8 thoughts on “My Interview with Timothy Alberino

  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    Government propaganda on this topic currently still adheres to the simple nature of propaganda in general – repeat a simple message often enough and the masses will believe it. It doesn’t matter that half the reports that this report references were either biased, false or incorrect, the vast majority of the population don’t know this and don’t care. The informed minorities are irrelevant presently as they don’t have a voice loud enough to reach the masses BUT I think they are underestimating how loud this voice is now becoming (especially due to their own internal factional wars)

    Once there is a cart Blanche immunity presented for both historical and current ET/NHI information, including abductions, you’ll start to see the dam walls break, we will eventually get official lists of known abductees, which the military have for the ones they were involved in – but what tech they’ve recovered, what species, where they’re from, what we’ve created, where we can go, how we spent all that missing money. It’s huge!

  2. Christian Morales

    I think this is the best conversation I’ve ever heard about the current situation I wanted to donate to Tim’s Channel and couldn’t. I was so happy with this conversation. If you’re willing to take a one time donation through PayPal and split it with Timothy let me know please. I mean this is literally the new estimate of the situation everything on point.

  3. William May

    Hey Richard this was great. Here’s some trivia for you. Majestic is regarded as a security classification for the ufo group but during WW2 majestic was Bill Donavan’s top secret classification for spy stuff so it is logical that it was continued for the ufo group. I read this in a W.E.B. Griffin book. As you probably know Griffin was a great WW2 writer. His characters were fiction but all the background was true.

  4. Thomas Hickey

    Things are so screwed up now that it’s hard to see that most of these big trends are moving us in the direction of less freedom and democracy, in essence a move to a neo-feudal world structure. That would obviously be to the advantage of any non-human presence that wishes to either pull us into some empire or place us under their control. We ourselves have used this tactic throughout the history of colonialism. You do a deal with evil or corrupt rulers who have control over the masses and give them superior weapons and technology to maintain control. As long as these rulers allow the outsiders access to the resources they want (minerals, water, slaves, etc..) they can rule the locals however much they please.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    I just saw the project mogul balloon train image you show. I have never seen it before. And someone in forum posted a video from somewhere in US of a “cube” uap. It looked very much like these images. I didn’t think it was anything myself, but seeing this now…………….It seems the bar has gotten much lower in recent times as to what may be a ufo. And that does nothing but help discredit things. IMO.

  6. Dove

    Intrigued hearing that the individual who donated Art’s Parts/ metamaterials/ the artifacts to Art Bell is still alive and speaking with a researcher. Is this person who is in contact with this individual planning on making any of the research or information public? I would love to see the person come forward or even retell the story etc for a new generation.

    So much of what we see, hear and discuss comes from the “lore” and the work of previous researchers. Who would have thought that Art & Linda’s scraps of metal from the 90’s which they were surely given flack about would be written about by people like the To The Stars committee, AARO (despite them attempting to debunk), and even Hal who all these years later is still studying these materials. Just makes you pause and appreciate.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes the individual will be public this year and will be speaking about his connection to the material. I am looking forward to this as much as anyone and will definitely keep you posted.

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