Who Are the Men in Black? RD Short Clips

By | April 11, 2020

Second in the rollout of the RD Short Clips. A great chat with Nick Redfern on the MIB! Love this one. 

4 thoughts on “Who Are the Men in Black? RD Short Clips

  1. Ed Coffman

    I definitely think that the MIB phenomenon is basically Cryptoterrestrial in nature. Although, the “Dahl Case” in 1947 makes a compelling argument for the “Human Hypothesis”, in that particular instance.

  2. David

    Hi Richard,

    I enjoy revisiting the interviews in these new Short Clip features, but I have to say I find the music distracting – just my two cents.

    Best to you and Tracy,

  3. PressToDigitate

    Richard, all of your interviews are sparkling. That said:
    The whole “are the MiB Human or Not Human?” question stops being interesting when you grok the reality that “Soul Transplantation” (what we might call “technically-mediated Reincarnation”) is merely a Quantum Technology which the Aliens have mastered but which we (in films like Self/Less, Avatar, etc.) have only begun to speculate about. Would their “less perfect” Hybrids who wouldn’t generally “blend in” among Human society, be employed for supplemental “security operations”, where they would only be seen briefly and only by a few people – who, by definition, already knew about the ETUFO presence? This is one of those things that Redfern relishes in cultivating an air of “mystery” around, but that fondness for magical thinking isn’t helping to sort out he reality of the ETUFO problem. Unless all this leads to a concise, effective plan to capture one (or a pair of) MiB for examination and interrogation – and, perhaps, dissection, if questioning proves unrevealing – then the fact that Alien Hybrid Operatives can spook the odd lone witness now and again is unremarkable. The mere fact that they are expending effort to do so tells us what we most need to know.

  4. Pyroxide_Martini

    Thanks for sharing this Richard. I am quite a fan of Nick Redfern’s work in this area. I especially like his down-to-earth nature and the fact that he is very much the “every man” outside of his prolific writing on various topics (i.e. likes his football, likes a beer).

    An interesting footnote for myself here, after sharing my personal encounters on the site yesterday in significant detail, we actually awoke this morning to a putrid sulphur smell throughout the house – mainly in our bedroom and upstairs. My Wife actually has lit a number of candles and we opened all the windows to air the house as a result. No burst pipes, no smells externally to the house or in the streets.

    It reminded me of Albert Bender’s account (which is fresh in my mind having listened to interviews recently).

    Not suggesting any kind of issue but it did unnerve us somewhat – but I also find the timing amusing.

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