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By | August 16, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I will be on tonight on my Youtube channel for a new program. I’ll be discussing not only the dangers of leaving out the critical history of the UFO subject, especially 20th century history, which more and more is the rule in public discussions, but will be bringing some of that important history to life. I’m looking forward to this program and hope to see you there. 

As always, it begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


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    1. Thomas Sinisi

      Why in the world do we need to hear anything Greer has to say. He a great story teller and and destroying the UFO world with stories. never mind getting people programmed with his truth.
      One – He says he was offered 2 BILLION Dollars to walk away from the UFO world. That would never happen. I had 16 UFO friends taken out. Some were the best in the UFO world . Some were unknown in it. Not sure you know anything about MJ 12? I am sure not. I was friends with one of them. They were created by Truman – to make sure the UFO world never comes out with any real truth . There are only a few people that even know the truth about all that aliens are doing.
      Two – Greer says over and over we don’t need a Government – we just need to talk to aliens . The biggest lie of all.
      Oh three- He says there are no bad aliens. ASK what is the main food they eat. NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THAT. What happens to missing people ? Guess he had no real experience with a real ALIEN. They do lie and that is all about much of what they do if you think you are talking to them like the new word in the UFO called experiencer which means – Programmed .
      I will give you a short lesson. NASIM HARAMEIN – SAYS HE HAS ONE OF THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. He also tries to bring his followers at his conferences to go on a Galactic Confederation ship. Really? Drunvalo Melchizedek – says he worked with the crystal beings inside the earth and was going to bring them out to the world – years ago. Oh never happened. The same as the people of the galactic con. none of their truths ever happen here on this planet.
      Mr Greer says all aliens are good. Sorry . Abduction is never a good thing – ever. So many people get abducted in a weeks time around the world . It is not for our benefit.

  1. Stephen Elliott

    The Authorities are always wrong.

    The world is flat. – WRONG!

    The Earth is the center of the universe. – WRONG

    The Sun revolves around the Earth. – WRONG

    We are alone in the universe. – WRONG

    UFO’S do not exist. – WRONG

    There is no UFO cover up. – WRONG

    What else are they WRONG about? Everything?

    1. Thomas Sinisi

      You are so right . Anyone want any real truth please tex me at Hawksblood1@aol.com . So much truth is not allowed out. I just lost my Linked IN site- had 3500 followers .Permanently. . I almost lost my YouTube – I have one more warning. I do a show with a woman from England. She is becoming the most important abductee. Nothing GOOD ever happened to her.


    I am very gratified that you are speaking out on this topic, which I have been flogging for some time. The deletion of history in this way is like what they have done with Ukraine. They can create a narrative that depends on the ignorance of history and the virtual deletion of it by censorship of historical discussion.

    Thank you.

    I hope that you will also take up the cudgel from your bully pulpit on behalf of experiencers and researchers who have been targeted by the National Security State over the last 70 plus years. We hear from Gary Nolan and Kit Green about the harmful effects of being in close proximity to a UFO, but we do NOT hear AT ALL about the often very serious harm that has been done to American Citizens by their government.


    1. J-Rod

      @ActiveG You are so correct. Hold them ALL to account. We want the paper trail from day dot. It’s not so much the artefacts hidden but WHO WHAT WHEN WHY HOW!! Give us a visual context. Stuff this amnesty BS. The “witnesses” coming “forth” will probably be part of the custodian brigade who will see this as an opportunity not only to laugh in the face of Congress but to continue the narrative control in a “legal” manner because they are “testifying.” Then it will definitely be dead and buried.

    2. Thomas Sinisi

      I was next to an alien about 10 feet. I was next to a ships about 22 feet. My co-host is radio active at different levels. We use a geiger -counter every show.

  3. Thomas Sinisi

    I was next to an alien about 10 feet. I was next to a ships about 22 feet. My co-host is radio active at different levels. We use a geiger -counter every show.


      Please link to your yootoob channel, thank you. Then we will have a better idea of what you’re trying to say in more depth.

  4. Harry Harris

    Of course you are preaching to the choir. Not going to be to helpful outside your own sphere of connections. But the jest of your talk seems exactly what is going on in regards to the government/military and how they are now treating the subject matter of UFO/UAPs with the public. However I believe it is also true that the main body of humans on this planet may care less about the subject , even if the truth came out. Most are consumed by their own believes that then set their own idea of reality. Truth on UFOs whatever it maybe, may not be sufficient enough to change that reality or maybe it will be just ignored. That is as long as that truth does not seem to impinge on their life. I am seeing this with friends of mine who initially were interested starting in 2017 but now seem to say ‘so what’ it does not seem to effect me. These kind of reactions may totally benefit the military/industrial/government entities in the know and their plans in the future in regards to the phenomenon. Yes there was a huge stigma in regards to the subject for decades. That stigma may be dying out now but the effects of truth that may come forth may have little effect overall on societies other than those specifically interested in the subject. Maybe something will change that but not counting on it.

  5. whatif

    It’s laughable (and sad) that over 50 years of our government’s encounters with UFOs have somehow escaped their collective memory. Not only are they claiming to have not learned a damn thing, worse we are supposed to believe nothing happened? Amazing. This is why we can’t have nice disclosures! 😉

  6. Jamie Kerr

    A great post Richard! I wish you weren’t the only researcher who reminds us of the importance of the history.
    I watched a Roswell anniversary tv show the other night and it felt like a huge debunking exercise, and they seem to discount the importance of eye witness testimonies.
    Whenever you talk about aliens living here then I always think about Phil Schneider and his story. I didn’t seem relevant to me until recently but he actually talks about the aliens and the new world order having the same agenda. Are there any other alien and new world order links that you know of?
    Keep up the great work

  7. Bjofod

    Why so many observations over other peoples houses and nabourhoods?

    What if it isnt peoples houses but theirs with some of theirs living there.

    Or even worse. Theirs from the next morning?

    The world is crazy now, by plan and purpose. Why would not many of the people that hold powefull positions in politics, military, leading companies be them already.

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