouble of keeping them suppressed, what with the past three years of gradual releases, the upcoming UAPTF Report, and the suddenly [supposedly, ‘candid’] remarks by former DNI Ratcliffe, former CIA Directors Brennan and Woolsey, and the various remarks by Sen. Rubio, etc. If “the fix is in”, and the Aliens are going to manifest themselves in the next 6 – 36 months or so, *anyway*, all that Officialdom is doing/can do is to minimize the public shock, by cushioning the revelation with releases of the most mundane and useless information about the ETUFO presence that it possibly can. It is possible that the Pentagon/UAPTF will release a mountain of these “garden variety” encounters by the Navy, Air Force, etc., full of redundant technical detail of little consequence, sufficient to “bore the dead” on the subject – acclimating the public to The Presence, without addressing the “Who” or “Why” in the immediate future. This creates the perfect conditions for the subsequent ‘overlay’ of a new Official Narrative regarding the Aliens, on top of this [then commonplace] public understanding of the situation.

    If Greer were right about the military contriving some ET “False Flag” threat to scare everybody for more money, why is all of this being done so tentatively and furtively, devoid of ‘framing’ as to [what obviously constitutes] a potential tactical threat to our forces, at least? His ‘Exopacifism’ makes no sense against this backdrop, and his breathless warnings about the military “hyping” some “non-existent” threat just doesn’t comport with any of the reality that we’re seeing here from the Pentagon, in their releases and reactions to the issue.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      See the more recent post here from the Drive, and you will see a response to your “non existent” threat comment.

  5. David LoVecchio

    Richard, you may disagree with them or even dislike them but I would recommend you check out Metabunk’s discussion and analysis of the night vision video of the triangle. I frequently disagree with Mick West but I allow for the possibility that they may be right and I appreciate that they post their analysis for everyone to see and critique. I think the triangle footage analysis is worth reading:

    There is an interesting correspondence in terms of timing between the flashing seen on the triangle in the video and the timing of anti-collision lights on planes. That was on Metabunk and again, personal feelings about Mick West aside, it does provoke an interesting question. Jeremy explained the flashing as being due to the lights of a helicopter nearby but there is no indication of flashing on the post in the foreground and no sound of an engine or rotors. Not that the helicopter needed to have its rotors turning if it was grounded but then I would expect the flashing to be much brighter in the vicinity of the videographer especially given that they’re using such sensitive light-multiplying equipment. I’m sorry but for me without the briefing itself to provide additional context for any of these photos or videos there’s more that we don’t know than we know. If you have additional info that can help fill in the gaps please do share it!

    I’m also happy to reach out again to the drone specialist I spoke with earlier who thought, based on their reading of The Drive’s article on the Channel Islands event and their own professional experience in both the “white” and “black” worlds, that we do indeed have drones capable of at least behaving in ways ascribed to the objects that were seen.

    There’s also the following statement by Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough:

    “…DOD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examinations of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP,” Gough said.

    So I could be wrong but I read that as stating that if something is initially designated as a UFO/UAP and then upon investigation is identified the DOD will still not be discussing it publicly. This makes sense to me since it could reveal weak points in our detection systems that could be taken advantage of but it also means that there is no distinctive difference between something that is initially unknown and later identified and something that is initially unknown and remains an unknown after investigation: neither will be discussed publicly.

    So the public can and will hear about the initial unknowns and that’s it. There is no access to any info that would establish a ratio of initial unknowns and uknowns that retain that designation after an investigation. I’m thinking this matters because the noise/media generated by the initial report is all we’re allowed to respond to.

    I was interested to read the following as well:

    When pressed by intelligence website The Black Vault as to whether these UAPs were still categorized as unidentified, Gough only offered: “I have nothing further for you beyond what I provided.”

    That was a good question to ask.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree with you that metabunk often has valuable information. I can’t say I am a regular reader, but I have gone over there from time to time. I feel they lost some credibility when the original three videos were released a few years ago. My goodness, all that talk about the videos being hoaxed just makes me chuckle now. But yes, there are smart people over there who can be worth listening to.

  6. Anthony_Ian

    “Those familiar with the briefing articulated to me that the goal was to de-stigmatize the UAP problem and to promote more intelligence collection…” This is interesting. It can be read as an admittance to a previously existing policy of denial and stigmatization. It may be that the phenomenon has become so frequent — and even brazen — that the practice of stigmatizing witnesses has finally outlived its usefulness. At this point it’s apparent that the government can’t control the airspace even above its military. For them to come out and admit as much is downright shocking to me.

    It makes me wonder where this is leading.

  7. Bob Levey

    Unless we actually have one or several in our possession, as some say we do, are we completely sure that they are some type of metal or could they be some kind of living organic matter? Maybe radar proves the metal hypothesis, I’m not sure?
    Some of the descriptions I’ve read lead me in the organic matter direction. Talk about “Outer Limits”.

  8. MarkH

    Well done to Jeremy & George! TOSA’s (The Other Stars Academy) Moving the narrative along and in the right direction as normal for humanity.

    Why isn’t this front page everywhere? When will the tipping point be reached? These baby steps are killing me.

  9. Ed Klatt

    All part of the plan folks. Get ready for June. While I don’t expect full DISCLOSURE, what I do expect is that the task force, and the subsequent Senate Intelligence Committee, will at least be in a position to say what these things are not. I have been involved in UFO activities since the 1960’s, and I have NEVER seen the government so forthcoming about this subject. There has to be some specific agenda at work here that we are not being made privy to. There is just too much information being reported, leaked and verified by our esteemed leaders. This has never happened before, so it has to mean something, beyond the usual absurd malarkey concerning Russians, Chinese, weather balloons, etc. Moreover, if this is all part of some “secret” , classified US military technology, there is no way it would reach the public, via military channels. It simply makes no sense.
    The simple truth is, if the government did not want this released into the public arena, it would never see the light of day. My sense of all of this, is that it has some purpose in mind. What that is exactly, is anybody’s guess at this point. Indeed, as someone once famously said, we do live in “interesting times”.

  10. Pyroxide_Martini

    A couple of points:

    A) Does anyone report on the approximate size of the objects?

    B) The pyramid shaped UFO’s have appeared in popular media (sci-fi / gaming) for a while now. Interesting to note that the latest instalment of the popular game Destiny 2 – Pyramid ships enter our solar system and referred to as “the darkness” – however, it is pivoted somewhat as not necessarily being bad but a different interpretation of things etc (kinda like Babylon 5’s Vorlon’s and Shadows). You also see Pyramid UFO’s as far back as the original Stargate movie – so is it a case of the media being leaked intel to disperse through popular media again – a very slow burn so “new” craft isn’t as alarming or viewed as threatening? (similar to Spielberg and Close encounters rumours).

  11. J-Rod

    Mick west and Elizondo seemed to think the green triangle and surrounding lights were camera artifacts. Looked legit to me.

  12. Erik Neilson

    Hi Richard, I couldn’t help but notice the imagery you have for your UFO Reports: Early & Contemporary. Interview with Peter Davenport. The Richard Dolan Show (Pt1) By Richard Dolan | February 25, 2020; shows the same shaped triangular – pyramid craft as in this article. Where did you get the graphics from for that lecture with Peter? Are these potentially related to similar craft observed during the Belgium flap? I appreciate it’s just coincidencental but it caught my eye..

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      It seems plausible on the face of it but I would want to do more research before I comment fully. Tyler Rogoway refers to it in his latest article, which I just posted a breakdown of. Mick West is such a hardcore skeptic, I don’t think he has a balanced perspective. He’s a very smart man, but I just think his position on UFOs is ideological.

  13. Steven Cole

    The fact that NOBODY within official government has yet to explain or even to beg the question as to WHO is responsible for this seemingly impossible technology skulking about the planet and lurking around military installations is rather telling, I feel. It’s EXACTLY as Robert Bigelow cryptically foretold back in 2016, that there will be confirmation rather than explanations shared with the public. While yes- it’s rather infuriating for any educated researcher on the subject of UFO/UAP- I think it’s probably indicative of the fact that the answer to that question is likely something the powers that be considered potentially destabilizing, or at the very least, shocking to the uninformed masses. While it’s not an outright admittance of knowledge of the source of these craft, I can’t help but feel that if they were, say, Chinese in origin, our leaders and media would have zero problem coming out and stating the nation of origin. If (all of) these craft were American, they’d claim ownership outright or continue to pretend they don’t exist. So; in my opinion, the origin is in fact “alien”. It’s something outside of conventional box and could very well BE extraterrestrial in origin. What I find a bit nerve wracking is the question of WHY are they beginning dissemination of this material? I do not think it’s due to any outrageous pressure by the public, that’s for sure. Is some sort of outright contact imminent according to their sources? Or is there some threat that this poses that can no longer remain suppressed? I sure hope that’s not it. Maybe it’s just time to finally own up to the reality of the UFO and perhaps bridge the gap between “us” and “them” faster by doing so….

  14. mcwest50

    I want to know if you think all these close encounters are intended to announce their
    existence in an obvious way. I’m confused, well most of us are as to who owns what. It
    just seems it’s theirs (Et’s) as the secrecy our IMC has shown in the past doesn’t appear
    to have changed. If our craft were seen it’s by coincidence. Given the world is in a crisis
    and upheaval it would make sense they are making their presence known in order to change
    our concepts of life dramatically, a calculation to redirect our energy away from destruction

  15. Rob Jeffs

    We have to remember that the UAPTF is just a couple of people with no funding, so they will accumulate military cases just as MUFON collects civilian cases. However, they won’t be stars or Jupiter, but there will be mundane explanations for some, if not many.
    Elizondo talked about data fusion – using different forms of sensor data to create an improved situational awareness of objects and events. Until we have that, we don’t know what we’ve got. Some images may relate to the very unusual behaviours described during the ‘drone’ encounters, but others may be simpler objects. For instance, one of the mixed group of 3 photos appeared to include the image/object that correlates well with a Batman toy balloon (reported some time ago, with a cleaned up image).

    The ‘pyramid’ or triangle shapes in the video, might very well be a lens effect and a focus issue. It should be relatively easy for UAPTF to correlate the movements of known airborne objects, if such correlations exist. They may turn out to be points, rather than shapes, but they could still be images of non-human tech, if we’re lucky.

    One of the more spectacular encounters was the previously reported trans-medium sighting, and now we appear to have some images. It’s disappointing if the images only show an object descending towards(/into?) the water, rather than emerging, because it’s a less significant transition.
    The Aguadilla 2013 video appeared to show an object interacting with the water, but we have to be careful with that footage because it shows signs of lossy compression, which affects pixel values and it was IR too, which has its own peculiarities. These 3 newer images appear to have been collected by a FLIR device or similar. They will have positional data and possibly ranging data embedded in the images, which could answer a lot of questions, but again, until we have more data then we can’t be sure what we’ve got.

    Someone is trying to be helpful in sharing this, but just because its unidentified, it doesn’t mean that it’s what we’re hoping for.
    What we need is testimony like that of Nimitz 2004, combined with correlating images (or radar data).

    I know that’s going to annoy a lot of people, but I want that data too. I didn’t subscribe to be a debunker, but I’m also one of the few people who have attempted to analyse similar images and data, and I’m just pointing out the standard problems.
    With luck and additional assistance, UAPTF will be able to clearly demonstrate any truly unusual events in their report.

  16. OC

    The video has been put up on several sites I visit, the amount of ignorance and down right stupidity
    I see in comments continues to amaze me.
    A few people want to have a serious discussion about the phenomena, but are quickly drowned out
    by the mockers.
    The threads quickly deteriorate into a simpleminded laugh fest.
    We have a long, long-long way to go with the general population.

  17. MojoJojo

    I have a report that documents a “pulsing green pyramid” from 40 + years ago. So unless our foreign adversaries or ourselves have had this same technology for 40 + years, then I think it’s safe to say that it’s most definitely the “others”.

  18. Ron Holmes UK

    The “flying pyramid” appears to have navigation lights flashing. None of that feels right to me.

  19. Patrick McCall

    This clip is interesting for sure, but it would be great to have clear time, date, location, and description from witnesses to put it in context.

    It’s strange to see which clips and photos garner the most attention. These recent leaks are worth covering, but in my opinion none of them are as impressive as the Homeland Security footage of the UFO in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico from 2013. Funny how that footage as well as the Nimitz videos spent time floating around the internet to little fanfare, waiting for the moment when they get put in the spotlight. I wonder what other footage is already posted and not getting the attention it deserves.

    Aguadilla Puerto Rico Footage and story:

  20. mcwest50

    I think someone is letting us know their here and with capabilities beyond ours.
    Is it intended to bring their presence to the fore front and get this out in the open.
    Or is one of our adversaries sending a message, that does not hold water. Is it
    our own? Very doubtful, as this would reveal what capabilities we have. So I
    think they want us to know their here, and open our eyes and minds to unity.

    1. J-Rod

      @mcwest50. Good thoughts. If they are adversaries they’d have started some form of dribble conflict by now. On the other hand if they are “them” I’d like to think they wouldn’t keep us guessing about their presence. Dunno.

  21. Carolyn3

    HI Richard, Your statement below.

    The real question — again unasked — is “who could be behind these objects?” Who is flying those triangles (or pyramids)? Does anyone really believe it’s the Chinese or Russians? If not them, it seems to me we are talking about “us” or “them.” And still no one is raising this question.

    Can I raise the question?
    What if it is us and not them? Why would we be doing this? Also what if it’s them? Either way this brings up a lot of speculation on both sides.

    Thank you,

  22. ColonelBleep

    I believe these particular triangle shaped UFOs are our guys keeping watch over the Navy ships. Flying triangles have three spherical lights on each corner of the triangle, plus a central light in the center and that is similar to the layout of the classic UFO that Adamski photographed. I’m led to suspect that the triangle UFOs were developed from the design of Adamski’s UFO and it came about as an exchange between our government and a ET civilization. But the Venusian UFO had a compact energy source which we could not duplicate. The large size of flying triangles is probably due to the need for a large power system for antigravity propulsion, avionics and weapon systems. The development of an antigravity drive is a separate development from the power source. The power source could be dual redundant compact nuclear reactors, which would be similar to the liquid metal cooled nuclear reactors found in some Russian submarines. They would supply 400 Hz three phase AC to the various systems on the triangle UFO. 400 hertz AC is used on aircraft and I’m pretty sure that anything we build is going to have a power distribution system similar to conventional aircraft

  23. BrianRuhe

    Very good explanation and overview Richard!

    You save me so much time. Here in Vancouver, I and some in the Vancouver UFO Meetup group, where I was the first to discover Desta Barnaby in 2014, are taking on a Grey alien advocacy. I believe that they will uplift humanity with hybrids in the next 1000+ years and I am openly supporting that. I state this in my revised top four priorities for humanity, posted at:

    I feel that this answers your questions, at the end of your essay above.

    Brian Ruhe

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