Why UFOs are an Intractable Problem | The Richard Dolan Show

By | March 23, 2021

Hi Everyone 🙂

After last week’s new Richard Dolan Show on my YouTube Channel, and seeing how so many folks in the public seemed to want to hear more from me, I thought I would put something new together for tonight. I have a great theme, which will focus on the problems inherent in the forthcoming UAP Task Force. Dealing with the depths of the UFO/UAP problem is beyond their capability or willingness, as it must be for any government agency. I will go over the reasons why this is so. 

Tonight’s show will not be nearly as long as last week’s marathon. I will try to keep it to within 30 minutes. But I think it will be informative. Hope to catch you there. The link above is now live, so feel free to check it out when you are ready. I will start the action up at the standard time, which as always will be at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. 




25 thoughts on “Why UFOs are an Intractable Problem | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. PressToDigitate

    At T-2hrs (6:00pm EDT), Clyde & I are watching your 2011 Mufon Symposium Lecture on UFOTV over Roku. I think its one of your all-time best. We both thought “how young Richard looks!” – [failing to come to terms with the fact that we both have “matured” since then, as well]. Then we thought, “must be the grey beard, makes him look ‘scholarly’…” 🙂 But its a great presentation; you should upload it for your near 100,000 Subscribers!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi David, I actually think I have that one locked and loaded for Dolan on Digial, which I am STILL going to roll out soon. But I am very encouraged to receive that feedback. I will have to reexamine that one. I am sure I haven’t listened to it carefully since I gave it.

  2. Craig Champion

    Great questions and considerations. Agreed – it amazes me that most people just don’t seem to care about the UFO phenomenon. I’m guessing that the black triangles are actually ours but the question remains – what ARE they doing?!

    I wonder whether the breakaway civilization is upon us; it’s possible that most of the phenomena, such as the TicTac UFO are probably something from our space-based platforms. I wonder whether it’s in fact possible that the US Space Force operates with a policy that remains outside of the other services.

    At any rate, thanks Richard for your ongoing efforts!

    1. Paterson

      Regarding the question “what are they doin” the remote viewing group Farsight Institute has done extensive work viewing the activities of ET. And the answer according to their work is long and complicated. In short there are several groups of ET. One or 2 groups in particular have a huge amount invested in controlling humanity. The reasons are still vague at least to me. And the other ETs are kind of watching from the sidelines a little helpless to interfere for a lot of reasons but probably the biggest deterrent for would be allies is how can you help someone who can’t help themselves.
      Nonetheless it’s fascinating stuff if interested

  3. PressToDigitate

    Thank you for destigmatizing the Hybrid Infiltration concern publicly. You recently commented on Ufology’s “Old Guard”, twenty-plus years ago, not readily accepting Roswell, Abductions or the MJ-12/Majestic documents. But now, especially with the passings of Edgar Mitchell, Stanton Friedman, Bob Dean, Clifford Stone, Budd Hopkins and others (and the retirements of Tim Good, David Jacobs, etc.), YOU are, today, foremost among our avocation’s “Old Guard”; consequently, your public acknowledgement of an ET presence “Walking Among Us” is of severe importance to Humanity, if it is to apprehend the nature of the “Cosmic Emergency” that seems to befall us, here in the 2020s.

    What I find frustrating is the persistent reluctance to connect the dots between this covert presence, and the well-established body of Conspiracy “Theory” relating to the arc of decades – perhaps even centuries – which appears to have led us inexorably to the present crisis; one which meets all of the predetermined criteria for Their “Endgame”. Now, if the apparent objectives didn’t fit a logical set of strategic goals for an Invasive Species here discretely, or if we didn’t have very extensive and well-corroborated documentation of the role of occultic secret societies in this Grand Conspiracy, and *their own testimony* (Blavatsky, Orcic, Parsons, etc.) that the ETUFO presence was behind it all, we might easily dismiss ‘Conspiracy’ as wholly unrelated to ‘Ufology’. But, What IF they really *ARE* two aspects of the same problem? Things keep cropping up which belie the innocence of our Ruling Elites’ on the subject. The Dulles ‘LANCER’ Memo. Douglas Caddy’s testimony about Hunt – and its tie-in with Emmaneggar’s film (both in financing and in footage). That damned Feinberg book from 1969, which called out – as a positive “Goal” to be orchestrated – *exactly* what we’re about to see happen, by the end of this decade, in the Transhuman era. For perspective, I urge you to watch this Episode of David Icke’s series on Gaia, “Escape the Matrix” (S01E09), entitled “A.I. & The Archons” (the phrase he seems to be reaching for but hasn’t found yet is my go-to, “Drone Yoke”):

    I can certainly understand how, now, after decades “in the wilderness” while Ufology was entirely on the Fringe, it must be rewarding to be at the forefront, of a field of inquiry ever more vindicated by current headlines, week by week. A tentative, preliminary “Disclosure”, after a fashion, is likely to be granted [appropriately] sometime just prior to Independence Day. With an Official blessing of the subject by The Powers That Be, Ufology will finally become “respectable”, literally Overnight. By “keeping your nose clean”, in their eyes (i.e. avoiding taboo subjects), you will likely wind up on “Meet the Press”, “Face the Nation”, etc., as the Expert-du-Jour (if you have a good Agent); and there is significant value to obtaining that recognition. Without a doubt, we’d all rather see You as that public “Face of Ufology” than any of the other possible contenders. But, we may find that an ‘Opportunity Cost’ ensues, either way. If the “Worst Case Scenario” was that “all UFOs have been just holograms projected in the sky by greedy armsmakers, to justify more military spending”, then it wouldn’t much matter when – or whether – someone suitable ever *led* on the Truth. But you don’t believe that any more than I do.

    Kudos to Tracey for adding the beautiful “The Archangel Michael defeating Satan”, by Guido Reni (c.1635) to brighten your “Collab Room”. Her keen perception of subtle colors in interior design, in matching that to the room reflects impeccable taste. Or, have we guessed wrong that Tracey would have been the one who picked that out? 😉

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Regarding the St. Michael image in the Collab … that was my initiative. I have had a longtime love of St. Michael images and wanted some color! But Tracey thinks it looks great, too. 🙂

      1. PressToDigitate

        I beg to apologize! You are indeed as ‘Colorful’ as anyone else in Ufology!
        The painting is appropriate. We sometimes fancy you in that role, versus Seth Shostak perhaps…

  4. Phaelon

    Wow! Interesting stuff, Richard. We live in a rural part of the Adelaide Hills, which is about 30-40mins away from the city – so the night sky up here can be quite impressive sometimes. About a year and a half ago or so, as I was taking the bins out one night, I looked up and saw five satellites flying in a line – arranged in an evenly distanced formation – one behind the other. Much thanks to you and one of your guests, that you interviewed on your YouTube channel, I was able to make the presumption, that it was Elon Musk’s – and not something of ET or ARV origin. There have been questionable objects in the sky, which has lead me to think that I have possibly seen something else (ET/ARV) – but I am not certain to make that claim (grey pile).
    For anyone out there, I highly recommend reading ‘War In Space’ – by Nigel Flynn. A great read on the extravagant funding and development of weapon based satellites. I’m sure Richard and members of this website, will have a much broader recommendation.
    The small “sliver” of UFO cases, that have been reported in the last decade, are absolutely jaw-dropping. Keep up the great work.
    I’ll leave you with some links – relating to some more UFO cases in my neck of the woods.





  5. Jamie Kerr

    Hi Richard
    With the advancement of technology i.e.drones, it is surely going to be harder to tell what is a genuine UAP and what is a hoax. I’ve now seen a couple of ufologists allude to the Phoenix lights as being a possible projection of some kind. Do you know why in particular the Phoenix lights is mentioned in this way?
    Many thanks

  6. TomTort

    You are one of the few people I listen to who are concerned with the length of your lectures. I appreciate your concern for the audience that is listening. However, when the topic is interesting and informative, I think the length is irrelevant in most cases. Simply, when I am listening to your presentation, time slips by very quickly.
    It is not uncommon to lose track of time when the presentation is thoughtful and engaging. I think few people will argue otherwise. When one has a keen interest in a particular subject, rarely will one demand short lectures resulting in minimal content.
    I have noticed on a regular basis that you have lost the the track of time while conveying the details of your lectures. I for one while listening and taking notes have also lost the track of time, simply because what you have presented had maintained my attention and focus. This is a compliment to the way you present your information. Obviously, there are limits on how long people can remain focused whatever the topic. Yet to anticipate boredom after little over an hour is suspect to criticism.
    The bottom line is your presentations are well structured and very informative. I will add that your “off the cuff” comments are entertaining and welcome.

  7. Lauren2844

    Money doesn’t make you happy.. actually it causes far more problems.. I was never sued or had litigation against me until I started becoming financially independent. Money puts a huge target on you especially if your a public person..
    Steve Jobs said it best in his Autobiography.. “I’m worth over a billion dollars and would give it all up for an extra day of life on this Earth with my kids.” Wasting time trying to make large sums of money is nothing more than wasting your time in a very short life.

  8. mcwest50

    Will we find out in June who is flying the Delta’s. We all are bracing ourselves to be underwhelmed
    Unless you can get a MJ-12 member to open up we will never get the truth the whole truth and nothing
    but the truth, “The Truth is Out There”
    As a side bar: Would you provide your thoughts on the similarities and differences in Bledsoe’s
    experience and those at Skinwalker.
    My take is they have orbs and crafts and beings, the Lady and other small iridescent beings, and can
    make one see what they want you to see, Ryan’s relaying what his father was told.
    Skinwalker has beings that are invisible to us and can be in proximity to someone and not be seen and
    seems to want people out of their spot as it is a portal, this being playing with occupants and scaring
    occupants for amusement, question is can an evolved Et be capable of this twisted humor?
    They have a mastery of energy enough to manipulate it like magic

  9. mcwest50

    Since this is primarily the only way to possibly get a message to you I have a request, for the
    longest time we have bounced question after question about what we understand to be what
    these Et’s are about and what they are doing here, what are other visitors doing here and is
    there a potential conflict for control of this planet or at least a collaboration amongst them?
    What do you make of Eshed the Israeli Space Chief and his claim of a Federation and a base
    on Mars. Can we put together a poll of some sort to establish in this forum what generally
    we agree on and what we put in doubt.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Let me go over this with Bob, who manages our forum and see what we can do. As for what I personally think of Eshed’s statement, I think he is speaking from a combination of things he probably learned in his official capacity, but definitely combined with other things he picked up outside of his official capacity. That is what I think, but I don’t know the man and am only guessing. And it goes without saying that the “unofficial” claims could very well be true also. But for me, I don’t know what to think about a base on Mars, for instance. Ditto the claim of a Federation. That sounds like it came right out of the California UFO scene from over two or three decades ago.

      1. mcwest50

        Richard I have to compare my thoughts and speculations against your years of
        thoughtful responses. Eshed on the surface doesn’t strike me as a man who
        would jeopardize all he stood for and his reputation for a frivolous statement
        also I’m sure he speaks good english so not sure a word is used out of context
        like Federation. The word used in film pop culture. There is no doubt in my mind
        and others we’ve been to the Moon and Mars and other solar bodies with our
        craft that could potentially travel at speeds unfathomable before, so reaching
        the Moon in minutes and Mars in hours. So I will wait for an answer on your
        impressions of the differences and similarities between Skinwalker and Bledsoe’s
        Thanks for your hard work in this forum as I think your earlier comments has
        helped lower the temperature and steered the forum back on it’s path to the truth

  10. Scott Santa

    I gotta say Richard, for me personally, the longer your presentations, the better – so don’t cut down the time length for me … however long it takes for you to say what you want is how long the video should be. Please don’t dwell on the lengths … and btw – you’re allowed to say the word “shit” on Youtube. 😂

    I’m of a mind that boomerang shaped object sightings, rare as they seem to be, should also be noted and remarked on by the community. What I saw (boomerang) ALSO shouldn’t be able to float along slowly, swivel or hover either.

  11. RGen

    Great, thought provoking stuff Richard. If only I could find ANYONE that actually thinks about the gravity of the “if true” propulsion systems as described by our Navy. You were spot on about people dismissing as Black Ops and moving along. What the Hell?!!

    The Red Line indeed. I’m hoping for a 2 steps forward, one step back, but expecting a lateral pass as you speculate.

    When summer in the Northeast comes, I plan on doing some odd hour skywatching when I can’t sleep. Then again, I don’t desire that dread feeling I’m being watched as I watch!

    Last note, I love when you check your time and realize you’ve been long over your target. At least we know you’re still human!

  12. JurassicRanch47

    What you see, “theirs” or “ours,” greatly depends on where you look. If you’re in southern Nevada or parts of Utah & Arizona, you may be more likely to glimpse “ours.” I think folks like Schratt, Laviolette and Basset are right about a tech breakthrough, possibly in the mid-1950s. If UFOs were more highly classified than fusion, as Wilbert Smith claimed, where would that technology be today? Would there be anything with a higher priority? Some of the early research was probably done without computers, much less super or quantum computers. Something changed by the mid-90s, and areas of public land, much larger than the existing DoD areas, quietly became R&D areas for these craft, both drone & piloted, and related technology. Management policies governing access and use were quietly, almost surreptitiously, changed by the BLM, even when it violated stated policy. Places that would not permit vehicles, grazing or campfires suddenly had DEW and field propulsion testing overhead, and some sociopathic security goons on the ground. They would absolutely kill anyone without clearance who got near their equipment. My impression is that they do whatever it takes to keep control of the gear, and they leave it to the bureaucrats to clean up any mess. But, as much as they don’t want to be seen, they keep pushing the program forward. In late July of 1996, over Paria canyon, they came within feet of flying one their drones into the belly of a passenger jet climbing up from Las Vegas. The pilot saved them at the last second with the most extreme flying I’ve ever seen from a passenger jet. No one watching thought they would make it. Imagine the damage control…. After this, and a couple of close encounters between the airlines and discs, the regular passenger traffic was moved out.
    Area 51 sits near the boundary of the Mojave and the Great Basin, but there is more privacy to be found in the steeply plunging canyon systems of the Colorado Plateau than in their broad valleys . However, there are parts of the Great Basin that are greatly roadless, sparsely populated and seldom visited. The jump from Area 51 to the south end of Dugway and out Skull Valley to Wendover is really empty. This area would be a great place to hide things like our bio-weapons or “our” UFOs. Nevada north of I-80, between Wendover and Reno, in the Owyhee and Black Rock deserts (all the way to the eastern slope of the Cascades), has the greatest potential for unconventional craft and weapons testing, even though winter can be rough. The area south of I-80 down to US HWY 50 (Fallon & Austin, NV), is just about as good. The area between US 50 & US 6 may be the best area to spot what’s being flown beyond Area 51/S-4. There are a few ranches started by Mormon pioneers, but it’s almost all empty BLM & USFS turf. Once you get away from I-80, there aren’t many people. The Black Rock desert gets Burning Man for a few weeks a year, then they go back to Kali. This northern and central Nevada area, and adjoining Utah Great Basin, needs to have eyes on it. Given what they do here on the Colorado Plateau, US 6 all the way to eastern Oregon is worth a serious look. A few Sky Hub units on some ridges for a few weeks could box in the major DoD facilities.

    1. mcwest50

      I am moving soon, and if I wasn’t trying to put my home in order and move to a
      northern spot were fewer people can be found I would be out looking for Ufo’s
      and finding some way of communicating with them, using a laser or? When I’m
      finished with my move I would like to gather a group and periodically meet at
      some good spots for a shot at finding Ufo’s, it probably would be fruitless but it
      beats blah blah blah about the subject, plus there’s safety in numbers. It’s a
      thought that’s crossed mine and your mind, and you’ve pointed out some good

  13. Brimercer

    For the record, I like your longer content!

    At the end of your discussion, you asked with all the problems that we have going on now, do they really want to add this one to the pile?

    Wouldn’t this be a great distraction?

  14. James Kim Efishoff

    I have followed you since your first book in around 2001. In those days, you had more time for personal response, and we exchanged a few emails. But I must compliment you on your speaking ability, one of the best, if not THE best I’ve hear in 13 years if college and university (yes, you no doubt would have been very successful as a university prof, with many seeking you out by reputation). The subject does not seem to matter. Your skill at presenting your subject matter, obviously a skill that comes from everything you are and everything you’ve learned, has the ability to hold your audience in rap fascination. Please do continue with the long lectures. Your lectures end much too soon, as the time passes so easily when one is captured.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi James! I remember our early correspondence and, yes, it was easier for me back then. Today there are countless thousands of emails that I can’t get to. Not all of them are valid of course. Lots of junk. But unfortunately many good people do have a hard time reaching me. In any case, I thank you sincerely for your comment about my communication and speaking ability. I’ve always admired good storytellers — I made a mention of Mark Twain in my most recent Fireside Chat, and always try to remember that the point of communication (for me, anyway) is to make sure my audience is with me. So it comes from a lifetime of learning how to do that. Anyway, thank you.

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