Interview Tonight with Roderick Martin

By | August 23, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Although I am not planning a live Richard Dolan Show for this evening, I have agreed to do a live hour-long interview with Roderick Martin, with whom I just had a great phone conversation and really like. I think this will be a good interview and hope you can check it out. 

We start at 9 p.m. Eastern time. See you there! 


22 thoughts on “Interview Tonight with Roderick Martin

  1. Bjofod

    Great talk. I like him, very cool and clever and sympathic person.

    About the babel story and the diversion of languages. Different verbal languages develop in groups of people within walking distance, right. If it is some blend we just call it accents.

    My view is that that was the same in ancient time but we lost the one language that was global, no matter what verbal language you spoke.


    Or is it more technological. Today we communicate over a common language even if we speak different verbaly.

    The programming language.

    Symbological the babel story has a meaning that is under 3 layers of understanding. It tells us that a united human race can achieve anything, diversion keeps us down. Hint Hint, Beware the diversion makers, they are everywhere. Red or blue in everything. Pick your side. Then ask, who is playing white in between.

  2. JerseyGirl2008

    Great interview, and I was impressed by how you cordially and diplomatically replied to his questions when you had a different viewpoint. Informative, pragmatic, and provided your honest opinion, as always. I noticed you wove some of your recent thoughts/postings into the discussion.

  3. SunPower

    I enjoyed listening to this interview, Richard. It didn’t cover any new ground, per say. I did notice you haven’t migrated from a lot of your general positions on things.

      1. SunPower

        Richard answered? Okay…
        It’s a compliment.
        Your narrative doesn’t migrate depending on the primary interest/view of a given interviewer. You don’t tell a UFO guy that the missing $Trillions is fueling a breakaway civilization on Mars, all the while telling a cryptid guy that Big Foot stole the missing $Trillions and at the same time tell a financial guy that we only think the money is missing ever since the government took their books black so we’re no longer sure what is going on, for example.

        But since you asked….

        One thing that worries me about the theory of evolution as an explanation for anything in UFOlogy, is that a multitude of species on earth have evolved for hundreds of millions of years, yet none have developed the cognitive power of the human brain. Dinosaurs ruled for hundreds of millions of years without needing to develop the human level brain power for survival. If it is evolution that did anything wouldn’t that point to such restrictive environmental requirements as to be almost a billion to one odds against evolving high intelligence? Also consider the high biological cost of high intelligence and evolution is such a slow process. And don’t get me started on extra dimensions when stealth tech would do. :^)

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I really like that last point of yours … that in all the millions of years of life on Earth, there doesn’t appear to have been anything like us. It’s true — we ARE the ultimate freak of nature, quite literally. Yes, this remains a mystery, I have to agree. And by the way I didn’t think you meant that statement in a bad way. I was just curious as to what you meant.

          1. elevator

            We are the only species on earth that cannot survive in any environment without tools. Makes it appear as if man wasn’t an original creature that evolved, but was designed.

            As an aside Richard have you seen the web site “Eye On Cinema”. It has some incredible UFO footage from films of objects, to interviews. Most of it is from the 1950s and 60s. There are some really credible people and of course the photographic materiel is prior to almost all ability to enhance and fake. I thought I’d seen most old footage, but I have never even heard of much of what is on the site.

            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              I’ll respond to both of your points. I think the latest evidence for a spear is now about 300K years. Hominids prior to that did also work with simple stone tools — basically a nice sharp handheld axe. Our ancestors were using those for close to two million years. But otherwise, those ancestors lived very much like the other animals. Only relatively recently (say, 50-60K years) have we REALLY become more sophisticated with things like fully articulated language, art, music, dance (probably) and ritual (probably). We are a strange and unusual species for sure.

              As for Eyes on Cinema, yes I’ve followed it. I actually learned that he had two Youtube strikes on him so I took the liberty of downloading every one of his UFO videos, which are amazing. Then two days later he removed them all! However, he left a message that in November he hopes they will be back up. Amazing channel.

  4. Andromeda107

    Great talk Richard. Congress definitely should invite you to come speak at the hearings , because you know your stuff. You are by far one of the best ufo researchers out there. I just recently started following Roderick,and like him, obviously he is no where near the expert you ,but I do like his style,and what he is putting out on his show. I know he has much respect for you, because I spoke to him over the phone. I always recommend to people who want to know more about the ufo phenomenon,remote viewing,or who want to know about history that they should go to your website or follow you and Tracey on YouTube.Also I watched an interview Jay at Project Unity did with Ross Coulthart,it was really good interview; I left a comment on his channel that all 3 of you gentlemen should do a show; you and Ross have a lot of same thought processes on the ufo phenomenon and the government cover-up surrounding it

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, I just got back from a couple weeks in san francisco the other day and wanted to remember to post this on the site, although i am sure it is off topic right here.

    I was in an art museum that was showing one of those special exhibits with the headphones, etc. It is called Ramses the Great. And. I was listening to the expert speaking in the recording when i hear “Area 51”. OMG. So. The artists that worked on the special tombs had to be deep undergound, uber secret and that was the reference point that was cited for us, the general public! The woman who happened to be next to me asked, “do you know what area 51 means”? 🙂

    I thought to myself that this is notable.

  6. itsmeRitaC

    i don’t think my posts here are getting up? I have been on vacation and i wanted to share an experience. Is something glitchy?

    1. itsmeRitaC

      OK. Since my last post got up here i will report my little observation. 🙂

      I have been in san francisco for a couple weeks and a friend wanted me to see the ‘Ramses’ special exhibit at the De Young Museum. You know, the head phones, etc. Anyway, long story short, ‘Area 51’ was used as the reference point, in one particular recorded exhibit about the tomb artists and they compared the underground work and secrecy to people who would be working in Area 51. And a woman near me who was at the same part of the recording i guess, actually asked me if i knew what that meant!

      I was very intrigued that of all things, it would be assumed to be so much a part of our mass consciousness that it would be used in that way and i wanted to remember it to post here someplace, since i just got back yesterday morning. 🙂 I am sure it is not relevant here, but i am not real in sych yet.

  7. Clifford Ribaudo

    Very interesting discussion, I enjoyed it. Some comments relative to points that came up:

    1) Relative to how can there be Human Looking like Entities that are NOT from Earth.

    I cannot prove this to anyone and can only repeat what various esoteric teachings state, and which I have confirmed for myself (and therefore accept) via my own direct inner perception. The clue is in the statements “As above, so below”, and “Man was created in God’s Image” are literally true. Many mystery schools past and present state this.

    Even though man has evolved from lower kingdoms (the evolutionary record shows this) the archetypal pattern of these stages through which we went have existed from ages before our present humanity here. Other “Humanities” related to the Earth Scheme of Evolution have already evolved in ages past (through and beyond where we are) and the pattern has been established and gets repeated. Those that preceded us have already passed through it and beyond into higher realms and now exist in the purely subtle (realms, most but not all) and follow the ancient maxim of service enshrined in this most ancient aphorism that is older than the Bible but which has obviously Biblical allusions:

    “… They pass through tears, through clouds and mists they suffer and they die. They bid adieu to all earth’s friends; they mount the way alone they bridge the gap with loving deeds done in the pain of living; they lift one hand aloft to Him who standeth just above; they lean one downward to the man who standeth next below. The hands, freed from the transverse arms, are freed but to be held. Only the empty nail-marked hands can keep the chain complete….”

    This is not true of the Grays for example, they are another type of humanity from elsewhere, and which has some kind of relationship to our Solar System and which gives them the right (under soul contract) to come here and harvest genetic material. Our bodies and genetics are something they need for their own evolution. It has certain obvious advantages.

    So, in brief the reason there are other beings that look like us coming here from the stars is because there are other star systems that are related to the Spiritual Hierarchy of beings which exist on this planet and in this Solar System. It is said EVERY planet in this Solar System has a humanity. But, NOT all of them are in dense physical form. Actually Earth is the only place in this Solar System where this is the case at this time.

    2) Tower of Babel – The Esoteric Doctrine as taught in the Mystery Schools states. This relates to a time (during Atlantis and prior) when all humanity spoke the same language. They spoke something call Senzar which was the predecessor to what we call Sanskrit. Due to humanities development of mind and consequent self centered selfishness, a war between Black and White Magicians took place. The dark ones, (assisted by off world types … not the Grays, but purely subjective entities on the subtle higher, non physical planes. The Astral Plane) won on the physical plane. Hence the spiritual overseers of this planet who can control the forces of nature destroyed the continent and scattered the earths peoples to the four corners of the Earth. Languages split as people evolved in different places along different lines. We are talking about millions of years. This is the Noah story and a few others in brief.

    Much of this can be read in the Secret Doctrine & Isis Unveiled by HP Blavatsky, hence why I have been flogging it here and elsewhere. It DOES have answers for this community if they are willing to consider it.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks Clifford. Regarding language, I’ve lately been studying what paleoanthropologists believe, which seems to have evolved into a consensus of sorts. This is that although earlier archaic humans and perhaps even other hominims had proto-languages (basically simple nouns and verbs and gestures), it’s now thought that fairly fully articulated human language developed around 50K years ago. That is, language more or less on a par with what we use — not as complex but still with a functional grammar and certainly very effective in transmitting information. This makes sense to me because I see complex language as essential for all the other higher thinking skills that also developed at that time: art, music, ritual, and a creative explosion in inventions (the atlatl being a big one). That being the case, I would say the best candidate for WHERE this articulated language developed would be in the area we know as the Middle East. But 50K years ago is a long long way (chronologically) from Sanskrit. 40 thousand years at a minimum, I should think. And of course during those subsequent 40 thousand years, modern human beings dispersed all over the world, surely evolving their languages along the way. That’s how I see it, anyway.

      1. Clifford Ribaudo

        What we know as sanskrit today is “modern”, there is an older version of it. Very difficult language to learn. I took night courses for 2 years at Columbia trying to learn it and only got as far as learning the characters and how to properly combine and pronounce them lol. I decided it was not worth the time and effort.

        Yes, it is difficult to “prove” the assertions of the “Secret Doctrine”… not unlike the difficult we have relative to Aliens, yet I have personally seen one :)- Probably the only way academia will revise its view of the age of humanity will be when they start figuring out how to date the age of the Pyramids REALLY, or the Sphinx or Gunan Padang or turn up some undersea ruins proving humanity is much older than presently accepted. At that point if it is older than 50K years then it will be hard to argue that it was built by a culture that didn’t have a language or which was running around in tiger skins and beating things over the head with clubs …. unless you think the Aliens built it … which I don’t. And yet, in Egypt we have Astrological indications on the Zodiac of the Temple of Dendar demonstrating observation of 3 precessional cycles. That is 3 x 26,000 = 78,000 years …. but of course academia doesn’t like Astrology so that gets ignored. Vedic Astrologers state they have astronomical observational records going back over 100,000 years. I am not in a position to argue with them. But… language is indeed a very interesting place to investigate ancient origins. We will I guess simply have to bide our time until some more discoveries prove it one way or another.

  8. HappyCup

    Very nice! I always get turned on to so many cool shows hanging out here. I never heard this one before.

    Your THC interview was epic as well. That guy has a very clever vibe. I always listen to him and Jimmy of course. Gotta do something at work, right?

  9. Clifford Ribaudo

    Thinking more about the point you keep making regarding why Black Triangles are seen hovering over peoples houses…. all the time, perhaps I need to dig into the numbers more on Black Triangle sighting via MUFON DB.

    In the completed part 2 of the MILAB Analysis based on Dan Sherman statements (I sent it last week) that is a much more focussed analysis. It only looks at how many would be needed to accomplish what Sherman stated. It was A LOT of abductions in an 8 year period (1960 – 68), 74,000! That could account for A LOT of Black Triangle sightings.

    I get that the Roper Poll 2% of US Pop number is problematic. But the Sherman Analysis is much more focussed. The statistical technique (Slovins formula: n = N ÷ (1 + Ne2)) which tells you how many samples are required to “find something in a population” requires over 9,000 abductions just to be certain of finding the genetic trait for higher degree of Telepathy he said they were looking for. And the requirement to randomly “genetically manage” enough people to ensure that enough children (male assumed, given 1960s almost exclusively male US Mil) find their way into a branch of the armed services means you need A LOT of abductions, if only 2.7% (in those years) of the male pop was in the army. It means only 2.7 people out of every 200 abducted are going to be male AND join the military. It is these types of numbers that make me think there were A LOT of abductions going on and that if ANYTHING Sherman said was true, then this analysis can’t be far off. And, don’t forget Sherman left the program because in 1992 or whatever he discovered they were STILL abducting despite what he was told about abductions ending in 1968. So wtf is that all about and on what scale? LMHs comment that she was told that “they lie” (the grays) seems confirmed here.

  10. Jussteve81

    Really enjoyed this interview! Roderick is such a chill guy and I like that his line of questioning was casual and “entry level” material. I think that many of us are so deep into this subject that we create our own sort of exclusive clique- unintentionally for the most part. We’re talking about quantum mechanics and consciousness, huge existential questions and so forth- which is wonderful- but we have to do a better job of including new minds into the conversation. I’ve been studying this for 30+ years and still learn something new every day- imagine the learning curve for the uninitiated today?! With fun interviews with great minds, like Richard, with humor and energy and more of a basic, fundamental tone to the questions, this is the kind of content that can spark interest and provide a platform to begin the process of catching up the rest of mainstream society in some 80+ years worth of material. There’s a huge market there and it’s waiting to be tapped into…

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