The Hopkinsville Creatures: What On Earth Were They? Video

By | February 22, 2020

This is the video livestream version of the case. For an illustrated telling of the story in article form, check out the previous post I made on this fascinating blast from the past. 

7 thoughts on “The Hopkinsville Creatures: What On Earth Were They? Video

  1. J-Rod

    Loved the way you smiled throughout Richard. Saying that, I reckon it would be a terrifying experience to encounter any ET. A lot of people kid themselves.

  2. jennymemon

    This was a curious one Richard, like you said it did stretch even the most open minded of us to the limits!
    I am not sure if its because of simply how the creatures looked though. We are so conditioned now to expect all alien encounters to be with grey types, orbs or at a even reptilians? The things that make me take notice were that there were a few people involved, albeit from the same family, and the use of firearms around your own home! Surely something you would do when you are truly scared. Anyway, interesting none the less, i would love to believe we would all know the truth one day, we live in hope! x

  3. GerryH

    I could not stop laughing out loud during this entire video.
    The ole’ Lucky and Billy Ray story.
    I respect the fact that you did your due diligence on this case, Google Earth and all

    Thanks Richard and yes Tracey you must’ve had a giggle or two.

    Geez I needed that laugh. I’ll have another shot of that Hopkinsville moonshine please.
    😊 Peace.

  4. Scott Santa

    I am NOT a fan of the show. I force myself to watch it ….so I can at the least, comment on it. I am so glad you are providing these historical recaps of the cases, and will continue to do so as long as the show continues. It is sorely needed AND appreciated. Definitely needed for those who may be new to the subject and for those who are utterly confused by it (the show). Who better to render the history than you eh? Answer? No one. Thank you!

  5. Bumstead

    I still can’t grasp how they could move so quickly without knees. Reminds me of the old cartoons where someone would stiffly walk across in front of you and they would shoot them and it would about face and walk back across and they would shoot them (TINK) , target practice.
    I’m a FNG so I look forward to meet others on here.

  6. David Coleman

    BLUF: This case took place in probably the most paranoid time in UFO history. This paranoia greatly influenced how it was perceived at the time and forever afterwards. We need to be aware of how cultural conditions play a role in our perceptions.

    This was one of the first cases I studied in detail in the mid 1970s, otherwise known as the Pre-Grey times. I was 6 or 7 the first time I read the accounts, and the creatures caught my boyhood imagination. The description of the aliens did not feel as bizarre back then, but the case was still odd. It is always worth placing a case in the proper cultural context, and in this case it takes place during the Golden Era of alien invasion films like The Day the Earth Stood Still. I don’t think this supports the idea that it is a total hoax inspired by film, instead I take the view that it helps explain the psychological mindset of society and how it reacted to a potentially genuine encounter with ridicule, laughter and disbelief, and it may also help explain why the family shot at whatever they saw as well as how they reported it. This was really the height of the paranoia that was a strong feature of UFO history in the 1950s, a time when those in the know were certainly justified in assuming that panic would break out if their secrets were busted. Today I believe the public are largely beyond that point, thanks to concerted efforts to acclimatise it to the realities, but we also seem to be moving back into the paranoia, as awareness that they are out there becomes awareness that they have always been among us, and we don’t know why.

    Thank you Richard, for this informative and fresh look at a case heavy with personal nostalgia, as you can see it brought up some thoughts about where we are today as well 🙂

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